Battle Dome: 15 Characters Who Could Smash Goku (And 15 Who Might Pull Through)

Everyone knows Goku. He's been around for a very long time and he is the character that most haters refer to when they're trying to make fun of us anime or cartoon-loving grown-ups. But the significance of Goku is that he is known for his strength and power. Even if you've only seen a few episodes including Goku, you can recognize that he's not someone easily defeated.

Any characters who have defeated Goku are either unfairly matched against him or a victim of bad writing. Goku always needed someone to fight him for the show to be interesting, so instead of weakening Goku, they just made his enemies stronger and stronger and Goku had to keep growing in power until he became the center of a worldwide debate of power. It's pretty epic to have a discussion involving who the most powerful created character is.

Goku is always involved in the conversation and often so is Superman. Anyone who disagrees with that has clearly never seen any episodes involving the two alien characters. We can only hope that these lists involving a battle between Goku and many other characters not native to his world help settle the debate. So sit back and take a gander at these worthy opponents, even if some of them seem absolutely outclassed by everyone's favorite Saiyan.

30 Smash: The One Punch Man

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Saitama is a pretty powerful dude. He's fought enemies of every size and shape simply just for fun and not one of them could stand up to even his average punch. Saitama was created for this reason alone and he ended up jumping into almost every debate of who the strongest character in anime, video games, or comics is.


Saitama punches people so hard that they explode, and the guy who he fights at the end of the series only survives the first punch because he's wearing armor and Saitama didn't even try that hard. But when Saitama winds up and punches dudes for real, it's all over.

Goku and Saitama would fight because of two reasons.

Either there was a misunderstanding and they thought each other to be bad guys or enemies of their respective planets, or the other reason would be for fun. Goku would love to fight Saitama for fun. The only problem is that Saitama might be too powerful and punch Goku too hard in practice. But we don't know where their power levels are and if they are even.

29 Maybe: Kenshiro Kasumi

Kenshiro was once ranked on the list of strongest anime characters as the third most powerful of them all. Goku was the one who had first place. As being part of a group of people that have watched every single episode of the show featuring Kenshiro, we know a few things about his powers. Most of all, he's one of the fastest guys out there, often hitting his enemies and them not even knowing about them being hit. Then they explode because of how specific Kenshiro's martial art is.

It's called Hokuto No Ken and basically, the user can hit pressure points in your body where they will reverse the blood flow in a way that makes vessels explode. This is not really realistic, but it has to be possible. It's anime after all. But the real strength of Hokuto No Ken is that Kenshiro can master the technique of any martial art after he's witnessed it. So that would mean the Goku would be giving Kenshiro all of his tactics and techniques to use back against him. But that would have to mean that Kenshiro survives the attack by Goku to master it. But maybe even if he did survive the attack, Goku can't really lose to his own techniques can he?

28 Smash: Bruce Lee

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So Bruce Lee is most likely in the afterlife fighting celestial beasts and whatnot to defend Earth. We can all agree on that. It's probably why he was taken from the planet so early in his life as he had much more to accomplish and do. But to defend the planet and universe from external threats, it would make sense that he was plucked in the prime of his life to become an immortal defender.

Bruce Lee would have been given all the powers he deserves when he ascended, and that is the warrior we think could crush Goku. Think about it, Bruce Lee would have done pretty well against Goku in real life. Unless you're saying that Krillin would wax Bruce Lee in a fight any day of the week. We don't think that's the case at all. If Bruce Lee had lived in the world that Goku did, don't you think he would have sought out entities like Goku and the martial arts tournament to test his skills?

We all know Bruce Lee would have shown up and fought and had a grand old time.

And when he became an angel after he perished, he had nonstop time to train and become a serious heavenly hero. Angel Bruce Lee.

27 Maybe: Raoh

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Raoh is Kenshiro's older Adoptive brother. If you're trying to figure out the pronunciation of that guy's name, it rhymes with Ow. Like when you get hurt. Raoh is the most powerful character in the show and he only loses to Kenshiro when he allows it to happen. So it would make sense that Raoh is to be treated in the same realm as Kenshiro, and since Kenshiro has made the list, this seemed like a great teachable moment regarding our friend Raoh.

Roah is a pretty bad dude and does some awful stuff to maintain his rule over the normal people.

He's totally taking advantage of the world ending and using his martial arts to intimidate others. We think Goku would see Raoh as a true villain and wreck him for being such a dirty evil man. Goku would know that if Raoh is not taken seriously he might get something in the way of a strike on Goku. And based on how powerful the strikes of those who know Hokuto No Ken are, he might even mortally wound Goku.

26 Smash: Whis/Vados

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So these two are pretty powerful in the show Dragon Ball Super. Whis shows up with Beerus the God of Destruction and messes a whole bunch of stuff up. Turns out later on that Whis is actually Beerus's teacher and can knock him out with a blow to the back of the head. After showing how Beerus trolls Vegeta and Goku in their first fights, you realize that Whis is not just some random lady-boy.

Whis and his older sister Vados are both the attendants of their respective universe's God of Destruction.

Vados lives alongside and deals with Champa, who happens to be Beerus's brother, so it would make sense that to keep a guy like that in check and also assist him in his daily needs, Vados would have to be pretty powerful. So these two have been shown in Dragon Ball Super to be above Goku's level. But the thing is, Goku can't really achieve his most powerful form all of the time. He has to build up to it. If Vados and Whis are always chilling at that hefty power level, they might be able to sneak-attack destroy Goku. That's what we're getting at.

25 Maybe: Thor

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Thor is a powerful member of the Avengers. He's definitely the one who has increased the most in power since he started out in the movies when he was chilling with Natalie Portman. That was when Thor lost all of his powers pretty much. Then he had to get his hammer back only for it to be destroyed by his sister a few movies later. A sister he had no idea existed for the longest time. But even after she destroyed his hammer, he became way stronger when he realized that he didn't need his hammer to be powerful.

It was actually the best thing that ever happened to Thor.

Because in the movies he ended up nearly destroying Thanos all by himself. Once Thor gets to his full power, no one is going to be able to deal with him and he might even be able to mess with Goku. He definitely won't get wrecked by Goku in an instant. Thor is way too powerful and might even be on the same level as Beerus or Champa. He is this God of Thunder, and thunder and storms only get way more powerful in space. Just look at Jupiter.

24 Smash: Lelouch

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So Lelouch isn't much of a fighter but what he lacks in any physical prowess he makes up for in cunning intelligence. The problem with him meeting Goku would be that Lelouch would most likely instantly realize Goku'ss potential as an ally or fighter. He would get him under his control and Goku would be more than happy to obey Lelouch. Now, that might only last for a few days or weeks, but if he orders Goku to obey his every command, then it would only take Lelouch a few days to conquer the planet. Nothing on Earth, even mechs, could stand up to Goku. And with Lelouch's tactics and master strategy, Goku would be placed in the thickest of battles.

Goku would lay waste to the planet and Lelouch's enemy under Lelouch's command.

Then he could simply have Goku executed before Lelouch lost control over him. It'd be a pretty sad situation, but Goku would just go hang out in the afterlife to train forever anyway. This could all be for nothing if Lelouch's powers only work against human beings. If it's assumed that a different DNA setup would change the reaction to the powers of Lelouch, Goku might not even be phased. He'd probably just leave Lelouch alone, powerless.

23 Maybe: Kratos

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Kratos is one of those characters that used to be a lot different, but after his Norse reboot, everyone is talking about how tough this guy is. And they're right. Kratos has become the God-slaying anti-hero we always wanted. And now that he's got his god powers and he's traveling to different realms where different Gods exist, he's only getting more and more powerful. His list of enemies defeated is getting more and more impressive with the names of Gods being scribbled on it.

Who knows how Kratos would stand up to Odin and Thor, we have to wait and see what the next few games bring us.

Chances are these versions of Thor and Odin are just as powerful as their Marvel versions of themselves. If so then Kratos deserves to be in every conversation. Kratos is also the benefit of being a playable character that the gamer can cheat. Cheating is a lot of fun in video games because it allows you to do what you can't in real life. Live forever or for however long needed. We just pretty much wish we could be Kratos, he's got such an awesome beard.

22 Smash: Chi-Chi

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The reason Chi-Chi is on this list because Goku could never hurt Chi-Chi. We have to believe that true love exists so that if Chi-Chi ever turned Evil, Goku would have no reason to live. In fact, he'd probably join Chi-Chi due to the amount of love they share. Goku would pretty much do whatever Chi-Chi says if she yells at him loud enough. And most of all, he'd destroy anyone who ever harmed Chi-Chi. So there's no way he'd be able to crush Chi-Chi and not end his life afterward.

Chi-Chi also happens to be a top martial artist.

Possibly the most powerful female human in the world. Unless there is someone else who is tougher than her, she's trained with dudes who literally are as powerful as Gods. And she's fearless. She'll walk right up to the God of the Universe and scream at him if he is getting in the way of Goku doing stuff with his children. Not sure how Chi-Chi truly feels about Goku but she definitely wants him to be a better dad rather than go around the universe fighting people and bringing the kids along.

21 Maybe: Ryu

So maybe mortals shouldn't be on this list because Goku is just leagues more powerful then they are. But Goku would enjoy fighting Ryu because they are both dedicated to a life of martial arts. So at the very least, they'd have a good time-fighting. But if you were to somehow put them on equal footing as far as power goes, then what would happen?

In any normal circumstance, Ryu would get wrecked by an enraged Goku, and once Ryu shot his Haduken at Goku, he'd have no choice but to laugh and send him to the beyond with a Kamehameha. But if for some reason Goku fought on the same level as Ryu as a way to test their martial arts ability and not so much the power that they have, it could be a good fight.

The question comes down to who the better martial artist of the two is, not who is more powerful. Because that's a no-brainer. But Ryu might have an actual chance if they both fought in their base human forms. But who knows if Goku would ever even go for something like that. He's too busy saving the world.

20 Smash: Beerus/Champa

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Everyone has seen the memes and at some point watched a YouTube video about one of these guys. They started showing up a few years ago when the Battle Of Gods movie came out and Goku was fighting someone who seemed like a super strong Persian cat. At least he looks like a cat, we aren't entirely sure. But anyone who continued to research the movie and Goku's new foe, they learned that Goku becomes a god to defeat an actual God of Destruction. But they eventually sort of become friends and train together.

Beerus slaps Goku around for a little while and it's clear that there were moments where he could have waxed Goku from existence. Instead, he decided to humor Goku and Vegeta as they tried to defeat him. Champa is just as powerful as Beerus, though Beerus seems to be a little bit less reasonable. Champa being a bit heavier than Beerus makes us think he might be a bit slower. And the true determiner of a martial arts battle is speed. Either way, both of them have the ability to smash Goku into nothing. It's just something they are able to do. But only when Goku is at his absolute strongest is he able to beat these two.

19 Maybe: Link

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Link is another one of those characters that never gives up. And if you happen to be the person controlling Link, then you have to have at least some small chance of defeating an enemy. Though there are some characters that cannot be defeated in these games, Link still has the master sword. He also has the unique power of being a playable character. That means that at some point we might be able to mod the game in a way that makes Link unable to be defeated.

It's called God-mode, and it is the benefit of being a playable hero.

Link would be in an undefeatable mode. Then Goku would just attack and attack and not drain any of his hearts. Most of the time Link wouldn't resort to these types of tactics. But in a situation like this where Goku might be mistaken for Ganondorf because their names both begin with G, Link will have no choice but to stand up for the people of Hyrule. See most of these scenarios of battles between Goku and a good guy is because Goku's power level is so high that he would seem like a threat to anyone. Any good ruler or hero would be wary of something like Goku stumbling into their game realm.

18 Smash: Superman

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So everyone has had a say in this debate. And while most people believe that Goku would wreck Superman in a full powered fight, There has to be some truth that in some scenarios, Superman would wreck Goku. They happen to be two of the most powerful heroes in all of the creative world. So it's obvious that people would compare them. That, and their backstories are so similar, we can't help but think about which one wears it the best. Which of them is the best alien sent to Earth as a baby who will become the symbol of hope?

There has to be an instance where Superman could smash Goku.

Whether it be because of luck or because Superman had run into Goku on a bad day when he just got done saving the planet from some other terror. Superman has the ability to smash Goku, that's all we're saying. Whether one of the other will win the majority of their fights is irrelevant. It's that Superman possesses the strength to stand before Goku in the ultimate battle.

17 Maybe: Rick Sanchez

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Rick Sanchez is on this list for the same reasons that Batman is on the list. He's as intelligent as Batman and as ruthless as the Joker. Those are two combinations that could fend off against any enemy. Any foe at all. Rick with enough prep time would be able to defeat pretty much anyone. He would simply scour the cosmos with his portal gun and find what he needs to defeat Goku. Even if it means something like stealing Chi-Chi and holding her hostage. Then there is all sorts of scientific stuff Rick could conjure up to demolish Goku as well.

Rick is sort of like the human version of Thanos.

Thanos wants to wipe out half of the universe and Rick would probably help him do that. See, Rick is a bad guy. Goku would probably be sent to the universe where Rick is in charge to get rid of him. Goku would show up and tell him what he is doing is wrong and that he should just chill out. But Rick would make fun of him and shoot at the Goku with some sort of mega-gun that he might not be able to stand up to.

16 Smash: Charles Xavier

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Once Goku lands on the planet or reveals himself to be a super powerful being on the planet, Professor X would infiltrate his mind and find out he's a good guy. But he would certainly be able to feel Goku's power and might actually see him as a threat. It would be at this moment that Goku comes under the influence of the good Professor. He would fill Goku's mind with whatever he needs to hear to decide to not destroy Earth and to help out the X-Men.

He'd also be a pretty formidable addition to the crew.

Not to mention that all of Goku's friends would come with him and the mutants would end up having a new overlord or a massively upgraded fighting force. The point is, that Xavier would have the chance to get into Goku's mind, and because Goku is a good guy, he wouldn't seek to end the Professor right away. He'd listen to him. And Xavier would take over his mind. So if Xavier had negative ideas, he could totally take Goku out of the fight. With evil intent, he's much more dangerous given the strength of his mind.

15 Maybe: Master Chief

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Now a lot of people must see this character on the list as being a waste of time. But if you were playing as Master Chief with the controls you've mastered, don't you think you'd get a chance to stick Goku with a plasma grenade? We think we'd be able to get him if he is susceptible to sticky grenades. If not, then Master Chief would just have to keep being revived over and over until he beats Goku into submission.

Master Chief would totally take on Goku.

He's an alien after all. And if he saw what kind of power Goku had, he'd get the heavy weaponry. Goku could most likely destroy an entire covenant fleet in a matter of seconds. Where it takes Master Chief a few levels to perform as such. The whole crux of this argument is that it hinges on the idea of this happening in a Halo game that you, as the gamer, are meant to beat. So if there was a chance for Goku to be defeated, Master Chief will find that and take advantage of it. Not to mention that Master Chief's greatest asset is his luck, which can be a very powerful aid.

14 Smash: Itachi Uchiha

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Once Itachi looks into Goku's eyes, Goku could be trapped forever in a dream-like state, thinking he is still fighting forever and ever when really he's just dreaming from ninja magic. If Goku is susceptible to Itachi's powers, then he sort of belongs on the list next to Lelouch. He has a special power that can take over Goku's mental state. Not unlike Professor X. Goku might be one of the most powerful things in the cosmos, but who knows if his mind can stand up to these types of powers.

Itachi is also a very gifted fighter.

So even if Itachi got Goku's mind a little rattled, he'd then be able to follow it up with some serious ninja attacks. He's not as fast as Goku or as strong, but he might be able to pull a fast one on the Saiyan and put him down for good. Itachi is a unique character in this show that could actually wipe Goku out with his specific skill set. Most of the other characters in the Naruto world wouldn't stand a chance against Goku or even his kids Gohan and Goten.

13 Maybe: Batman

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There's this legend going around the internet that Batman, with infinite preparation, could defeat anyone. But does this apply to Goku? We may never know, but we have to first think of the powers Batman possesses and the weaknesses Goku has. That'll save some time. Goku's really only weakness is friendship and lack of foresight. So if Goku has lack of foresight, and Batman has the greatest preparation skills in the universe, then that would be how he'd win.

So basically, Batman would just need to have the most in-depth, intricate, planning of future events.

Batman would have to trick Goku and lead him to different points to weaken him moment by moment until he was at a level where Batman could put him down. The problem is, that even with Batman's hypothetical plan goes well, he won't end Goku. Goku can recover in like no time at all. He's a beast. Especially with Sensu beans. Not ending Goku is a guaranteed way for him to come back and destroy you next time while knowing all your moves and having trained specifically to wreck your entire life, Batman.

12 Smash: Alucard

Alucard at the end of his TV series sort of becomes everything in the universe. To explain that is to spoil the show. But who cares? If you care then you should skip to the secondparagraph. Alucard becomes something different entirely. He takes the soul and power of the Schrodinger cat person and eventually begins to exist everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The little German guy who Alucard stole the power from was a paradox and an anomaly that allowed him to never be eliminated.

But Alucard found a way.

Alucard is really not defeat-able in this status. He can be obliterated over and over again by Goku but he'd never really be defeating Alucard completely. Now, we don't know what would happen if Goku destroyed the entire universe that Alucard is in. If he is capable of that, then that would mean Goku is stronger. What we don't know is if Alucard has the power to do the same. Maybe not with a direct attack, but maybe through the conquering of entire galactic civilizations. It'd be a great fight. But some of us have watched what Alucard is capable of.

11 Maybe: Finn & Jake

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The reason Finn and Jake are on this list is that there are not enough people talking about how great of a hero Finn is. Jake's a bit more of a savage at times but still helps Finn out a lot. But make no mistake, the true hero is Finn. But not enough people are understanding that Adventure Time might be a masterpiece. And it's because of Finn's never give up attitude, hero for justice persona.

So Finn and Jake might last a few seconds against Goku, but they'd get smashed every time.

It's just fun to think of these normally heroic characters seeing a force like Goku as an enemy or something they'd need to stop. Then going in to fight him knowing they have to give everything they've got. That's the talent of Goku. If you're going to step to him, you need to go full in and not let up until you're actually not breathing. Because even then, Goku wouldn't eliminate you. He'd just tell you to stay out of his way because he needs to fight someone bad for reals. Then Finn would realize Goku is a good guy and they join forces. Bringing us one of the greatest episodes in cartoons ever.

10 Smash: Thanos

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There was a similar article written by a writer at TheGamer.com that had to do with Thanos and a few people he could destroy and a few that might be able to destroy him. Goku is on the list of characters that could have smashed Thanos. So it's only fair and correct for Thanos to be on Goku's list. There also happens to be that meme going around where Goku gives Thanos the remaining infinity stones so that Goku can fight him at full strength. Goku isn't the type of guy to back down from a fight. Once he realized he was super powerful and capable of so much power, he had his dream.

Thanos would respect Goku's power and totally be interested in fighting him.

Let's hope that Goku has one of the gems or something and that Thanos needs to defeat him to get it. Or Thanos is trying to get to the super Dragon Balls so he can wish for a second infinity gauntlet completely with another universe's infinity gems. We think that would be a pretty strong Thanos. And Goku would totally have to stop him. But if Thanos was able to get at Goku before he knew what his intentions were, Thanos might smash him to pieces and then there'd be nothing to stop him.

9 Maybe: Chuck Norris

The version of Chuck Norris that exists in the real world would stand no chance against Goku. But there is a fictional version of Chuck Norris that rose to power in the last few decades referred to as Chuck Norris facts. This is a Chuck Norris that has done so much that no one in the universe might even stand a chance since Chuck defies all logic and reality when it comes to memes.

For example, when Chuck Norris jumps into the water, he doesn't get wet, the water gets Chuck Norris.

He's said to have challenged Superman to an arm wrestling match, and the loser had to forever wear his underpants on the outside of his outfit. That would imply that Chuck Norris owned Superman in a shoulder strength competition. So that would mean that this logic-defying martial artist can beat Superman in a competition of strength. That definitely puts him in the running to challenge Goku. Not to mention that Chuck Norris is pushing 80 and still looks like he can throw down.

8 Smash: God

Any true God could wipe Goku out. It's part of their ultimate power as the creator of existence to be able to delete anything in existence. It's only fair. And one would expect that this God would be all knowing and put it in the rulebook that there is no possible way for the God to be destroyed. So there'd be no artifacts or special powers to be gained by a usurper to take out that God. So Goku would get wiped out.

It's unfortunate, but it's true.

See, if Goku could defeat the God of existence and creation, then would that God really be able to be seated at the top of the totem pole? It wouldn't really make sense for the Universe to have a creator who could get punched in the face so many times that he would perish. And Goku isn't the type of guy to do that anyway unless, of course, this God was a bad dude and deserved it. But then again, that God wouldn't truly be the God we all expect him to be, and therefore wouldn't be the God we're talking about in this entry.

7 Maybe: Godzilla

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If we're talking about the strongest version of Godzilla, versus the strongest version of Goku, we don't think the lizard stands a chance. But the strongest version of Godzilla, whatever that may be, could be a creature so durable that penultimate versions of Goku might not be able to smash the king of monsters. Godzilla fights all sorts of monsters that are bigger and faster, but none of them are smarter.

Godzilla might not be able to speak English very well, but he sure can think like a God.

Unfortunately for Godzilla, his nemesis and sometimes friend-enemy King Kong is surprisingly resistant to Godzilla's most powerful ranged attack. The Atomic Breath. That would mean that maybe the atomic breath isn't super powerful against any apes. Which the Saiyans are definitely Apes because they turn into giant ape creatures when the moon is full. So even though Goku and Godzilla have powerful ranged attacks, Goku might be super resistant to Godzilla's. Not having your most powerful attack be effective sort of takes the wind out of your sails. At that point, Godzilla just accepts his end.

6 Smash: Hulk

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Hulk is the type of character who would definitely lash out and try to fight Goku no matter what the situation is. Hulk gets mad at people who are stronger than him. He keeps getting angrier and he keeps getting stronger and bigger to the point where he can fight pretty much anyone. Yeah, Thanos tooled up The Hulk in their most recent clash that made the Hulk look like a little baby who doesn't deserve to be in this conversation.

But as far as punching and fighting go, he would have a great time with Goku.

The thing is, Goku might just go blow for blow with him and eventually knock Hulk into oblivion. But that's where Hulk still has a chance. Though Goku could smash him with basically no problem, Hulk might win depending on how angry Goku makes him. Hulk in his strongest form is strong enough to go toe to toe with just about anyone. Watching these guys fight would be amazing. Marvel Vs. Dragon Ball, this we like.

5 Maybe: Guts

via: artstation.com

Guts in the anime Berserk is a regular human being. But he lives in a secretly magic world where he sort of fights demons all the time. His only real power is that he's super mad all the time and goes, well, berserk when he's in a fight. He has a tough backstory that his mother perished before he was born, and a group of mercenaries just found him under a tree. He grew up fighting and when he finally decided to trust someone, they betrayed Guts and tried to sacrifice him to a bunch of demons.

So Guts has been through some junk. And he's one of those warriors that never gives up. He always finds a way to win, because if he doesn't win, the demons get him. Goku's not a demon, but if he showed up in Guts' world, Guts might have no choice but to challenge him. Goku is way faster than Guts and chances are Goku would win 100% of the time. But if for some reason Goku became a demon or a bad guy, Guts might find a way to eliminate Goku. Because we all know Goku can perish. He's done it multiple times. Guts is only on this list because he's a God-ender. And that deserves some respect.

4 Smash: Kirby

via youtube.com

The picture should say it all. Kirby can absorb Goku's powers. And let's not forget that Kirby has had a few run-ins with black holes in outer space, so he's not just a pushover. Kirby may be a controversial addition to this list, but if he can truly absorb and use the powers of Goku then it would be an awesome fight.

The fight would constantly go back and forth between Goku powering up to smash Kirby and Kirby absorbing the newly healed, newly powered Goku, making for an everlasting battle of power matching. Maybe Goku would eventually destroy Kirby, or maybe Kirby would come up with some Kirby attacks that Goku isn't ready for.

What we need to realize together is that all of Kirby's attacks that he normally uses would be multiplied by the added Goku power. So that hammer attack and the stone slam attack would be on the level of a Super Saiyan God. Goku might have some issues with Kirby's alien-like attacks.

3 Maybe: Pootie Tang

So this one is sort of a joke. But you can't help but think that Pootie Tang would face Goku with a smirk and fearless. Goku would probably have no legitimate reason to fight Pootie if the two came across each other at random some day. They're both good guys so either Goku would challenge him to a sparring match in which Goku would win, or the two would team up and fight evil together.

The only other scenario of these two fighting would be if they were to come across each other during a world-ending event.

Sort of like when Batman gets super salty with Superman for destroying buildings, Pootie might get mad at Goku for the same reason. It'd go like this: Goku would be fighting a mega battle using miles of the planet's surface and aerial space for their fight, some cities might get caught up in the quarrel. So Pootie just sees Goku flying and thinks that this is the dude I need to slap around because he's smashing the city. In which case Pootie and Goku would be enemies at first. That might be a cool clash where 99.9% of the wins would go to Goku, although there still might be a chance for Pootie.

2 Smash: Neo

via: scaravi.deviatnart.com

For this fight to actually make a difference, it would also have to not make any sense. The only way Goku would be able to fight Neo at his strongest would be for Goku to jack into the Matrix. But who knows what sort of mayhem that would cause. Once Goku got the Earth and saw how the machines were growing babies in fields, he would have wiped out the entire machine city.

It would take Goku about a half an hour to destroy the entire situation and save all of the Earthlings.

But if for some reason Goku came to this planet or this version of Earth, and heard that if he went into this computer program he'd be able to fight someone super powerful, he might do it. But then he'd have to get the surgeries and stuff for the transfer into the Matrix itself. So let's say that Goku agrees to all that and he and Neo travel into the Matrix to battle. We hope that Goku would win, but in that realm, Goku might have no strength at all and not really be able to handle Neo. Chances are is that Agent Smith will eventually show up and then Goku and Neo could fight until all the population of the Matrix gets wiped out. That'd be a pretty decimating combination.

1 Maybe: Vegeta

The best way to describe a Vegeta vs. Goku fight is by comparing them to professional sports teams. That even the best team in any league can lose to the worst team simply because of the reason that all the players in the game are incredibly talented professionals. So even though the Cleveland Browns are the worst team in the NFL, they still are employing the top athletes on the planet to play on their team. So at the tier of professional sports, anything can happen.

That's why we compare Goku to Vegeta.

See, Goku fighting anyone not on his level, like Vegeta is, would be like the New England Patriots playing again a pop warner 12-years-old and under league team. But Vegeta is sort of like the Cleveland Browns. Even though they are probably never going to beat the Patriots, they have the ability to do it. So in this metaphor... or is it a simile? In this comparison, Vegeta is like the Cleveland Browns to Goku being the New England Patriots starring Tom Brady and others. Vegeta has a chance, but if the fight actually mattered, the Patriots are simply not losing to the Browns.

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