Sims 4: 10 Best Cheats For The Get Famous Expansion Pack

Does your Sim want to pursue a career in acting? Would they like to be a household name? Or do they just like being the center of attention? Regardless, if any of those fancy your Sims' interest, then The Sims 4: Get Famous Expansion Pack is going to be right up your alley.

Getting famous isn't always going to be a walk in the park. Your Sim is going to take hit some bumps along the way, and success isn't a guarantee. If you'd like to secure your Sims future, you could mess around in your playthrough with some cheats exclusive to the Get Famous Expansion. There are a few cheats that are much more useful than others, and I've listed what I think are probably the 10 most useful cheats here!

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10 Unlimited Fame Points

Fame Points contribute to a new kind of skill system in The Sims 4 that dictate different benefits and skills that your Sim can acquire. They'll gather these naturally as they move through their career, but if you don't want to wait for them to accumulate, you can go ahead and use a cheat to obtain an unlimited amount of them. It's important to note that before you can use a cheat in The Sims 4, you need to type: testingcheats true

The Unlimited Fame Points cheat is as follow: famepoints {number}

This will add the Fame Points to whatever your selected Sim is.

9 Unstoppable Fame

In The Sims 4: Get Famous, your Sim can garner fame through a variety of methods. But, if your Sim isn't constantly adding to their fame, it's going to start decaying over time as you become nothing more than a memory in the world. This cheat enables you to never lose any fame over time, allows you to always react positively to paparazzi, and also awards you an extra Fame Point.

The Unstoppable Fame cheat is as follows: traits.eqiup_trait UnstoppableFame

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8 Easy Street

If the celebrity lifestyle appeals to you, but the struggle of working your way up that ladder isn't something you want to deal with, then this cheat is for you. The Easy Street cheat allows you to have a bit of an easier time working your way up this unique career ladder, ensuring quicker and simpler career advancement. It also rewards you with a larger paycheck and constant positive workdays.

The Easy Street cheat is as follows: bucks.unlock_perk EasyStreet true 61441 {SimID}

7 Promote Acting

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Sometimes getting that promotion you really want can be a struggle. If you find yourself stuck in that seemingly never-ending grind, you can just use the Promote Acting cheat! This cheat does exactly what it sounds like it does; it promotes your Sim up the Acting Career ladder. This is a good cheat if you're not exactly looking to max your Sim out right off the bat; it's just a little nudge in the right direction.

The Promote Acting cheat is as follows: careers.promote Actor

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6 Play The Villain

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Let's face it, not all celebrities are nice people; I think that's been pretty well documented. And if your Sim doesn't strike you as the cute and cuddly type, you can actually use that to your advantage. Enabling the Play The Villain cheat means that every time your Sim is mean to somebody else, it helps to garner them more fame. Negativity brings attention, so making a name for yourself is pretty easy with this cheat.

The Play The Villain cheat is as follows: bucks.unlock_perk PlayTheVillain true 61441 {SimID}

5 Established Name

via: carls-sims-4-guide.com

There comes a point in your celebrity life where it seems like the whole world knows your name. With this recognition comes a variety of benefits, and these can all be easily enabled in The Sims 4. The Established Name cheat ensures that your Sim gets to skip acting auditions (the part was written for them, after all) and skip wardrobe prep, as well. It also allows them to earn more on objects that they crafted.

The Established Name cheat is as follows: bucks.unlock_perk EstablishedName true 61441 {SimID}

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4 Influencer

Once you hit a certain status in world-recognition, you're going to have unrealistic admiration from some of your fans. In The Sims 4, once your Sim is an Influencer, they'll start to receive regular gifts from some of these fans who admire you, the gifts ranging from collectibles to decorative items to food. Hey, free stuff is free stuff, right?

The Influencer cheat is as follows: bucks.unlock_perk Influencer true 61441 {SimID}

3 World-Renowned Actor

Some actors are in a category all of their own. They've hit a level in their career that has cemented them as legends, and their work will probably be remembered for centuries to come. Actors like Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, Robert De Niro, and so on have managed so many iconic roles that their presence in a movie alone is almost guaranteed success. This status is available for your Sim as well, once they've reached the World-Renowned Actor stage of their career.

The World-Renowned Actor cheat is as follows: traits.equip_trait WorldRenownedActor

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2 Max Out Acting Skill

Maybe you don't want to give your Sim easy everything from the get-go, but they do strike you as a naturally talented actor out of the gate. If you want the game to reflect that, then you can go ahead and max out their acting skill with a cheat. The higher your Sims skill in acting, the more options and roles are going to be available to them, so if you want to get right into their career, this makes it pretty easy.

The Max Out Acting Skill cheat is as follows: Stats.set_skill_level Major_Acting 10

1 Max Out Media Production Skill

So your Sim isn't an actor, that's okay! You don't have to be an actor to get famous. There are a variety of ways to gain fame in the Get Famous Expansion, and one of those ways is by upgrading your Sims Media Production Skill. This skill can be used to either mix your own music or create videos and vlogs. Both of these are perfectly manageable ways to gain your Sim fame, and they can become immediately successful at it by using this cheat.

The Max Out Media Production Skill is as follows: Stats.set_skill_level Minor_Media 5

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