Chinese Pokémon GO Twitter Leaks Slaking’s Most Powerful Move

Chinese Pokémon GO Twitter Leaks Slaking’s Most Powerful Move

The official Chinese Pokémon GO Twitter account may have just leaked Slaking’s special move as part of June 8th’s Community Day.

While Slaking might have a certain charm thanks to its “draw me like one of your French girls” attitude, it’s an absolutely terrible Pokémon. It has no actual attack power thanks to the move Yawn serving as just a tool to charge up his second move, and although his high CP values might scare off newer players, Slaking is easily taken down by a veteran player with a decent attacker.

Slaking needs a bit of help. And we might have just found out the sort of help it’ll get on June 8th’s Community Day festivities.

Niantic just revealed the June Community Day Pokémon to be Slakoth, the itty-bitty sloth Pokémon. As with every other Community Day, this means more Slakoths will appear in the wild and there will be a greater than average chance of catching a shiny Slakoth.

It also means that evolving Vigoroth, the evolution of Slakoth, can lead to a brand new, never before seen move for Slaking. Normally, this move remains a mystery until Community Day, but the official Chinese Twitter account may have just accidentally leaked what move Slaking will get.

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The tweet has since been taken down, but Gamerant was able to snag a snapshot before it was taken down. It reveals the date of June’s Community Day, the usual global time of 3-6 PM, and the usual ¼-time to hatch eggs. Then it also has this line: “Learn Slaking’s #PokemonGoCommunitDay exclusive move ‘Body Slam.’”

via Gamerant

Body Slam, eh? That’s certainly an improvement over Play Rough and Hyper Beam, but does it improve Slaking all that much? Probably not. But it’s at least a step in the right direction.

In the meantime, load up on Poké Balls and get ready to catch the slowest Pokémon out there. Well, except possibly Snorlax.

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