Chris Hansen Is Looking Into the OnlyUseMeBlade Sexual Assault Allegations

After posting incriminating footage, OnlyUseMeBlade has attracted the attention of Chris Hansen who is now investigating him for sexual assault.

Chris Hensen is an award-winning journalist who is best known for his work on NBC’s To Catch A Predator. While he isn’t usually associated with the gaming industry, news has broken that he’s begun to investigate YouTube livestreamer ONLYUSEmeBLADE AKA Blade.

Blade, who has a history of controversial and inappropriate behavior, has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman while live on stream. Sadly it’s not the first time the streamer, who rose to fame for only ever using a knife in Call of Duty, has been caught on camera behaving inappropriately.

Now Hansen has got involved, announcing that he will be exploring the accusations, which date back to long before this most recent event.

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Since his show ended, Hansen has continued his work, investigating and exposing sexual predators. Blade has gained his attention after the shocking incident, which appeared to show him getting into bed half undressed with a woman who was passed out several times.

We are not linking to the live stream footage - most of which Blade has allegedly been trying to remove from the internet - because it makes for disturbing viewing. He is seen entering the room with the girl alone in bed unconscious several times, each time emerging half dressed after spending some time under the bed covers moving around. Even the door being left open by another streamer in the RV doesn’t stop him.

After Blade is shown the response to the footage online, he shockingly suggests that they leave the girl on the side of the road for "ruining his life." At this point all the girl in question had said was that she does not remember what happened.

Blade currently streams on YouTube after being banned from Twitch for performing a sexual act on himself while live and intoxicated.

His latest behavior, alongside the other clips which have emerged of him making disgusting comments and even groping several women on camera, prompts questions about how he has managed to broadcast so much inappropriate material while appearing to face no consequences for his actions.

According to Game Revolution, when speaking on the subject of sexual harassment allegations in the past, Blade has been quoted as saying “if some random f***ing ugly w**** b**** gets groped, she gets groped — accept it.”

It is currently unclear as to what, if any, action will be taken by YouTube or any police force which may be involved. We will also have to wait and see if Chris Hansen’s investigation goes anywhere. One thing is for certain: it appears that, sadly, Hansen will have a lot of footage to explore.

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