Gaming Detail: Playing Chrome's Offline Game During Google's Birthday Gives The T-Rex A Birthday Hat And Cake

Google's birthday falls on September 27th and a little birthday cake and a celebration hat have been added to the dinosaur's never-ending run.

Google's birthday falls on September 27th, and to celebrate the event, a little birthday cake and a celebration hat have been added to the dinosaur's never-ending run.

Google might be a vast and faceless internet corporation, but you’ve got to appreciate the effort they put into the little things. For major holidays and anniversaries of momentous events, the logo on the search engine’s homepage will change for the day to reflect the theme. We all know that, but there’s a neat little easter egg you may have missed in Chrome’s online game.

Ah, Chrome’s online game. It’s easy to get embroiled in all the hype surrounding huge releases like Marvel’s Spider-Man, but let’s not forget the real hero of today’s gaming landscape: a teeny, toon-y little t-rex. This is what gaming is all about.

If you’re a Chrome user whose browser has ever failed on you, you’ll know what happens next. While offline on Chrome, you simply tap the t-rex on the error page and the little guy’s epic gaming journey begins. Super Mario Odyssey has nothing on this doozy of an adventure. Tap the screen to jump, avoid a whole heaping helping of obstacles, and shoot for a high score. That’s all there is to it.

Granted, it’s the kind of simplistic affair that would make Angry Birds look like it’s got a plot as deep and nuanced as a Romanian soap opera, but we should be grateful it exists at all. What a neat little extra to program into an error screen. Besides, as it turns out, the game has an easter egg of its own.


For those who weren’t aware, September 27th marks the almighty Google’s birthday. To mark the occasion, a teeny little birthday cake and celebration hat have been added to the simple endless runner. While it serves absolutely zero function at all, it’s darn cute, which is something we could all use a little more of in our lives. Just grab the cake when it appears and it’ll spawn a birthday hat on your head, which remains for repeated runs until you close the game.

In the Reddit thread related to this most crucial of gaming revelations, it’s confirmed that you can indeed jump over the cake. How anybody found out about that part is unclear, because surely nobody could ever be heartless enough to do so?

This sweet little easter egg is presumably available until September 28th. If crudely-animated party hat-wearing dinosaurs are your bag, you’d better get in on it while you can. The game is also available online at Chrome Dino, but that version reportedly doesn’t feature the easter egg. You’d better venture out of Wi-Fi range.


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