In Case You Missed It: Wargroove And Starbound Share A Universe - Is Stargroove Next?

Wargroove shares a universe with Chucklefish’s other big game, Starbound. The Florans and Nuru appear in both games.

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The Wargroove lore goes deep, friends. All the way to space, in fact. As it turns out, Chucklefish’s other big name, Starbound, is set in the same shared universe.

Now, Wargroove has big a big, big deal for a long, long time. Talk of the game has been bandied about since the launch of Nintendo Switch, only for it to be hit by heavy delays. This was a huge blow to those who were eagerly awaiting this spiritual successor to Advance Wars (why has it been over a decade, Nintendo? WHY?), but now it’s arrived. It’s here, it’s now, and it’s excellent.

As we all know, if there’s one thing better than a great game, it’s a great game with a few little flaws that we can point out. That’s the way gamers like it. As we’ve reported, there are a few odd little kinks that could be ironed out here and there, but otherwise? Super solid work. It’s a title that Intelligent Systems themselves could be proud of, and that’s no mean feat.

Naturally, then, Chucklefish is sure to have gone up several notches in players’ estimations. If you haven’t played their other big-name game, Starbound, you probably should. It’s a procedurally-generated 2D spacefaring adventure, that sees your character setting out to establish a new home after the Earth’s destruction. Just about anything goes in Starbound, as the game’s official site proudly states:

“Settle down and farm the land, become an intergalactic landlord, hop from planet to planet collecting rare creatures, or delve into dangerous dungeons and lay claim to extraordinary treasures.”

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Wargroove And Starbound Universe
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Of course, you may already know all of this. You might already be a fan of Chucklefish’s work. They did publish Risk of Rain and the mighty Stardew Valley, after all. Maybe you already knew all of this, but did you know that Wargroove and Starbound seem to be set in the same universe?

That’s right. If you’ve previously played Starbound, the Floran race will be very familiar to you. Not only that, but one of the commanders of Wargroove’s Floran Tribes, Nuru, actually appears in Starbound too.

Whether you know Nuru best as an NPC (Starbound) or a beastly commander who can produce units like nobody’s business (Wargroove), we can all agree on one thing: this is a neat little easter egg, and a sign that Chucklefish is rightly proud of their creations.

We’ll leave you with this thought: In Wargroove’s codex entry for Nuru, you’ll see that she is no ordinary Floran, and arrived in the area on a ship that had “travelled a massively, ridiculously long way.” What kind of ship are we talking about? Well, whatever the game’s medieval aesthetic may suggest, it doesn’t sound like it was the kind that floats on the ocean.

How very interesting.

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