Civilization IV Set To Have Cross-Save On All Major Platforms Except PS4

Now that Civilization VI will finally be on all major devices, many questions are crossing players' minds. Among them has been the question of crossplay and cross-saves as has been a feature seen in many cross-platform titles.

With Civilization VI's November release on Xbox One and PlayStation approaching, some gamers have expressed the aforementioned concerns on social media.

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On Twitter, some players have taken to reaching out to the game's official Twitter account. Twitter user Mauro Anderson tweeted in response to a video posted by the game's Twitter account, asking if the game would support crossplay.

The Civilization VI Twitter account tweeted that, while crossplay does not exist between each available platform, there are Cloud Saves. For those unfamiliar with "Cloud Saves," these are saves that can be accessed across platforms. As can be seen in the tweet above, Civilization VI will support it on every device except the PlayStation 4.

Many people were quick to question the tweet from the Civilization VI Twitter account, with user Tanya Degurechaff saying she probably won't buy the game on console now.

However, according to an interview by Wccftech, the reason for the lack of cross-saving lies in company policies. In Wccftech's interview with Gaijin CEO Anton Yudintsev, Yudintsev discussed some new crossplay-related policies implemented by Sony. Yudintsev stated that the new policies have actually added limitations to the process of allowing crossplay, which apparently applies to cloud saves as well.

One Twitter user pointed out that Bungie was able to successfully overcome this boundary with Destiny 2. As such, it could be worth analyzing why games like Civiliization VI won't get crossplay-related functions.

There are many gamers like Tanya likely to be frustrated by the lack of a cloud save functionality on PlayStation 4. Furthermore, they might be wondering why the policies put in place put greater limitations on developers seeking to implement crossplay mechanics in their games. Civilization VI and its developer had long been supportive of cross-saves, with cross-platform game saves being available between the Switch and PC since the Spring of this year.

Hopefully, a future update will add cross-saving to the PlayStation 4 version of the game beyond its release.

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