Civilization VI Proves Battle Royale Is Still A Thing

Yes even Civilization VI has a battle royale mode now. Firaxis dropped a surprise trailer for the new game mode yesterday. It's called "Red Death" and it has a very heavy apocalyptic theme. Players take control of a faction that survived the nuclear end of the world, and now must leave Earth for a better future. But 11 other factions want that ticket out, too, and that's when the whole battle royale thing starts.

Red Death is a free part of the September update for all Civilization VI PC players. Sorry, Nintendo Switch, owners, you don't get this clearly industry-defining experience. If the whole concept still confuses you, you can jump into the mode right this very moment. Or watch the trailer below. It probably won't help you understand why this is a thing, but it certainly is amusing.

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When you begin a game of Red Death, you choose one of several factions. Some are obvious, such as mutants, doomsday preppers, or hazmat-suit clad scientists. Each has some advantage that allows them to navigate or fight better under certain conditions. The goal is to be the last faction standing so that you can catch the ship out of the area.

There are obstacles, of course. First is the battle royale staple: the closing circle. This time it takes the form of radiation, which damages your units over time. There's also ruined cities where you can go to find more firepower or civilians to bolster your ranks. Firepower takes the form of tanks and helicopters. The civilians are your peoples' lifeblood. Once your last civilian is captured by an enemy, you lose.

If you find this whole description lacking in more traditional Civilization elements, you'd be correct. Your goal is not to hunker down and establish a lasting empire. You're meant to keep moving to find more ruin cities, escape the radiation, and stay one step ahead of the other factions. This makes it play more like a turn-based war game than the builder Civilization is known for being. Still, it's free so... maybe it's worth a try.

Source: IGN

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