Paid Season Pass Increases Clash Of Clans' Revenue By 72%

Clash of Clans recently saw an impressive 72% increase in revenue following the successful introduction of Season Challenges and the new Gold Pass. As a result, Supercell obtained $71 million in sales during the month of April.

Not were there a lot of players playing during April, but the game also had its most profitable day ever on May 1st, 2019, overtaking its previous record on December 25, 2015. The recent changes and the implementation of both the challenges and pass have clearly hit the right notes with a community that previously stated that the gameplay was growing stale and unchanging.

The implementation of both follow the Clash of Clans developer update from March. Players must first upgrade to the Gold Tier by purchasing the Gold Pass for $4.99. This is not a subscription, so players are not locked into long-term commitments. There are no current plans to create packaged passes, and each pass will run for the duration of a season, which begins on the first day of each month.

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The rewards for upgrading vary. Hero Skins are some of the most coveted items to attain, which are purely cosmetic and therefore offer no competitive advantage over other players. The last reward to unlock takes some time, so players need to be vigilant in completing their other tasks in order to reach it. The current plan is to add a different Hero Skin with each season, for either the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, or Grand Warden. Players need not worry whether they are still working towards unlocking both of the latter characters, though, as unlocking the skins beforehand simply puts them into storage, so they can be used later.

There is also a Season Bank that fills as you loot in Multiplayer battles. With the Gold Pass, players can unlock additional capacity for their Season Banks. Finally, unlocking the Research Boost with the Gold Pass will apply to both upgrades you already have in progress and those you choose after. It should be noted that the timer function might not immediately show the correct discounted time, so you may have to close and reopen the app.

As with many games, it seems that appealing to the game's community has paid off once again. Clash of Clans' cosmetic items seem to have hit the mark perfectly. It is good to know that the game is still going strong and attracting players.

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