25 Classic 90s Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Girls

The 90’s was full of great memories. Playing outside during the summer without a care in the world. Spending the whole day with friends only to return home when it started to get dark, or when the street lights came on. Riding your bikes for endless hours before you tired out, only to go back inside for a snack, lunch, or to clean up any new cuts you accidentally got.

The 90’s was also full of great snacks that recently within the last 10 years or so were revealed to be terrible for us. Except for Dunkaroo’s. No matter what is said those stand the test of time. Just don’t say what’s in them. Then life will be completely ruined forever.

The one thing from the 90’s that will always remain in our hearts are classic 90’s cartoons. Doug, Hey Arnold, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Rocko’s Modern Life, the list goes on. Most of us would wake up early on Saturday morning to binge the entire weekend lineup.

Rushing home from school to quickly finish homework just to catch Toonami, to watch your favorite anime before ending the day. It was great. Could someone possibly create a time machine to take us all back, so we can relive a carefree, worry-free childhood? Now enough with the reminiscing. How about imagining your childhood favorites as girls? Since this is now the age of reboots. Can we start rebooting some of these classic favorites as girls?

25 A Beautiful Beast

via sakimichan.deviantart.com

Art By: Sakimichan

The Beast stole Belle’s heart (and ours) when he went out of his way to prove himself. Cut the guy some slack here. He was turned into a large creature after a witch cursed him.

Yet, it was of his own fault.

Before he became the Beast, he was a cold prince that cared more about vanity than anything else. So, in a sense, yes, he deserved what he got. He had to learn a very hard life lesson and after the many attempts, the patience it took, and a woman’s touch to teach him, he finally learned what that lesson was.

What if the tables were turned? What if the Beast was a woman instead? Still getting turned into a creature due to extreme narcissism, caring about nothing else besides herself, but going a little more in depth. What was the cause of The Beast's selfish reasons?

Maybe she had neglectful parents. Growing up as royalty, people tend to only care about how they can benefit from you, instead of caring about you yourself. Maybe having something like that happen turned the Beast into a cold-hearted princess. Like the original story, a young boy who has a passion and love for books comes and steals the heart of the Beast, turning her back into a princess.

24 She Still Doesn't Like Deedee

Dexter the boy genius, that just wanted to create things in his lab and be well... a boy genius. Dexter didn’t seem to like his parents too much, or his family in general, which is probably why he spent a good chunk of his time in his lab. He also didn’t have friends. The kid was lonely, but he didn't have to be. We do get it though, it’s tough to make friends, especially at such a young age where being a genius just seemed weird.

A girl version of Dexter would definitely have handled things differently. Dee Dee, yes, she was older, but the girl was a complete klutz and a nutcase. There is no way girl Dexter would have put up with that. She would’ve set some traps, or maybe shipped her off somewhere. She'd probably even go to their parents and tell them how bothersome Dee Dee was.

Then again, Dexter’s parents weren’t exactly the hands-on type. I don’t know if they were free spirits, or just plain neglectful. Whatever the reason, girl Dexter would've handled things in a creative way. Unlike boy Dexter that basically just screamed and threw a tantrum when Dee Dee wouldn’t leave him alone.

23 Respect Her Authoritah!

South Park has its problems. It’s a popular cartoon that started out funny with a hint of dark humor, but man has this show gone down some seriously dark paths. Not sure what you would call it, but the show is seriously not what it used to be, but some of it’s characters remain the same. Cartman is one of those characters that you don’t really love, and you don’t really hate.

The kid has some serious issues and he’s done some very questionable things that should’ve gotten him arrested.

He can be pretty bad and the kicker is, he’s only 10. A female Cartman would be just as clever as a male version but wouldn’t have been so quick to reveal everything that she does. Cartman also has some serious parental issues and for good reason. The female version of Cartman wouldn’t be so quick to write off their parent, she would talk to her mother, see if she could connect with her.

Also, where is Cartman’s father? Girl Cartman would launch a full investigation and go from there. As far as Cartman's friends go, he shows that he doesn’t really see Kyle, Stan, and Kenny as real friends. They would be friends to a girl version. Why, might you ask? Because girls and women like to keep only a small group of people around who they can trust.

22 Would Alpha Male Even Matter?

via angelwingkitty.deviantart.com

Art By:angelwingkitty

Disney’s Tarzan is a classic. It may not be in the top 5 Disney movies, but it still makes the cut. Tarzan had it a little tough though, he was only a baby when his parents perished. I know that's terrible, but he was raised by gorillas because a gentle momma gorilla found him and took him in as her own baby.

It tugs at the heartstrings. Unfortunately, being male didn’t sit well with a certain alpha male leader.

It’s a tough world out in the jungle.

Eventually, everything worked out well in the end…well, sort of. I’m not saying that a girl version of Tarzan would be better, but the storyline would definitely be different. Kerchak for example. The Alpha male might’ve taken differently to a girl Tarzan.

That is a hit or miss, seeing as Tarzan is human whether or not male, or female, and being brought into a family of gorillas is a change that they all weren’t expecting nor ready for. Would there be a male version of Jane? Coming in to study the gorillas with his father, only to end up meeting girl Tarzan and falling in love with her? Disney, do this immediately, I need to see this on my T.V. screen.

21 Samurai Jackie


Art By: DisfiguredStick

Samurai Jack was a great action-adventure animated series where the main character barely spoke, but that didn’t stop the character from fighting dark evil forces and escaping from danger. His ultimate goal was to defeat the evil shape-shifting demon named Aku. So, he travels back in time to defeat him before he can take over the world. Samurai Jack was recently brought back last year for a mini-series.

Fans rejoiced when the show was brought back, and the mini-series was great, so can we get a female version? That’s something I would like to see, or at least have a female samurai run into Jack for the next mini-series. We all know that in 10 years or less it’s going to be brought back again anyway.

They could help each other defeat the evil that plagues their world. Taking out one bad guy at a time. I know I am not the only one that wants to see something like that. Or, there could be just a solo female version of samurai jack with her own demons to fight, and a super evil of her own to defeat before the world is destroyed. Either version would work.

20 She Wants To Be The Very Best

Pokémon has been taking over the world since 1997 and it’s still growing strong. Releasing new games, and movies every couple of years.

Remember when there were only 150 Pokémon? Good times, right?

Ash is one of those characters who you either love or don’t like. There really is no in-between.

Ash loves his Pokémon and his friends. He’s always had the dream of being a Pokémon master which is definitely possible, but not exactly for Ash. Why? Because he keeps letting his Pokémon go. You can’t really want to be a Pokémon master, if you keep releasing the Pokémon you capture back out into the world.

A girl Ash would have the same dream but do the exact opposite. She would still want to be a Pokémon master, but she would go about it in a different way. First, she wouldn’t let her Pokémon go after only after having them for a short time.

She would become that Pokémon master that she dreamed of being and then build a Pokémon sanctuary for her Pokémon. Letting them be free, completing her goal, and giving her Pokémon the best life. She could also take on the side job of a gym leader, battling young trainers and even mentoring them.

19 Still Blazing Fast!

Joyoiyoi - DeviantArt

Art By: Joyoiyoi

Sonic the Hedgehog. The fast, blue, sarcastic hedgehog that made his debut in 1991 and from there went on to be a popular franchise. Sonic was born with the ability to run faster than the speed of sound and can also curl up into a ball (as a hedgehog would) to attack enemies when needed.

Sonic loves to keep the peace and has saved the world multiple times from harm. Sonic has also endured countless brushes with danger, while still coming out on top as the victor.

I don’t believe a female Sonic would be any different honestly. Sonic is a cool character that saves the world from evil with his friends. A female version would do the same. One thing that might change would probably be the tactics. Sonic tends to be level-headed.

Thinking out the problem, before diving in, but he also has his (act first and ask questions later) actions. It would be interesting to see a female Sonic character that isn’t level-headed put a spin on things and make it a little different. A hot-headed female sonic would be interesting. She would always do things without thinking, while at the same time learning to not do so with the help of her friends.

18 Watch Out He-Man

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Skeletor is an evil being, an evil dangerous threat that wants to Destroy Eternia. Of course, being evil always comes with a goal and Skeletor’s goal is power. He’s one of those villains that won’t rest, or stop until he possesses what he wants and that’s the secrets of Castle Grayskull. If he obtains those secrets he would become the master of the universe. You can’t exactly be a supervillain without someone to stop you and in this case, it’s He-Man.

Switch that around to the alternate version. A girl version of Skeletor. Would that come with a female version He-Man? I mean, why not? It would be pretty awesome. The girl version of Skeletor would probably have the same goals as the male version.

Trying to become the master of the universe, but something tells me that she wouldn’t have a problem doing that. A girl version of Skeletor would raise an army because you can’t try to take over the universe without raising an army, right? She would learn from the mistakes of the villains before her. Not do what they did. Taking those things into account, being successful, reaching her goal of taking over the universe. Alright, ready for a remake now.

17 A Football-Headed Beauty

PoweredMickieZ - DeviantArt

Art By: PoweredMickieZ

The football head we know and love. Arnold is an orphan who lives with his grandparents in their boarding house, with a few other interesting tenants and when I say they’re interesting, I mean INTERESTING.

Talk about having some colorful characters to live with.

Arnold spends most of his days helping out his friends when they have problems and trying to see the good in everyone. Arnold is seriously one interesting and loving character. He’s a true optimist who has a serious crush on a girl named Lila and well, she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Luckily, our loving boy isn’t the stalking kind and he knows how to take no for an answer.

In an alternate universe, would a girl version of Arnold be so optimistic? Would she even put up with Helga’s bullying? Would she call Helga out on the real reason of why she’s so mean? Maybe try to get her to talk about her home life, because let’s be honest, Helga’s family is very neglectful.

The kid is only 12 and she does everything on her own. Maybe alternatively a girl version of Arnold and Helga would become best friends. They could hang out and Helga could stay at her house when things got tough in her own home. She would also not put up with Brainy’s heavy breathing and constant stalking of Helga.

16 Still Slackers

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Not sure why this cartoon was very popular and fast forward to 2018, I really still don’t understand why this cartoon was so popular. The cartoon centers around two teenagers, who are completely incompetent. They live in Texas and don’t have any grown-up supervision at all.

Usually, they’re always getting themselves into something they shouldn’t be, but hey, why not? The only grown-ups they run into are ones who shouldn’t exactly be considered grown-ups in the first place. This cartoon wasn’t exactly for kids, but 90’s kids got away with a lot of stuff back then.

Female versions of these two interesting characters could definitely end up the same, but it’s hard to exactly tell. They would still be total metal heads that wouldn't change. Perhaps female versions wouldn’t get in as much mischief as the male versions, but then again, it wouldn’t be as fun if that was the case right?

Writers tend to do different storylines when it comes to female characters, so they could possibly do something different. If there is ever a reboot, I do hope they aren’t as incompetent. I don’t know if I could take seeing two female characters be completely brainless and constantly getting themselves into trouble.

15 A Better Dynamic?

via buzzfeed.com

Bert & Ernie, are two Muppets who appear in skits on the popular kids show Sesame Street, a show that has a lot of history and has been on television since their first appearance in 1969.

My goodness, this show has been on for a long time.

Bert is supposed to be the serious one. He’s smart, but grumpy, can be boring, serious, and you might see him being frustrated very easily. He doesn’t have a temper per-say, but he does get angry, especially when it comes to his best friend and roommate, Ernie.

Ernie is the total opposite. A carefree spirit that seriously loves to just go with the flow not let anything upset him or disrupt his world. Ernie is shown as being a troublemaker, but he really isn’t. Bert definitely believes he’s smarter than Ernie hands down without question and in some instances, Ernie proves Bert wrong.

Girl Bert and Ernie gives a totally different feel. Two roommates just hanging out being themselves. The female version of Bert and Ernie could be older. They could be old ladies who have adventures, or just sit around arguing like Bert and Ernie do for no real reason at all. Continuing to get on each other’s nerves, but remaining best friends.

14 Watch Out For Their Scams


Art By: Pixaneforever

Ed Ed and Eddy are three best friends who try to swindle the other kids in their neighborhood or trick the kids into doing something they shouldn't be doing. When they aren’t causing mischief. They’re eating jawbreakers and just hanging out.

Ed is the not-so-smart one of the group. Edd, also known as Double D, is the smart one. He is the one to get everyone out of any situation they were in. Eddy is the leader, the one causing trouble and a total con artist. One thing that stood out was you never saw the parents. It was literally a kid’s world where they could basically do whatever they wanted.

If the roles were switched, they would be smarter. Edd would be a con artist who wouldn’t get caught, Ed would only be a little ditzy, and Double D would still be the smarter of the two.

The Kanker sisters who were obsessed with the boys would still be around and instead of being boys in an alternate world, they would be the girl’s rivals, always challenging the girls and trying to outsmart them. Since the three Eds were boys that was easy, but if the three Ed’s were girls it wouldn’t be as easy.

13 She Eats Five Dozen Eggs

Mashi DeviantArt

Art By: Mashi

He thinks he’s great, divine, handsome, and god’s gift to earth. Gaston, is the man man who practically stalked Belle and wanted to marry her. He wanted her to be his wife so bad that he resulted into throwing her father in an insane asylum, after he said the Beast kidnapped Belle. Using this so he could force Belle into marrying him. Talk about reaching. Gaston was no friend and he wasn’t a nice person either.

No means no dude seriously take a hint when a woman say’s she’s not interested, she's not interested.

Girl Gaston would take no for an answer and go on to find someone else that wants her attention. Why spend your time on someone who doesn’t want you right? She would try her luck against the boy version of Belle and when he said no (because we know he would) she would shrug. say something snarky about how he was missing out and move on.

This might result in trying to make boy Belle jealous, but then decide that he isn’t worth her time. She definitely wouldn’t get his family involved by throwing his father in an asylum. Then again considering payback and the narcissist that Gaston is, girl Gaston might end up doing the same thing. The character knows how to hold a grudge after all.

12 The Ghost With The Most


Art By: Antikulture

Say his name three times and he'll appear, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

The cartoon was loosely based on the 1998 film and while it was still good, it had its differences. Instead of Beetlejuice helping out a newlywed ghost couple trying to scare the new inhabitants out of their home. The cartoon focuses on Beetlejuice befriending a goth girl named Lydia.

Both characters explore the netherworld and encounter some friendly and not so friendly ghosts, monsters, zombies, and ghouls. Beetlejuice would usually spend his time trying to scam residents of the netherworld and we all know in typical cartoon fashion. That never worked out for anyone.

A girl version of Beetlejuice would take Lydia on adventures. They could go exploring and she could take her to different realms. Becoming a real friend to Lydia seeing how in the show, she didn’t really have any friends at all. People saw Lydia as weird just based off of her clothing. We all know that Lydia wasn’t really weird, she was just different.

The girl version of Beetlejuice could even help Lydia make new friends, so she would have people she could hang out with. Beetlejuice is a ghost after all so it isn’t exactly expected for her to be around forever, right?

11 A Suddenly Serious Sponge?

nekonohime - DeviantArt

Art By: Nekonohime

Like many others, Spongebob is one of those cartoon characters that make you go, “hmm..” The sponge that lives under the sea has not so helpful neighbors, interesting friends, and a job where he will never get a promotion.

We can’t win them all, can we? But at least he owns his own house and has an under the sea version of a dog, which is a snail (close enough). Spongebob is a special case. He takes life's lemons as they are given and does what he can with the situation. Sure, it doesn’t exactly have the best outcome, but he tries. Like the time he kept failing his driver’s license until he finally passed. It doesn’t matter how long it took him to get it, the fact is that he finally did it.

A girl version of Spongebob would be much more level-headed than the boy version. Mr. Krabs would have to give her a promotion and a raise, not taking anything less.

Squidward would need to perk up his attitude, and she definitely would not be friends with Patrick. No offense Patrick, but you’re just too much to deal with buddy. Now that I think about it, she would just probably move to a different neighborhood with better neighbors altogether, while still being best buds with Sandy.

10 This Transformation Is Quacky


Art By: Kitty-McGeeky97

The character was cool, the theme song was even cooler. Darkwing Duck is a spin-off from the popular show DuckTales. It’s about a superhero who has a sidekick named Launchpad McQuack. Darkwing lives in the suburbs, with his daughter Gosalyn, who just wants to be a part of the adventure. Of course, the life of a superhero isn’t exactly easy.

Trying to balance the love of fame and craving the attention, while at the same time trying to raise his daughter, is tough. Sometimes you have to choose one or the other, but for Darkwing, he feels as if he doesn’t really have to choose.

If the characters were reversed alternatively, girl Darkwing would probably give up being a hero after a while. Sure, she could do both, but what’s more important than making sure you're home to spend time with your daughter?

Or writers could just keep the balance. Give the girl Darkwing the best of both worlds. The love of her job continuing being a hero and the daughter she’s always there for. When girl Darkwing retires. Her daughter could take up the reigns and become the hero, saving the world from danger, keeping the family business alive.

9 It's Time To Duel!

via aminoapps.com

The life of a dueling champion was supposed to be fun. It started out as just a hobby. Yugi and his friends entered a tournament, where things took a turn for the worse and things got dark. Dueling became more than just a hobby.

Add that in with a rival that just wouldn’t quit and a nemesis that wanted to control the world. Oh, and Yugi is practically a host for an ancient pharaoh that lives inside the millennium puzzle that he pieced together.

He really didn’t think that an ancient artifact and the ghost of a pharaoh wouldn’t bring him trouble?

Girl Yugi would have the same dream and the same ambitions. Yugi is a level-headed kid who’s always trying to figure out the situation before stepping into it and he adores his friends. He can’t live without them and why should he? Girl Yugi would value her friends as well. So, you see, it’s not much different. Literally a gender swap with the same story and life battles.

8 Would Abu Be A Lady Too?

FERNL - DeviantArt

Art By: Fernl

Here's a former “street rat,” con artist turned prince. Okay, maybe not exactly a prince but seeing how he married Jasmine he would be considered royalty with some sort of title. After defeating his enemies and setting his best friend Genie free. He got the girl and a happy ending. Well almost. His enemy Jafar returned but was defeated again.

Did Jafar really think he could appear again and not be defeated by the same people who defeated him once before?

When the dust settled Aladdin’s father finally appeared out of nowhere. Disney never hinted where his dad might be, to begin with. Wanting to get to know his father he, of course, tried to get him out of whatever trouble he ended up in when he came to him.

Girl Aladdin wouldn’t be as easily brought into the drama and she would have a lot more questions than the male version of Aladdin did. Like, why did you stay away for so long? Why didn’t you come back for me? Didn’t you miss me just a little bit? And just so you know I was abandoned living on the street and you have the nerve to pop up conveniently after I married a prince.

If you actually think he would able to waltz back into her life without knowing the damage he caused, think again.

7 Protecting The Digiverse

via kamon72.deviantart.com

Art By: Kamon72

Similar to its Pokémon counterpart, Digimon was a fun animated series where Digimon creatures battled in the digital world against monsters. Digimon hatch from digi-eggs and, similar to Pokémon, Digimon evolve and it’s called Digivolution.

It increases their power and their appearance. One of the best parts were the Digimon actually talked, had vibrant personalities, and talked to you about how they were feeling. No offense to Pokémon but saying your name didn’t exactly help.

Tai was the leader of the “DigiDestined,” the chosen children who were born to defend the world from the various forces of evil. Tai and his friends did their best to help protect the world and for being young teens they do a good job at it. Tai is a good leader, even though he didn’t ask to be one, but he always puts his friends first no matter what.

Girl Tai would be the same. Protecting her loving friends, while being a good leader at the same time. Nothing would change but seeing a female leader of the DigiDestined wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. The series was already brought back with a new story. Maybe in the future, if it’s brought back again, that’ll happen.

6 D'oh!

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Who doesn’t know the iconic Simpson’s character, known as Homer J Simpson? He’s supposed to be a loving father, devoted husband, and a hard worker.

Unfortunately, he is the exact opposite. He's a drinker, absent father, and lazy.

Okay, I’m done dragging him down now. Homer isn’t exactly the character that’s trying to be portrayed. Even though he’s all of these things, he loves his family. The Simpsons has been on T.V for 29 years and it shows no signs of stopping.

So what if the roles were reversed and Homer was a woman? She would be a working mother as Homer is in the male version. Instead of being a drinker she would love to have her glass of wine when she came home from work. Her husband would be a stay at home dad.

The kids would be the same and having a mother who works would be someone Lisa would absolutely adore. I’m not saying that she doesn’t love Marge, but Lisa seems to have a large admiration for people who work hard and follow their passions. I think if Homer was a woman it would show Lisa that you could have the best of both worlds. Now, can we get the writers to do an alternate universe if they haven’t already?

5 She Still Goes From Zero To Hero

A demi-god whose absent father is the god of all gods. In the Disney version, Hercules was stolen from his parents on Olympus, turned human, and brought to earth. Sadly, because of this, Zeus could not rescue him and bring him home.

Okay, pause for one second here. The leader of the gods, the god of all gods, couldn’t save his son, turn him back into a god and bring him home?

I call total nonsense.

So, Hercules was found by an older couple who took him in and raised him as their own. Later on, young teenage Hercules found out who really he was. I mean, it was going to happen eventually seeing as the kid kept his godly strength.

Time to switch roles. A girl version wouldn’t take no for an answer and she definitely wouldn’t try to prove herself when Zeus told Hercules that she would have to in order to become a god again. A girl version would try to find some kind of loophole.

He was already a god anyway, so there has to be a way to get back the powers that were stolen from him in the first place. A male version of Meg would definitely be around because how could there not be. That character was awesome.

4 Could She Beat Goku?

Maniaxoi - DeviantArt

Art By: Maniaxoi

Prince to the fallen Saiyan race. He was the eldest son of King Vegeta and Heir, but since his race is no longer around, he became a husband to Bulma and a father to Trunks and Bulla.

Vegeta came a long way from being a ruthless, cold-blooded warrior to a regular guy after he abandoned his previous role. Staying on earth and no longer wanting to end Goku, he actually became friends with him.

Not the best buddies that you would imagine, but it’s close enough.

Vegeta literally goes from villain, to anti-hero, to an actual hero. One thing he did keep was his attitude. There was no fixing that anyway.

Switching roles to a girl version of Vegeta. She would have the same goal at first, being a cold-blooded warrior, but then coming to earth would change that. Let’s admit it, as goofy as Goku is. it would be hard to resist his charm and not like him as a person. Sure, they would fight it out, but a girl version of Vegeta might not take as long to change her mind about people before staying on earth completely. Being a villain is a lonely world. Not something she would want to do forever.

3 Still The Strongest Fighter Around

xNarEx - DeviantArt

Art By: xNarEx

Also a Saiyan, but unlike Vegeta, Goku was sent to earth when he was a baby on a mission to destroy the earth.

Yes, his race sent a baby, so it could destroy Earth.

This is an animated series with a lot of action and drama, so those actions weren’t carried out. Goku’s memory was altered after an accident.

This accident caused Goku to grow up nice and pure-hearted, very different from the tempered young boy he was growing up to be. He grew up to defend the earth from destruction and evil. He even got married and had a little family of his own.

Flipping things around, girl Goku wouldn’t be sent to earth to destroy it. Instead, girl Goku would come to Earth but not as a baby but as a teen and she wouldn’t want to destroy it. She would want to take it over.

When she gets there, she is befriended by an old man who shows that he isn’t afraid of her. She sees this, and he shows her that the people on earth are great. After learning this girl Goku would abandon her goal to take over Earth. Turning off her tracker and no longer wanting to be found, where she’s raised by the old man and grows up to protect Earth.

2 Still So Mysterious

MilyRage - DeviantArt

Art By: MilyRage

Sailor Moon's eye candy. A close ally of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts, he fights alongside them when they take on evil foes and saves Usagi from time to time when she finds herself in a pinch. Everyone knew that Tuxedo Mask was the alternate identity of Mamoru Chiba.

Usagi's crush. If only she knew who he really was. Mamoru does come off as a playboy, at least in the American version he does. Tuxedo Mask is a good character, but he is a little rough around the edges. He has his own issues to deal with.

The girl version of Tuxedo mask wouldn’t be so quick to fall for a male version of Usagi. In fact, she would try and avoid him altogether seeing how they are connected. The fans already knew that Usagi and Mamoru would definitely find themselves in some deep trouble.

So, the girl version of Tuxedo Mask might avoid that altogether. Helping out the Sailor Scouts when needed, but not pursuing a romantic relationship with the male version of Usagi. Oh, who am I kidding, of course, she would. They are destined to be together after-all. We can’t let anything come between that. It wouldn’t be right. Usagi and Mamoru forever!

1 A Woof And A Purr

Pawsephone - DeviantArt

Art By: Pawsephone

Another strange cartoon about a hybrid of a cat and dog who share the same body. The two animals, being two completely different species, have their differences and their different personalities.

Cat is the clever one, and he thinks he is smarter than Dog. A lot of the time he’s tricking Dog into doing whatever it is that he wants. Given the personality that cats can be deceiving and they mostly care about themselves.

Dog, on the other hand, just wants to be best buddies with Cat. He just wants to have something in common with Cat. Dog literally gives the impression that dogs just want to love you and be best friends with you, not caring if you’re mean to them. Giving their unconditional love.

If the roles were reversed and Catdog were both girls. It would be the same as far as the personalities go. Cat would come off more reserved. Not being friends with Dog so easily. Dog would still want to be best buddies, not caring if Cat is mean to her, but Cat would eventually see that and want to be best friends with Dog. They’re already attached to each other so might as well make the best of it.

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