25 Incredible Classic Cartoon Characters We’ve Never Seen Cosplayed Before

These cosplays of cartoon characters, done by talented fans, are unlike anything we've ever seen before.

Cosplayers of all types thoroughly enjoy to dress up as their favorite characters and go to conventions and other events to show off their incredibly talented dress making skills. They create everything from evil villains to their favorite cartoons series people, from evil geniuses to heroic knights, from popular TV show characters to scary sidekicks. However, one are always remains untouched.

Cartoon characters from the olden days rarely get the fame they deserve. Anything from the 1920s, when cartoons first came about popularly, to the mid 2000s, where they hit their prime, characters have always had the back seat of the car driving to the end of the proverbial line. Betty Boop, Gambit, Leela, and even Aku from Samurai Jack have all been characters that people have paid little attention to in the cosplay world. Part of it has to do with notoriety. Part of it has to do with complexity. Aku is complex to cosplay. Gambit has no movie that he's known for and people care very little about his character.

Therefore, we have people who delegate them to history. But not these cosplayers. They've reached from the backwoods of the comic, television, and other outdated media world and taken characters that were long lost and brought them back from the afterlife. So join me on this quest to search for the best classic character cosplays that we either haven't seen before, or simply lost to time. It's a journey you won't forget, and at a place you can always find more at!

25 One Eye For The Confident Guy

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Leela was considered the most rational and well-known member of the Futurama gang. As Captain of the Planet Express (an interstellar delivery company) spaceship, she saw many missions take place. We are first introduced to her as an alien from another planet. However, we soon discover that she was a Human born under New New York, revealing that her single eye comes from a mutation brought on by the sewage near her home. Leaving her near the Orphaniarium, her parents were hoping that she would have a normal life above ground.

So anyone who cosplayed her would have to go beyond three major elements of her character: her purple hair, her single eye, and the confidence she exudes in her stance. The confidence might normally come through typical cosplay practice and becoming different characters. The hair would be of an amateur difficulty. Purple hair would be easy. But without the length it would ineffective, considering it's a major part of the look.

The eye would be the most difficult aspect. A singular eye which one could see out of with long eyelashes, while attaching it consistently to the face so it looks blended well is not an easy task. Luckily, this person pulls it off well. A unique character for sure!

Cosplayer unknown.

24 Pick A Card, Any Card

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Gambit is one of the lesser known mutants in the X-Men media franchise. Without a blockbuster to his name, most modern audiences don't know about the caped, cartoon combatant. His ability to tap into the energy of all non-living and non-sentient objects and evoke them to a distant place, along with his quarterstaff, are signatures of his powers. He also has the faint ability to manipulate others to do his bidding, making him most agreeable. He is also known for his red eyes and signature playing cards.

Some abandoned him; others said, "YES PLEASE!"

To depict Gambit wouldn't be too difficult of a task for the average cosplayer. The red eyes might be a bit difficult to inhabit, considering colored contact lenses would be necessary to really accentuate the face. However, the clothing and jacket should be easy to find. Being ripped helps. Having the luscious locks and ludicrous looks of a demon to capture all your rogue ladies. His quarterstaff could be welded from any metal materials, or PVC pipe, but may have to be a special order. The shirt...or maybe even body paint...is meticulous in design and would easily be the most difficult part of the costume itself.

Cosplay by Michael Huffman.

23 Anthropomorphic Aardvark

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Arthur is a quintessential kid's show where the main character, Arthur, displays what life is like inside of his family unit. The show has won many awards and explores difficult family topics such as medical issues, inner familial relations, and the life of kids in a grown-up world. The world of Arthur is a representation of Boston, where it's meant to show a suburban, middle-American family. Having two sisters, two parents, and many friends, the show does it well.

Arthur is also an aardvark, a human-like entity, and a third grader. Therefore, the cosplay should represent those aspects above all else. Acting like a third grader might simply involve acting slightly less mature and knowing the character himself. It would help drastically with how the person is supposed to act. Of course, looking human is easy, but reflecting the aspects of an aardvark are extremely difficult. It would involve some detail that might require second or third looks.

Luckily, our cosplayer seems to do it well enough to relate to the above content. The ears and the closing make it work. With the addition of the books and the school bag, we really get to see that this cosplayer is a third grader. Might not be as easily realizable as before!

Cosplayer unknown.

22 Femme Fatale

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Rocky and Bullwinkle was a show that devoted itself to being witty and speaking to the times. It was truly a show for kids, but adults could also easily understand the underpinnings of a complex show such as this. The spread of communism and the American history were frequent topics of the show itself, lending a heavy handed aspect to the series. Being produced from 1959 to 1964 helped that a lot. One of the main villains of the show, Natasha Fatale, represented an equally Russian and fascist entity. So a cosplay in this facet of existence would be both individualistic and complex!

Fascism, communism, and democracy tied into one show!

Being the villain of Rocky and Bullwinkle might be a difficult task for any character. But cosplaying such a character might be equally as tumultuous. The purple dress would be easiest to find, as would the hair. Any black halloween wig would probably do. However, the demeanor and the voice would be crucial. The faux-Russian accent would have to reflect every word. Whereas other cosplayers could do it with an American accent, the Russian English accent it one that differs itself highly from the typical Eastern European dialects. Much trouble!

Photo by David Ngo.

21 Boop Boop A Doop

via eSidera.deviantart.com

Betty Boop is a 1920s American representation of the typical flapper. A flapper was a woman who wore shorter dresses and lived to drive against conventional conservative behaviors. The traditionalism of the 1910s and the then 1930s had an effect on how Betty Boop would operate. People viewed her behaviors as either morally reprehensible or positively individualistic. Her body type and image would change with the whims of the population, but her overall look would generally remain the same throughout.

All of her attributes could be easily replicated, but her status (and hair) also makes her exclusive to the few who would dare to try. A red dress, black or red garter belt, and black, high heeled shoes would be a good start. The hair would need to be more than just a 1920s look. The tips would need to be outed and style with gel into points. This would reflect the typical Boop look. The golden jewelry would be a good add on too!

The cosplayer did a good job, and obviously knew about the character quite well before hand. She probably did the research, helping with the addition of the radio used in the photograph to replicate a 1920s feel, for the uninitiated in the character.

Cosplay by eSidera.

20 Future Perfect

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Where The Flintstones examined the 1950s lifestyle in the prehistoric era of the dinosaurs, The Jetsons examined the 1950s lifestyle in the futuristic era of gadgets and space. Imagine a pre-apocalyptic Fallout where nuclear war never happened and capitalism won over? That is The Jetsons. The show revolved around two parents, George and Jane Jetson, and two kids, Judy and Elroy Jetson. This epitomized the idea of the nuclear family during that time. Judy, the eldest of the two children, was a teenage girl who was obsessed with boys and speaking into her diary. Her style of clothing reflected the futuristic era that The Jetsons attempted to look like.

The cosplayer who wishes to cosplay as Judy Jetson would find a girl who has exquisite hair and a fancier dress. The dress would be easier to display, but the collar would either have to be sewn on or added onto with another piece meant to look like it is placed together already. The hair would be the most difficult aspect. Getting it to stand up would be difficult, especially with only a bow. But to have it be pure-white might be difficult to obtain with products if your hair is darker.

Cosplayer unknown.

19 Robbin' The Cradle

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Batman and Robin is not only a plethora of famous TV shows, but a comic duo that are reflected in the typical morning, Saturday cartoons that embodied growing up in middle America in the 1990s. And although Batman is given the time of day in every convention, all the time, everywhere, Robin gets next to no love. While Batman represents a wealthy hero with specific moralities of right and wrong exemplified through a plethora of villains and age, Robin is neither wealthy nor aged, specific with morality nor well-fought. He's considered young and in need of training. But he is also complex in that he aids Batman with a side that Batman simply cannot see to. Hence why he is a rare, but welcome, sight.

For Robin, any cosplayer has a wealth of images to pick from. But the original cartoon would do the trick for most. Wielding a quarterstaff helps, because of that being Robin's main weapon. The signature 'R' and the half mask work well, signifying the trainee of sorts. The cape, the irregular hair, and the pointed tips all add to the "I'm almost Batman but not" feel. The cosplayer does well to show a good Robin. It helps he's attractive too!

Cosplay by Rbompro.

18 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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Captain Planet was a kids show devoted to teaching kids about the environment and the dangers of climate change and not keeping our planet safe (this show needed to be on years earlier for another specific generation). Captain Planet had five characters that were from different parts of the world and controlled different elements; earth, fire, wind, water, and "heart" (yep, the fifth element of heart). When a villain got to be too much trouble, they combined their powers and formed Captain Planet from the rings.

Captain Planet is equal 80s replication, and 00s nightmare!

Nothing about Captain Planet is easy to cosplay. First, you'll need teal hair (yep, teal...hair...). Then you'll need blue skin. And no, this won't get easier. Then you'll need brown, cowboy boots. No matter your gender, you'll need red booty shorts, with a black belt, and gold buckle. Don't forget your red, driving gloves! Finally, you'll need to top it all off with a v-neck shirt with of what the world would look like if it were a bee-hive run by a giant wasp!

It also helps to have muscles. It doesn't really work without it. Kudos to the woman in the photo for pulling it off!

Photo by David Ngo.

17 Petal To The Metal!

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Gazlene "Gaz" Membrane is one of the main supporting actors of Invader Zim. She is the younger sister of Dib Membrane (the main nemesis of Invader Zim) and the daughter of The Professor (one of the highest minds and most famous people on planet Earth). As a character, she displays a few powers such as teleportation and is a pyro. She is also the stereotypical goth and nerd. She hates humanity and really enjoys pizza and video games. And she is also a young teenager, from Earth, who serves as a dark aspect to a dark show such as Invader Zim.

Her name is a worldplay on 'gasoline'!

Cosplaying Gaz would be difficult considering her look isn't easily duplicated. She's a cartoon drawn in a very specific style. Getting purple hair, a black dress, and striped black, grey, and purple tights and sleeves are all necessary parts. A skull necklace might be difficult, but this cosplayer got one. All of this is pretty easy to find if you look in goth or industrial stores online. Black boots can be found anywhere, but can be quite expensive (boots are already not cheap). This cosplayer knows the to relay Gaz as a character quite well!

Cosplay by Mimi Reaves.

16 Complexity Cubed

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Gargoyles was a TV show that involved gargoyles who were transported from olden day Scotland into modern day New York City. As gargoyles, they turn to stone during the day, and during the night they are able to move around freely. They become the police of the night in New York City. Demona is the primary villain and antagonist of the series. Being a former partner of the main protagonist, she split off and became devoted to the destruction of humanity.

Her looks are just as complex!

A Demona cosplay would be extremely ambitious. Three toed feet, wings, that hair, and vampiric features all add to the complexity that is Demona. The feet alone would be difficult because they would have to find shoes that would fill in that area best, as well as allowing for easy movement of the foot itself. The wings would have to hold well without falling flat or folding in all the time, meaning a lot of wiring would be needed, along with stable cloth. The gargoyle teeth would need to be put in place and able to be held there over time. Luckily, the cosplayer in the image does an incredibly fine job of becoming Demona, making her costume truly individualistic!

Cosplay by Seraphim.

15 Foxy Lady

via tempestfae.deviantart.com

Fox is a character within the series Gargoyles where she leads a "Pack" of criminals and mercenaries in activities that usually go against the protagonists actions of the series itself. As seen in her name, she loves foxes and even has a picture of a fox head tattooed over her eye. She eventually marries another antagonist by the name of Xanatos (the Greek personification of the afterlife). He is a wealthy and ruthless businessman who gave the Eye of Odin to Fox as a wedding present. She then turned into a werewolf, with the eye revealing the true nature of anyone who wears it.

She was eventually rescued by the Manhattan Clan within Gargoyles, but went on to live as a wife, but also mother to her eventual son. One who chooses to cosplay as her wouldn't have too much difficulty (although she would be quite obscure as a reference). A fake gun, a red shirt, and black pants and boots would be easy to come by. Obviously long red hair would be better for the role, but painting (or tattooing for the dedicated cosplayer) the head of a fox on the face of the person would be the best representation of the role itself.

Cosplay by TempestFae.

14 The Majestic Demon Lord

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The main villain of Samurai Jack is the demon lord, Aku. Aku was born from pure darkness, eventually living for millions of years, ruling the Earth for the same amount of time. He had minions who would fight for him and who he would send after the main protagonist, Jack. Not only does he evolve against his enemies, but he is a shapeshifter as well. Aku is seen as over the top at some points, because of his looks and the way his voice actor portrayed him.

A cosplay such as Aku would take time, talent, and dedication. He is super tall, making him difficult to replicate already. So one would need stilts, or to simply be very tall already. Then they would need a long, black, straight coat or dress of some sort to hold down whatever hides beneath the costume. The hair/helmet would be difficult too, stretching a black substance over sharpened edges like that without breaking and allowing for a protuberance like that.

Finally, the face would have to be completely covered to get what needs to be done with the cosplay. It would almost be a picture entirely, with lengthy arms, green, white, and black features, along with an orange beard.

Photo by David Ngo.

13 Grappling, Throwing, And Linking

via Maple-Loree.deviantart.com

The Legend of Zelda...yeah, you heard me! The Legend of Zelda! I can already hear your voice, "But...but... Dan! The Legend of Zelda is a video game series! It's not a cartoon!" Well, my dear friend, you may or may not have been alive in the early 90s, when Nintendo basically sold half their TV show rights to American production companies and made (absolutely atrocious) TV shows surrounding The Legend of Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong. Plus, Wind Waker was basically a cartoon. So our hero, Link, is a classic cartoon character, and can be replicated in the same vein as other people on this list. In that, he's a rare sight on the cartoon level.

Link isn't complicated to cosplay, but the competition would be stiff!

You'll need white tights or pantyhose with a tint of blue in them. To add to the matter, it may need to extend well beyond your legs, onto your torso and arms. We're looking at a leotard potentially. Anyways, getting a tunic should be simple. Green with a wizard's hat and brown gloves will work. Blond hair, elf ears, Hylian sword (online, of course), with some straps and handbags would make the look come to life!

Cosplay by Maple-Loree.

12 Totally Sam!

via polligulina.deviantart.com

If you ever watched Totally Spies, you would understand the picture above. You may not have even needed a clue! Sam is one of three teenagers who has a normal life of shopping, gossiping, going to the mall, hanging out with friends, eating at the food court, playing sports, dating guys (or other girls), and also being a secret agent on the side. Or is the other stuff on the side and the secret agent thing the real deal? Anyways, Sam is highly intelligent an considered the leader of her spy group. While in normal life, she wears very preppy clothing.

What a sight that'd be!

But as a spy, Sam wears very different clothing. She wears a leather, or plastic/pvc single piece bodysuit. Her gadgets include make-up and a nose powder. The seams are dark green and her belt is silver with a blue heart. The arms, chest, and lower regions include darker green. She keeps her hair down and long while out on missions.

The cosplayer who takes on her image worked extremely hard to get the look down, but it seemingly paid off in the end! Now if only we can get the other two Totally Spies! in a single photo!

Cosplay by Polligulina.

11 Rise And Shine

via remmie19.deviantart.com

Bloom is a character in a television show known as Winx. They are fairies and magicians of sorts who defend the land from evil witches, dragons, and other such evil characters. Her main abilities include special healing powers, the innate powers of the dragons, special fairy magic, and being able to control flames, heat, and pyrokenesis. She is from the land of Domino and has a unicorn in her fairy land. The show itself is meant for young girls who wish to embody strong personalities and live a fashionable life. Throughout the series, Bloom has different types of civilian clothing which she wears.

Stylish and subtle, as goes the Winx cast!

However, her main get up in her ultimate fairy form is complex and difficult to master. The wings along would be difficult, needing multiple levels and layers, and then making sure they stay up with wires or other such materials. The red hair would be a must otherwise how would anyone know what the character is? And of course, the dress would be tough as well. A shorter dress with sparkles and such with silver sandals would make for an onerous costume. However, it is possible and has been done!

Cosplay by Remmie19.

10 I Activate My Trap Card!

via pharaohmones.deviantart.com

Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the more recently aired shows on the list. The diverse cast of Japanese characters process the daily lives of what life is like inside a world where a children's card game dominates the planet. Joey, Kaiba, and other such characters all go to the same school. They've been through the battle city tournament, duelist kingdom, and grand championship. There are a few dark and questionable aspects of the show, and this shows in the cosplay of the main character of the show, Yugi Mutou.

Yugi has two aspects to him, a child-like character who is idealistic but immature and an older, darker, more mature aspect. Turns out the dark aspect is an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who gambled the souls of people to win cards games. Yugi also wears something called the Millennium Puzzle which summons this Pharaoh for duels he participates in.

Because of this duel aspect to the Yugi character, having him cosplayed would be difficult. When he becomes dark Yugi, his hair becomes larger and pointier. Dark Yugi is wearing what looks like Egyptian clothing, such as the ankh (Egyptian symbol of fertility) and the Millennium Eye (similar to the eye of Anubis). He also wears the Millennium Puzzle around his neck. The desert background really makes a home run!

Cosplay by Pharaohmones.

9 I Can't See Without My Glasses

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Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! is a mystery detective show about a dog and its friends. The dog's name is titular title of the show, Scooby-Doo. The other friends are named Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, and Velma. The show has been considered one of the top tier shows of the 20th century in terms of cartoons. Fred and Daphne always seem to be obsessed with each other, while Shaggy and Scooby seem to be raiding every fridge in sight, leaving Velma alone to hunt for clues. The adventures usually involve haunted or abandoned areas such as old theme parks, mansions, cruise ships, caves, and other such locations.

Everyone on this show (especially the leaders of the group, Fred and Daphne) are commonplace amongst cosplayers, but Velma? Nerdy and run-of-the-mill, Velma sports thick rimmed glasses, an orange turtleneck, red skirt, orange knee-socks, and red Mary Janes. Although some may believe these are easy to find, the orange items may be more difficult than expected. Wearing glasses are needed for the costume, but especially if they are already prescribed by a doctor. As the brains of the bunch, a Velma cosplay is a cut above the rest with added accessories such as a magnifying glass or even a book.

Cosplay by Lora Griffith.

8 Nailing The Look

via twinfools.deviantart.com

The show ReBoot takes place within a computer in the early 1990s. A mainframe exists where a group of computer programs and virus defenders use their powers to attack viruses, trojans, and malware of sorts. One of the main heroes is Enzo. In the first few seasons he is a kid who is the younger brother of Dot (who is an ally and lover of the main virus destroyer). Eventually, he grows up to be a true virus hunter and destroyer. But his powers are limited, and he eventually teams up with other characters to help. The show has games that the user plays, and they usually fight within the confines of the games as well.

Enzo eventually becomes gruff. And what I consider the greatest cosplay on this list, this cosplayer pulls it off perfectly. The green skin and the eyes are what grab me immediately. To be able to look like a computer generated program in the real world is hard to pull off. Further, his drawn on beard and spiky hair make for a truly well rounded Enzo. Younger Enzo was a bit weird and awkward, and the older version has those parts as well. This cosplayer is able to pull it off ever so slightly similarly. With the gauntlets and the official Reboot signature logo, the cosplay is complete.

Cosplay by TwinFools.

7 Bossy But Likeable

via kalepa.deviantart.com

Helga is the primary villain of the Nickelodeon series, Hey Arnold! Helga falls into the classic trope of hating on the person she likes the most out of the series, Arnold. Despite her saying, "Move over, football head," Helga has an elaborate shrine dedicated to our fantastic hero. Beyond this, she enjoys playing sports, is quite rude, and has a distinct dislike of stereotypically feminine things. This display of contradictory behavior helps bring out the conflict for the viewers. The scene itself is set in a fake city which replicates aspects of Brooklyn and the cities in the Pacific Northwest.

Remember obsessing over that special someone as a kid?

Anyone who wishes to replicate the style and look of Helga through a cosplay would have to have four main aspects of her down: her clothing, her hair, her unibrow, and her attitude. The hair is super blond with a pink bow. The clothing involves a white shirt and a pink dress with a hot pink stripe near the bottom. The piece de resistance is the demeanor, which is tall and cynical, and also aggressive and regal. The cherry on top is the unibrow which itself should give the costume away immediately.

Cosplay by Kalepa.

6 This Season On RuPaul's Drag Race...

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HIM is one of the greatest villains The Powerpuff Girls have ever fought. His use of subconscious and psychological warfare against the citizens of Townsville and against The Powerpuff Girls is renowned and through this he develops an identity of being more than just a devil lookalike. His powers manifest in ways such as super speed, super strength, and transfiguration into different forms and objects.

He's known for his signature look: thigh high, black boots; ruffled dress, neck tie; crab hands; and make up with slicked back black hair. To nail the look, one needs every aspect of this devilish charm. The slicked back black hair and painted eyes and mustache would be the easiest parts. Devil contacts may be easy to order, but not to put in. The dress would have to be handmade considering that type of stuff simply just doesn't exist in full form without the context of the character.

Red skin and crab hands are next, which makes the costume supremely difficult to pull off. However, the black, thigh high boots could be easily achieved through a plethora of online stores. Overall a difficult cosplay, but when pulled off leaves a shocking look on the faces of those around you!

Cosplay by Vampire Kitteh.

5 Becoming Her Own Goddess

via koristarfire.deviantart.com

Meg, or Megara, is a character from the Disney film Hercules. She is loosely based off of a few characters from Greek mythology. Deianira was a Greek figure who was known as the destroyer of men, and the one time wife of Hercules. Alcestis was another figure who was rescued from Hades (by god of the underworld) by Hercules. Megara is a mythical figure whom was also married to Hercules. All of these figures play into the Disney film and are a part of Meg's story. She was stuck in the underworld with Hades an eventually was rescued from the underworld by Hercules.

The costume of Meg involved auburn/brown hair and light make up with nude tones. The hair should be put up into a circle of sorts. The light purple dress combined with the dark purple stripes is necessary to complete the cosplay, with brown sandals being used to complete the Greek aspect of the costume. Gold amulets are used to pull together the clasps of the dress on the bottom where a slit should be and on the top where the neckline meets another strap of clothing. It's all a very effective get up, with the fountains adding a bit of spice to the scenery!

Cosplay by KoriStarFire.

4 Move Over, Angelica

via instagram.com/cherishbycherie

Susie Carmichael is the friendly rival and sometimes best friend of Angelica, the main antagonist of Rugrats. Rugrats is a TV show that revolves around babies who can talk to each other. They go on adventures and fight off Angelica together. They allied with Susie and they fight off Angelica together. Susie does seem to make Angelica's world a living heck by accident as well. Susie always seems to get the upper hand over Angelica, making her angry over the course of many seasons of the show.

Any cosplay that would involve Susie Carmichael would be extremely difficult to pull off. They would need to braid their hair into three braids, and then tie them off with three flowery bows. The dress would need to be short and yellow with many spotted purple flowers. Purple pants or leggings would tie it all down, ending it with salmon colored shoes. Lastly, it's clear cut that Susie Carmichael is black. Anyone who is not black and decided to be Susie would most likely have to become bad in some form or way. Blackface should never be tolerated when it comes to cosplay for any character. This cosplayer effectively displays Susie Carmichael is a superior way!

Cosplay by Cherish by Cherie.

3 Let's Dance!

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Dee Dee is the sister of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. She is one of the main characters and is a reluctant protagonist of the series. While Dexter is smart, non-physical, and short, Dee Dee is tall, very physical, but not smart at all. She whimsically destroys her brother's science experiments and laboratory equipment without much thought, sometimes enabling the villain to hurt them in some form or fashion. In subjects other than science, such as nature and self discovery, Dee Dee is fairly intelligent.

Dee Dee wears a tutu since she is extremely well versed is ballet. She also wears pointe shoes to accentuate her skills. Other than her white tights, everything else is pink, including the pink bows in her blond hair. She has a wide smile with graceful, but closed eyes. Her hands and feet are huge as well with her legs being super skinny.

To replicate her exactly would be near impossible. Her physical attributes are impossible to exactly copy. However, her clothing isn't. In fact, the clothing is quite simple. The tights would be easy to find, as would a pink dress. The pointe shoes of a classy ballerina would be incredibly easy to google. However, they are extremely expensive and may hurt your feet. One wonders if it would be worth it at all...

Cosplay by StarlightHoney.

2 Counter-Culture

via throwadice.deviantart.com

The goths in South Park are from a time in the series where the events of Columbine recently happened and goth like people were targeted for their looks and what they did. In the South Park series, they mostly stick to themselves and don't wander much from their own narrative of drudgery and daily boredom with humanity. Butters occasionally wishes to join the cast of goths, eventually finding it unappealing. They truly represent the counterculture of the usually redneck and conservative South Park existence.

Looking like them isn't difficult. Most of the stuff they wear can be found at Hot Topic, Spencer's, or any online goth, punk, or industrial store. The hair might be a tad outlandish nowadays, but unless you live in the 80s, their look is outlandish for the most part in every part of society. The pompadour hair and the black/maroon styled punk hair would be hard to find, as well as a long, large, dark cross on a necklace that doesn't have some design on it.

These cosplayers pull it off though. They found four friends, probably helped each other, and now look like a complete gang of four that South Park offered us as show watchers all those years ago. Just don't expect them to fight of an emo-werewolf invasion!

Cosplay by Throwadice.

1 Yabba Dabba Doo!

via zyunkamukhina.deviantart.com

Betty Rubble is a character from the 60s television series, The Flintstones, a show about a prehistoric town shaped to look like the USA in the 1950s. The show reflects a time when the USA was at a height of consumerism, prosperity, and wealth (for a specific group in the population) like no other. Betty is the housewife of a businessman. She mingles with the wife of the main family shown and replicates the typical 50s television trope of the secondary female friend who emulates sidekick pleasantries.

Anyone who would desire to cosplay Betty would have to see themselves through three major parts: the costume, the lack of a costume, and the 1950s mannerisms. The 1950s were a very different time for women in America. Within that, anyone who did this cosplay may have to take physical stances that are normally either difficult or skinfully portrayed. The costume itself is basic; 50s hair, a blue dress, with a shell clasp attaching a neck band for the collar of the dress. However, the lack of a jacket, dress length, and the barefeet would make this costume hard to come by and complex to do. We rarely see the sidekick either in these cosplays, making this one truly unique!

Cosplay by Zyunkamukhina.

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