25 Classic Cartoon Characters Reimagined As College Students

Classic cartoons only captured a small fragment of character's lives. We knew The Jetsons featured married couples, but we know little of their lives as young adults. The creators of these shows didn't have time to give us every detail of these characters' lives. They may have also wanted us to imagine what could have been. Some fans were able to make this possible by recreating cartoons into live-action movies, like The Flintstones. Not everyone is so fortunate to have a studio backing up their fanfiction.

Fans have long created their reimaginings of what our favorite older characters were like as younger adults. They had lives before they were married and had children. College is an exciting time for so many teenagers just reaching grown-up status. That's why college is often a popular storyline for fan artists to base their creations. They're able to fill in the background stories of their favorite characters. Their spouses on the show may not be the same person as their first love. Before settling down, our favorite characters may have even had higher aspirations they couldn't achieve as children.

Our list compiles some fantastic fan illustrations of classic cartoon characters as college students. Even though these characters were slightly younger or older when they appeared on television screens doesn't mean they didn't live out exciting adventures in college.

25 What Happened Before He Visited The Net?

via: bverdy.tumblr.com

ReBoot's Guardian Bob wanted to help protect the citizens of Mainframe from viruses and the user. He didn't expect to fall in love with Dot Matrix or befriend her younger brother, Enzo. Bob is forced to face off against the treacherous virus Megabyte on several occasions.

If not for Bob's extensive training from the best university in the Net, he would not have been prepared to protect Mainframe.

Barnaby Verdy shows Bob in his college days. He has not yet earned the Guardian uniform, so he's wearing stylish attire that includes a black button down shirt, slacks, and loafers. He appears to be taking a break from his studies but is ready to head to his next class at a moment's notice. We know his studies must have paid off.

24 The Gang Is All Grown Up

via: nikemv.deviantart.com

The Peanuts gang have been friends since they were young children. The series primarily focuses on the pessimist Charlie Brown, but his friends made his life more colorful.

In this fanart by NikeMV, the gang has reunited once again. Unfortunately, it appears that Snoopy nor Woodstock was available for the special reunion. Sally is standing beside Charlie with a smile on her face. Charlie is still playing baseball, even as a college student. Linus most likely had his university fees paid off with music scholarships. On the far left, Lucy wears a scowl because she couldn't stand beside her childhood crush. Pigpen still lives up to his name and is covered in mud. Things haven't changed very much for this cast of characters.

23 Brothers Always Stick Together

via: nintendrawer.deviantart.com

The Super Mario Brothers starred in cartoon series during the late 1980s into the early 1990s. Their adventures took them into the Mushroom Kingdom to battle King Koopa. The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 took the brothers into the works of the game of the same name.

We know these brothers are top-notch plumbers and adventurers as grown-ups, but what about when they were younger?

Nintendrawer has reimagined the brothers as younger students. Mario still wears red while Luigi's outfit contains a bright green shirt and sneakers. Luigi doesn't appear as confident as Mario about entering college. Thankfully, Mario will be there with him every step of the way to ensure they make it through plumbing trade school, then to the Mushroom Kingdom.

22 Still Retains Her Unforgettable 90s Style

via: beanclam.deviantart.com

The X-Men series has spanned from comics, cartoons, live-action movies, and video games. Fox Kids took Saturday mornings by storm when they debuted X-Men: The Animated Series. The stories were toned down for younger audiences but were still entertaining for teenagers and grown-ups. One teen introduced on the show was Jubilee, a young mutant with an unforgettable 90s style.

Jubilee remained with the X-Men team into adulthood. She grew up in the X-Mansion, but she may have the opportunity to attend college. This fanart by Irene Flores shows Jubilee as a slightly older college student. She has a pink flip phone in her pocket and is ready to jump on any party. She still appears to be more interested in having fun than attending class.

21 The Lab Remains Their Favorite Place

via: mauleskim.deviantart.com

Dexter was wise beyond his years. He spoke with a distinctive accent and was a brilliant scientist. Dexter was still a child. He had to deal with bedtimes and an annoying older sibling, like many children. We knew that when Dexter grew older, he would keep making scientific breakthroughs.

Mauleskim shows that some bonds between siblings never change, even as grown-ups.

Dee Dee still loves her little brother more than ever. Her outfit is similar to the pink tutu she wore as a teen. Dee Dee may have attended college to perfect her ballet skills. Dexter is much taller as he grows up. He wields a wrench in his hand, and he's ready to take on any new experiment. When the pair reunites for holidays, we're sure the first place they visit is Dexter's laboratory.

20 A Distraction From Medical School

via: Rurutia8.deviantart.com

Amy was the most intelligent member of the Sailor Soldier team in Sailor Moon. She used her abilities to help the team find enemies or possible victims. When she wasn't fulfilling her destiny, she loved studying. Amy wanted to be a doctor, just like her mother. Amy knew that she would need to work hard to get into medical school.

Once Amy was in Med school, she would be faced with many temptations that would distract her from her goals. Rurutia8 shows Amy and Taiki Kou of the Three Lights idol group studying together. Amy finds it hard to concentrate. She's more interested in him at the moment. Getting distracted from her schoolwork is something her best friend Serena would allow to happen, not Amy. Luckily, Amy values her studies more than her attractive study partner.

19 Forever The Stylish Trendsetter

via: sho-n-d.tumblr.com

Judy Jetson is the oldest child of the Jetsons family. When we see her on screen, she acts like most teenagers. She argues back, loves to sleep in, and loves the latest music. Judy enjoys school for its stellar social scene, but likely realizes she will have to focus on her studies once she enters college.

Sho-n-d on Tumblr shows that Judy has still retained her same teenage personality traits as a young adult.

She wears the same fashionable clothing, and her makeup is perfectly stylish. Her remote phone is at her side for all of the latest gossip. She even has a flying car to take her from college to the newest hang out spot.Hopefully, Judy will find herself more interested in her studies before she gets an angry call from her parents.

18 Z-Classmates Before They Were Z-Fighters

via: lauradoodles.deviantart.com

Chi-Chi forced her sons to study because their father didn't have the opportunity at their age. Luckily, as the Princess of Fire Mountain, she could afford the best tutors for them. The only person to love studying ended up being her oldest son, Gohan. Many fans wonder what their lives could have been like if the Z-Fighters did have the opportunity to attend school.

Lauradoodles believes that the gang would have been close. Bulma and Vegeta would have been a couple, with a jealous Yamcha making sure she stayed safe. Chi-Chi would have made sure she was enrolled in the same school as Goku. Krillin would have tagged along to remain close to his childhood best friend. We're sure that most of them would have skipped class to train in the university's gym instead.

17 Opposite Personalities But Best Friends

via: widzfar.deviantart.com

The children of The Kids Next Door were always off on fantastic adventures. Most of their free time was helping save the world. Numbuh 3 and 5 were close friends during the series and the only females on their team. They had opposite personalities but didn't let that hold them back. During their childhood, these kids didn't seem very interested in school.

Widzfar shows that Numbuh 3 and 5 would later grow up and remain to be close friends.

Life is slightly calmer thanks to their efforts as children. They are now more interested in taking selfies on their cell phones and enjoying life. Numbuh 3 and 5 are now young adults, ready to take on college by storm. Though life seems peaceful in this illustration, we're sure they're still prepared to save Earth when duty calls.

16 8 AM Classes Were A Mistake

via: collegehumor.com

The Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora, led a peaceful life. Unfortunately, her destiny was already decided thanks to the evil Maleficent. The fairy places a spell on the young princess to fall asleep until her true love kisses her. After Aurora awakens, she may decide that life is too short. She wants to attend college and start a new life, away from a kingdom that caused her to be cursed in the first place.

Paul Westover of CollegeHumor proves that college is more difficult than one may believe. Aurora is a brilliant woman but is unable to wake up in time for class. Her alarm clock reads 3 PM. Though night classes are an option, we don't think that Aurora is motivated enough to wake up.

15 Some Rivalries Don’t End In High School

via: femmes-fatales.deviantart.com

Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge are known for chasing Archie for decades. They're best friends but have become the worst enemies when their crush is around. Veronica is the only child of Riverdale's richest man. She's been given anything a girl could want, but she wants Archie's heart. She's not the only one. Betty, a smart athlete, is willing to do anything it takes to be with him.

Unfortunately, it seems Betty and Veronica's rivalry will continue in college.

Femmes-fatales shows the pair in stylish dresses, ready for the next dance. They were not successful in making Archie choose between them in high school and hope he can choose in college instead. Betty and Veronica would have remained best friends if not for their crush on Archie.

14 Sugar, Spice, And Everything Nice

via: lilithkiss00.deviantart.com

The Powerpuff Girls began their crime fighting days in Kindergarten. They may have appeared to be more mature, but at the end of the day, they were only six-years-old. Sadly, the world still needed crime fighters as they became teenagers. These protectors of justice had to juggle high school and defeat Mojo Jojo. College would be more of the same. They'd have to defeat Him in-between classes.

Lilithkiss00 has drawn the Powerpuff Girls as college students, waitresses, and crime fighters. Buttercup is still a fierce firecracker with a green streak in her hair. Blossom is calm, cool, and collected. She's still the leader the team has known since childhood. Blossom has a smile on her face and shows off her youth with her hair in twin tails. Crime may never rest, but these girls will always be ready to protect Townsville.

13 Both Sisters And Best Friends

via: missfuturama.deviantart.com

During the majority of The Simpsons series, we only see Maggie as a baby. Her voice is hidden so we don't know what she may sound like as a grown-up. Lisa has had a glimpse into her future in the special episode "Lisa's Wedding." She imagines growing up and getting married someday after completing college.

Missfuturama has drawn the sisters as best friends, even as young adults.

Maggie has grown her hair out into long curls. Lisa continues to wear the same matching pearl earrings and necklace as a child. This image focuses on the sisters, away from their mischievous older brother Bart and parents, Homer and Marge. Maggie knows that she can rely on her big sister, even when she's in college.

12 First And Last Loves

via: Antoanela91.deviantart.com

Pebbles is the only daughter of Fred and Wilma Flinstone. Their best friends and neighbors Barney and Betty Rubble found young Bamm-Bamm on their doorstep. Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm remained close friends during childhood but grew up to become a couple. Special movies show that the couple eventually gets married and has children together. Fans have speculated what they may have been like in college.

Antoanela91 shows that they are still inseparable, even as young adults. Pebbles fondly looks up at Bamm-Bamm to show that he's the only one for her. There's no one else that the super-strength wielding young man has feelings for as well. There was no way they would separate, even for a few short years to gain their college diplomas.

11 There’s A World Beyond Berry Bitty City

via: axemeagain.deviantart.com

Strawberry Shortcake has branched into a long-running series with a 3D animated cartoon. The shows all share the same common trait: they follow Strawberry Shortcake and her adventures in Berry Bitty City. Her friends are all themed after different fruits. They all appear to be young children but are mature enough to run shops and own houses.

The Strawberry Shortcake characters may not have been content with their tiny village as they grew older.

They want to see what is outside of Berry Bitty City. Axemeagain has reimagined Ginger Snap, Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Blossom, and Lemon Meringue, as stylish characters ready to take on the college experience. After their college days are over, they may discover that Berry Bitty City isn't so bad, after all.

10 Smells Like Team Spirit

via: pixelkitties.deviantart.com

Tiny Toon Adventures' Fifi La Fume is a younger, female version of her mentor, Pepé Le Pew. Her purple and white fur makes her stand out among her peers. Like Pepé Le Pew, she has a thick accent and is always seeking a relationship. She also suffers from a terrible odor from her tail. She's able to control it unless she's next to someone she finds appealing. Fifi was still quite popular in school. She was a cheerleader for the Acme Looniversity Football Team.

Pixelkitties has drawn the elementary school student as a young adult. Fifi has taken her pom-poms skills with her into college. Her studies keep her busy, but she is dedicated to cheering for her favorite team. Fifi won't let her skunky-smell keep her from cheering for her friends.

9 They’ve Still Got Work To Do

via: izzydoodledump.tumblr.com

Scooby-Doo and his human friends have worked as an investigation team for decades. The playful pooch and Shaggy often find themselves getting into trouble first, but manage to save the day every time. This team always figures out the clues to solve a wide variety of crimes that have baffled police and detectives. Don't let their young ages fool you: they can handle almost any case.

Isaiah Stephens has reimagined several of our favorite cartoon characters as college students, including the Scooby Doo Investigation team.

He's given them a slightly more modern twist. Daphne is still fashionable while Velma continues to wear her favorite orange sweater. The team may be slightly older and in college, but they keep solving crimes into adulthood.

8 The Ducktales Never End

via: pixitales.deviantart.com

DuckTales first debuted in the late 1980s. It featured Scrooge McDuck and his three young grandnephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, plus his assistant, Launchpad McQuack. The group often went out on adventures trying to acquire new fortune or protecting all of the gold in McDuck's massive vault. Disney decided to reboot the series in 2017 and introduced their new friend, Lena.

DuckTales only shows the ducklings as children. After helping their Uncle find new treasures for most of their childhood, we're hopeful he helped pay for their college tuitions. PixiTales has drawn one of these young ducks as a young adult. Lena isn't very interested in school but knows she could learn a wealth of information by attending. School may not be as exciting as advenuring but still could offer her unique experiences.

7 Not Yet All Grown Up

via: furaffinity.net (Aeolus06)

All Grown Up showed what the Rugrats babies would be like as pre-teens. They all remained best friends during the show. We can only assume they attended high school together. They no longer have to work to break out of a playpen, but they have found new adventures over the years.

Aeolus06 shows the original Rugrats group tackling another journey together: college.

These young adults have changed significantly since their Junior High days. Phil and Lil wear matching outfits and piercings. Tommy looks more like his father, Stu Pickles, every day. Chuckle has traded his thick purple glasses frames for plain black frames. Angelica still wants to be the most popular girl in school and forces Chuckie to take a selfie with her. College couldn't keep these childhood friends apart.

6 College Is A Wonderland

via: hyung86.deviantart.com, shanineko.deviantart.com

In Alice in Wonderland, Alice was a curious young woman who got herself into trouble. Her interest in a rabbit got her caught up in a strange wonderland. In this new world, Alice was willing to try out strange drinks and foods that transformed her body in different ways. When she wakes up, she's not sure if the wonderland was just a dream or a reality. Alice's curiosity of strange worlds would follow her into adulthood.

Hyung86 has reimagined Alice as a young adult in college. She has traded a bright blue dress for overalls. There is a paintbrush in her hand, along with colored pencils in her pockets. Alice may no longer reside in a fantasy world, but now she can use her creativity to create new worlds of her own.

5 One Bright Future

via: lavonne-lira.deviantart.com

Rainbow Brite is a magical girl who rode on a horse with rainbow-colored hair. She wants to make the world a brighter place, including filling dark, empty hearts with light and love. She may be young, but she's smart and is always willing to help her friends. Rainbow Brite was the heroine of the series but had a group of seven Color Kids who helped her save the day from the darkness.

Lavonne Lira has transformed this bright and cheery rainbow covered heroine into an older college student.

She doesn't want to wear her rainbow clothing to class, so she's opted for thick sneakers, baggy jeans, and colorful accessories. Her bright blonde hair is in a ponytail. Rainbow Brite still intends on helping the world be a brighter place but wants to earn her college degree first.

4 The Situation Never Changes

via: hotrod2001.deviantart.com

In High School, Kim Possible had to juggle cheerleading, studying, socializing, and being a spy. Thankfully, she wasn't alone. Her childhood friend and future boyfriend, Ron Stoppable, was always there to lend a helping hand. After years of careful spy work, Kim managed to defeat her foes and graduate high school.

Hotrod2001 reimagined Kim Possible as a slightly older college student. Thanks to Kim and Ron's efforts in high school, the world is now safe. She's ready to head to Physics class, but something has caught her attention. Kim may not be used to world peace yet and believes that any loud noise is a threat to Earth. She may never fully enjoy college if she's worried about villains from her past reappearing.

3 Journalism Classes Wouldn’t Prepare Her For This

via: soposoposopo.deviantart.com

April O'Neil has worked with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for years. She has worked as a news reporter and can find them almost any information they need. These mutants are usually stuck in the sewers and don't have the same opportunities she has had. The majority of April's appearances have been as a grown-up, except for the 2012 Nickelodeon show where she appeared as a teenager.

Soposoposopo shows us what April may have been like in between the Nickelodeon show and her first reporting job.

April is a college student who is working hard to gain her journalism-related degree. She doesn't have much time to hang out with her Ninja Turtle friends anymore. April shows off her appreciation of her friends by wearing clothing supporting the group, like the Michaelangelo shirt she's wearing in the illustration.

2 Jack And Johnny: The Ultimate Duo

via: ponkuno.tumblr.com

Samurai Jack and Johnny Bravo appeared on Cartoon Network in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Samurai Jack was a serious tale about a man trapped in time. Johnny Bravo was a much more light-hearted show. He wanted a girlfriend but was rejected in every episode. Both men are grown up, but we don't know much about their younger years.

Ponkuno's illustration reimagines the men as young college-age students. Jack wears traditional clothing that is both stylish and comfortable. Johnny tries to show off by wearing a black, leather jacket and his signature sunglasses. He's much more confident in his abilities, while Jack is more laid-back and restrained. They may seem like unlikely friends but bonded over college classes. We hope that Johnny's romantic needs don't distract Jack from his studies.

1 Hopefully, They Can Pass This Time

via: maariamph.tumblr.com

Team Rocket's Jessie and James may seem like bumbling trainers. They've failed to capture Pikachu on numerous occasions and often lose Pokémon competitions. In the episode "Ignorance is Blissey," we learn that Jessie failed out of Nursing School because she couldn't resist falling asleep to the move "Sing." James valued freedom over all else and wasn't often seen attending school.

With Jessie's influence, James may have been willing to attend college.

Maariamph has reimagined the teammates as modern college students. They remain close friends even if they're no longer members of Team Rocket. Meowth now appears to be just a regular cat who enjoys riding on Jessie's shoulder. After learning new skills, Jessie and James may have realized that a life of crime wasn't the best path.

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