21 Classic Disney Villains Reimagined As Parents

Disney Villains are just as important to the stories as the heroes. Without the interference from the villains, our heroes never would have gotten their happily ever after. A film with no conflict is a boring film. Disney Villains can also end up being as memorable as the heroes. Ursula from The Little Mermaid is a notable example; you can’t picture the characters from the film without her taking center stage. With their epic villain anthems and evil grins, the villains of Disney contribute just as much to the fun.

But what are they up to when they aren’t crushing dreams or thinking up evil plans? They must have a life outside their evilness, don’t they? What if their home lives aren’t that different from the lives of the heroes. Maybe they too have settled down with that someone special to raise a family with them. Or maybe, being strong and independent, are single parents, trying to cope with making the world a more horrible place and raising a kid on their own.

I’m sure it’s easy to judge these villains as parents. Surely, they would be terrible parents, what with them being evil and all. But that’s just one side of the story, from the hero's perspective. We’re all very different at home than we are at work; perhaps it’s the same for Disney Villains? Horrible villains can be loving parents. So here are several fan arts showing some of our favorite villains raising their own little bad guys. It’s terrifying and adorable!

21 Heir Of The Underworld

via nogicu.deviantart.com

Being the daughter of the ruler of the damned can’t be easy. For one thing, your dad is probably off a lot of the time trying to overthrow Uncle Zeus and take over Olympus.

Plus, he probably has to focus on bargaining with people like Meg to trick them into giving up their souls for their loved ones.

But that doesn’t mean that Hades doesn’t care about this little one. I’m sure that every now and then, maybe during the eighteen years he was waiting before he could try to take over Olympus by summoning the Titans, Hades gets a day out with his daughter.

Artwork by Nogicu.

20 King Of The Pride

via capricornfox.deviantart.com

Many fans of The Lion King have laughed at the implications that Disney avoided when making the films. There are certain aspects of the film that are more questionable than this; you are left wondering why, after the time skip, Scar doesn’t have any children of his own.

These children are certainly scars. His male cubs seem to have inherited his black mane, which is usually the sign of a dominant lion, and all of them seem to have his wicked stare. The Pride Lands will be protected by these vicious cubs!

Artwork by Capricornfox.

19 The Queen Mother

via deviantart.com/morloth88

What if the villainess who started it all really did start it all?

In this adorable fan art, we see the Evil Queen, I’m not sure if she was ever given a name, from Disney’s first full-length film Snow White, as the mother of all the villains that followed her. With the Disney shared universe theory, it’s certainly not the most ridiculous image or indeed the most impossible. It’s actually rather sweet.

Perhaps one day one of her babies will achieve their ultimate and evil goals.

Although, I’m not sure why Cinderella’s stepmom was born with grey hair.

Artwork by Morloth88.

18 Villains And Moms

So apparently this ship is a thing. I’m not judging; I just didn’t know. I’m not sure how all of this actually took place, though. I always assumed Shego was an alien, based on her green skin, although I’d happily be corrected by a bigger fan. Mind you, in the world of fan art, there is no point in questioning this kind of thing. Just enjoy the cute babies and the happy family. I’m glad Shego and Kim were able to put their differences aside to start a loving life together, with their two beautiful girls. Just hope they grow into those clothes sooner rather than later.

Artwork by Hazurasinner.

17 Another Path

via howlingmojo.deviantart.com

Frollo is probably one of the most terrifying villains in Disney history. There is no way The Hunchback of Notre Dame could be made today, due to the violence and the religious imagery. It’s even creepier that Disney came up with it, hardly basing it on Victor Hugo’s book.

Perhaps if Frollo hadn’t joined the church, this could have been his future. He wouldn’t have gotten corrupted, he just set down the path of loving father. You couldn’t imagine this living man singing Hellfire! Interesting to see that he’s still rocking that hat though. It’s a good look for him.

Artwork by Howling Mojo.

16 The Good Prince

via deviantart.com/psychomiez

Hans being the bad guy was quite a good plot twist on Disney’s part. We had no reason to think that he could have been the villain; even when he was on his own, his smile seemed sweet enough.

I’ve heard people say that Kristoff should have ended up with Elsa and Hans with Anna, but I prefer the way the film played out. This ship could be some alternative timeline where Elsa’s parents survived and arranged her marriage with Hans.

They’re happy together and peaceful, but there's less adventure and magic! It’s very heartwarming (no pun intended).

Artwork by Psychomiez.

15 The Best Evil Dad

via nogicu.deviantart.com

Time for another visit to the best dad of the underworld! Unlike the last time, we get to see an adorable bonding moment between this scary flame-headed God and his little girl.

No families get along all the time; it’s all about making the time to have those sweet moments. Perhaps her Dad just offered to take her out for ice cream. Or to take her to poke some tortured souls. You know, whatever she’s into! Hades was a very fun villain, so we can assume he would be a very fun dad. At least a witty one.

Artwork by Nogicu.

14 Baby Rats

via amaryllex.deviantart.com

The Great Mouse Detective doesn’t get a lot of attention these days. Still, it’s an amazing Disney film; it’s silly, cute, and funny! Everything a Disney classic should be. The villain Professor Ratigan was another chilling villain, but met quite a gruesome end.

Makes you hope that he didn’t really leave these two children behind.

These kids look very happy with their Dad. I don’t know if they know their Dad is a villain, but his daughter looks like she’s cooking up some evil schemes herself. Perhaps Basil should keep an eye out for her…

Artwork by Amaryllex.

13 The Canon Kids

via baikin-germ.deviantart.com

While there are plenty of gorgeous fan arts reimaging these villains with children we don’t see on screen and children they don’t canonically have, it’s good to remember that some Disney villains are already parents. Cinderella’s stepmother had two children of her own and these guys raised these heroes. Not exactly well, but they raised them!

I honestly think Quasimodo looks cutest here. Sure, Rapunzel has the long silky hair, but Quasi looks so happy and his eyes are so big! Perhaps he wouldn’t have seemed so scary to the people of Paris had he stayed this small.

Artwork by baikin-germ.

12 Little Lamb

via fanblubbering.tumblr.com

I’ll be honest, I didn’t see the plot twist in Zootopia coming. I figured out a lot of the plot twists, but not Bellwether being a “baddie!” I didn’t even notice Doug’s number on her desk until the second time I watched it (particularly appalling since it’s my name too).

I can’t help but find her child very cute.

In the real world, villains honestly believe that they’re doing the right thing, for themselves or the world. Perhaps Bellwether honestly thought she was making a better life for her child. She was wrong, but maybe she thought that.

Artwork by Fan Blubbering.

11 Another Fairy

via precia-t.deviantart.com

It’s a little disappointing that the film Maleficent tried to redeem the Sleeping Beauty villain. Films need villains! And it’s a lot less traumatizing to keep the villain as the evil, scorned witch then the Princess’ father.

Besides, even as she remains the villain, I see Maleficent as a better mother than those three other fairies.

They’d focus on their daughter’s beauty and singing, while Maleficent would teach her little one that she can be whatever she wants. Plus, she’d teach her daughter not to focus on love and romance, but on building herself and her wants. That’s a good mother.

Artwork by Precia-T.

10 Momma Hyena

via hellmothereva.deviantart.com

I always felt like the hyenas in The Lion King were the victims of the piece. True, they sided with villain Scar, but that’s just because they promised them food. The lions looked down upon them; they did what they had to. I doubt people would have seen them as villains if one of them had a baby.

I love this idea of Shenzi protecting her baby from any small threat, even if it was just a butterfly. It’ll be a hard life for the two of them, but Shenzi will be there for her baby every step of the way.

Artwork by Hellmother Eva.

9 Future Governor

via mistresscat.deviantart.com

While Governor Ratcliffe is the villain of the film Pocahontas, his real-life inspiration John Ratcliffe, got a little bit screwed by the film. He was no more a villain than anyone else on the voyage, including John Smith. True, the voyage itself was pretty evil, but Ratcliffe was captured by the Powhatan tribe when trying to trade with them to feed the starving people of Jamestown.

Mind you, in the film, we only see the corrupt Ratcliffe. Perhaps, back home in London, he has his own family that he wants to get back to and do best by. I know it sounds like I’m sympathizing with villains, but everyone has a soft side!

Artwork by Mistress Cat.

8 Wives And Son

via alexlayer.deviantart.com

Okay, so apparently this ship is a lot more popular than I thought. This image I think is really sweet. I don’t know how Kim and Shego get to where we left them to here, but I’m sure it was great. Here I’m imagining that the little kid tugging on the dresses is Kim’s child from a first marriage (I’m not saying it was with Ron, that’s for you to decide).

After it didn’t work up, she reunited with Shego, who will become this child’s loving stepmother.

This is far from the stereotypes that Disney has built over the years. A happy, sweet, and slightly villainous family.

Artwork by Alexlayer.

7 Family On The Other Side

via cancersyndromedits.deviantart.com

This isn’t even the strangest ship to come up on this list, so be sure to stick around! When Dr. Facilier told us all that he had friends on the other side, you didn’t realize how close those friends were! Perhaps that’s how these guys met. Facilier made some kind of deal with Hades. Maybe at first Hades wanted this to go the same way as Meg, but grew close with Facilier, leading to the two of them starting a family together. That kid is the heir to a lot of ghostly magic!

Artwork by CancerSyndromEdits.

6 Queen And King

via elisebrave.tumblr.com

I imagine this came about through the same scenario as the last Hans entry. I’d never judge another person for their ship, I just can’t see how this came about on its own. Elsa is too independent, and Hans… well, we know how Hans turned out.

But perhaps in this world, they’re both content. Elsa would still be scared of her powers and distant from her sister, but perhaps everyone would just be content. Perhaps Elsa’s child would inherit her ice powers and go through adventures of their own. This world could go many wonderful ways.

Artwork by Elisa Tulli.

5 Jafar Junior

via g-r-e-c-i-a-n.deviantart.com

I have no idea how this ship came about, especially if you agree with the “Aladdin is set in the distant future” theory, which honestly makes a lot of sense. Then again, Meg hangs around with gods, so maybe she became immortal. Then left her god for a villain? I suppose so?

All I can say is that I hope this kid takes after Meg!

A baby with that cute nose and red hair would look gorgeous (but a baby with Jafar’s chin and nose, not so much)! It’s also funny that Jafar has all these complex evil schemes but looks terrified in the presence of a heavily pregnant woman!

Artwork by G-r-e-c-i-a-n.

4 A Different Pride

via flameshadow117.deviantart.com

I mentioned earlier how strange it was that Scar doesn’t have any children while he’s king. In The Lion King II, his heirs are explicitly stated to not be his children (probably to avoid all the rumors that surfaced about Simba and Nala, anyway). But what if they are? It’s not like they have a father in the picture.

It’s very sweet with the cubs bouncing around trying to get his attention and Scar just sitting there brooding.

He may be a dad, but nothing interferes with his brooding time! I feel bad for Nuka though; more so than I did in the film!

Artwork by Flameshadow117.

3 Boogie Babies

via sony-shock.deviantart.com

You thought Jack defeated the Boogie Man at the end of the film, but you didn’t expect his little Oogies to come after him! I’ve always been glad that they didn’t make a sequel to this amazing film, but this is a short I’ve always wanted to see.

Maybe they are children that Oogie made from his extra bugs, to torment the world if anything ever happened to him. I’m sure they wouldn’t be quite as evil as their father, but they’re certainly annoying!

I assume that Shock, Lock, and Barrel let them out after Jack defeated their father. They were only trying to help… maybe.

Artwork by Sony-Shock.

2 Expecting A Villain

via wdisneyrp-percival.deviantart.com

Yeah, this is probably the most disturbing ship on this entire list. I bet you never thought you’d see a sickly-sweet look like that in Frollo’s eyes!

But do you know what I love about this? I love the idea that Percival McLeach, one of Disney’s most vicious and overly-masculine villains, is a trans man!

Just goes to show that you can’t make snap judgments.

I don’t think these guys would be great parents. Frollo proved that with Quasimodo, and McLeach proved that when he stole a kid. But I do like this pairing now. Maybe together, they can make everything work.

Artwork by ArtyEllenLOL.

1 Reunion Photo

via nightshade-phantom.deviantart.com

Why shouldn’t the villains get together for a meeting every now and then? Doesn’t Mickey Mouse hold little secret club nights for all the good guys? Perhaps the villains are sick of being roasted by the goody-goodies, so they decided to start their own club. They meet up every now and then, swap stories, and bore their kids.

I love that this could be a typical family portrait. The bored teenagers, the fussy little ones, and the grown-ups pretending to like each other. I guess that, behind the scenes, Disney villains are just like everyone else. They just dress better!

Artwork by Nightshade-Phantom.

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