The Classic Gamer Gift Guide

Pac-Man. Space Invaders. Mario Bros. Pong. Frogger. There are so many classic video games out there, and in today’s day and age, new varieties, updated versions and twists of these games can be enjoyed.

When people aren’t playing games, though, they can still show off their passion for this form of entertainment through gifts like the following. There are fashion accessories, decorative home items, toys and more dedicated to the world of retro gaming. And each and every gift idea on this list should be kept in mind, if or when we find ourselves shopping for the gamers in our lives!

10 Gift Republic The Bucket List Poster (100 Video Games)


Many people have some form of a bucket list: It could be goals in their heads that they want to reach. It may be a bulletin board that shows off destinations they want to visit. But what about a scratch-off poster full of 100 video games?

Yes, this poster lists out some classic and popular games, and as people play them, they scratch off the space - which reveals a cool tribute illustration! A true gamer will enjoy trying to get through all 100 of these and seeing if they have played more or less of them than their friends.

9 Classic Gameboy Bank - Money Box


All that extra change that people collect and find and end up with over time - which may or may not eventually go towards a new gaming system - can be kept in this awesome Nintendo Game Boy Tin Money Box.

So many grew up enjoying the original Game Boy, and collectors and gamers of all ages will surely enjoy this neat gift, which looks just like that iconic device. It even has a lenticular moving game image on the front of it, and it is an officially licensed Nintendo product, meaning it is of high quality and is durable.

8 Paladone Gameboy Heat Changing Coffee Mug


Along the same lines, there is this Game Boy-inspired heat-changing mug. Those who drink coffee or tea, who collect gaming memorabilia, who love Nintendo or who use mugs to even just drink water out of need this item!

When a hot drink is poured into it, the screen looks like it is loading up with a game. How cool is that?! There is also that recognizable, gray, retro and simple design seen on this high-quality ceramic and officially licensed mug, so remember it the next time a gamer’s birthday comes up in life.

7 Legends Flashback BOOM! HDMI Game Console


Video games have come such a long way, and now, classics can be enjoyed in one console like this. Yes, when this is plugged into a TV, 50 different games are ready to go. There are also wired joypad controllers, and there is an SD card slot, allowing players to download, save, load and rewind games.

And even though these games are a bit retro, the video output is displayed in the high-definition resolution that gamers have come to know and enjoy in today’s world. This would be such a smart gift for anyone to give to a gamer out there!

6 Original Video Games Patent Art Prints


A super cool way to tell the world how much gaming is enjoyed is through decor. That is why the next gift suggestion on this guide is art; these photographic prints - four of them, which are 8" x 10" - are printed on semi-matte Fuji Crystal Archive paper.

This means that they have a retro vibe to them, but they will last forever, proudly hanging in a game room, on a bedroom wall or in an arcade. These give a sort of behind-the-scenes look into the controllers, consoles and other objects that help make gameplay possible for generation after generation.

5 ARHOME Retro Vintage Video Game Labels and Gamer Pillow Case


Pillowcases can be switched out as rooms and locations change, and they can be taken off and thrown in the washing machine for cleaning.

That is part of what makes them such smart options - especially if they feature a design as wonderful as this one. There are words such as “game over" on a long controller and graphics such as the pad that helps characters go up, down, left and right in video games. There is also a vivid blue and lime green color palette. And all of these elements combine to make another gift idea for gamers.

4 Retro Video Gamer T-Shirt


Ah, that controller... Everyone needs a gaming tee, and this is the perfect one. It can be worn to bed, while hanging out, to the gym or, most importantly, while playing video games.

It is a lightweight tee that offers up a classic fit, and it is durable, as well, with its double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. There are also a variety of color options from which to choose, such as black, slate, royal blue and heather grey, making this a good choice for many people, no matter their age, gender or favorite game.

3 PlayStation: PS1 Controller Baseball Cap


This official Playstation Controller Snapback cap is another accessory that shows a sort of respect for the way things used to be. Caps are a good idea when shopping for many, and this one, with its snapback and raised embossed design, could not be cooler.

So whether a younger sibling won a sports tournament, a friend is having a birthday, a significant other has reached a milestone, a holiday party is coming up or we feel like we deserve a just because present… Keep this in mind, since it would look great on any gamer!

2 KDAGR Canvas Tote Bag


This suggestion is a canvas tote bag, which can carry books to school, files to work, a water bottle to the gym, groceries home from the store or - of course - games to and from play dates, on the road to tournaments or even back and forth between a bedroom and a living room (whatever and wherever certainly works when it comes to video game-playing!)

This is no ordinary bag, though; it has a ‘90s-style design on it, which boasts controllers, joysticks, consoles and messages like "play", "game over" and "you win". Really… Just think of all the games that could fit into this.

1 Pac-Man Retro Micro Player by DreamGear


What could be the best gift option on this list has been saved for the final sport. Pac-Man is one of the most well-known and classic games and characters out there, and many people still enjoy it all, all these years later.

This micro player has artwork inspired by the original arcade game, a full-color screen, a removable joystick, volume control and a headphone jack, and it can be powered with a micro-USB cable or four AA batteries. This means that even more people can enjoy this icon in even more places and in a super original way, which is so awesome!

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