23 Classic Kids Characters Reimagined As Girls By The Community

The fan community has reimagined these classic cartoon characters in incredible ways.

What would Link really look like as a girl? Spoiler: she’s really not that different. Everyone appreciates interesting fan art, and these artists can easily oblige. The art here shows so much depth and intrigue it's hard not to enjoy.

At one time or another, all of us have wondered what life might’ve been like had the coin landed the other way. It's an interesting conundrum that all of us have wondered about. Luckily, with animated characters, it's not hard to find versions of them from the other side. Now we are left wondering how different these fictional characters would act if they were on the other side.

These fan images have been lovingly created, and we can't wait to share them all with you. Some of these cover tv show cartoon heroes, and others come from video games or movies. Kids find heroes in all kinds of media, and —of course— they leave a lasting impression on us.

23 Now They’re The Ones Who Need Saving


Art by: JohannaTheMad

What would a proper gender bent article be without some Disney? In fact, these types of articles are typically entirely Disney-themed. Artist JohannaTheMad is responsible for giving us these wonderfully-drawn incarnations of Disney men turned into women. Female Herc is as strong as ever; Joan Smith looks like she’s going to move in on someone else’s territory; Princess Eric is now the equivalent to Princess Anna: she’ll marry any dude even if they haven’t spoken very long— or at all.

22 Dude Navi Is The Worst


Ah, adorbs. We couldn’t have a video game gender-bent characters article without including lots of The Legend of Zelda. Let’s take a break from all the out there pieces for a good ol’ wholesome Link.

Linkette? Linka? LinkedIn? ... Linkle!

Whatever her name is, she’s gorgeous. A lot like Link. I’m telling you, the androgynous characters really confused me growing up— and still continue to confuse me to this day. It probably won’t be too long before we get to see The Legend of Link.

21 John And Nicole


Art by: loped00

Nick and Judy from Zootopia have been fanarted to oblivion. It seems that people on the internet are changing the genders of furry characters. Who knew? I’m going to caution you to never, never, never go down the path that is googling Nick and Judy fan art. For all the good stuff, there are ten times more… twisted pieces. Luckily that’s not the case with artist loped00’s work. This drawing is out of this world good.

20 Say Her Name Three Times


Art by: amsbt

Can we finally confirm that everything in human creation has been gender bent now that we’ve reached Beetlejuice? I wish that were true, but inevitably something will come along to surprise me. Fortunately, artist Manda Schank’s work is impeccable. It cannot be pecc’d.

I’m sure a lot of people would be saying Beetlejuice’s name three times if she looked more like this and less like Michael Keaton.

But I do love me some Michael Keaton.

19 Hastrid Forever


Art by: juliajm15.tumblr

Artist juliajm15 has given us an amazing take on a female version of Hiccup from How I Met Your Dragon— I mean How to Train Your Mother— I mean How to Train Your Dragon. This image is so good, it's hard not to love it to bits. The professional level of this piece of art makes us wish Fem Hiccup was canon. It's yet another instance of fan artists release cinema-quality art.

18 Not The Dude You’re Looking For


Art by: hibren

This is not the only Kylo Ren fan art in this article, and for good reason. People love Kyla. The Force Awakens did a cool thing when they made their main character a girl, so naturally, fans wonder what it would be like if the main villain was a girl too. Odds are we’re going to get a major female villain in Star Wars soon enough. Maybe we’ll see one in Rian Johnson’s new Star Wars stories or the ones from the Game of Thrones scribes.

17 Girl Gohan Is Everything


Art by: rezuban

Girl Gohan is everything we never knew we wanted. She’s so adorable. I’m glad artist rezuban also decided to age Gohan to make this less weird, though that effect is somewhat undermined by keeping girl Gohan in her child clothes. Either way, like boy Gohan, she’s got issues. Her dad is always getting sent to heaven and she’s spent maybe 12 hours in total with him over the course of their whole relationship.

16 Princess Hans Of The Southern Isles


Art by: juliajm15.tumblr

Artist juliajm15 isn’t done making our lives worthwhile for a change through fantastic artwork. Here she’s given us a female version of Prince Hans of the Southern Isles from Frozen. Spoilers: viewers will recall how that no-good, back-handed Hans tried to get rid of Elsa so he could claim the throne. What if she was a girl? Would the story go any differently? Probably not, but it's a still neat fan art.

15 Meet Sara


Art by: doria-plume

Meet Sara, Kingdom Hearts fans. She’s a lot like Sora, except, well... a girl! Which I guess goes without saying at this point.

Interestingly, Haley Joel Osment didn’t need to be recast to voice Fem Sora.

In the background, we have Rikku— pretty much the same name as Riku. I’ll never understand why Square decided to release two games with the same character name so close together, but there you are.

14 The Legend Of Link


Art by: Genzoman

Finally, we answer the age-old question: what if Zelda was a girl? I kid, I kid. Fem-Link has long dominated fans’ minds since the games are named after a girl, after all. Many have speculated what The Legend of Link might be like. It would feature a dungeon-crawling Princess Zelda. If you’re interested in what playing as Zelda is like, check out this nifty modded version of Breath of the Wild. I know I want more.

13 Joan Snow


Art by: syoshiko

I try to come up with synonyms for “beautiful” whenever I can so as not to water down the word in these articles. Magnificent. Stellar. Stunning. Glorious. You get the idea. But what am I supposed to do when there’s so much beautiful art in one article? This picture is nothing short of beautiful. For the artists among you, the artist has included the steps they used to get from sketch form to the finished product on their page.

And yes, I know John Snow isn't a "kids" character — but I think it's fair to say that Game of Thrones is a show a lot of "Big Kids" enjoy!

12 A Solid Female Snake


Art by: kougansharde

This piece was done for Fan Art Friday, deviant art’s day for celebrating fan art in addition to their regular days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Can’t really say that a female name jumps out me for Solid Snake.

Still, any version of Solid Snake is going to be a serious force to reckon with — and this piece of art perfectly captures that.

11 Ashley Wants To Be The Very Best


Art by: inhyuklee85

What would Ash look like if he was good at catching Pokémon? Sorry, I mean what would Ash look like as a girl? There, that’s a much more believable proposition. For one thing, Ash’s name probably wouldn’t change. Maybe Ashe or Ashley. We’re going with Ashley. What would change? Nothing. Ashley would also give away all her Pokémon while trying to paradoxically become the world’s greatest Pokémon trainer and Gary would still beat her at every occasion.

10 Madame Howl’s Moving Castle


Art by: Sakimichan

Did you really think we could make a gender-bending article and not include the master of gender-bending, Sakimichan? That just would not be ok. Someone would bust down my door and put me in the big boy prison for a long time. Sakimichan has graced us with a female version of Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle. Like much gender-bending fan art, I didn’t know I wanted it until I saw it. Gimme the movie now. Gimme.

9 Jackie Frost


Art by: Sakimichan

Another glorious Sakimichan piece. If there’s one character who’s been fan art like crazy, it’s probably Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. I think people like drawing him way more than they like the movie. I can’t say for sure, but I think the trend started with Jack Frost/Elsa crossovers (y’know, because they can both ice). From there it only snowballed (LOL... Sorry) and now he’s getting fanarted all by himself.

8 Captain Fem Silver


Art by: mabymin

Treasure Planet is making a comeback purely through fan art. Side note: if you haven’t seen the glory that is Mejim yet, meaning Melody from The Little Mermaid sequel x Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet crossovers, you are missing out. Artist Mabymim has put her personal spin on the film’s antagonist, the cyborg Captain Silver, by making him a woman. Now she’s half woman, half machine, and fully awesome.

7 She’s Buzz Worthy


Art by: thefearmaste

What if Buzz Lightyear were a woman? The concept isn’t too hard to imagine; we just switch out the buddy comedy aspect for a romance. Voila, Toy Story is a love story. Plot twist: she’s still voiced by Tim Allen. It feels like Pixar gave us Bo just so we’d be sure Woody liked women. Still, all bets are off when Andy plays with his toys during his early teen years. That’s when all the gender-bending happens in canon.

6 They Would Have Avenged Five Movies Ago


Art by: kreugan

What if The Avengers were women? Ah, I mean what if the Avengers had more than one woman? It’s a sad fact that there aren’t a whole lot of women in Marvel’s biggest superhero films, but the characters are based on comics written decades ago. Unfortunately, the sixties and seventies weren’t the best time for representation, though things were changing. I’m so glad we can discuss these things and nobody will get mad in the comments.

5 Sailor Men

facebook.com/pages Drachea-Rannak

Art by: Drachea-Rannak

And now we reimagine some classic girls are dudes! This is delightful. Sailor Moon has become Sailor Man.

Sailor Moon reimagined as Sailor Men looks a lot like what real sailors get up to when they’re out at sea for too long.

I wonder what Tuxedo Mask would like as a woman. What would she even be named? Gown Mask? Tuxedo Masque? It’s kinda hard to rename when the character’s name are just two pieces of accouterment.

4 The Maria Sisters


Art by: rollingrabbit

Hey, it’s Maria and uh… Green Maria. Okay, so I needed to look at the author description to know what their names were. Here’s what artist RollingRabbit has to say: “I guess I'm going with Maria and Luisa for their names, since those were the ones that were suggested the most. I like ‘em! And this time, Maria has shorts for added mobility. But I figured Luisa would still wear a dress.” Luisa is a great name! But what’s that green guy’s regular name again…? Can’t remember, oh well!

3 Final Fantasy Femmes


Art by: belderiver

Give the magnificent seven the love it deserves. Gonna be honest with you, I’m not noticing a huge difference between male Yuffie and female Yuffie. That’s because Final Fantasy characters are so spicy whether or not you like girls or guys. It’s a rule.

I’m surprised Male Tifa doesn’t have bulging pectoral muscles.

Artist Belderiver has gone a terrific job capturing each characters’ personality while translating their gender. Cloud is basically Lightning now, which is what FF13 was going for anyway.

2 Waluisa


Art by: jollyrose

Not only do Waluigi and Wario get gender bent, they also get fused into the same person in this crossover extraordinaire. I think we can all agree this is only a step up for the both of them.

Waluigi and Wario get the Bowsette treatment.

Maybe Nintendo is going to embrace the whole Bowsette trend and start making gender bent character canon. They already do it with Toadette, so what would typically require much surgery and hormone therapy only requires a mushroom. Neat!

1 Kyla Ren


Art by: elrem

What would Kylo Ren look like as a girl? What would Kylo Ren as a girl look like if she was anime? Voila. Say what you will about The Force Awakens, Kylo’s lightsaber with its crossguard is iconic. Artist elrem vividly recalls the movie’s most memorable scene through her painstaking attention to detail. The colors and use of shadow all make this a fantastic piece sure to satisfy Kylo Ren gender bender fans everywhere.

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