25 Classic Video Game Characters We've Never Seen Cosplayed Before

These classic video game characters might not be cosplayed often, but these talented cosplayers have brought them to life.

When it comes to cosplay, I know some are hesitant to even approach it because they feel as if they don’t know the first thing about it. How do I cosplay? What should I wear? I can’t be this character because they don’t look like me, right? This is the part where I tell you that cosplay is a very freeing realm. There are no rules on how one cosplays or what one should wear. And most importantly, it doesn’t matter in the least if a character doesn’t look like you. Regardless of your race, gender, or size, you can cosplay as anybody.

Going off of that, it’s always amazing to see cosplayers at a convention, especially those cosplaying from beloved classic video games. Sure, everyone nowadays is cosplaying from Nier: Automata, Persona 5, or Kingdom Hearts. But where’s the love for nostalgia? Everyone’s too focused on new content to even think about visiting classic video games and cosplaying from them.

So today, we’re going to discuss classic video game characters that you might have never seen cosplayed before at a convention. And who knows? Maybe these ideas will instill some imagination into your brain and help you be a stand-out wonder on the convention floor. If you’re worried that some of these cosplays would be too complex for you to pursue, don’t worry. You’d be surprised at just how easy it is to cosplay as characters like Pac-Man, Mario, and Samus. So without further ado, here are some really cool video game cosplays.

25 Ms. Pac-Man

via: flickr.com

First up is Ms. Pac-Man. You might be thinking that it’s next to impossible to cosplay as a yellow orb with a mouth and eye. But it’s actually really easy. Some cosplayers decide to do more humanized takes, while others, like this cosplayer here, create more realistic looks. The cosplayer used cardboard to create a Ms. Pac-Man shape for them to walk around in. To complete the look, the cosplayer is wearing yellow tights and bright pink heels.

24 Diddy Kong

via natarai.deviantart.com

There’s a lot of love out there for Donkey Kong, but what about his silly sidekick Diddy Kong? Personally, I think Diddy Kong is a lot easier to cosplay as than Donkey Kong. I mean, at least Diddy Kong wears more clothing than he does. Here, this cosplayer is wearing a brown bodysuit to resemble Diddy’s fur. They also made a tail and attached it to their back to lessen the hassle of posing with it for pictures. And this cosplayer even made props for themselves as well.

23 Tetris

via: andy593.deviantart.com

“People cosplay from Tetris? I can cosplay from Tetris?” Absolutely you can. Some glue and carve cardboard into these fun little squares and paint them the color of their choice. Others use felt and other spring-like materials so that their cosplay fully encompasses the body. However, I must admit that I’m really curious as to how some of these cosplayers can see out of that Tetris block. And what does a Tetris block look like when it’s sitting? I guess we’ll never know.

22 Pong

via: instructables.com

I decided to Google Pong cosplay. That in itself was the best and worst decision in my journalistic career. A lot of pictures showed up for Solo Cup and brew pong party outfits. But this was the sole pure gem that stood out. This cosplayer created a board for themselves to wear in order to portray the video game Pong. This is such a simple but genius idea, and the pong paddles can even be moved around by the cosplayer.

21 Steampunk Mario And Peach

via ingur.com

Nintendo’s Mario franchise is very popular for a reason. Not only is it a great game for children to play, but it also holds a huge nostalgic factor for current gamers. Considering how long characters like Mario and Peach have been around, it can get a little repetitive with the number of cosplays one would see of the characters at a con. But even small twists like steampunk versions of the characters are always nice and awesome to see. This would definitely be an excellent cosplay idea for any couples out there.

20 Jinx And Mario

via: xncosplay.deviantart.com

Of course, with cosplay in general, it never hurts to have a lot of ambition. Crossovers are always very enjoyable to see at a con. Not only does it show a cosplayer’s appreciation for two series, but it also allows them to test their creative skills. Here, we have a cosplayer doing a mash-up of Jinx from League of Legends with a Mario theme. They drew mushrooms and power stars on themselves and even created props that have easily distinguishable features.

19 Daisy

via: pinterest.com

But of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong about going with a classic look while cosplaying from the Mario series. This adorable cosplayer is portraying Princess Daisy. The wig looks so natural, and her makeup is great but also simplistic enough that it doesn’t take away from the rest of the costume. This costume is also relatively easy to put together, whether you buy it or decide to make it with a sewing pattern from your local fabric store. Now’s an excellent time to cosplay Daisy because of her debut in Smash Bros.

18 Skull Kid

via imgur.com

With The Legend of Zelda series, there’s a wide variety of characters for people to cosplay as. Of course, there’s plenty of renditions to cosplay as for Link and Zelda, but what about side characters like Skull Kid? This cosplayer looks fantastic, and Majora’s Mask is extremely detailed and well painted. One question I do have is: How does this cosplayer see out of that mask? People really do astound me when it comes to mask making. And this cosplay would definitely terrify me if I ran into it in a dark area.

17 Link

via geektyrant.com

Link is obviously a classic video game character that’s loved for a lot of reasons. Since he never actually speaks, Link is a character that can be whatever players want him to be. Malindachan is portraying Link in this picture, and as always, her wigs are on point. Literally. If you’re interested in cosplaying Link, regardless of what outfit you choose, you’ll have an easy time putting together a cosplay for the Hero of Hyrule. That, and you don’t have to talk while being Link. Just make sure to practice your grunts.

16 Duck Hunt

via pinterest.com

I can still remember when I was little and my dad owned a copy of Duck Hunt. The game itself fascinated me so much. He’s pointing a gun at a television and actually shooting the ducks? How does this work? Anyway, here’s a cosplayer portraying a very accurate version of Duck Hunt in all his pixelated glory. The cosplayer is even holding stuffed ducks. Not only is this a neat cosplay, but it’s also a pretty easy one to put together.

15 Aerith

via imgur.com

Aerith is one of those video game characters that will always hold a very special place in my heart. Final Fantasy VII was one of the very first video games I ever played, so watching her perish really tore me apart. Aerith’s outfit is pretty easy to put together. The only aspect you might struggle with is those gravity-defying bangs. But for the rest of the outfit, all you need is a short jacket and long dress, all in a pink color.

14 "Female" Cloud

via imgur.com

Continuing off of Final Fantasy VII cosplay, there’s no way gamers can forget that one time where Cloud crossdressed and won over Don Corneo’s heart. However, it really looks like this Tifa cosplayer is trying so hard not to laugh and honestly, who can blame her? Getting someone who’s willing to cosplay as crossdressing Cloud is really hard to do, so I’m glad there are still people out there who are up for the job and want to be Cloud in a fancy dress and makeup.

13 Samus

via twitter.com

When it comes to cosplay, I really do try my best to compare people’s work to others. But honestly, this is one of the neatest and cleanest Samus armor builds I have ever seen. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that this was an actual video game rendering, but I know it’s not. Everything about this, from the helmet to the boots is so pristine and shiny. Kudos to this cosplayer for putting together a fantastic Samus cosplay.

12 Castlevania: Dracula

via miyukikurame.deviantart.com

I’ll be honest in that I know next to nothing about the Castlevania franchise. But what I do know is that the game franchise is worth looking into because of its intriguing story and unique characters. Here, we have Miyuki Kurame portraying Dracula, one of the main antagonists in the series. The outfit, from the shoulder pieces to the incredible belt piece, are intricately and beautifully detailed. The makeup here also really stands out, as it’s properly applied and not too flashy.

11 Trevor Belmont

via Twitter (Moderately Okay Cosplay)

Trevor Belmont is a main character in the third Castlevania game. But of course, a lot of unfamiliar fans might recognize him as the main character of Netflix’s animated Castlevania series. Moderately Okay Cosplay has, surprisingly, cosplayed as more than just Final Fantasy XV characters. He’s also cosplayed as Trevor as how he appears in the animated show. The look is clean, while also staying true to the character’s appearance. This cosplay even helped me realize just how easy it can be to put together a Trevor cosplay.

10 Dig Dug

via insanedavid.deviantart.com

Frankly, I thought that Googling Dig Dug cosplay would bring me no results, but I was pleasantly surprised to find someone who does cosplay as the titular character. Dig Dug is a popular game in most arcades. It’s stressful, but also fun to shoot aliens who are trying to end you and take over the universe. Insane David on DeviantArt even has one of the aliens as a prop here. Don’t hold that, man! It’s bad and could possibly end you.

9 Mega Man

via: twitter.com

There are many different ways to cosplay as any character in existence. Some choose to aim for looks that resemble the character down to every last detail. Others, like this cosplayer here, focus on more unique takes. One can definitely tell that this is a Mega Man cosplayer based on the helmet and gun. Everything else about the outfit is different, but it also stays true to the character. Whatever happened to cosplay being a free realm where it doesn't matter how you do it?

8 Mega Man 2

via jogecastellano.deviantart.com

Going off of that, there are way too many people focusing on the wrong aspects of cosplay. Some think it’s just about having a huge following; others think it’s about your appeal and the amount of money one makes on Patreon. This is all wrong. Look at this Mega Man cosplayer. He’s smiling because he’s having fun portraying a character he adores. Cosplay is about fun and connecting with others. Focus on anything else and your head isn’t in the right cosplay space.

7 Sonic

via The Outerhaven

Where would I be without mentioning a Sonic cosplayer at least once in this story? Sonic is a treasured classic that I absolutely can’t ignore. I’ve seen so many different takes on cosplay when it comes to portraying the adorable characters in Sonic. For example, this cosplayer here modified a bodysuit, adding details on it to make it look even more like Sonic. The little hedgehog nose and gold ring also help make the cosplay more distinguishable in a crowd.

6 Amy Rose

via pinterest.es

Amy Rose is also an extremely adorable character in the Sonic franchise, and it always warms my heart when people put together cosplays of her. The good majority of cosplayers put together a more humanistic look by focusing less on the animalistic traits of the character. This cosplayer put together a pink and white outfit very similar to Amy’s, but made a set of ears for the cosplay. Also, even simple poses like this can make a cosplay stand out even more.

5 Terra Branford

via DeviantArt (LadyDaniela89)

Nowadays, I can’t write a story about classic video games without mentioning Terra from Final Fantasy VI at least once. Terra is such a unique character because each and every cosplayer approaches her outfit in a unique way. First, some resort to her traditional green hair, while others cosplay her as a blonde. Terra’s outfit is also ridiculously detailed, so it’s always awesome to see the amount of work cosplayers are willing to put into an outfit like this one.

4 Vaporeon

via: twitter.com

Pokémon cosplay is always amazing to see because of the various approaches to it. Some cosplay the mythical creatures in actual fur suits, while others do swimsuit takes on the characters. What’s really fitting about this cosplay is that it’s a Vaporeon. So let me once again emphasize just how important location really can be when it comes to taking pictures while in cosplay. The headband is definitely my favorite part of this outfit because of the little details in it.

3 Jigglypuff

via: aminoapps.com

If you find yourself looking at a Pokémon and thinking that they’re next to impossible to cosplay as because of their animalistic traits, you’re wrong. Actually, cosplaying as a Pokémon is pretty easy to do depending on how you go about it. For example, here’s an adorable take on Jigglypuff. She has a microphone as a prop and even implemented a Jigglypuff into the overall design. This is an adorable cosplay that is also really comfortable to wear any day of a convention.

2 Zelda And Sheik

via omegalevel.com

Now, I know that Sheik isn’t in Twilight Princess, but let’s just talk about the ridiculous amounts of detail in both of these outfits. It’s awesome to see all the hard work each cosplayer put into their outfits. Not only is there armor work required for these outfits; embroidery work is also very essential for both of these cosplays. And of course, I’m always a sucker for poses of the same character back to back. Zelda and Sheik are both icons in their own right, which is awesome since they’re the same person.

1 Q-Bert

via pinterest.com

And last, but not least, I thought I would end with a very classic video game character cosplay. Some younger nerds might recognize Q-Bert as a character in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. But gamers who have been around since the beginning will recognize this orange, long-snouted character immediately. I love how the cosplayer decided to just make Q-Bert as a mask for themselves to wear. Their cardboard sign is also a nice add-on since it’s from Wreck-It Ralph.

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