25 Classic Video Game Characters Reimagined As New Moms

Our favorite video game characters have become parents, as reimagined by some talented fan artists.

Playing our favorite classic video games takes us back to a simpler time. Sure, life might have been just as bad when you first played these games, but that doesn’t mean that the playing of them wasn’t an amazing time. All characters on this list are familiar to us and remind us of some of the best games.

The weird part is realizing how long ago some of these came out. If you think for a moment how old you were when you played your favorite childhood video games and where you are now. I’m sure your life has changed dramatically. We have jobs and responsibilities now; maybe even a family of our own. Granted, these video game characters don’t progress with time, but what if they did?

There are few enough female video game characters as it is, especially with classic video games. So, it can feel a little patronizing to shove them all in the box of going on to have babies and raise their own families. Especially considering how many of these characters were independent and didn’t want to be controlled by anyone or anything. However, it could well be a future possibility for some of them, so it’s understandable that fans would try to recreate this.

What would their babies look like? Would they be good mothers? Would their children follow their example and go on to have adventures of their own? (Not that we need a sequel with any of these kids. That might be too much.)

25 Super Babies

via: elzathehedgehog.deviantart.com

When I was younger, I was convinced that Baby Mario was Mario and Peach’s son (and later that Baby Peach was their daughter). I don’t know why, I guess that made more sense to me than them being previous versions of the characters, especially since they appear in the same games sometimes. Although it was a little suspect that Mario happily threw his son into lava just to win a race.

Either way, it's kind of nice to see them with a different child, one that looks more like Peach. This is a regal family photo.

Art by ElzaTheHedgehog.

24 The Fourth Piece

via deviantart.com/beagletsuin

If one Link and Zelda pairing were to have kids, I’d want it to be Tetra and Link. They canonically end up together, don’t they? Even if their adventures in the world of Wind Waker are way superior to all their sequel adventures. They are the couple that literally sails off into the sunset together!

You also know that their kid would be one to grow up and live up to his destiny.

Sooner or later Ganon is going to come back and their kid is going to become the new Link. This little angel is going to kick Ganon’s behind!

Artwork by BeagleTsuin.

23 Momma Croft

via deviantart.com/sirwiggles

One of the most iconic and notable female protagonists in video games, there isn’t anyone alive who hasn’t picked up a controller who hasn’t played a Lara Croft game. While she may have started to appeal to a more male audience than a female one, she’s grown up with both boys and girls, leading to games being created with both audiences in mind.

If Lara were to become a mother, I’m certain it wouldn’t slow her missions down or her goals. Of course, it’s easier to stay this active when you’re a pregnant video game character than a real person, but it’s very admirable.

Artwork by SirWiggles.

22 Baby Daisy

via deviantart.com/corossmo

Although initially created as another damsel in distress and to be a driving buddy for Peach, Princess Daisy has really become her own character. She’s always been fun and sunny (although I’d question Nintendo’s use of the word “tomboy”). She’d certainly make a great mom!

I’d really hope her child would inherit her courage, her sports skills, and her looks.

Maybe Luigi’s loyalty, but mostly the kid should get Daisy’s genes. Not to mean any disrespect towards Luigi, but if his kids look like him then they’re going to look a lot like Uncle Mario’s kids!

Artwork by Corossmo.

21 Little Lockhart

via deviantart.com/evilapai

Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII will always be a memorable character. While she is dressed like any other female video game character from the nineties, at least she had strengths, weaknesses, and her own personality. It is true that female video game characters often appear to have this chipper, optimistic attitude. Not all the time, just a lot more than male characters, at least she had some wise words. I didn’t really ship her and Cloud Strife. But at least you know they’ll encourage their kid to be strong and stand up!

Artwork by Evilapai.

20 New Princess

via deviantart.com/luigisister

This one is a lot more sparkly and overly girlie than the last one. But I always liked that about Mario’s world. Sure, the women are damsels in distress and wear big frilly dresses, but at least everyone shares a love for sparkles and rainbows!

It makes sense that the child of Mario and Peach would be the sparkliest thing to ever grace the mushroom kingdom!

You’d probably go blind if you looked at them for too long! I’m not going to lie, as cute as this fan art is, it’s starting to hurt my eyes.

Artwork by Luigisister.

19 Rayne Jr

via deviantart.com/ergrassa

While Lara Croft was dressed in a similar manner, and of course pregnant women are free to dress however they please, you do have to question the amount of pregnant video game women drawn wearing so little. Okay yes, Rayne wears much less than this in the BloodRayne games, but that’s very much my point.

The way video games portray women and how little they wear in them, even if they can take multiple attacks, is more obvious in this fan art. Even if they can still take multiple hits! But even if things aren’t perfect now, at least things have changed somewhat since 2002.

Artwork by Ergrassa.

18 Baby Races

via deviantart.com/babyabbiestar

This is when you start to wonder if the Nintendo gang would really be the best parents. Obviously, their parents were willing to turn a blind eye to all the danger their babies put themselves in, but that doesn’t mean that these guys should follow suit.

If someone really thinks it’s safe to let their kids for one drive go-karts at a ridiculous speed and for two let them drive near lava pits and high up above a city, maybe they shouldn’t have babies! Perhaps Luigi’s nervousness will help him keep the babies out of danger.

Artwork by BabyAbbieStar.

17 The Croft Family

via deviantart.com/donovinci

I hate to sound traditional, especially after what I said about Rayne, but it’s cute to see Lara relaxing and spending time with her family instead of on a mission. I’m sure she’ll go on one later, but for now, she can enjoy a quiet moment.

Although she might have to babyproof her home slightly! I’m a little nervous about they even being in that giant, golden bed. With all the cursed and sharp artifacts, she has lying around the place, Lara could get herself into some serious trouble with social services!

Artwork by Donovinci.

16 Inside Mushroom Hospital

via deviantart.com/babyabbiestar

What I love about this one is that Peach seems to be in a normal hospital bed. I’m sure the Mushroom Kingdom has hospitals, after all, it has beaches, cities, and roads reminiscent of modern society. But I’m not imagining some kind of weird bug shaped ambulance taking you a hospital made of sugar, while a toad person in a white coat examines a chart. It’s very sweet to see this couple crying over their new babies. At least you know Bowser won’t make it past hospital security to ruin this moment!

Artwork by BabyAbbieStar.

15 Peaceful Ending

via deviantart.com/koala-bears

I can easily imagine this couple on Windfall Island. On the top of the mountain next to the rope bridge to the forest. Perhaps they carried their children up to the top to sit there and feel the wind as a family.

After all their adventures, there would be no better place for this couple to retire.

It’s where they first met, albeit under bizarre circumstances. Plus, since Link grew up there he knows how peaceful it can be. Hopefully, Link learned his Grandma’s soup recipe, to help his kids grow big and strong. Literally.

Artwork by Koala-bears.

14 New Resident

via deviantart.com/farah456

Since Resident Evil games keep on getting remade and made for new consoles, it’s possible that no one will ever forget these games. I’m not knocking that, they’re good games (some of them anyway), but it means that they’ll always have to live up to the growing standards of gaming.

From what I remember, I don’t think Jill Valentine would make a very good mother. Not as a criticism, not everyone needs to be, she just seems like she has more important things on her mind and other goals to deal with. But hey, she could surprise me.

Artwork by Farah456.

13 Another Princess

via deviantart.com/babyabbiestar

Another reason why maybe these guys shouldn’t be parents. Have you ever seen these guys hold anything with care?

Maybe they’ll be driving along in their new minivan, forget where they are, and lose the baby.

But then again, I’ve seen very clumsy people holding babies with nothing but care, so this is all in jest. Especially since they’re animated video game characters. I like the idea of Daisy really wanting a girl though, just not her immediately wrapping it in pink. Maybe something covered in Daisies would be better!

Artwork by BabyAbbieStar.

12 Mushroom Royals

via deviantart.com/nintendrawer

This family portrait might not resemble “new parents,” but those kids look pretty young and this one was just too cute to not include on the list.

I just love how these kids look like normal little kids.

They’ve got this really cutesy retro vibe to them, which fits in well with Mario’s world. But they’re also wearing sneakers! It’s bizarre to think of really casual human kids being babysat by mushrooms. But if your father is a plumber and your mother is a princess, you’ve got a colorful world of adventure ahead of you.

Artwork by Nintendrawer.

11 Pink And Blue

via: railover85.deviantart.com

I never really liked Amy, if I’m honest. She was just such a generic token female and she didn’t have anything else to offer besides being a love interest for Sonic. The pinkness and the girliness of her, combined with the fact that she was called “Amy” while everyone else was called “Sonic,” “Tales” and “Knuckles,” was just really irritating!

But her baby with Sonic is rather cute.

Not as cute as a real baby hedgehog, but still rather cute. One would think it would be purple though? At least you know they’ll have green eyes.

Artwork by Railover85.

10 Legendary Baby

via static.zerochan.net

Different from the last Princess Zelda, this one is more of an Ocarina of Time style than the last Wind Waker style ones. The reason why I selected this one is that it’s very beautiful and peaceful, but also because Link isn’t in it.

I don’t believe that Link and Zelda end up together apart from Wind Waker. Link is supposed to be descendent of the Courage Hero, and Zelda the other Princess Zeldas. So, if they’re constantly getting together than that’s just weird. Maybe I’ve misunderstood something, but I prefer the idea of this Zelda telling her children tales of the great hero who saved Hyrule!

9 Star Princess

via deviantart.com/rotommowtom

I’ve seen a lot of fan art along this line, and I’m starting to wonder if I’m missing some kind of in-joke. Is it the idea of Rosalina’s real children not being as elegant as her star children? Or is it just that Rosalina’s kid doesn’t want to be ethereal, sparkly and the center of attention?

Either way, it’s nice to see someone from a Mario game dealing with normal parenting issues. Sure, some days you need to jump through space and defeat Bowser. Other times you need to get your kids dressed.

Artwork by Rotommowtom.

8 Future Princess

via: sigurdhosenfeld.deviantart.com

This is certainly a fan theory I haven’t seen before. It makes sense. They’re both Princesses who dress mainly in long, flowy pink dresses who often find themselves in pickles, needing to be rescued by the same hero over and over again.

Okay, so those traits aren’t exactly genetic.

But hey, they’re both blond and this is Nintendo, after all. Stranger things have happened. We know that Zelda has three different timelines. Perhaps in one of them, Zelda has her daughter princess who goes on to rule the Mushroom Kingdom. I don’t know how that’s up to you.

Artwork by SigurdHosenfeld.

7 Two Families

via deviantart.com/corossmo

Sometimes after you settle down and have kids, it’s hard to keep in touch with all the people you used to see all the time. Even if you used to go on adventures together, go go-karting, and play tennis together on a regular basis, now your focus is your family and your children.

But, even if they don’t see the rest of the gang as much, perhaps these couples still go on walks together and get the kids and get the kids together for playdates. After all, Mario and Luigi are brothers so maybe they spend the holidays together. Yes, I am reading too much into this.

Artwork by Corossmo.

6 Future Fighters

via deviantart.com/hikaru135

This is another entry depicting Final Fantasy characters Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife starting a family together, this time holding their new baby.

Even though, as I said before, I wasn’t on board with this coupling, it’s really cute to see so many beautifully drawn artworks of these characters. It really shows the impact classic video games have on people. Even though we played them years ago, people still think about them, replay them, and want to pay tribute to them. It’s adorable that a game about overthrowing bad people leads to cute fan art.

Artwork by Hikaru135.

5 Precious Star

via deviantart.com/9centschange

Another example of how the Nintendo gang don’t know how to hold babies!

I know there are a lot of Peach entries on this list, but can you really blame us?

If you think of classic female video game characters who are first to come to mind? Sure, she isn’t the embodiment of feminism, being a damsel in distress who wears a pink dress. But she’s been consistent. I’d love to see a Link version of this, though! He turns around, holds his new kid up in the air, his face beaming: “You got a “Baby.” You’ll never sleep again."

Artwork by 9CentsChange.

4 Mini-Yoshi

via deviantart.com/babyabbiestar

You know what, I’m pretty sure Yoshis have no concept of gender. They all lay eggs after all!

I never found Yoshis that cute anyway.

They always really annoyed me! Their big eyes freak me out and their voices are just irritating! I’m surprised this couple became parents. They’ve never been careful with their eggs, always throwing them at things! They’ve literally thrown their eggs at cars and thrown them at enemies. That’s not how you treat your kids.

Artwork by BabyAbbieStar.

3 Fast Family

via deviantart.com/hedgecatdragonix

Is the idea that Sonic and Amy have a pink child with a blue fringe canonical and I’ve just missed it? As I said last time, it would make more sense to me if it was purple. Not that that makes much sense; surely the child would either inherit one parent's color or the other. Like if one parent was blond and the other had dark hair. Whichever way it works, if one parent is blond and the other has dark hair, you don’t get a dark-haired baby with one blond strip in it! That’s certainly not how genetics work!

Artwork by HedgeCatDragonix.

2 Journey’s End

via deviantart.com/beagletsuin

I’ll never get tired of seeing a happily ever after for these two. I don’t care how popular Breath of the Wild is, Wind Waker will always be the best Zelda game in my eyes. It was cute, fun, colorful, and it’s nice to see Princess Zelda with some personality for a change!

Seeing the couple in this style just brings back pleasant memories. I can imagine these guys telling their kids some amazing stories. They’ve both travelled the ocean, met fairies, and tackled monsters. I’m sure these babies sleep soundly every night.

Artwork by BeagleTsuin.

1 Big Nintendo Family

via deviantart.com/9centschange

We’ve seen a lot of Princess Peach on this list, but this one shows the entire journey, from the announcement to the happy day.

It’s cute to see all the regular residents of the Mushroom Kingdom, coming together in excitement for the new heir.

I especially love the idea of Bowser making the baby some wrist guards. He’s not a bad guy really! Perhaps someday, if Nintendo finally decides to stop making Mario games and put the franchise to rest, we can imagine all our favorite childhood game characters getting a happily ever after.

Artwork by 9CentsChange.

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