Cliffy B May Return To Game Development

You can't keep a good Cliffy down.

After the crash and burn failure of Lawbreakers, followed by the tepid response to the rushed, but still incredibly fun Radical Heights, Cliff Bleszinski shuttered Boss Key Productions and retired from the video game industry. The iconic industry pillar's departure came as a shock to the community at large, as Bleszinski had been a fixture since the 90s.

However, it looks like retirement could be short-lived for the artist formerly known as Cliffy B. According to his recent tweets, Bleszinski has a dream game that he's just dying to work on.

"UGH guys I kinda have a game idea and it won't get out of my head," said Bleszinski in a frustrated tweet. "I thought I was truly done. But then, stupid brain shows up."

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He went on to clarify that the game is not, and we quote, "a f**king battle royale." He remains tight-lipped on what, exactly, this mystery game might be - and that could be deliberate. To give gamers anything to expect might be setting them up for disappointment, should Bleszinski decide to stay retired and never bring his project to fruition.

There's also the fact that Bleszinski likely burned plenty of bridges on his departure. Employees of Boss Key weren't informed of the studio's shutdown until the very last second, leaving plenty of ill will towards the studio head over the sudden closure. Any future collaborators of the prolific developer might be hesitant to work under him, considering the potential threat of similar volatile instability. In any case, it appears that Bleszinski might be cooking something up in the creative, passionate mind that birthed classics like Unreal and Gears of War. We'll just have to wait and see if this project remains hypothetical, or if the iconoclastic creator will reenter the industry proper.

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