Clix Is Unbanned After Being Punished For Playing With Zayn

Cody "Clix" Conrod is now unbanned from Twitch, putting an end to what many saw as an unfair ban from the platform.

Clix Unbanned Back On Twitch

Cody "Clix" Conrod is now unbanned from Twitch, putting an end to what many saw as an unfair ban from the platform.

The young Fortnite streamer was initially banned earlier this week for playing with Zayn, another player who is permanently suspended from Twitch. However, it is supposedly not against Twitch's guidelines to play with a banned streamer as long as they are muted throughout. Clix had Zayn muted (and even had him use an alias during the stream,) but Twitch decided to slap him with a 7-day ban regardless, puzzling many fans.

Adding to the confusion, last week fellow streamer Khanada was banned for only 3 days, despite streaming with Zayn completely unmuted on the platform. Needless to say – Clix's 7-day suspension made no sense in the eyes of many.

Luckily, Twitch eventually realized the error and unbanned Clix 4 days earlier than originally stated, backtracking on their original punishment.

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Clix seemed overjoyed at the news and ecstatically announced his immediate return to streaming on Twitter. When he finally started up the stream, he made it immediately clear how happy he was to be back, saying, "Chat, you don't understand how bored I was... you wanna know what I did? I just worked out every single day. I didn't even touch Fortnite. I was so pissed that I got banned." It's a good thing Clix decided to be patient too, seeing that Zayn was permanently suspended from Twitch when he made a different account to stream on while waiting for his initial ban to lift - a big no-no.

Clix has been no stranger to bad luck, as last month he was the victim of a terrible practice known as swatting. Mid-stream, he was forced to end the broadcast to deal with police who had arrived at his home. Swatting is a dangerous prank – sometimes fatal – that involves an leaving a purposely false, anonymous tip for authorities to act on, often leading them to the address of unsuspecting streamers.

For now at least, it seems that Clix can rest easy and get back to his normal schedule. With any luck, Twitch's faulty suspensions will thin out, or at least continue to get fixed quickly.

Source: Twitter

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