Code Vein: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Understand

True fans know one thing: the best thing to do is take our beloved games to the memes. Only those who've spent 70+ hours with Revenants will get these

Code Vein has received a bit of mixed reception and while managing to gain an above-average score from most reviews, there are still some things we just can't let go. True fans of the game have already shared their inside jokes, such as 'die-fu for waifu' and countless analogies to its being 'the anime Dark Souls'. But true fans also know one thing... When it comes to games we love, the best thing to do is take them to the memes.

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So we've got ten memes that only those who've spent 70+ hours in the world of revenants will understand. We should warn you though, there are some pretty big burns ahead, so you might want to equip that Frost Weapon.

10 Looks Like A Brick, Hits Like A Brick

A well-known secret of Code Vein is that the Zweihander is the best weapon a player can get their hands on. Players receive this fairly early on as well, which made most of us question its promise to crush enemies. But with some Atlas Chrome and a decent amount of Queen Iron (and then Queen Steel, and then Queen Titanium...), this bad boy can be boosted to 100% defense and deal over 1,500 in damage. All that to say, well, this thing is still a brick when it comes to the rest of the arsenal. At least you can crush enemies to death, right?

9 A Not-So-Subtle NSFW Game

There's no denying that Bandai Namco designed their characters with admirable features. The female characters in the game are flawless while the male characters have more charisma than any fake AI really needs.

This, combined with the fact that gameplay more than echoes Souls games, has led to many a gamer re-naming this vampy platonic story. Hilariously, there's no romance aspect involved... But you could definitely cut the tension with a knife.

8 Our AI Has More Going For Them

The player's attendant, Io, is infuriating in more ways than one. For starters, she was created with a flawless image. While our characters appear in cutscenes like something out of a high school digi-art class, there's Io, in all her glory. Secondly, she has no memories - not even a hint of who she is - until the final moments of the game when she's absorbed everyone else's. This memory-less, almost-android has far more game than any player who steps into the ring... And everyone knows it.

7 She Rin, She Make Things Out Of Tin, To Not Protect Is A Sin?

You can't hate Murasame, it's just not possible. This 16-year-old weaponsmith has a bit of an intense backstory (we won't post spoilers here) and it just makes us want to protect her even more. She's insanely valuable as a team member considering without her, we'd have no way of getting that 100% defense. Furthermore, she's an adorable angel - despite her Yaksha nickname - who requires our full attention in the form of teddy bear and board game exchanges.

6 Io, The Sweetheart None Of Us Could Be

Let's face it - when it comes to characters we identify with, most of us are charging into battle like Yakumo rather than speaking softly and being attentive like Io. When it comes to our personal lives, though, many of us are complete mushes.

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Our attention is earned, and our best friends usually have most of it. Just like Io has no problem surrounding her heart... and mind... and general willpower... to aid her successor, we'll just be here handing out hearts on social media like it's our job.

5 The Reasoning Is... Unclear

The game never really makes clear why being a human is so valuable, aside from reiterating how quickly things can spiral once a revenant 'frenzies'. However, wouldn't this be the exact reason for wanting to be a revenant? Humans are prey and they always will be unless you can find a way to produce more blood beads (*insert spoiler here*). That makes them the weaker species... yet... the more privileged of the two? It's unclear.

4 Early Exploration Vs. Late-Game Exploration

The Cathedral is somewhat of a midway point for the game. While it's not really the halfway mark, it definitely feels like it. This is by far one of the most hated areas, but not because the bosses are particularly challenging. This map is massive af, requiring tremendous patience, a lot of blocking, and at least two guides.

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With multiple levels, paths that simply just end, and one ambush, in particular, that leaves you no room to run, many of us took to the forum boards to figure out how the heck to navigate our way around and out of it... and don't even think about dodging unless you have guardrails.

3 A Worthy Rival... We Thought

In addition to being called the 'anime Dark Souls', Code Vein has also been called 'the chillest anime Dark Souls in existence'. While the gameplay and sometimes infuriatingly challenging bosses remind us of the earlier RPG, it's just not quite there yet. New Game + is a different story, but Bandai Namco has certainly tried to push the limits with this one. Therefore, we're nicknaming it the cute version of the rage quitter's game, complete with waifus and customizable anime.

2 Once Again, We Have No Idea Where We Are

The Cathedral of Sacred Blood simply should not be underestimated. Everything looks the same (as echoed by Yakumo constantly) and from the sounds of it, even your AI can't figure out where they are half the time. Your only way up is via ladders or the ever-so-exclusive staircases, which occasionally just lead you up to nothing but an enemy. By the fifth time you've fallen off the same ledge, lost all of your haze, and have gotten prematurely excited over finally making it to the next Mistle, you've spent five hours wandering in circles.

1 Fighting Any One Of These IRL Would Be Easier

From left to right: We call them 'fatties' or the Cannoneer, the Butterfly of Delirium, Insatiable Despot, Invading Executioner, Successor of the Ribcage, Gilded Hunter, and Skull King... or Argent Wolf Berserker. These bosses are seemingly normal animals or nightmarish humans turned demon, and we're here for it. But we're also a little confused. A little nervous. And a lot agitated.

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