10 Comic Series That Would Make Better Games Than Injustice

The world of comic books have become more and more prominent in the video game world in the last couple of decades. Game franchises like the Batman: Arkham series or the recently released Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 have proven that video game franchises and superheroes are a match made in heaven.

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One of the more recent superhero game franchises to see a boost of popularity has to be the Injustice franchise, set in an alternate universe where Superman becomes a tyrant. With this in mind, let’s take a look at ten superhero events that would make great video games.

10 Death Of Superman

The first event that deserves our attention has to be Death of Superman. In this event, fans witnessed the shocking battle between Superman and the monster known as Doomsday, an unstoppable creature of pure hatred and violence that takes everything Superman has to stop him, costing the Man of Steel his life.

A game set in this story that sees half of the game featuring the heroes and finally Superman battling the monster, and then the other half dealing with Superman’s fate and resurrection as other would-be Supermen try to take his place, would be a fascinating video game.

9 Maximum Carnage

Turning now to the Marvel side of the popular comic book companies, Marvel’s Maximum Carnage has to be next on the list of comic book events. The story involves Spider-Man, Venom, and a whole slew of heroes facing an invasion of New York City by Carnage and his group of villains.

The game would allow characters not seen often in Marvel games to take center stage, while allowing gamers to use their favorite heroes to battle an alien threat of devastating proportions. It’s one of Marvel’s more brutal series that would bring the same level of maturity as Injustice.

8 Flashpoint

One of DC’s most popular comic book events has to be Flashpoint. The story of Barry Allen traveling through the speed force into the past to prevent the loss of his mother has unbelievable consequences, from Thomas Wayne becoming a more brutal version of Batman to Aquaman and Wonder Woman going to war with one another, threatening to destroy the world as they knew it.

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It would be fascinating to see a game that explores this alternate reality, where the heroes are at war with one another and we can see heroes and villains in a completely new video game.

7 World War Hulk

If we are talking about heroes taking on a brutal and more diabolical role, then exploring the event known as World War Hulk is the way to go.

The Marvel story that saw the return of The Hulk after he was forced into space by the Illuminati, found a place to belong and love on an alien world, then became one of a few survivors after the Illuminati’s spacecraft destroyed his new home, makes for the perfect game. Seeing the Hulk as a brutal survivor and warlord coming to take out the Illuminati would be a fascinating game to play.

6 Final Crisis

One of the best and most powerful comic book events in the DC universe had to be Final Crisis. The story focused on Darkseid, the alien warlord and powerful DC villain that has nearly destroyed the universe many times, as he fights to finally attain his lifelong goal of acquiring the Anti-Life Equation.

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This story sees fallen heroes resurrected, the New Gods and the corruption and near fall of many fan favorite heroes. Seeing the unaffected heroes forced to fight their friends and comrades while stopping an all powerful alien villain would be a fantastic story in a game.

5 Secret Invasion

One of the most popular comic book events in Marvel’s long history has to be Secret Invasion.

The story of the alien invaders known as the Skrulls, a race of shape-shifters at war with the powerful armada of the Kree Empire, kidnapping Marvel heroes and villains and replacing them with their own people in an attempt to invade the Earth makes for not only a classic comic book story involving a multitude of heroes, but a phenomenal video game where you don’t know who you can trust, and hero must fight hero as they stop the alien shape-shifters.

4 Blackest Night

A truly grim comic book event in the DC universe has to be none other than Blackest Night. This story saw the resurrection of many DC heroes and villains, as the Lantern Corps took center stage.

Exploring the various colors of the emotional spectrum that creates iconic groups such as the Red Lanterns, The Indigo Tribe and in this storyline the Black Lantern Corps, this storyline changed many aspects of the DC Universe, bringing long gone heroes back to life and introducing major new factions in the DC Universe as a whole. This would be a fantastic story to play.

3 Avengers Vs. X-Men

If you are looking for a story that imitates the hero vs hero storyline of Injustice, then Avengers vs. X-Men is the ticket for you. The story revolved around the imminent arrival of the all powerful Phoenix Force, and the young woman Hope who was destined to be inhabited by it.

The X-Men want Hope to attain this power and revive the decimated mutant population, while the Avengers fear it will come at the cost of all life on Earth, and so the two factions clash, leading to some epic comic book battles and shocking twists to see.

2 Crisis On Infinite Earths

By far DC’s most iconic event in their history has to be Crisis on Infinite Earths. An entire video game is needed just to fit every storyline in this saga into one outing. A multiversal threat that sees multiple versions of some heroes, the passing of iconic heroes in the battle, and the complete restructuring and change of the DC Universe as a whole is what makes this story so compelling to see come to life as a video game.

While the Arrowverse may be making this their next crossover event, gamers need to play this story out for themselves.

1 Infinity

Marvel’s most galactic spanning story in recent years has to be Infinity. The story takes the heroes of the Marvel universe in two directions. While the Avengers (most of them anyway), go into space to fight alongside many alien races to stop the universe ending beings known as the Builders, the Illuminati and other remaining heroes must battle the unyielding forces of Thanos as they attack Earth, seeking a shocking figure whom Thanos fears will spell is untimely doom prematurely.

The event sees many shocking battles, worlds torn apart and a larger than life battle unlike anything you can imagine.

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