Complete Trubbish: 20 Original Pokémon That Aren’t Even Worth Your Time

As one of the biggest franchises on the planet, Pokémon has done incredible things. Starting out as a video game, the franchise then branched out into a real-life trading card game and television series, with a bunch of films following and popularity only ever growing.

In today's modern world, the series seems to be just as exciting as it always was, with the video game series moving to an exciting new region as of late, bringing in new versions of classic Pokémon while introducing a whole slate of new ones. There's even a huge motion picture being made with Ryan Reynolds taking the titular role of Detective Pikachu, set for release in mid-2019.

Taking a look back, the instant feeling a long-time Pokémon fan has is one of nostalgia, but when you peel back the layers of that initial excitement, it quickly becomes clear that there were quite a few problems bubbling under the surface. Some of those problems came from the first generation of Pokémon, which included 151 creatures of all different types.

Some of those Pokémon were incredibly powerful, while others weren't worth the Pokéballs they'd reside in. Here, we take a look at the latter, remembering some of those creatures we had high hopes for, but who we now know aren't worth the valuable time and effort that goes into looking after them.

20 A Splash In The Pan

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Regarded around the world as one of the most useless Pokémon to ever grace the planet, there is admittedly a certain charm surrounding the fishy character that is Magikarp, largely in part due to the creature's big, round and vacant eyes.

Magikarp that are looked after well are able to use their splashing powers to leap up extremely high, even tackling massive mountains with their talents once they've had enough practise, but unless they grow big enough for their owner to fit a saddle and go on their jumping journey with them, they're not worth the effort.

Though Magikarp does evolve into the fierce Gyarados from level 20, the time cultivating the Pokémon just isn't worth the result; especially so when you can catch an already-formed Gyarados quite early on in the video game series. Cute in its own way, but useful for anything else? Not at all.

19 Bug Off!

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When we first meet iconic Pokémon character Misty, we quickly discover her fear of bugs, and whilst the series goes on to prove that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover and that even the ugliest of creatures can have their uses in certain situations, we fail to see how Caterpie would ever be worth investing your time in, in the long run.

Though it's not for lack of trying, Caterpie just doesn't do very much of worth in a battle, and its later evolution Butterfree is something that's just as readily available and easily caught. The bug section of Pokémon in its original 151 was actually one of the most disappointing, and that continues with our next entry...

18 A Thorn In Your Side

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Yes, Weedle had to make the list alongside Caterpie. Brothers in arms, Weedle manages to do the unthinkable and actually proves that a worm Pokémon CAN get uglier than Caterpie! A little more useful however, in that Weedle is also a Poison-type Pokémon. It's just unfortunate that the little guy is so weak that he'll hardly do any damage before falling victim to his opponent.

As is the case with Caterpie, Weedle's final evolutionary stage Beedrill IS a good Pokémon that can dish out some big critical hits, but it's not that hard to find one roaming wild areas in the earlier stages of the franchise's video games. The end result is just not worth the effort with Weedle; just be ready to take out a fair few because of how prominent they'll make themselves in tall grass!

17 A Poisonous Addition To Your Team

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Another Poison-type Pokémon rears its ugly head here in the form of Grimer; a slimy blob made of living purple sludge that probably smells worse than the damage the creature is able to inflict on those who go up against it. As well as having one of the worst character designs in the entire franchise, Grimer just doesn't really do enough to warrant keeping one in your team.

His later evolution Muk is of course a step up, but even then, there are plenty of other brilliant Pokémon that could take his place. The idea of having a living, moving pile of slime tackle opponents for you is novel at first, but quickly turns into a nightmare if you actually want to get anything done. Best to avoid this one.

16 A Nosey Little Pokémon


Putting aside their rather phallic shape, mouth-looking nose and creepy, small eyes, the Diglett is a mole Pokémon that should never have made it past its initial concept art stages.

Forever buried in the earth, it's obviously not the most versatile of fighters and has always been a little confusing for players of the Pokémon video games just how it would attack its opponents, save for launching an attack from underground.

Its evolution would cause Diglett to multiply by three, bringing to life Dugtrio and... not really adding much else to gameplay. Diglett has always been one of the most boring Pokémon on offer, so it was odd to see it as one of those chosen for an Alolan version during the latest video games Sun and Moon.

15 Even Those Teeth Can't Save This One

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Another ugly one to tick off the list, Rattata has been seen by many as a vital component of a Pokémon video gamer's early team, but the reason why has never really been explored. In fact, that's probably because, as nice as it is to have a variety of different Pokémon in your six-creature team, it's not a necessary thing to do with this little guy. He's just not powerful enough, or able to take enough damage!

Its evolution form Raticate obviously provides a little more damage than Rattata, but both seem to fall foul of nearly every other Pokémon on the original roster; there's nothing they actually seem able to defend against, and so focus is probably best given elsewhere. Those teeth ARE kinda cute, though...

14 ...It Failed!

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Zubat isn't the worst Pokémon around, but early days of trying to confuse enemies with the move Supersonic only for the horrifically familiar message "...it failed!" to pop up time and time again was one of the worst experiences a young gamer could go through. Combine that with the annoyance of trying to get through a cave, only for a Zubat to pop up every three steps and demand you battle it, and it was enough to put anybody off even engaging with the Pokémon. But, should players have given Zubat more of their time? In a word, no.

Golbat is the result of hard work and determination for those who are willing to help their Zubat reach their evolutionary stage, but the result just isn't one that's worth the effort.

13 Better Off Fried In A Pan!

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Though there's always six of them in every batch of Exeggcute, this egg Pokémon (which is both a grass and psychic type) is unfortunately one of the most useless available, failing to ever really deal a knockout punch and looking pretty pathetic in the process. Other than a vegan, who would be scared to go up against an Exeggcute on the battlefield? Not many we can think of.

Whilst there are some redeeming factors for those who wish to spend time with an Exeggcute, such as the moves 'Hypnosis' and 'Sleep Powder', the accuracy just isn't high enough to warrant taking such a risk of losing out on a move in a high-stakes fight. A shame, as the name Exeggcute really does promise some sort of killing machine.

12 Just A Little Confused

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Though Psyduck is a Pokémon adored by many, including one of the show's leading characters, Misty, it has proven itself to be more troublesome than something worth time and effort. Misty's own Psyduck would even refuse to stay in its own Pokéball, showing just how stubborn and annoying of a character it could be!

Nurturing will of course breed success for those who are willing to plough all of their time into bringing up one of the franchise's most instantly recognizable characters, but the risk when bringing a Psyduck into battle just isn't one that's worth taking. In fact, players would likely fare better if they managed to stay away from Psyduck altogether when playing through the various video games on offer!

11 It Hardened!

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Aside from the next entry on our list, there perhaps has never been a more frustrating Pokémon to ever exist than the hideous Metapod. As the first evolution for our previous entry Caterpie, Metapod serves only to remind us just how pointless spending our time with its earlier form was. With just one move that would raise its defense, Metapod may be able to outlast many of its fellow Pokémon in battle, but it serves to provide players and those watching with one of the most boring experiences of their Poké-lives!

Levelling up Metapod was harder than ever before the experience share came along in later games; players would have to put the Pokémon into battle, only to pull them out a little later in order to ensure they gained experience and levels! So annoying, and SUCH a waste of time.

10 It Also Hardened!

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Everything that's been said about Metapod also applies here with the equally annoying Kakuna. The first evolutionary form of Weedle, this is a Pokémon that looks evil for a reason; it's willing to eat up all of your time and not give enough of a reward to warrant everything you do for it! If you've got somebody in your lives who's all about taking and never about giving, then you've met the human form of a Kakuna.

As one of the original Pokémon, you'd expect the Kakuna to have an exciting and varied history, but that's not the case at all. In fact, it looks as if writers of the Pokémon television series were just as bored with the creature as the rest of us!

9 Just Get The Upgraded Version

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Pidgey is, for a lot of Pokémon players, the very first creature they'll ever be able to go out and catch for themselves. Pidgey can be extremely useful in its evolutionary forms of Pidgeotto and Pidgeot. This is especially when learning the talent 'Fly' later on in the Pokémon video games, which let a player can quickly travel across towns they've already been to. Pidgeotto in particular is a creature that's easily captured early on in the game, meaning there's rarely any point in spending too much time working on powering up an original Pidgey.

Though Pidgey holds the charm of being an early encounter, that quickly fades away for avid gamers when the creature pops up at every turn. Not a Pokémon we ever want to meet again!

8 Sand Attack Just Isn't Good Enough

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Sandshrew may be good at defending itself, but that doesn't mean it's a Pokémon that's worth your time! What players and wannabe trainers have to remember is that their primary goal with collecting Pokémon, aside from adding to their Pokédex if they're lucky enough to have one, is to battle them and take down other trainers' teams of Pokémon. While defending oneself is as important as attack, Sandshrew falls flat on the latter, with plenty of other Pokémon better suited for filling in on the team.

Sandslash fares a little better in battles, using its bigger claws to deal some adequate damage, but there are still a number of other great Pokémon that should take priority over this pair. This one looks better than it actually fares.

7 Cute But Chaotic

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Chansey may be one of the cutest Pokémon in existence, but don't let her demeanour excuse the fact that she's actually a huge waste of time and effort. Spending more time nurturing the numerous eggs that she lays each day rather than working on her battle skills, Chansey is a Pokémon that wasn't built for battle, and in a world that relies on exactly that if a trainer is to make a success of themselves, she's pretty darn useless indeed.

Unless you're a Pokémon farmer looking for some tasty and nutritional food (which you'll only gain by giving a lot of love and affection to your respective Chansey), then this creature is one better left behind. Not somebody you'll want slowing you down on your Poké-journey!

6 Not Cool At All

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As one of the most vicious looking Pokémon around, Tentacool had a lot of hype to live up to. From the depths of the oceans surrounding the various regions in which Pokémon reside, the effort that goes into making a Tentacool a part of your team is something much more substantial than most of the other creatures on our list. Unfortunately, that effort is hardly rewarded, as the list of moves and abilities that a Tentacool is able to either be caught with, or learn on its way through life aren't enough to warrant all of the time that goes into making the sinister jellyfish a part of your Poké-family.

Trust us, there are plenty of other water Pokémon that are much more worthy of your time than this disappointing addition to the original roster!

5 Nope, Not Harry Potter's Mandrake

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Cute or absolutely terrifying? Not many have ever been able to decide, but Oddish is without a doubt one of the most boring and useless Pokémon to grace the 151 creatures that make up the franchise's first generation. The thing doesn't even have arms!

As both a grass and poison type, Oddish is able to learn some interesting moves that can certainly help your team gain advantage in a fight, but the chances of all of those moves being sufficiently accurate just aren't high enough to warrant putting in the effort to learn them in the first place.

Oddish may be a compelling character, but they're not one exciting enough to spend too much time with. Look elsewhere for your Poké-kicks!

4 Pidgey's Ugly Sibling

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We've already ran through some of the reasons why Pidgey isn't worth your time, and so when it comes to the fearsome looking, but actually pretty terrible Spearow, you simply have to take those reasons and multiply them exponentially! Rather small in stature, the Spearow may look like it can hold its own in a battle, but a few tackles and it'll faint and leave you without a defense in no time.

Though the Spearow as a bird Pokémon is great against insects, there's not a high enough majority of other trainers who will use insect Pokémon to warrant having both a Spearow and a Pidgeot/Pidgeotto on your team! Stick to the latter and you can't really go wrong - just make sure one of them knows how to fly!

3 You've Got Crabs!

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There's a reason this Pokémon has its name very close to that of "parasite"! The Paras may be great workers when they all come together, at least from what we've seen from them in the Pokémon television series, but when you're hoping to utilize their talents for yourself out on the field, their battling technique leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, there are a whole plethora of devastating moves that other Pokémon can dish out, leaving the Paras immediately knocked out of battle and the trainer wondering why they ever allowed such a terrible fighter onto their team!

The scary face, nightmare-inducing eyes and creepy mouth that looks as if it could devour the entire universe into its gaping maw just add to the fact that this is a Pokémon better left avoided!

2 Enough To Send You To Sleep

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If the creepy nose and Walking Dead zombie-esque pose wasn't enough to scare you off, a lack of being able to do anything worthwhile, especially in its earlier levels should be enough to put any trainer off adding a Drowzee to their six-man Pokémon battle squad.

The Pokémon is one that's able to hypnotize its enemies, forcing them to go against their owner's wishes and bending their free will to the Drowzee's own means. It's something that sounds super powerful and, to be fair, in the television series at least the creature is one that fares well in battles. Unfortunately, in the video game world this isn't translated all that well, and pumping effort into training up a Drowzee is something that should only be done for those who have way too much free time on their hands.

1 Awkward On Every Level

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Jynx has been the topic of much discussion over the years. She's sitting right in the middle of a racism scandal that saw critics claim she was similar to the racist characters in the book The Story of Little Black Sambo. Some would even say Jynx was easily comparable to Mr. Popo in the Dragon Ball franchise, who's faced his own criticisms because of his design. Putting all of that aside, there's still a point that stands of the character being one of the most useless in the entire Poké-universe. At least, in the video games.

While Prima's Jynx in the television series was successful in sending Team Rocket flying off into the distance, the power was never something that translated well in the video game world. Going up against a Jynx would can be a scary prospect, but once you've easily taken down your first Jynx or two, you're set for the rest of the game. Though she adds some color to the team, she's not worth the effort. Trust us on this one!

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