Conan O’Brien Has His Own NSFW Idea For Sonic’s Movie Redesign

Conan O'Brien got an exclusive look at the new Sonic movie trailer and has come up with his own redesign idea.

After intense fan backlash, Sonic the Hedgehog had to get redesigned for the animated movie earlier this year. Fans just weren't happy with the design they saw. The new design, though, actually looks nice and people have been pleased with it! All except Conan O'Brien, that is.

Coco has his own idea of what Sonic should look like and it is both NSFW and every furry's dream come true. In an episode from this week, the blue hedgehog skips onto the stage with no pants and a barely censored, swinging white penis. Apart from the one glaring feature Conan did add, it must be noted that the humanoid teeth that set so many fans on edge isn't present here.

Even with that fix, Sonic's hands look especially creepy for some reason. They're thin, completely white, have tufts of hair falling off, and seem to have nails glued on. The initial, problematic design is probably less haunting than this one.

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In the skit, the character hops onto the stage to the well-known music from his video games, certain body parts flailing around, does the Floss from Fortnite.  He then proclaims, "Oh, you're right Conan, I did forget something pretty huge - my fans!" A tongue-in-cheek speech about misdirected rage ensues and everyone laughs. A good time was had by all.

While the nightmarish redesign featured on Conan is not canon - phew - Paramount did recently come out with the redesigned version of the trailer. The outrage about Sonic's initial design was enough to prompt the company into delaying the movie, although many couldn't quite put their finger on what was wrong. The character was too humanoid, had weird teeth, had tiny eyes, the cheeks looked weird - the complaints were endless.

Thankfully, the creators actually listened. Conan just seemed to miss the memo. Thankfully, fans are seeing the humor in this situation. "My newly designed eyes are up here, ladies," says one YouTube comment, while another reveals, "The secret to Sonic's speed is a third leg." Other, though, find the skit a bit much.

Source: TeamCoco

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