Concept Art For Cancelled Batman Arkham Sequel Leaks Online

Concept art for a cancelled Batman: Arkham Knight sequel has apparently leaked to 4chan this week. Along with the images, the leaker claims that game was planned to feature Damien Wayne picking up the mantle of Batman.

It's been a suspiciously long time since there was any update from either Rocksteady of WB Montreal, the two studios that have previously worked on the Arkham franchise, so if this concept art is in fact from a cancelled title that would answer a lot of questions. While all signs point to a new DC super hero game still in the pipeline, it now appears that Rocksteady may have attempted more than one version of their follow up to Arkham Knight.

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While we can't verify the validity of the leak, the concept art at least looks legitimate. Codenamed "Project Sabbath", the cancelled game may have featured Two-Face, Gorilla Grod, and a female Black Mask in a future, dystopic Gotham City (I know, redundant).

Fans have waited with baited breath since 2015 for an announcement of Rocksteady's next project and, while there have been many hints over the years, nothing concrete has ever come out. E3 after E3 we've crossed our fingers and prayed to the Bat God to deliver us an Arkham sequel, this leak, unfortunately, is the closest we've gotten.

The leaker also stated that WB Montreal's Suicide Game has also been cancelled, and that work on a Superman game began, but was never officially green-lit. This isn't the first we've heard about a cancelled Suicide Squad game, and now, it seems like perhaps WB Montreal has either started fresh on a different Bat-game, or has shifted over to help Rocksteady with their "super hero creation game".

Rumors of Rocksteady's next project circulate on a level only matched by new Smash Bros characters and Half-Life 3 release dates. This concept art leak is the closest we've ever gotten to proof of more Arkham, but with Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, and PSX right around the corner, fans are once again preparing themselves for an official announcement. Will it be the rumored open-world Justice League game to rival Square's AvengersOr perhaps the hinted at Court of Owls game? Only time will tell, but here's hoping it's soon.

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