How To Connect PS4 And Xbox One Controllers To iPhone, Mac, And iPad

Apple Arcade is here! Mobile gaming is saved!

Alright, so it's too early to declare that Apple Arcade is the best at anything. The platform does, however, let mobile gaming advance in ways that publishers would never have allowed a year ago. The monthly subscription means that revenue can come from somewhere besides in-app purchases, making room for gameplay that doesn't rely on fostering addiction. It also includes Apple TV in the fun, moving mobile gaming away from touchscreens and closer to its console cousins. Good thing most gamers already have controllers for that.

Apple Arcade games are compatible with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers thanks to new updates to TvOS and iOS. Here's what you'll need to do to make that happen.

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via: Apple Insider

What You Need

A controller, naturally. A PS4 Dualshock 4 or an Xbox One S controller. These will connect to your Apple device via bluetooth, so the latest controllers are a requirement. The Xbox controller is something you'll want to check on specifically, as it has to be the model 1708 that comes with the Xbox One S or the upcoming Elite 2.

Your Apple device will need to be on the latest version to make this work. TvOS has an update, and iOS has version 13.

Connecting A PlayStation Controller

If Sony is your brand of choice, then you'll probably want to use your Dualshock 4. To connect it, make sure your Apple device has bluetooth enabled. Hit the PS button and Share button on your Dualshock at the same time. After five seconds of this, you should the the light on top of the controller start blinking. This means it's ready to pair.

Your Apple device will indicate a successful connection by listing "Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller" under the connection options. Tap that name, and your Dualshock's blue light will turn pink. Ta-da! You're ready to game on Apple Arcade.

Connecting An Xbox Controller

Microsoft fans might have a little extra work to do depending on how often they update their controller firmware. But first, the connection. Press the Xbox logo to turn the controller on, then the small connect button on top. It hides in plain sight between the shoulder buttons. The Xbox logo should start blinking, and "Xbox Wireless Controller" will appear on your Apple device. Tap it, and everything should connect.

Apple Insider reports that Xbox controllers can be fussy. If yours is giving you a hard time, you might need to update the firmware. Luckily, doing that is a simple matter of connecting it to your PC or Xbox One.

Whichever controller you choose, Apple Arcade is sure to entertain. It's got a sizable launch library, and the games feel more robust than your usual mobile fare. It's also got a free trial going on, so there's no harm in testing it out!

Source: Apple Insider

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