The 20 Weakest Bosses In Console Game History (And 10 That Are Impossible To Beat)

Some video game bosses don't live up to their reputation — these are the weakest in console game history.

Ever since Nintendo pervaded the Western landscape and made consoles one of the essential tools for the purpose of gaming, the sheer prevalence of these systems across households all over the world have been nothing short of amazing. At this point, you'd be hard-pressed to find a gamer who doesn't have at least one console. While it's true that the PC is still a powerhouse when it comes to modern gaming, this still shouldn't take anything away from the fact that console gaming has become the norm as of right now. One need only take a look at the sheer wealth of exclusives that have hit the market to attain a basic understanding of what makes these consoles so popular in the first place. However, enough of this — it's time to take a look at one of the prevailing elements of gaming that have been magnified through the entry of the home console — namely, the bosses.

These behemoths have become synonymous with gaming due to their importance in fueling the motivation of the player and giving them — and I'm sorry if this brings up dastardly memories of EA — a sense of accomplishment. Boss fights have become a science of their own, and unfortunately, there are several games that have completely failed in nailing down this art. Sometimes, games need to realize that the weakness or strength of a boss fight is not what makes these encounters — it's the manner in which one uses them. So, without further ado, let's take a look at some of the weakest bosses in any game, coupled with some that are downright impossible to beat at times.

30 WEAK: Hoyt (Far Cry 3)

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Far Cry 3 marked a new beginning for the series, showing just how much time and effort Ubisoft had put into the title. The creators had really pulled out all of the stops to ensure an optimal gaming experience.

That is, until you reach the final boss fight.

The absence of Vaas is already palpable enough at this point, and the fact that the final confrontation with Hoyt is nothing more than a quick time event ends up being somewhat of a downer.

29 WEAK: Lucien Fairfax (Fable II)

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Imagine playing quite a long game from start to end, and finally encountering the main antagonist, who's been a thorn in your side for what seemed like forever. This was essentially the role of Lucien Fairfax in Fable II... and guess what?

His boss fight ends in one shot.

Yep, that's right. All you need to do is fire your gun once to defeat the main antagonist of the entire freakin' game. In fact, if you choose not to do anything, then your companion will take the shot for you instead.


28 STRONG: Ruby/Emerald Weapon (Final Fantasy VII)

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Superbosses are a common trope across JRPGs, and no other series pulls this off better than Final Fantasy. Fine, one might argue that the only reason I'm saying this is because of the popularity of the series, but one can't deny just how popular — not to mention frustrating — these super bosses are.

The ones from Final Fantasy VII are a great example of this.

Both Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon are the hardest bosses in the entire game by a country mile. Make sure that you are well-prepared and have all your levels maxed out before you can even think about beating this boss.

27 WEAK: Golem Overlord (Chrono Trigger)

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There are extremely strong bosses in JRPGs... and then, there are some bosses whose entire existence makes little to no sense. Take the example of the Golem Overlord in Chrono Trigger (arguably the greatest JRPG of all time).

Players who prepare their party to tackle this beast will be in for a weird surprise — turns out that the Golem Overlord is scared of heights. The fact that you fight him on the deck of an airship basically means that he is too petrified to even move, let alone pose a decent challenge to your party.

26 WEAK: Flash Man (Mega Man 2)

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Mega Man is a series for which any newbie would definitely require a guide. The levels are hard enough in itself, but having to fight the end boss without the weapon that they're weak too is a whole different level of annoying. However, in Mega Man 2, there's one boss that's so weak that you can use your normal weapon to eradicate him.

Veterans of the series already know who we're talking about — it's none other than Flash Man. He's so weak that even new players can easily dispose of the boss in less than a minute by just blindly firing with little to no worries.

25 STRONG: Lawrence Barret (Deus Ex: Human Revolution)

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Sometimes, bosses are strong because of well-made encounters, scripts, and environments, which make these behemoths a challenge that most players actually look forward too. However, there's another category of bosses that are impossibly strong for all the wrong reasons, and Barret definitely falls into that category.

It's bad enough as is that a game that focuses on player freedom forces you to end a life regardless of what kind of playthrough you're going for, but Barret is such a bullet sponge that fighting him becomes a chore. To make it worse, his attacks are so powerful that you can perish with just seconds of open fire.

24 WEAK: Parasite Queen (Metroid Prime)

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The very first boss players encounter in any game is never meant to pose a massive challenge — that is, unless you happen to be a developer at From Software. However, getting back on track, it must be said that the Parasite Queen is still a stupidly easy boss.

The fact that the game pretty much directs you in this boss fight with obvious weak spots and easy-to-dodge attacks should be proof enough of how unchallenging this boss fight is. It's also quite deceptive since the rest of the game actually poses a decent challenge... but it's not like new players will understand that by fighting this pushover.

23 WEAK: Drill Eggman (Sonic The Hedgehog 2)

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Sonic The Hedgehog is a series with its fair share of highs, lows, and rock-bottoms — the latter of which has become synonymous with the current state of the once-iconic series. However, during the series' heyday, the 2D Sonic games were something to be cherished.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is a great game that falls under this category. However, the boss that is fought at the end of the first stage (seems like we're following a trend here) is a massive pushover. It only takes eight hits to defeat Drill Eggman, and no strategy is required.

22 STRONG: Red (Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver)

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A strong fight that also happens to be quite epic — after all, you're technically fighting the main character of the previous game in the series — Red from Pokémon HeartGold or SoulSilver is the hardest trainer encounter in the entire game by a country mile.

The fact that you fight him after conquering the (supposed) final challenge of the game should indicate as to how powerful he actually is. With a high-level Pikachu and a slew of fully-evolved Gen 1 Pokémon, you quickly realize just how much of a challenging fight this will actually be.

21 WEAK: Waddle Dee (Kirby Super Star)

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Why? Why would you include a normal enemy as a boss? Because giving a normal enemy a boss life bar is an even lazier way to make an event seem important.

In case you're wondering why this "boss" (if one can even call it that) is derided by the majority of Kirby players (so y'know, basically no one) is because all one needs to do is suck it in and spit it out — which, by the way, is a simple method that you've already been using throughout the entire game as is!

20 WEAK: Gohma (The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

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Sigh... while we do understand that no gamer would like to get stuck in the first boss of any game, there's a fine line between challenging and a complete joke. And guess what — Gohma from Ocarina Of Time is a boss that falls in the latter category.

Literally, all you need to do to beat this boss is to hit him with a seed and then slash his eye a grand total of two times. The worst part is that this boss has a negligible offense — most of the time he just stares at you creepily.

HEY — my eyes are up here.

19 STRONG: Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts)

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Most Kingdom Hearts veterans might understandably be fuming at the fact that The Lingering Will has been discarded in favor of Sephiroth. While we understand that he is generally considered to be the hardest boss in the entire series, one can't deny the fact that Sephiroth is just way cooler.

Appearing in the arena of the first Kingdom Hearts with the iconic theme music we all know and love, the battle against Sephiroth is a test of everything that you've learned over the course of the series. Only by employing all these tactics will you be able to survive.

18 WEAK: Big Bob Omb (Super Mario 64)

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The curse of the first boss strikes again!

Super Mario 64 is one of the landmark titles in gaming history, showcasing exactly how platforming could adapt to a 3D environment. However, the first boss that you fight in this game — a big version of a bomb — can't even hurt you!

Defeating this boss is incredibly easy — all you need to do is pick him up and chuck him from the side of the cliff. Really, the only way you can fail at this boss fight is if you make a conscious decision to chuck yourself from the side of the cliff.

17 WEAK: The Leader (The Incredible Hulk)

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You'd expect someone like the Hulk to simply walk over any stupid thing who decides that challenging a massive, beefy green beast is a good idea. So, making a game for him has been pretty hard. While there have been attempts, most of them have been forgetful. So, it's understandable if you don't know that there is a Hulk game on the Sega Saturn.

The last boss of this game happens to be The Leader, and you'd expect that he would pose at least somewhat of a challenge — but unfortunately, that's not the case. Instead, Hulk wipes him out of existence with a single punch.

16 STRONG: Ultimate Alma (Ninja Gaiden Sigma)

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The Ninja Gaiden series is known for being quite hard, and the first game is perhaps the one people remember the most. Met with critical acclaim, reviewers praised many aspects of the game — one of which happened to be the challenging gameplay.

The boss fight against Ultimate Alma is perhaps the most challenging of the lot. The need to dodge at all times is prevalent, and the camera controls definitely don't help in this regard. Still, fighting her is still quite fun if you happen to be that good at the game.

15 WEAK: Bob The Goldfish (Earthworm Jim)

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Earthworm Jim is not exactly a game known for being easy. If anything, the platformer is quite challenging are requires constant attention. However, there's one part in the game that completely throws this challenge out of the water for a gag.

Bob the Goldfish appears at the end of one of Earthworm Jim's levels. At a glance, he seems like he'll do little to nothing to impede your efforts... and, guess what? You're absolutely right! All you need to do is walk towards him and do anything, and he'll flop uselessly outside his bowl.

14 WEAK: Joker (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

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For all the good things that Batman: Arkham Asylum managed to do, one department that it definitely failed in was the boss fights. Most of the bosses ended up being quite disappointing — although thankfully, the later games managed to rectify this problem quite effectively.

The last boss of the game is a great example of this. After becoming the biggest monstrosity of all time, Joker ended up being a crummy last challenge that didn't require any skill from the player. The fact that this boss has to use waves of normal enemies should be proof enough of just how terrible this encounter was.

13 STRONG: Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)

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A creature so strong, his very presence in the game sent gamers running for dear life. That's exactly the emotion Nemesis generated every single time he appeared on the screen — fear. Taking him down is a challenge that most people generally forgo in favor of running away as fast as possible.

While it is possible to take him down, new players are better off saving their ammunition for the regular fodder in the game. Plus, the sight of Nemesis would unnerve any person, regardless of how confident they might be in taking down this beast.

12 WEAK: Papu Papu (Crash Bandicoot)

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As is the case with Earthworm Jim, Crash Bandicoot is also a game that's not really known for being fair. In fact, there are times when it can be downright frustrating, and the recent remake of the game should be a good way for new players to get angry at the platforming segments of this game — that too in HD!

However, just like Bob the Goldfish, Crash Bandicoot also has a boss by the name of Papu Papu that's just pathetic — and that's putting it mildly. There's no real challenge to avoiding his slow movement as you whittle down his health.

11 WEAK: Baby Bowser (Yoshi's Story)

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Now, it's not like we expect games like Yoshi's Story to have challenging gameplay. They're meant to be accessible platformers, and that's completely fine. However, it still must be said that, for the last boss fight in the game, Baby Yoshi is pretty pathetic.

There are two phases to this boss fight, none of which are particularly hard. After a few hits, Yoshi finally gets defeated and you finish the game in a rather underwhelming fashion.

10 STRONG: Mike Tyson (Punch-Out!!)

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The Punch-Out series is known for being pretty challenging, but the first game took it to a whole another level. Basically, after fighting all the boxers in the game and becoming the champ, you're challenged by Mike Tyson of all people... and boy are you in for one incredibly annoying fight.

You see, Mike Tyson is not really someone to be trifled with, and he completely wipes the floor with you in the game if you're not prepared. His uppercuts are an instant knockdown, and his quick jabs are hard to read. Defeating him is close to impossible, but doing so is perhaps the biggest achievement one might have as a gamer.

9 WEAK: Old King Coal (Banjo-Tooie)

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Banjo Kazooie is a romp to go through, and its sequel is just as fascinating of a ride to go through. Most fans are pretty divided on which game is better, and the people vouching for Tooie generally tend to consider it slightly more challenging, although not overly hard.

However, after fighting Old King Coal, fans might wonder otherwise. The boss fight is nothing more than a joke. All you need to do is stand on a rock that doesn't turn into lava and attack him again and again and again until he's down for the count. That's pretty much about it.

8 WEAK: Mysterio (Spider-Man 2)

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Mysterio is one of the most iconic villains in the Spider-Man franchise, but the people who've played Spider-Man 2 might think otherwise. After all, his representation in the game is nothing short of embarrassing.

The fact that this boss fight comes after a bunch of hard chapters is even more frustrating. To add insult to injury, the fight with Mysterio has three layers of health, which might indicate that Spidey is in for a rough ride. However, one punch, and BAM — all the hype for this boss fight goes down the drain, as does his health.

7 STRONG: Orphan Of Kos (Bloodborne)

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Bosses that fall in one hit is not exactly something that the Soulsborne games are known for. If anything, the bosses in this series are generally considered to be some of the hardest challenges in the entire game, and it takes a combination of skill, reflexes, and determination to get past these hurdles.

Nothing personifies this more than the Orphan Of Kos, which is one of the hardest bosses in video game history. And yet, it also manages to be fair as well — something that can't be said for the majority of the bosses that are hard simply for the sake of being hard.

6 WEAK: Starman Jr. (Earthbound)

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Earthbound is generally considered to be one of the quirkiest and unique JRPGs of its time. The themes that this game touches upon and its simple yet distinct setting are just a few of the many factors that have helped this game attain a cult status of sorts amongst the gaming fandom.

One particular boss in the game, Starman Jr., is a pathetic boss. He only does 1 damage with his attacks, and drops a meager 3 EXP. The worst part is that you don't even need to do anything to win — most of the busywork is done by Buzz Buzz, who can win the fight for you.

5 WEAK: Lambent Brumak (Gears Of War 2)

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Gears Of War is a game that is known for featuring roided-up beefcakes wielding incredible guns that try to combat an alien invasion with varying results. It's also fairly challenging, and gamers need to make the most of the cover system to prevent any avoidable losses.

However, the Lambert Brumak does nothing to pose a significant challenge to players. He's nothing more than a bullet sponge that doesn't test anything you've learned about the game in the slightest. The worst part is that he's the freakin' final boss of the game, which is even more underwhelming.

4 STRONG: The Nameless King (Dark Souls 3)

Via: cdn.gamerant.com

Perhaps the hardest boss in any of the base games in the Dark Souls trilogy, the Nameless King is also one of the most epic fights in the series. There are two phases to this fight, and each of them is challenging in their own unique ways, making this an epic battle for the ages.

Defeating him will give gamers a sense of satisfaction seldom felt in video games — after all, as is the case with another iconic boss of the series that we'll get to in just a second, the fight with the Nameless King is a test of everything you've learned in the game up to that point.

3 WEAK: GLaDOS (Portal)

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Now, we're not saying that the boss fight with GLaDOS is a bad encounter — just like the rest of the series, the smart writing and direction of the game leads to a memorable interaction with the antagonist.

However, there's no challenge involved in this last fight.

There's not really a whole lot to do in the last segment of the game, aside from picking up a bunch of cores and dumping them. It's more of a puzzle than a boss fight, and it's not exactly a very hard one either.

2 WEAK: Bed Of Chaos (Dark Souls)

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Ironically enough, the Bed of Chaos is a fight where most players have met their end frequently... and yet, somehow, it still manages to be a pathetically easy boss fight.

Reaching the core is the challenge of this particular entity.

In a game where jumping is extremely hard, this boss fight essentially turns the game into a clunky platformer as the player tries and evade instant ends to their life — something that every Souls player dreads. At the end of the day, it's nothing more than a cheap boss fight with nothing great going for it.

1 STRONG: Ornstein And Smough (Dark Souls)

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Only Dark Souls is a game that can simultaneously have a weak boss fight (that still manages to be irritating) and one of the most iconic boss fight of all time.

The duo of Ornstein and Smough are incredibly fun to fight against.

One can only imagine the look of shock that most gamers had on their faces when they realized that they didn't have to fight one, but two people at once! The second phase of the fight is another surprise, all of which culminates to form an amazing boss fight that is only bested in the Artorias Of The Abyss DLC.

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