24 Console Game Characters We've Never Seen Cosplayed Before

These console game characters might not be cosplayed often, but when they are, it's incredible.

The world of video games is a very freeing and open realm. Gaming allows you to create your own worlds and meet new friends, all while providing an escape from reality. A lot of nerds out there hold a special place in their hearts for video games because of how therapeutic and beneficial they’ve been. Some have even taken their appreciation to the next level through cosplay. After all, cosplay allows people to bring their favorite gaming characters to life. Whether it’s a bought outfit or one that’s made, there is no right or wrong to cosplay.

With PlayStation, Microsoft, and Nintendo selling some incredible video game consoles, there really is no limit to what types of games people can play. Whether it’s on a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, you can play practically any game. And with all of those games that are currently out on console, there’s plenty of options for cosplayers to choose from. Maybe you enjoy lengthy RPGs like Persona 5 or Final Fantasy XV. Or maybe you enjoy the more simplistic titles like Overcooked! or Hollow Knight.

I hope these cosplays we look at today help you realize your full potential in the realms of creation and portrayal. And who knows? Maybe there are some cosplays on this list that you’ve never even seen at a convention before. Hopefully, this will inspire you to be a character that not a lot of people tend to cosplay as. After all, it’s not a bad thing at all to stand out on a con floor.

24 Samus - Metroid

via: pinterest.com

Metroid is a Nintendo series that’s still widely cosplayed from. However, a lot of cosplayers tend to gravitate toward the Zero Suit Samus outfit. It’s not as complex to put together, and who wouldn’t want to wear a comfy bodysuit? This Samus cosplayer is very impressive. Not only did they make the character’s main outfit, but it also lights up. This is a great armor build with a lot of time and effort put into it. I commend this cosplayer for all the work they put into this build.

23 Bayonetta

via: pinterest.com

For me, Bayonetta is a dream cosplay. Who wouldn’t want to be a witch with a sassy attitude and awesome heels with guns attached to them? This cosplayer is portraying the main character in her first original outfit. Everything about this cosplay is accurately detailed, even the weapons. She also looks so confident, which really does add to this cosplay. I also have to applaud this cosplayer for being willing to deal with such a long wig. We cosplayers know that long wigs are a pain to deal with.

22 Midna - Twilight Princess

via: pinterest.com

One of my favorite characters from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is Midna. She’s such a sassy character, and I think it’s fair to say that Midna is a fan favorite when it comes to sidekicks for Link. Here, we have the cosplayer greengreencat portraying the true form of Midna. She’s wearing a bodysuit to match the coloring for the character, and her headdress and outfit is perfectly detailed for Midna. Also, the location for this photoshoot is perfect.

21 Lana - Hyrule Warriors

via: nicacosplay.deviantart.com

Sure, it’s pretty common to see anyone cosplaying as Link, Zelda, or even Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda. But how about characters from the fighting game Hyrule Warriors? Lana is an adorable, quirky young woman who uses spell castings in battle. Nica Cosplay did an excellent job with this outfit. It’s accurately and beautifully detailed to match Lana. I also love the editing that has been done here. Since she uses a tome, it only makes sense that pages are scattered about like this.

20 Cloud - Final Fantasy VII

via Gamers Heroes

It’s pretty common to see cosplays from Final Fantasy VII at a convention, but it’s nice to see different takes on the characters. Some decide to cosplay the characters as the original graphics portray. On the other hand, cosplayers, like this gorgeous Cloud portrayer, take on sexier takes on the character. This isn’t revealing at all, but it also fits the character design for Cloud in his Advent Children outfit. It’s a classy take, and it’s definitely something I could see Cloud wearing if he were a female.

19 Genesis - Final Fantasy VII

via wkwebsite.deviantart.com

All right, now I get to discuss one of my favorite characters from the Final Fantasy franchise. Genesis from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a SOLDIER who eventually transforms into a monster. His story is pretty tragic, but he is also prone to jealousy, feeling like he’s constantly in Sephiroth’s shadow. WKWebsite Cosplay did a great job with this cosplay, and the editing effects on the sword look phenomenal. The pose is also serious and really fits Genesis’ character.

18 Mega Man

via Adafruit Blog

Mega Man is a game series that’s been around since the birth of video games. So of course, a lot of people have cosplayed as the titular character. However, as new content comes in, it seems that Mega Man cosplay has diminished in popularity from the convention scene. Thankfully, there’s always at least one cosplayer from the video game franchise at any con you go to. This cosplayer did an awesome job with this build. It looks so shiny and perfectly sculpted.

17 Persona 5

via youtube.com

What’s awesome about the latest game in the Persona franchise is that it’s not too costly to put together a squad for it. All of the characters from Persona 5 have really cool outfits, along with neat masks to boot. Here, we have a group of cosplayers portraying Haru, Futaba, Makoto, Yusuke, Ann, Ryuji, and Ren. The pose is so perfect and it really does a good job of showing off details in each of these cosplayer’s outfits. I love how there’s a Morgana plush also included in this picture.

16 Ellie - The Last Of Us

via imgur.com

Okay, nobody hate me, but I have yet to play The Last Of Us. However, I do know a bit about it, and I did watch the trailers for its upcoming sequel during E3. So I definitely understand why this game has such a following. And because of that, it really makes me wonder why we don’t see more Ellie or Joe cosplayers at conventions. After all, it’s not like it would be a hassle to throw together an outfit.

15 Xion - Kingdom Hearts

via bexxin.deviantart.com

As weird as this might be for some to hear, Xion is my favorite character in the Kingdom Hearts series. 358/2 Days was the first game I played, and I just became so attached to her character. So of course, I always get very excited whenever I see a Xion cosplayer at a convention. Thankfully, it’s also very easy to cosplay as Xion, or any Organization XIII member for that matter. All you really need is a black jacket and a wig and weapon to match the character you wish to portray.

14 Kairi - Kingdom Hearts

via twitter.com

When it comes to Kingdom Hearts cosplay, it’s pretty common to see a lot of people cosplaying as playable characters like Sora, Riku, Roxas, and Aqua. But where’s the love for Kairi at? I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more cosplay of her because of her adorable new design for the upcoming game. But here’s Madison Kate portraying Kairi in her Kingdom Hearts II outfit. If you’re looking to cosplay from Kingdom Hearts, I definitely recommend cosplaying as Kairi.

13 Yu Narukami And Izanagi - Persona 4

via youtube.com

Persona 4 is thankfully still widely cosplayed from, and for good reason. Even though Persona 3 is a really good game, the fourth entry in the series was the most groundbreaking. It’s relatively common to see people cosplaying as characters like Yu Narukami, Chie, and Rise, just to name a few. But it’s pretty rare to see people cosplaying as the characters’ Personas. This Izanagi is absolutely fantastic. I love cosplay photos like this that show the character posing with their Persona.

12 Aigis And Metis - Persona 3

via moonxfarron.deviantart.com

I’ll admit that I have yet to play Persona 4, but I did finish Persona 3. It’s such a fantastic game, and I highly recommend it. However, the final boss is pure torture, so there’s just a little bit of a warning for you. Here, we have two cosplayers portraying robots Aigis and Metis. The two are sisters, and Metis is very devoted to protecting Aigis. I really want to cosplay as Metis someday, so it’s really nice to see a cosplay of her.

11 Kratos - God Of War

via insainelvenmaiden.deviantart.com

Kratos has become even more of a common character to see on a con floor because of the latest God of War game. Heck, every once in a while, you might even see an Atreus as well. However, based on my own personal experiences, it’s pretty rare to see somebody do a gender bent version of Kratos. The makeup here is fantastically done, and the outfit definitely seems like something a female Kratos would wear. This cosplayer also just screams confidence to me, and I love that.

10 Lightning - Final Fantasy XIII

via facebook.com/alysontabbithaofficial

I feel like I never shut up about the Final Fantasy franchise, but there’s a good reason for that. There’s such a wide variety of games, each with their own cool stories and unique characters. Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII is no exception to that. Here, we have the ever amazing Alyson Tabbitha portraying the titular character. Her makeup skills are always spot-on, fitting the character accurately. All of her cosplays are also made with cheaper materials that don’t destroy a wallet.

9 Silent Hill - Nurses

via RagemoreRoberts.deviantart.com

Now, I have yet to play a Silent Hill game because I’m honestly very terrified to do so. I’m not a fan of horror games, yet I have a pretty easy time watching others play them. Thankfully, it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to put together a Silent Hill cosplay, especially if you want to portray one of the creepy nurses. Just age and bloody up a dress, shoes, and headpiece. Then you’re all set to spook the daylights out of some con attendees.

8 Assassin’s Creed Group

via timeyWimey-007.deviantart.com

It’s always fantastic to see Assassin’s Creed cosplay groups as big as this one. Cosplay groups, in general, are fun to be a part of. And each and every one of these costumes stands out in their own way. Like a lot of other video game franchises, there’s plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Assassin’s Creed. These cosplays haven’t diminished from the con scene just yet, so let’s hope that cosplayers out there continue to portray these cool characters.

7 Star Fox

via: pinterest.com

So I honestly didn’t realize this until I looked at the picture better. But here is Jessica Nigri cosplaying as Fox from Nintendo’s Star Fox series. Honestly, I never knew that she had cosplayed as Fox before. This must be one of her older cosplays. Anyway, I do love seeing how cosplayers choose to portray anthropomorphic characters in humanized forms. That alone takes creativity to figure out how you want the design to look. She even kept some of Fox’s anthropomorphic traits included here, such as his tail and ears.

6 Star Fox Squad

via nerdist.com

Continuing with the Star Fox discussion, here’s a fantastic group cosplay of Fox, Falco, Slippy Toad, and Peppy Hare. These cosplayers also humanized the four anthropomorphic characters, each in their own unique way. A couple of the cosplayers used makeup to make their characters even more distinguishable. The Fox cosplayer even used fake teeth to represent the character even better. And of course, the poses and scenery help the picture stand out even more. Posing and backdrop are both very important when it comes to cosplay.

5 Lara Croft

via EnjiNight.deviantart.com

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all pretty familiar with who Lara Croft is as a video game character. She’s bold and fearless, not letting any type of obstacle get in her way. And because of her more rugged look, this makes Lara pretty easy to cosplay as. With so many Tomb Raider games, there’s plenty of options for cosplayers to choose from. Here, we have Enji Night in a brown top and shorts, adorned with belts and gun holsters.

4 Raiden - Metal Gear

via youtube.com

How have we come this far without me mentioning Metal Gear? I’m so disappointed in myself. Personally, I think that Metal Gear cosplays are also declining in popularity, and I don’t really understand why. But occasionally, you might be lucky and see a rare gem on the con floor, like this Raiden. The armor pieces are excellently well done. So much detail went into them. I’ll be honest. I’d probably be spooked if I ran into this guy in a dark alley.

3 Super Smash Bros.

via sweetnorthwind.deviantart.com

I really got curious when I decided to Google Super Smash Bros. cosplay, and I was not disappointed in the least. All four of these cosplayers are portraying fighters from Smash Bros. To make it more evident they’re from the popular fighter game, they used wiring and foam to create a type of headband to wear in order to signify what player number they are. That simple detail alone is very unique and really helps make these cosplays stand out.

2 Link - Minecraft

via CharmandersFlame.deviantart.com

Minecraft cosplay is pretty common. It’s not rare to see somebody cosplaying as a pixelated Creeper or one of the avatars. What does make Minecraft cosplay really unique is when it combines itself with other franchises. In this case, here we have somebody cosplaying as Link from The Legend of Zelda, imagined as an avatar from Minecraft. It’s a very interesting idea that really stands out at a convention. There’s also another Link cosplayer accompanying them, too. Go team cosplay!

1 Sonic

via The Outerhaven

And last but not least, here’s an awesome Sonic cosplayer. This is a very cool humanized take, and I always enjoy seeing how people decide to portray characters like this. The cosplayer even decided to create a gold ring as a prop. Props really can help make or break a cosplay, and it’s always a bonus to have props that are related to the character you’re cosplaying as. Also, makeup really can help a cosplay stand out as well.

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