Furry: 30 Non-Human Console Game Characters Reimagined As People

Fan artists have reimagined their favorite console game non-humans as people — and it's amazing.

Why would you want to play a human in a video game when you can be a dragon or a hedgehog? It’s like when you choose the human race in an MMO and all the other players are like, “Why?”

While we love games with inhuman characters like Garrus from Mass Effect or Bowser from the Mario franchise, there is that little question of, “But what if they were human?” What if they had human skin, human clothes, and human eyes? What would they look like? Would we still recognize certain aspects about them? What aspects about them would translate into their human form? For example, Sonic the Hedgehog would definitely have to have spikey hair and Kirby will have to be very pink.

On this list, there are many different styles of these characters made human. There is anime, cartoon, and then there are a couple more realistic looking ones that you can imagine meeting in a coffee shop. Console games may not get as big as My Little Pony by making their own human alternate universe, so we are going to have to settle for this fan art. We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we loved finding them.

30 Garrus From Mass Effect

via: deviantart.com/liquid-skin

While a lot of fans love that you can romance aliens in the Mass Effect series, some prefer someone a little closer to home. With Garrus being a fan favorite though, those players probably wished he was human.

His iconic headpiece and face paint is all the artist needed to make him recognizable to fans.

From which game is this human Garrus from though? In two, his facial scars would probably be even more noticeable. Being human might take away the fun awkwardness at the beginning of his romance with Shepard.

29 Bowser

via: snailofapproval.tumblr.com

It’s easy to picture a human Bowser as a leader of some sort of biker gang. The artist was clever to keep Bowser's appearance by having him wear a biker jacket where spikes and other accessories are seen are normal. Bowser is a guy who overdoes everything, so overdoing his outfit with not just a biker jacket, but cowboy boots suits as well, suits his character.

With how many Mario games there are, we would not be so surprised if a humanized Bowser ever made an appearance in the future.

Art was done by snailofapproval.

28 Ms. Pac-Man

via: kotaku.com.au

Here’s a character you probably were not expecting to see a humanized version of on this list. What is Ms. Pac-Man? Animal? Alien? We don’t know, but she is certainly not human in the games!

This fan art is very unique in style. It’s almost like it can be found in a coffee shop or sold at an auction and some people would want it despite not knowing that it’s Ms. Pac-Man. It’s colorful and cute enough that non-gamers would want this hanging in their kitchen or bathroom.

Art was done by Melissa "Axelhoney."

27 Shadow The Hedgehog

via: deviantart.com/salaiix

What’s more fun to watch than a hero? An antihero. Shadow is like the Vegeta of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, so he’d make an incredibly interesting human antihero.

His necklace in this art is like a Chaos Emerald from the games.

His spiked hair and dark colors are perfectly suited for a human form while also symbolizing what made him unique as a hedgehog. That cockiness he is known for is also well translated into this characters position and expression.

Art was done by salaiix.

26 Prince Sidon

via: deviantart.com/x1yummy1x

From The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Prince Sidon of the Zora people easily captured fan hearts with his consistent confidence and positive attitude. Fans even swooned for this shark-man, so of course, he has been drawn as a human. The artist was attentive to make his clothes and hair match his fins. The confident pose he does like he does in the games is also cute. Even without connotation, his design looks like a prince. This would make a superb cosplay.

Art was done by x1yummy1x.

25 Spyro

via: deviantart.com/jackarais

This Spyro is punk and has a fascination with lighters.

The artist for this piece wrote, “He (Spyro) had this sense of wit and virtue while still being a little troublemaker, and I always thought that was cool.

"I thought it only appropriate that a human version of him would retain all these qualities, and judging from his behavior and the fact that throughout the first three games he was only just learning how to fly and headbutt things, I always assumed Spyro was still a teenager.”

Art was done by jackarais.

24 Aloha Pokémon Starters

via: pinterest.com

Cute covered these three Pokémon already, but these anime human renditions are just as adorable. These three Litten, Popplio, and Rowlet kids look like they could be in late elementary or early middle school. It would be easy to cast these three in a magical girl scenario, especially with their varied personalities and elements.

Litten is the quiet and strong one, Popplio is the hyper clown, and Rowlet is the kind and book-smart one.

A favorite of this piece is definitely the translation of Rowlet’s feathers and rounded appearance to a dress. Take notes cosplayers!

23 Crash And Coco

via: deviantart.com/akemimi

For those who do not know what a bandicoot is, it’s like a funky rat from Australia. He’s a difficult character to imagine as a recognizable human, but the artist did a good job by keeping that crazy facial expression of his.

The artist wrote, “I had a hard time deciding how old they should be; eventually I thought 15-16 ish would be good considering how Crash's girlfriend is (was?) Tawna."

"I have to say I like the idea of having Aku Aku as a lucky charm pendant kind of thing.”

Art was done by akemimi.

22 Mipha From Zelda

via: deviantart.com/rossinicrezyel

This piece is titled, “What if Mipha was Hylian?” so she technically is not human in this fan art. However, Hylians are basically the human of Hyrule, so we are letting that slide to show you this beautiful Mipha. “Before I draw her, I thought that what if Mipha is a Hylian.

"She has a courageous heart and willing to protect Link no matter what, which I thought is very sweet,” wrote the artist.

Despite no longer being a Zora, this Mipha is certainly unmistakable to recognize.

Art was done by rossinicrezyel.

21 Mordin Solus From Mass Effect

via: pinterest.com

Not so much of a “Scientist Salarian” anymore, this humanized Mordin Solus actually looks a ton like Arcade Ganon from Fallout: New Vegas. What’s up with that? The glasses are an interesting touch because they seem to be outputting information he can read. Being human would change Mordin’s character a lot because then he probably would no longer be involved with the genophage. The genophage was primarily a Salarian thing and happened before humans were added to galactic politics. His lifespan also doubles as a human!

20 Diddy Kong

via: pinterest.com

From the Donkey Kong series, this spider monkey is Donkey Kong’s nephew and best friend, also known as a “nephew wannabe” as it states in the manual for Donkey Kong 64. As you may have noticed with a lot of this fan art, many artists keep the ears and tails of these characters. This is probably because we are short on what makes them recognizable. That’s certainly true for Diddy Kong. The clothes and hair color may not be enough to keep him recognizable.

19 Gabriel From Drakengard 3

via: zerochan.net

Drakengard 3 is a crazy game that led up to Nier: Automata. That’s right, we went from dragons in a fantasy world to a post-apocalyptic wasteland that is inhabited by machines. Gabriel a dragon from Drakengard 3 that protects the main antagonist, One.

This is a controversial subject, but dragon people might be more awesome than plain dragons.

The artist did not completely humanize Gabriel and he got to keep his wings and some scales, giving him a really awesome look.

18 Fox McCloud From Star Fox

via: deviantart.com/jackettt

In terms of the style of this art, the artist wrote, “I don’t really understand it when people draw Fox in human form; he always has to be some tiny, cute, pretty boy. He leads a galactic team of mercenaries, that’s awesome, right? I don’t know how I’d feel if some uke-shota-bishounen fox boy came flying in an Arwing to save the day. And then I realized, I could draw. And this happened.”

He’s no fancy anime boy, but that does not mean he isn’t pretty to look at!

Art was done by jackettt.

17 Wrex From Mass Effect

via: deviantart.com/ladyavali

A lot of the humanized alien characters from Mass Effect fan art take the more realistic route, and they are amazing looking. Wrex is a very old mercenary who comes from a race called the Krogan, who are all known to be battle-worn tanks.

This humanized version is amazing because he still looks just as battle-scarred and intimidating.

The detail of muscle in his neck is enough to know you do not want to wrestle with this man. Keeping the armor was a good call to make this character unmistakable.

Art was done by ladyavali.

16 Sonic The Hedgehog

via: pinterest.com

This cute anime rendition of Sonic has his power sneakers and white globes that he wears in his original form. Like a lot of the anime style fan art, this Sonic has kept his ears in his humanized form. This is partly because it will help us recognize him and also because it’s just cute. Animal ears are like an Otaku brand. This childish and cute looking Sonic being in the same universe as our humanized Shadow the Hedgehog would be pretty cool.


via: pinterest.com

Possibly one of the most famous antagonists in gaming, GLaDOS, is no animal or alien, but she certainly is not human. She looks nothing like a human. She has no eyes, legs, or mouth since she’s a computer. What if she was designed with a metal body though? Maybe that is possible in future games?

The artist kept a key component to GLaDOS’ design, her glowing yellow camera-eye. The wires make it seem like despite her humanized body, GLaDOS cannot get very far outside of her station.

14 Goombas From Mario

via: nintendask.wikia.com

Goombas are basically sentient mushrooms because the Mario franchise can do whatever it wants. Being sentient mushrooms, it makes sense that you only have to stomp on them in order to defeat them in the games.

These two Goombas are from a blog by comic artist, Hollarity.

There is actually a lot of information about her characters too. The tall one in Goombert and the short one is Goombrianna. They are siblings that are eight years apart. To learn more, look up askthegoombas.

Art was done by Hollarity.

13 Isabelle From Animal Crossing

via: pinterest.com

When Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out for the 3DS, Isabelle the dog secretary quickly won the hearts of many fans. This anime girl version of her definitely captures that happy-go-lucky attitude that made her so popular to the fandom.

Not much would change in the game if everyone just became human for a day. Maybe Nintendo should make that a weird Animal Crossing holiday. Or maybe there could be a witch character that can curse your villagers to be human for a time.

12 Donald And Goofy From Kingdom Hearts

via: deviantart.com/shiroineko-sama

Oh boy, Donald Duck actually is wearing pants. What is striking about this artist’s choices is...why are Donald and Goofy young? They are definitely way older than Sora. If we think about it enough, doesn’t Goofy even have a son?

These guys are probably in their 40s, despite their childlike behavior.

Their cartoonish voices coming out of those human forms would be crazy weird. They’ve been known to change forms in the games though such as in The Little Mermaid world and Halloween Town.

Art was done by shiroineko-sama.

11 Kirby

via: pinterest.com

Kirby is commonly referred to as a “he” but this girl Kirby is the cutest. Trying to turn a pink blob that eats everything into a human could have easily created nightmare fuel, but instead we got someone who looks like they could star in their own magical girl show.

We probably would not have known this was Kirby if not for the Japanese katakana writing on the art. There is actually a lot of art of this human Kirby out there!

10 Latios And Latias From Pokémon

via: pinterest.com

These twin legendary Pokémon seem suited for dressing like priestesses in their human form. In the movie about them, Latias was able to shapeshift, which means Latios can also probably change form.

So in theory, this art coming to life would be possible!

The colors and little details in the clothes and hair pay homage to Latios and Latias’ original Pokémon forms. Have you ever played a tabletop Pokémon game? These two in human form would be a cool tabletop idea.

9 The Able Sisters From Animal Crossing

via: pinterest.com

Sable, Mabel, and Labelle are porcupine sisters with a passion for clothes and design in various Animal Crossing games. The running gag is that since they are porcupines, they have an affinity for needlework. The colors, hairstyle, and clothes alone make these humanized versions of them pretty recognizable to any Animal Crossing fan. They even have Sables freckles, Labelle’s eye make-up, and Mabel’s blush! It’s hard to find any flaw in this piece of fan art. Even the personalities are shown a little with Sable’s shyness and Mabel’s more extroverted nature.

8 Marina From Splatoon

via: reddit.com

Marinna from Splatoon 2 is an octoling, which is like an octopus if they were a person. But that is still not human, so here is her as a human. What most makes her recognizable is her hair since having black hair with sea-green highlights on the end is pretty unique.

That’s not to say there are other details missing though, like the little beauty mark by her lips.

The floral jacket is not from her original design but it really adds some color and beauty to this fan art.

Art was done by hiiyuki.

7 Meta Knight From Kirby

via: deviantart.com/ffsade

This humanization is pretty unmistakable, since Meta Knight’s character is basically that mask alone. Meta Knight is a common and mysterious character in most Kirby games. He is popular with the fandom for his unpredictable nature and often unknown motives. It’s speculated that he’s the same race of being as Kirby, which are known as “poyo.” However, he would be an oddity to them since he’s not at all laid back like typical poyo. The artist nailed his cool and volatile look.

Art was donne by ffsade.

6 Morgana From Persona 5

via: pinterest.com

Morgana being a bratty little child makes sense. Sure, he thought being a human would give him a chance with Ann but it turns out being a human means being a kid! His shoes are the best part of this fan art.

The shoes are based off his Persona’s final form, which has wings on its feet.

Turning them into heelys only makes it better. Of course we cannot forget his iconic yellow scarf either. Now he can eat all the sushi and snacks that he wants.

5 Gregg And Angus From Night In The Woods

via: meadowruedraws.tumblr.com

Night in the Woods is a little gem of a game that feels like it was made to show the status of what being a millennial is currently like. It’s very memorable for its humor, its more serious moments, and its characters. Gregg and Angus are definitely memorable for their love for each other as well as opposing personalities with Gregg being a hyper bad boy and Angus being more calm and logical. It’s a very human game despite all the characters being animals.

Art was done by meadowruedraws.

4 Amaterasu From Okami

via: pinterest.com

Now Amaterasu is definitely a character who has been redrawn as a human by tons of fan artists. Maybe it’s because there is one ghost priest in the game who says he sees a beautiful woman instead of a wolf?

Whatever the case may be, most Amaterasu’s are drawn a lot like this one, young, white, and tattooed with the same markings she has in her game.

The magatama on her chest is a nice touch to pay homage to the game’s blatant Shintoism.

3 Flowey From Undertale

via: pinterest.com

With Undertale’s massive fandom, there is a whole library’s wroth of alternate universes out there when it comes to fan art, fan fiction, and fan-made games. “Humanfell” or “Humantale” is a tag or name the fans have dubbed these fan works. Sometimes Frisk is a monster in these as well. They usually same story, but all the monsters are humans. This would include the antagonist, Flowey. The smiling mask is certainly a creepy and well thought out detail for this character.

Artist is unknown.

2 Navi

via: deviantart.com/linkerbell

If Navi were this cute in the franchise, then maybe she would get less hate for being annoying in the fandom.

In fact, the artist of this wrote, “If you don't like Navi or think she's annoying please keep that to yourself! I happen to like all the Zelda fairies!”

The action of her struggling to hold an acorn only makes this Navi all the cuter. Her little vine and fairy jewelry is also a nice touch to add a little more color without ruining her blue glow.

Art was done by linkerbell.

1 Sans From Undertale

via: pinterest.com

Due to being the most difficult boss in the game while also being a comic relief character, there are tons of theories when it comes to Sans from Undertale. One such theory is that he is actually human, or at least was once human while other monsters never were human. One such piece of evidence is that it’s shown he can feel pain while his skeleton brother, Papyrus, does not. Another is that he’s the only monster not surprised to see the sun in the true ending. It’s an interesting theory to think and debate over.

Art was done by Grimm Barx.

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