30 Console Game Characters Reimagined As New Moms

For better or worse, most fictional characters are stuck in a state of limbo. Putting aside a handful of flashforwards, which might or might not be predictive, The Simpsons' children seem destined to forever repeat the same grade. Life is unpredictable and change is unavoidable, but these static personalities are protected time. In a world filled with ambiguity, Mario's eternal mustache gives comfort.

In one way or another, parenthood plays a part in most people's lives. Whether participating as the adult or the child, few relationships compare to that between a mother and her baby. With the exception of a small minority of indie studios, parenthood is simply not a subject that is discussed by the industry. Considering most games tend to be targeted towards children, teenagers, or young adults; the protagonist is typically written to be around the same age as the player. As a consequence, they are practically never in a situation that allows for the inclusion of a child. Link and Lara Croft have been true dozens of adventures, but parenthood seems unlikely to ever be among them.

As Nintendo hesitates to expand Hyrule's royal family, fans have proven to be more than willing to seize control of the situation! Here are 30 console game characters reimagined as new moms!

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30 Gaming Royalty

Via deviantart.com/luigisister

Who better to inaugurate this list than gaming's first lady? Technically, Princess Peach and Mario have never outright dated, but Super Mario Bros. loves to hint at the possibility of a future relationship. Sweet to a fault, Peach tends to share her affection with various people, so Mario might just be looked upon as a close friend. Giving birth to a daughter who is a spitting image of the Princess, luigisister seemingly got tired of waiting for Nintendo to pull the trigger! The Mushroom Kingdom's future is secure.

29 Team Rocket's Flying Days Are Over

Via deviantart.com/jezrocket

Jezrocket's couple deserves a reward for being the only worthwhile aspect of Pokémon's anime. Hilarious and infinitely quotable, Team Rocket are comfortably the highlight of any given episode. Considering their routine is beyond formulaic, it is truly a testament to Jessie and James' larger-than-life personalities that they continued to be entertaining. Out of Pokémon's various potential couples, Team Rocket's duo makes the most sense. We doubt Team Rocket's obsession with catching Pikachu is particularly healthy, but maybe they are just overcompensating.

28 Aerith Deserves A Happy Ending

Via deviantart.com/roxasandnaminelove

Normally, a protagonist is allowed a single love interest to pursue; after all, true love only comes along once in a lifetime. In this respect, Final Fantasy VII is rather unique. Cloud instantly falls in love with Aerith, and these feelings are by no means fleeting or shallow. For all intensive purposes, they were meant to be together. Sadly, fate had other plans. This is not to invalidate Tifa and Cloud's mature relationship, but they would not have ended up together in an ideal world. If Aerith's future was slightly less grim, roxasandnaminelove's art would be imitating reality.

27 A Smashing Catch

Via deviantart.com/lucarioshirona

If one successful Nintendo series leaves you wanting, then, why not throw a couple into a pot and see what sticks? Clearly, licensing and continuity mean little to LucarioShirona. When displayed next to each other, the similarities between Pokémon's Cynthia and Super Mario Galaxy's Rosalina are unavoidable. Frankly, they could pass for sisters! In comparison with Rosalina, Cynthia is a relatively minor character, but they are both depicted as deeply caring people who are protective of those around them. Under the parental guidance of a Gym Leader and the mother of the Lumas, Cynthia and Rosalina's children have the potential to change the world.

26 Finally, Misty And Ash Grew Up!

Via deviantart.com/maimai97

What drives Ash to journey across continents in search of wild animals to catch? The simple answer is that he wants to be the greatest trainer of all time, but there has to be more to it than such a basic goal. Stubborn but generally warm-hearted, a 10-year-old Ash is allowed to go on a rather directionless adventure by his mother. Unlike other cartoons pivoting around a child hero, Ash is not destined to save the world from some unspeakable evil. He is merely a kid with a dream. Acknowledging that the similarly aged Misty is already a Gym Leader, Kanto seems to care little about child endangerment. As adults, maimai97's couple would be nothing short of hypocrites if they refuse to let their children fight legendary creatures on the peak of a snowy mountain!

25 The Slow Lane

Via deviantart.com/rx-blackhowling

When romance is involved, Nintendo loves to play coy, but Sega prefers a more direct approach. As Sonic sprints through life without extending much credence to those around him, Amy Rose acts as an anchor to try and calm the hedgehog down. The protagonist's self-proclaimed girlfriend, Amy has never shied away from acknowledging her feelings for Sonic, but they seldom amount to anything more than a crush. A domesticated Sonic would have felt out of the place during the EXTREME '90s, but things have changed considerably since the era of grunge. RX-BlackHowling's future is now!

24 Advent Children

Via deviantart.com/chibiasta

Technically, Tifa does not have any biological children, but a family amounts to more than just blood. Following the events of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud and Tifa adopt Marlene and a boy named Denzel. As the former struggles with depression and leaves 7th Heaven to partake in a mission, Tifa is essentially pushed into the role of a single mother. Unsurprisingly, this sidelines the awesome fighter for the majority of post-Final Fantasy VII projects, but Tifa never stops supporting Cloud. Happily ever after might elude Final Fantasy VII's heroes, but Tifa experiences moments of happiness.

Art by chibiasta.

23 Mercy & The Reaper

Via deviantart.com/splashbrush

On the surface, Mercy appears to be among Overwatch's most righteous characters. Dedicating her life to helping wounded soldiers abandoned on the battlefield, the angelic healer's methods did not always align with Overwatch's goals. Quite a number of fan theories paint Mercy as the true villain, but Blizzard is unlikely to ever truly confirm these assumptions. In a timeline not defined by conflict and turmoil, SplashBrush's wholesome family portrait could have been a reality; however, who wants to play a game set in a 1950s sitcom? On second thought, Blizzard make that happen!

22 A Gym Leader's Day Off

Via deviantart.com/ngrizzy

NGrizzy's adorable creation might be the most unrealistic entry in this entire article! Pigs will fly across a fiery sky before Pokémon allows Ash to grow up. Nintendo's JRPGs predate the anime, but both franchises left a substantial impression on the zeitgeist of the late 1990s. Fondly remembered as Ash's first female companion, Misty is comfortably among the anime's most beloved personas. Unlike the main cast, the passage of time has affected the Gym Leader. After all these years, Misty has presumably moved on from Ketchum, but all roads lead back to Kanto.

21 Hyrule's Royal Family

Via deviantart.com/zilia-k

With Ganon's repeated attempts to establish a new dark age, Hyrule is not the safest place to settle down. Unfortunately, Zelda's royal status prevents the Princess from venturing to greener pastures. Regardless of the dangers encountered by the kingdom, Zelda will always be there to face the thunder. Acting as her sword, Link has proven to be a rather loyal follower and would do anything to protect Hyrule's ruler. Even though the world seems to be perpetually coming to an end, zilia-k earnestly believes in a tomorrow soundtracked by the stomps of tiny Hyrulean feet.

20 Nintendo's Forgotten Princess

Via deviantart.com/princesa-daisy

Princesa-Daisy's name lives up to expectations. Published on the Game Boy, Super Mario Land substituted the Mushroom Kingdom's Princess Peach with Sarasaland's Princess Daisy. In retrospect, the change amounted to little more than a skin swap, but Daisy has appeared in over 50 games since her debut. Despite amassing a resume dwarfing the likes of Lara Croft or Samus Aran, the brunette firmly resides within Peach and Rosalina's shadows. As the ultimate player 2, Luigi should be more than capable of sympathizing with Daisy's situation. 

19 Mass Effect's True Ending

Via deviantart.com/kaymarierose

Putting aside the controversial ending and Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare's ambition cannot be faulted. Besides constructing a deeply engaging plot with ramifications extending to the entire universe, Mass Effect also has a couple of neat romance options. Modeled after Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Lawson was definitely the most marketable addition to the Normandy' crew. Introduced in the second game, Commander Shepard has the option to pursue a romance with Miranda, although that is not really saying much. BioWare's ending left little room for love, but kaymarierose's prediction is too sweet to ignore!

18 Mother Aran

Via deviantart.com/brokenteapot

BrokenTeapot's Samus is undoubtedly adorable, but the bounty hunter hardly seems like the maternal type. Obviously, parents arrive in all shapes and sizes, but Samus is a thrill-seeker. Preferring to let her actions speak for themselves, Aran is a hardened soldier who is repeatedly tasked with eradicating an entire planet's civilization. Settling down just does not appear to be a priority. After reducing the Metroid population by a couple million, Samus might have finally begun to question her actions. Is there such a thing as a good Metroid?

17 Mama Used To Be A Street Fighter

Via deviantart.com/suu-li

Suu-Li's realistic painting is a sight to behold. Experimenting with unique styles is one of the biggest benefits of unofficial fan creations. After the fifth entry's publication, rumors spread suggesting Capcom considered transitioning Street Fighter towards a more photorealistic aesthetic. As time would tell, Street Fighter V stuck to the flashy 3D models seen in the previous entry, but fans are free to explore any and every avenue. Fittingly inspired by traditional Chinese paintings, Suu-Li's Chun-Li is a work of art!

16 Lulu Is Simply Glowing!

Via deviantart.com/chopstuff

Evidently, Final Fantasy attracts quite a dedicated fanbase of artists. Square Enix's influential property seldom produces a narrative that does not feature romance in some form or another. Out of the main series, Final Fantasy X pushed this particular element to the forefront. Yuna and Tidus' innocent puppy love hogged the vast majority of the spotlight, but Lulu and Wakka's relationship felt more realistic. Grieving from a loss that simultaneously binds and drives them apart, the older couple had to work to grasp Chopstuff's happy ending.

15 Princess Peach's Boys

Via deviantart.com/thebourgyman

Honestly, we are not quite sure whether TheBourgyman's Princess Peach is their mother or babysitter. Soft-spoken and optimistic, Peach's calm nature will be put to the test by Jumpman and the couple's two rugrats. Raising a child is undoubtedly a stressful endeavor, but Peach knows a thing or two about unpredictable situations. After a lifetime of being whisked away by Bowser to an undisclosed castle in a distant kingdom, raising a family should be a welcome change of pace.

14 Lara Explores Motherhood

Via deviantart.com/raccooncitizen

Lara Croft is an adrenaline chasing adult. Yes, she does love investigating tombs and discovering rare artifacts, but the adventurer cannot resist the call of the wild. If an unmapped jungle exists somewhere on Earth, Croft shall eventually appear to upset the land's status quo. Would a daughter change Lara's disposition? Evidently, Raccooncitizen's explorer is attempting to balance her home and work life, but Lara might be destined to repeat the sins of her father. Even if a child were to be born, Tomb Raider would merely be rebooted.

13 Diamonds Are Forever

Via deviantart.com/endless-rainfall

Introduced during the Diamond & Pearl series, Angie served as Ash's rival and the two trainers regularly got into minor spats. Sharing many personality traits with the protagonist, Angie could be described as a gender-swapped version of Ash. With 20 seasons and counting, Pokémon's main character has been partnered with dozens of potential suitors, but Endless-Rainfall's ship holds less water than most other pairings. While a relatively minor character, Angie proved herself to be Ash's equal and their banter led to some genuinely humorous moments.

12 A Worthwhile Fantasy

Via deviantart.com/hikaru135

Hikaru135's majestic hand-drawn tribute to the classic PlayStation JRPG is almost too beautiful for words! Even though Cloud could pass for a member of an adolescent boy band, the former AVALANCHE soldier is actually older than Tifa. A vital member of the resistance, Tifa comes across as far more mature than a typical 20-year-old woman. Hailing from the same hometown as Cloud, Tifa's empathetic personality made the girl a natural candidate to serve as the party's motherly figure. She has been raising a family for years.

11 Player 3

Via deviantart.com/carossmo

There are more important things in life than battling dragons and rescuing damsels. With the exception of Super Mario Land, Princess Daisy's appearances have been restricted to spin-offs. She has yet to feature in any console Super Mario, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will mark the character's playable debut in Nintendo's crossover series. At times, Daisy comes across as someone elected merely to pad out the roster, but the Princess deserves better than to be reduced to a placeholder. Thankfully, Carossmo's precious scene helps add depth to Daisy's thin backstory.

10 Zelda's Link

Via deviantart.com/sunney90

As The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's two-year anniversary casually approaches, Nintendo's RPG appears destined to go down as a future classic. A commercial and critical success, Link's latest adventure helped justify the Nintendo Switch's existence. Due to prioritizing exploration and freedom over a focused narrative, Princess Zelda had to accept a more minor role than usual. Nevertheless, The Legend of Zelda cannot exist without the eponymous character. Link might be expected to handle the heavy lifting, but Zelda is the franchise's emotional core.

Art by Sunney90.

9 Apparently, Lightning Can Be Tender

Via deviantart.com/serenakaori87

Just barely dodging a detour through uncanny valley, SerenaKaori87's tribute sheds light on a side of Lightning's personality that tends to remain hidden from the public. Stoic to a fault, Lightning is introduced as an almost unemotional protagonist who only cares about getting revenge, but the hero gradually opens up as Final Fantasy XIII progresses. Extremely protective of Serah and Hope, Lightning might make for a rather overbearing mother, but there would be no doubting the baby's safety. We just pity anyone who takes a romantic interest in Lightning's child.

8 The Mushroom Kingdom's Heir

Via deviantart.com/ninpeachlover

Debuting in 1985's Super Mario Bros., Princess Peach's face is stamped across every fan art community. Even if the character's contributions chiefly amount to not being in a specific castle, Peach's legacy is written in stone. Unless someone is familiar with Super Princess Peach, the Mushroom Kingdom's ruler is unlikely to be nominated as a strong role model, but Nintendo's heroine ranks among gaming's most identifiable female characters. Would Bowser change targets if Peach had a daughter? Or, would he just "invite" both of them to his castle?

Art by ninpeachlover.

7 A Croft Residence

Via deviantart.com/wolfshadow14081990

Lara Croft typically works alone, but she seems willing to make an exception for Resident Evil's Chris Redfield. Whether battling hordes of zombies or Yamatai's ghostly monarch, these two gaming icons have proven to be rather resilient. By definition, crossovers are basically fanservice, therefore, the subgenre's popularity should come as no surprise. Opting to employ 3D models, WolfShadow14081990 birthed an adorable family portrait starring a pair of experienced heroes and a cute little baby. Going by their chosen garments, Chris looks set to be a stay-at-home father.

6 Yuna & Tidus

Via deviantart.com/hikariyumi92

After mentioning Lulu and Wakka, something would be amiss if Final Fantasy X's central couple failed to make an appearance. As the franchise's first voice-acted entry, Final Fantasy X boasts a fair share of cringe-worthy interactions between Tidus and Yuna. Regardless of these singular moments, the couple's overwhelming passion for each other was more than enough to pick at people's heartstrings. Even when faced with insurmountable odds, love finds a way to prevail. With Spira safe from Sin's wrath and Yuna leaving behind her days as an idol, hikariyumi92 could picture a day when the couple could finally start a family.

5 Samus' Mega Family

Via deviantart.com/ravinwood

A family born out of the remnants of multiple universes, RavinWood assembled a unit capable of bringing together Microsoft, Nintendo, and Capcom. As the maternal mother, Samus should be more than ready to shoulder the responsibility of spearheading such an impressive supergroup. Partnered by Halo's gender-swapped Master Chief, Aran can depend on Nicole-458 to have her back. Last but definitely not least, Megaman's Rock and Roll complete the collection. Even though they may resemble children, Samus' offspring are not the type to need protecting. Underestimate this family at your own peril!

4 Thief Of Hearts

Via deviantart.com/beagletsuin

Tired of Hyrule Castle's stuffy corridors and thrones, Zelda ventured out across the open sea to become the pirate queen. In order to elude suspicion, she changed her name to Tetra and formed a swashbuckling crew who respect her every command. The trick worked so well, Zelda even forgot her own identity! Admittedly, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker's story is slightly more complicated, but that is the essentially the gist of it. The game's cel-shaded art style has stood the test of time better than a couple of more recent entries in the series, and BeagleTsuin managed to successfully replicate The Wind Waker's aesthetic while leaving their own personal stamp.

3 Purple & Blue Mix Splendidly

Via deviantart.com/saphira24667

Saphira24667's awesome drawing truly captures the personality of Sega's talisman and his better half. Never shying away from an opportunity to swing around a mallet, Amy Rose can be rather headstrong and prone to violent outburst. Nevertheless, she remains one of the franchise's more agreeable personalities. Whether people like her or not tends to depend on the aspects of her character being emphasized, but Amy is unlikely to ever completely disappear. A blend of Sonic and Amy, the power couple's daughter could slip right into Sega's comprehensive roster of mascots.

2 Aerith's Unlocked Heart

Via deviantart.com/we-heart-sora

On paper, Kingdom Hearts should be a mess. Smashing together characters from Disney and Final Fantasy, Square Enix birthed a crossover that puts to shame the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kingdom Hearts opened the floodgates to a seemingly endless stream of crossovers. Unlike most other pictures that join together characters from different walks of life, We-Heart-Sora's creation has a minuscule chance of coming true. Just to be clear, we are not suggesting that Aerith might be Sora's mother, but the possibility is not completely out of the question. If nothing else, they exist within the same universe.

1 Zelda & Her Princess

Via deviantart.com/sigurdhosenfeld

The internet is not lacking for fan art. After searching through thousands of tributes, one cannot help but become jaded. You can only view so many Overwatch pictures before Battleborn starts to look enticing. Princess Peach and Zelda might be the most overrepresented gaming characters in the entire medium, but SigurdHosenfeld found a way to stand out from the crowd. Smooth as silk and incredibly sweet, Zelda is a natural fit as Peach's mother. Honestly, the Mushroom Kingdom's future queen is probably safer as a baby than an adult.

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