25 Creepy Console Game Easter Eggs No One Was Supposed To Find (And Where To Find Them)

Easter eggs in video games is used to evoke the idea of a traditional Easter egg holiday hunt. Players are able to embark on great adventures for intentional hidden jokes, messages, images, or sometimes even collectibles. Not only do Easter eggs appear in gaming, but in comic books and other realms of the media (like television shows and movies). Fans love a challenge, and what people love a challenge more than any other? Gamers. Easter eggs in gaming has hit the community by storm, players are investing hours and hours in finding the secrets and solving mysteries, making the gaming experience that little bit better.

Despite there being probably hundreds of thousands of Easter eggs across video games, there are many that we didn't expect to see or probably weren't supossed to find. If you're a horror fan, then these probably won't bother you so much, however any casual gamer playing a game where they think they're safe from all the scarce, are very wrong. We have found surprising Easter eggs in games we wouldn't never expected to see, so if you dare take yourself on a series of adventures that will make your heart pound and hands sweat, then take a look at the creepiest Easter eggs from an array of video games, and where to find them...

25 Unravel An Upsetting Mystery - Grand Theft Auto V

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There are probably more Easter eggs in GTA V than all video games combined (that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but there is there is so many in this game it's unreal) - and we love it!

Rockstar love to set us a challenge, even if it is solving a string of attacks. Merle Abraham is probably the creepiest character in the GTA franchise since Eddie Low in GTA 4. He committed eight eliminations in 1999, burying the remains in a secret place in San Andreas. There are various clues for players to find to solve the mystery, most written on walls by Abrahams himself...

24 Who Is She? - Pokémon X & Y

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We all know that Pokémon games can be filled with some creepy stuff. In Pokémon X and Y, there is an unsettling mystery that still hasn't been solved. In Lumiose City, when players enter a certain building, everything gets very eerie.

The music stops, the temperature drops, and lights begin to flash. What could this be?

Its the ghost of a young girl who will occasionally float by, whispering to players "No you're not the one..." as she passes by. Got goosebumps yet?

23 You're Not Alone - Hitman: Contracts

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The stealth video game was released in 2004, making the third instalment in the series. As players are sent to various locations to assassinate targets, never did they think they would come across an enemy that was already... a gonner. At the point in the game where players have to go to a hotel, they will stumble across a bathroom filled with red. Heading over to the mirror above the sink, players must stand there for a couple of seconds for a ghost to then appear. It won't attack, but players will be avoiding looking in mirrors after this one!

22 A Message From Far Far Away - Animal Crossing

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Animal Crossing is certainly not the type of game we'd think would feature anything creepy whatsoever, cause its so damn cute (and mainly for the younger generation).

It is said that nothing good happens after 2 am...

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there is a hidden message from aliens. If players own a television, and switches on the TV for 3:33 am, white noise will appear, along with weird creature-like and spaceship noises. The TV glitches for a while, before revealing the real-face of an alien. What's he trying to say?

21 Frightening Rifle Scope Discovery - Call Of Duty: Black ops II

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This unexpected Easter egg certainly did the job of scaring the living daylights out of players. Head to the roof of the penitentiary with your rifle equipped, and aim at the skies. Here you will come face to face (literally), with the face of a character from a previous DLC. It took us by surprise with its disfigured looks and screeching screams. Of course, it is twice as surprising given that you never expect to see something like this in Call of Duty.

20 Weeping Angels Are Watching - The Witcher III

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Remember the terrifying weeping angels that stalked the famous British doctor in the TV series, Doctor Who? He had to keep his eye on them, cause the minute he looked away, they'd be one step closer. Well, the same goes for Geralt in The Witcher 3.

To activate this Easter egg, players must complete the side quest 'The Monster in The Cemetery'. Turn in the quest once completed, and go back to the cemetery. There will be some stone angel statues that weren't there previously, and they won't do anything if you're looking at them. Keep your eyes peeled and watch your back!

19 Far Worse Than A Werewolf - Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

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Whilst travelling through the town of Tumbleweed, players will be familiar with the noise of a howling dog who never shows its face. Tumbleweed is a creepy town as it is, surrounded with some pretty unsettling things. If players head to the church (here the howling will get louder) in Tumbleweed, it is written on the pulpit "The devil has gotten into that beast" - we recommend not to hang out in this town at night, it could be anywhere!

18 Were There Really Giant Squids In Italy? - Assassins Creed II

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Assassins Creed II is the second major instalment in the series. Playing the role as Ezio during the height of the Renaissance in Italy during the 15th century, players embark on a quest for vengeance against those responsible for ending Ezio's family. The fictional historic storyline left us thinking there would never be a Easter egg as crazy as this one. In the Ancient Tomb under Santa Maria della Visitazione, there is a lever next to the water, after waiting here for around one minute, a cutscene will appear of a giant squid in the water. If Ezio looks down again, a second cutscene will reveal its giant tentacle springing from the water - eww!

17 Creepy Cavemen Creatures - Halo 3

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Halo is full of things to find. There are two common collectibles: intel and skulls. Amongst these however, there are hidden Easter eggs throughout the games which are a challenge to find. In Halo 3 (hidden in three locations) and Halo: ODST (in the epilogue cutscene by pressing the right stick), groups of caveman can be found.

Finding any of the cavemen will unlock the achievement 'Missing Link'.

In the level Sierra 117, you can find them across some rocks under a ledge where the Pelican is shot down, viewed with a sniper off some cliffs where players save the Sergeant and under the crook of a tree in the Charlie Foxtrot chapter.

16 Secret Room Of Ending - Skyrim

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This secret place can only be accessed by console demands, so it's possible that not many gamers have found it yet (if they have they probably wish they didn't). This room is actually a cell, the 'body cleanup cell' where basically all the characters encountered in the game that are slain, will appear. There are also entities walking around which is always nice. Enter if you dare (warning: Skyrim might crash).

15 Ghost Of Mount Gordo - Grand Theft Auto V

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Grab a plan and fly over the the north-eastern side of Los Santos, but only if you dare... Between the hours of 23:00 and 00:00 at the top of Mount Gordo (located at the bend of a path on the map) a ghost of a woman appears. She is the spirit of Jolene Evans, deceased wife of Jock Cranley.

What's she doing hiding up there?

If you approach her she will disappear, leaving a note on the rock that reads 'Jock'. Pretty creepy right? Not something you'd expect to find in a game like GTA V, but it seems they have covered just about everything, even horror!

14 Secret Ghostly Room - Call Of Duty: Finest Hour

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Finest Hour was one of the earliest installments of the Call of Duty saga. There were actually multiple secret rooms hidden throughout the single-player campaign. One is located in the underground passage level. Players will stumble across a door that can't be opened (unless you throw a couple of grenades at it). DO IT and this will lead you to a circular room that looks like it was built by some kind of cult. Another features a man playing the flute, surrounded by pictures of soldiers on the walls. The man fades away after a short while, and resembling a literal Call Of Duty: Ghost.

13 This Teddy Bear Isn't As Cute As You Think - Dying Light

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If you're brave enough to find this Easter egg then make sure you're on the quest 'Rupert The Gunsmith', to find this not-so-sweet teddy bear.

It may damage you, but you'll be rewarded. 

Located in the kindergarten of Old Town, the bear can be activated by pressing 'turn on', repeatedly until it explodes. After the explosion, you will be rewarded with the Status Field Projector - a grenade-like weapon that leaves enemies hovering in mid-air before being flown to the ground.

12 Don't Stop Believing - Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Beyond Shiverburn Galaxy, high up in the mountains, there is something watching, or somethings...You wouldn't expect this kind of easter egg whilst playing a Nintendo game, especially with the likes of Mario.

Do you believe in aliens? 

Supposedly these figures in the distance are meant to be trees, but they look like beings - supernatural beings. It is possible for aliens to be here considering Mario flies to outer space to stop the evil Bowser , but what do they want?

11 Peak-a-boo, Robbie's Watching You - Silent Hill 4: The Room

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The fourth instalment in the terrifying franchise follows Henry Townshed, as he attempts to escape from his locked down apartment. Throughout the game, Henry finds himself face-to-face with a whole bunch of ghoulish creatures from different supernatural worlds, and even a ghostly serial attacker. Other areas of the game are reached through holes in his apartment -  in the hole in his living room Henry can peak on his neighbour Elaine (which is a little weird itself). There is a Rabbit teddy named Robbie sat on her bed, when she leaves, and Henry continues to watch, Robbie turns and looks at Henry, and its freaky as heck!

10 Do You Dare Shoot The Water? - Resident Evil 4

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Resident Evil 4 ranks as one of the creepiest games in the history of video games, and there are a lot things in it that are guranteed to keep players awake at night. One enemy Leon wished he never stumbled upon is the Del Lago, a weird amphibian-like creature guarding the waters for the evil Lord Saddler. There's no way of avoiding him as hes the first boss in the game. However, shooting the water around 10 times away from the boat will spawn the Del Lago, flying from the water and eating Leon to his misfortune. He is eliminated, so it is the least rewarding Easter egg out there, but still pretty surprising and creepy.

9 Run For Your Life From The Slenderman  - Runner 2

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Runner 2 is definitely not the game for jump scares, acting as a colourful and fun 2D side-scroller that makes players run endlessly through the levels. The 'Bushwack' user course (every once in a while) features an Easter egg that made players heart skip a beat - the Slenderman. That's right, he appears in the level, and the screen even starts to glitch and twitch when hes coming for you. We can see why they put him there, as it very much encourages players to keep running through the game.

8 They Don't Sound Friendly Because They Aren't - Fable Franchise

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We were heartbroken when Lionhead Studios shut down, but its okay because Fable 4 has now been so heavily rumored, that it might as well be announced. Fable has been played by almost every gamer, and if it hasn't, then it must go on the list.

Choose to be a hero or a villain, saving or ruining the land of Albion. 

Throughout all three of the RPG games, there are demon doors hidden around the island guarding ancient relics and items. This one if for the explorers, as there is too many throughout the series to list where they are located. In order to get through the demon doors, they will have special requests you must carry out. Good luck!

7 The Library Ghost Reaper - Gears Of War: Judgement

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There is a ghostly reaper in the game, which players may or may not recognise. In order to find him, players must start a private match (recommended free-for-all), and choose the library level. Make sure to have the pistol equipped, along with frag grenades. In the library, there is a secret door that leads up some stairs (check all book cases). There is a ledge at the top of the stairs - throw grenades at it! A painting will fall down with a note. Now each of the creepy paintings dotted around the library will have a note below them players must shoot with the pistol. Once they have all been found, players must go back to where the first painting was, here the reaper will appear. Shoot again, and the battle will commence.

6 Hear YOUR Name Being Whispered - Black And White 2

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Players of this game were completely thrown off when the game started whispering their very own name through the TV. It has reported to have happened to many players worldwide, and forums have blown up as they're questioning how the game knows what their name is.

Is the game really haunted?

Black and White 2 is nothing like a horror game (nor is it in black and white...), but they added this tiny little Easter egg to scare the heebie jeebies out of us! Why?

5 Discover The Real Lost Island - Just Cause 2

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The open world action-adventure game features a hidden Easter egg that very few people know about. A perfect recreation of the island from the drama series Lost is hidden somewhere on the map, and it's creepily accurate.

If you're helicopter catches on fire, don't panic! 

Fly around the skies of the map, and at some point, you're helicopter will randomly catch fire and you will crash land on the secret island. It's so accurate, players even meet the soldier who is surrounded in smoke - he's always behind you no matter how fast you run or hide, which will sound familiar to Lost fans.

4 Did You Get The Plot Twist Hint? - Batman: Arkham Knight

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Around halfway through the game story, there is a cutscene where Oracle is unconscious in her wheelchair behind a window. Batman watches as her capturer (the Joker) appears, before she shoots the glass three times. Everything that happens here is just an illusion, so when she puts the gun to her head, there's no need to worry - she'll be ok!

After that scene happens, Batman can go back to the area. Here the Joker conducts a speech where he hints to the main plot twist saying that Commissioner Gordon is a primary suspect. Players can only see this happen if they go back to the area after the cutscene with Oracle, but before progressing any further in the main story mission. Most players wouldn't think to go back - a clever Easter egg.

3 Just A Harmless Stuffed Animal - Call Of Duty Series

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The teddy bear is a common Easter egg found across the majority of the Call of Duty games. Its first appearance is in Finest Hour, in the mission Underground Passage. The reoccurring stuffed animal remains a mystery as to why its included in the games, nothing really happens once you find one, except for if you shoot it, it will disperse in fluff like any normal teddy would. Gamers in the community have claimed the toy is in honour for someone who passed close to the developers of the games. Others claim they're to let players know the area is playable and not a glitch out of the map. They can be found almost anywhere throughout the games, some are even blood-stained which is discomforting...

2 The Ratman's Den - Portal 1 & 2

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The Ratman's dens can be found in both Portal games (5 in the first, and 7 in the second have been found so far). Its fair to say that Gladice has already freaked out the majority of us players, and makes us concerned for our future of technology. It only gets creepier...

Hidden across the chapters of the games are secret rooms with weird drawings on the walls, opened cans of food, and radios scattered across the ground - strange noises and voices can also be heard if the drawings are observed for long enough. We wouldn't want to stick around for too long...

1 Is That...Me? - Silent Hill 2

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Silent Hill is one of the top scariest series' in video gaming. Throughout the second game, players will see some very messed up stuff (like in all the games), and we didn't expect any less. Exploring certain areas of the environment around the map, players will stumble across bodies, but the twist is that they're are all exact replicas as your character James. There's nothing creepier than seeing a body, especially when its you... What could it mean for the fate of James?

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