Photo Mode: 30 Hilarious Pictures From Console Games That Are Too Funny For Words

Unlike movies and books, video games are unpredictable and different every time you replay them. Whether you’re battling AI, interacting with other players, or making choosing alternate paths in a choice-based game, you’ll always stumble across new scenarios and memorable moments. That’s why photo mode’s such a brilliant idea: photo mode allows you to capture your favorite moments and share them with the world.

Of course, photo mode isn’t always restricted to a game’s regular mechanics and scenarios. Some developers include special poses in photo mode. You can take your normal, serious, larger-than-life characters and turn them into dorks who pose for the camera just like we do.

A lot of modern games include photo mode. It’s a smart move; it adds hours of gameplay for interested players. Many video game companies who include photo mode also host photo mode contests. Players use this opportunity to create incredible photos! Sometimes those pictures are serious, gorgeous pieces of art; sometimes they’re hilarious moments that remind us why games are so entertaining.

The 30 hilarious pictures you’ll see in this article are all masterpieces. The “photographers” wonderfully use photo mode to set up the perfect picture. While players took most of these photos, some of the screenshots below were captured by the developers themselves. The developers use these carefully crafted photos to market their games. In some cases, they’re specifically using photo mode to advertise a game’s photo mode.

I hope these photos entertain you as much as they entertained me! Here are 30 console pictures that are too hilarious for words.

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30 This Poor Alien

via bungie.net

Today isn’t a good day for this poor Elite. No matter how fast you run, you won’t be able to outrun a Chopper.

Originally created by humans as a farming vehicle, the Chopper was redesigned by the Covenant army and ironically used against humans as a weapon. I can’t imagine how terrible it would be to fall at the hands of a Chopper. I’ve had nightmares about out-of-control farming equipment; now I’ll have nightmares about sci-fi farming equipment tilling this poor Elite.

29 Kratos Made A Friend!

via polygon.com

Kratos isn’t a particularly happy individual—unless you’re using photo mode! With a variety of poses and facial expressions available in 2018 God of War’s photo mode, Kratos and his son Atreus can pose for the perfect picture!

God of War didn’t originally include a photo mode. The developers took multiple pictures—including this one—and released them alongside their announcement of photo mode. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kratos happier! He’s so proud that he made a new friend.

28 I’ll Take The Submarine To Work

via reddit.com (HavocHQ)

Grand Theft Auto V is the perfect playground for silly players. Whether they’re hijacking helicopters, skydiving, or taking a yoga class, players do whatever it takes to produce the silliest, craziest scenarios.

But parking a submarine on land—that’s downright impressive.

HavocHQ achieved this impressive feat by manipulating a bug in GTA V. In their original post, HavocHQ said: “When you switch characters in GTA V, it puts the last vehicle you were in somewhere nearby.” So the game magically teleported the last character’s submarine into a nearby parking spot. Good luck getting it back in the water!

27 Is Ganondorf…Smiling?

via deviantart.com (BearTraveler)

I honestly can’t tell if Ganon’s infuriated or awkwardly posing for the camera. If I were the greatest villain of Hyrule, I would be mad. How dare Link take a selfie during their final battle!? Ganondorf worked really hard to set a dramatic stage, and Link’s ruining it with happy, carefree selfies!

Ganon’s usually completely evil, but in Wind Waker, he’s more complex. So I imagine he has enough honor to stop fighting until Link puts the camera away. If not, this is going to be a quick battle.

26 Daddy’s Private Book

via reddit.com (MrPogway)

The beauty of 2018 God of War’s photo mode is that you can change both Kratos’s and Atreus’s postures! Both Kratos and his son can hold a variety of poses and facial expressions. You can make them look epic—or you can make them incredibly silly as MrPogway’s done here!

Knowing Kratos’s carnal desires, I’m sure this book’s scarred Atreus.

While Atreus looks utterly horrified, Kratos combines horror with gritted teeth, as if he’s bracing himself for Atreus’s reaction. I’m guessing Atreus wasn’t meant to see whatever’s in Kratos’s secret book.

25 Sick Dance Moves

via inverse.com

Whoever paused Final Fantasy XV and captured this moment did an excellent job! I suspect someone hit Noctis and sent him sprawling across the stage, but it honestly looks like he’s dodging attacks instead. With lasers flying past him, Noctis looks like a dancer sliding past bullets and dispatching enemies with incredible grace. Or maybe he just thinks he’s moving gracefully. With such dramatic flourishes of the hand, I think Noctis might be overacting. He tries to add finesse to his dance moves, but that just makes his performance silly and hilarious.

24 Grand Theft Cow

via reddit.com (notmuchwbu)

As someone who takes few pictures, I don’t quite understand why people instantly pull out their cameras when they see something cool. Why take a selfie of a cool event when you could just enjoy it in the moment?

In this case, I completely understand why this guy from Grand Theft Auto V took a selfie. If he didn’t have a visible record, who would believe his story of a cow in a bulldozer?

notmuchwbu posted this screenshot with the title: “The steaks have never been higher.” That’s genius!

23 Merry Christmas, Bayonetta!

via nintendoeverything.com

This hilarious screenshot references the intro of Bayonetta 2, when Enzo carries Bayonetta’s Christmas gifts for her. Mario and Luigi do the same here. Perhaps they owe Bayonetta favors just like Enzo.

Nintendo used this screenshot to market Bayonetta in Smash Bros.

Just before Bayonetta and Corrin came out as DLC for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, Nintendo released multiple screenshots of the two new characters. Most highlighted their moves and outfits, but I appreciate that Nintendo included humorous pictures like this one.

22 Selfies With Statues

via funnyjunk.com (virtigo)

When you enter Hyrule Castle for the first time in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, the castle is frozen in time. Nothing moves in the black-and-white world—including the enemies. When time froze, this Moblin was caught in a peculiar pose.

For a statue, that Moblin seems awfully happy to see Link.

The Moblin’s eyes glow with life, as if it sees Link and wants nothing more than to eat him. You better watch out, Link—when you unfreeze Hyrule, that Moblin’s going to beeline straight for you.

21 They’ve Never Looked Scarier

via reddit.com (TomBodett)

Batman and Nightwing might be heroes, but they’re kind of creepy in this picture. They look like criminals who just robbed an armored truck. Or maybe they just defeated the criminals who stole this money. Either way, you don’t want to mess with these guys.

TomBodett took this screenshot in Batman: Arkham Knight’s photo mode and titled it: “Batman & Nightwing album cover.” I think this would make a great album cover—but I can’t picture Batman and Nightwing in a band. Perhaps Batman will finally put his gravelly voice to use with heavy metal.

20 Gladiolus Will Never Stop Dabbing

via inverse.com

I haven’t played Final Fantasy XV, so I actually have no idea if dabbing’s a genuine feature in the game’s photo mode. I suspect not…but I’ve seen so many dab screenshots that I’m not sure anymore.

If this isn’t a game feature, then I’m impressed. I’m not sure how players pull this off, but I’ve seen so many pictures of Gladiolus dabbing. Perhaps he’s bracing himself against an attack or against flying debris? I’m glad he protects his eyes with style.

19 Was It Worth It?

via youtube.com (Bowser Zeki)

Taking pictures in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is incredibly satisfying. Whether you’re capturing beautiful scenery or funny situations with monsters, photo mode’s a fun feature to mess around with.

Sadly, I didn’t know you could take selfies until after my first playthrough. Link hardly smiles in Breath of the Wild, so his happy selfies are absolutely adorable.

I don’t think he’ll be smiling afterward.

Lynels are arguably the most powerful enemies in the game. Now an angry Lynel’s standing right behind Link with weapons raised. But hey—at least Link got an awesome selfie with the Lynel.

18 Mario’s Best Friend

via twitter.com (Caith_Sith)

This awesome screenshot could be a movie cover! I can totally see Mario and his best friend going on danger-filled adventures. Together, they would explore the Wild West and save Princess Peach from gunslinger Bowser. I would love a game where every Goomba, Koopa, and Bullet Bill dresses as cowboys with hats, boots, bandannas, and steeds (I can’t decide if Yoshi would make a good Wild West steed or not). Nintendo’s already set a Super Mario game on a tropical island; now they just need to set a game in the Wild West.

17 Is She Trying To Look Scary?

via playground.ru

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has an incredibly entertaining photo mode. You can pause the game at any time and alter Chloe’s facial expression. I recommend playing through the game once to experience its untampered emotions. After that, you need to check out photo mode! Chloe’s expressions hilariously ruin the game’s darkest, most tense moments.

Chloe’s expression in the above picture is by far my favorite. In the actual game, Chloe and Sam watch in awe as Asav opens the way to Ganesh’s tusk. Now…I’m not sure what Chloe’s doing. I imagine she’s either shocked by what she sees or is trying to intimidate Asav.

16 Adding Insult To Injury

via neogaf.com (Scribble)

At the end of Wind Waker, Toon Link finishes Ganon by placing the Master Sword in his head. The mastermind behind this picture, Scribble, wonderfully parodies that scene in this screenshot from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Link readies a bomb to make sure Ganondorf disappears once and for all. Or perhaps he’s just adding insult to injury. After all, Ganon took Aryll, hurt (and stole) Tetra, and treated Link like a powerless child. This is what you get, Ganon!

15 One Little Master Chief Sitting In A Tree

via bungie.net

Obviously Master Chief isn’t normally as chill and carefree as in this picture. In order to hang from the tree branch, Master Chief must have lost all his HP and been thrown into the tree.

I wonder if this picture was a happy accident or a staged shot.

If somebody planned this, I wonder how long they spent trying to get the perfect shot. Getting Master Chief to hit the tree at just the right angle sounds challenging. But if this picture came about by accident, then it must have been a hilarious surprise to the players involved.

14 The Greatest Outfit In Uncharted

via pastemagazine.com

If you want to laugh the whole way through Uncharted 4 instead of immersing yourself in its serious story, you need to play in the Dive Suit skin. Uncharted 4 features unlockable skins for multiple characters. You can play through the game in a tuxedo or a laidback summer outfit—but why choose those when you can run around in scuba gear?

Whether he’s exploring ancient ruins, battling thugs in hand-to-hand combat, or eating pasta, Dive Suit Nathan never takes off his gear. Ever. If a flash flood hits, Nathan’s ready.

13 A Dangerous Cosplay

via twitter.com (n1Asuka)

Aloy worked hard to put together this cosplay! She had to not only buy the right outfit but also stand in just the right spot so it looks like she has wings. In reality, those are the wings of a Stormbird—one of the most dangerous machines in Horizon Zero Dawn!

I hope that’s a friendly Stormbird behind her…

If you find the right Cauldron, you can override the hardest enemies in the game, including Stormbirds. So hopefully Aloy overrode this Stormbird for a team-cosplay. Otherwise … that’s one angry Stormbird behind Aloy.

12 Why So Serious?

via playground.ru

I love how serious the two men are compared to Chloe in this screenshot from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The soldier couldn’t be more offended by Chloe’s childlike shenanigans.

I like to imagine that Chloe’s mocking the soldier while her companion silently backs her up. His smolder seems to say: “There’s more where that came from.” So don’t you dare mess with Chloe, or she’ll mess with you. She’ll embarrass you in front of all your friends. You’ve been warned.

11 Kirby Finally Has A Body!

via neogaf.com

I’ve always loved Kirby’s outfits in the Super Smash Bros. games! Kirby’s adorable all the time, but they’re especially cute in cosplay-like outfits. I particularly enjoy Kirby’s Samus outfit, as seen in the picture above. As a ball without a neckline, Kirby couldn’t separate the helmet from the rest of Samus’s armor, so they just went with the helmet.

Poor Samus must be suffocating beneath Kirby.

Whoever took this picture perfectly aligned Kirby and Samus so they became one being. I love it—but I doubt Samus likes having her head replaced.

10 Villain Of Time

via reddit.com (Zacko)

The Blood Moon in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is downright spooky. As if a blood-red moon isn’t scary enough on its own, the Blood Moon turns the entire sky red, casting Hyrule in an apocalyptic light.

Now Link’s just as creepy as the Blood Moon.

With depthless, lifeless eyes, the Fierce Deity Mask is almost as creepy as Majora’s Mask. So it’s only fitting that Link takes control of the moon while wearing the Fierce Deity Mask. I’m sure the Skull Kid would be very proud.

9 Is This Yours?

via entertainmentbuddha.com

When certain Smash Bros. characters abuse their long-range attacks, other players can get really annoyed. I usually don’t have a problem with it; in fact, I have a lot of fun using Toon Link’s boomerang. I hardly ever use arrows or bombs, but I see other players use them all the time.

Donkey Kong’s clearly tired of Toon Link’s bombs.

DK obviously caught Toon Link’s bomb. Now the angry Kong’s going to show Toon Link just how annoying bombs can be.

8 Enjoying Her Day Off

via technobuffalo.com

Kat has an incredible love for ice cream. When you eat ice cream in Gravity Rush 2, Kat eats it in just three bites! She starts out with a reasonable bite, looks around to see if anyone’s watching, and rapidly gobbles it up! It’s adorable.

The developers took this picture using Gravity Rush 2’s photo mode. They released this picture (and several others) soon before the game’s release to show us just how adorable, charming, and hilarious Kat can be.

7 Riding Into Battle

via kindafunnyforums.com (alanemcadams)

Aloy’s never looked cooler than in this epic screenshot taken by alanemcadams! Aloy rides into the sunset atop a massive Rockbreaker! In reality, you can’t ride Rockbreakers; alanemcadams must have taken this picture after defeating the Rockbreaker and hopping onto it.

Riding a Rockbreaker in the actual game would be amazing!

Sadly, you can only ride a few machines in Horizon Zero Dawn. As much as we would love to ride Rockbreakers, Thunderjaws, and Stormbirds into battle, riding such massive machines would make Aloy overpowered.

6 Nadine’s Had It With These Selfies

via reddit.com (AL2009man)

I have no idea what the original context of this picture is in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. In the final product, however, I like to imagine that Chloe’s taking a Snapchat selfie. I’ve stood in Nadine’s shoes many times: I’ve awkwardly stood by while my friends make bizarre faces for Snapchat. These bizarre faces pop out of nowhere, and they vanish equally quickly. It’s hilarious! Even though Snapchat makes me uncomfortable, I’m glad it so thoroughly entertains my friends. Hopefully, Nadine feels the same way.

5 Dragonman

via neogaf.com (Xbudz)

I’ve always loved optical illusions, so I appreciate when objects and people look out of proportion. The sky particularly skewers proportion and depth, as evident in this screenshot from Batman: Arkham Knight.

I love Batman largely because he doesn’t have superpowers. So imagining him as a massive superhero who’s larger than an airplane is…well, it’s creepy! That plane in front of him doesn’t stand a chance. Maybe Batman should change his name to “Dragonman.” The jagged wings and scale-like abs certainly resemble a dragon.

4 Not Again…

via insidethegame.it

Villager’s trip attack always cracks me up! This picture perfectly captures the attack’s silliness. Since Villager always wears the most endearing smile, I think the trip move is amazing! It turns his purposeful attack into a cute accident. Villager already feels out of place in Super Smash Bros. This move just emphasizes his peculiar adorableness.

In this case, I like to imagine that Villager was giving Link the plant as a gift. Link’s in pain, so maybe a plant will cheer him up. In his excitement, Villager trips and only worsens Link’s condition.

3 This Is Why People Hate Andromeda

via oneangrygamer.net

Fans immediately panned Mass Effect: Andromeda thanks to endless bugs, poor writing, and—above all—terrible facial animations. I can’t count the number of memes I’ve seen noting Andromeda’s lifeless, janky faces. In particular, fans love drawing attention to Sara Ryder (the female version of the main character) and Foster Addison.

See Addison in the above picture? She’s…well, I’m not sure what she’s doing. She could be trying her best to express sadness, or maybe she’s introducing a boring quest. Regardless, she’s clearly not enthusiastic about the topic or the person she’s talking to: her lifeless eyes aren’t even lined up with the other character’s eyes.

2 Here Comes The Smolder

via playground.ru

With rain, dramatic lighting, and nobody else around, I guess Chloe decided it was the perfect time to flirt with Nadine. So she combined her natural charm, suave demeanor, and puckered lips to seduce Nadine.

How could Nadine possibly resist that face?

This is one of many poses available for Chloe in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s photo mode. They’re all hilarious, but this player couldn’t have chosen a better face for this moment. Hopefully Nadine isn’t offended by Chloe’s upfront advances.

1 It’s A Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Super Mario!

via gaming.ebaumsworld.com

Super Mario Odyssey includes a huge variety of moves to reward adventurous players. Whether you’re a casual player trying out new moves or a hardcore speedrunner completing a course in record times, you’ll have fun exploring Odyssey’s worlds.

Unfortunately, no move lets Mario fly on his own.

Cappy allows Mario to take over flying enemies like Bullet Bills, but Mario himself can’t fly. But players who master Mario’s various moves can get pretty close to flying. I imagine that’s how Mario came across the seagull in this hilarious picture. Too bad he can’t actually fly; the fall’s going to be long and painful. Enjoy the moment while it lasts, Mario.

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