10 Console Game Voice Actors That Look Nothing Like Their Role (And 10 That Look Exactly Like The Character)

Actors might get more recognition in the entertainment industry, but voice actors have done just as much, even if they are in a booth recording lines. Video games are where voice actors get their chance to shine, to portray timeless or original characters. Technology has come a long way to where even the voice actors get to take part in doing motion capture. To those that discredit voice actors for not being real actors, they are eating their words for sure! The voice actors put their heart and soul into giving the characters life and we have to give credit where credit is due.

Voice actors usually do not look the part, but that does not lessen their talent in any way. Nowadays, most of them get the chance to have a resemblance to their characters through motion capture. There are a handful of voice actors that earned their recognition due to their contributions in triple-A titles and even indie games. These voice actors can provide just as much cinematic achievement as regular actors, expressing their gift with passion and hard work.

Characters like Lara Croft, Connor, and Vaas Montenegro are really thanks to their voice actors, even if by lore from their games, they are nonexistent. Voice acting will continue to be a huge part in the entertainment industry and we are here with a list to honor the voice actors who either look the part or don’t, but their voice work is outstanding overall.

Here are ten console game voice actors that look nothing like their role and ten that look exactly like the character!

20 Doesn't: Ashly Burch (Life is Strange)

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Ashly Burch is known for voicing snarky and no-nonsense girls, and Chloe Price is one that adds to her resume. Life is Strange takes on a time-traveling journey where Max saves her best friend Chloe. Over and over, the former has to keep saving her friend. Ashly might not look punkish compared to Chloe, but her voice absolutely fits the character.

It was unfortunate that she could not reprise her role in Before the Storm, but she acted as a writing consultant and eventually voiced Chloe again in the bonus episode. Ashly is just one heck of a talented woman!

19 Does: Keith David (Saints Row IV)

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This one was an obvious pick, but Keith David voices himself while also playing himself in Saints Row IV as the protagonist’s vice president. Keith is a prolific actor who has taken on many roles ranging from television, film, and of course, video games.

Fun fact: Keith has also voiced Julius, who appeared in the Saints Row, Saints Row 2, and Saints Row IV. While it is funny for Keith to reprise his role as the original leader of the Saints, but it is funnier that he gets to play himself in the fourth game.

18 Doesn't: Melissa Hutchinson (Telltale's The Walking Dead)

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Clementine has captured the likes of those who have played Telltale’s The Walking Dead franchise. One of the best aspects of Clementine is her voice performance done by Melissa Hutchinson.

Even if Melissa is not as young as Clementine, she got to see her character grow and it is a joy to witness throughout the four seasons of the now concluded game franchise. Thankfully, she is still rocking it with keeping up with her voice acting career.

17 Does: James McCaffrey (Max Payne)

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The Max Payne series is the one exception where the voice actor does not look like the character, but as time went on in the motion capture age, James McCaffrey would be the new face of Max Payne in the third game. Thanks to Rockstar, James was able to voice the iconic character and do motion capture for him.

For that long, it must have been worth the wait. It is a huge step up for the voice acting industry to have their actors take part in motion capture, so that they are not only voicing their characters, but acting in the most important scenes in video games.

16 Doesn't: Mark Hamill (Batman Arkham series)

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Who would have thought that Mark Hamill, the actor who brought us Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, can also be the voice of DC Comic’s greatest villain? Mark hits the voice performance on the mark, no pun intended. He is anything but psychotic, and that is what makes Mark one of the greatest voices for the Joker.

As he reprises his role from Batman: The Animated Series, Mark continues to impress us in the Arkham games and he keeps us laughing and terrified at the same time. We hope that Mark will continue to do incredible work as the Joker in future games.

15 Does: Bryan Dechart (Detroit: Become Human)

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How could Connor, the android sent by Cyberlife, look so similar to Bryan Dechart? Well, the answer is with any other entries on this list, that being motion capture. Bryan Dechart might not sound like a household name, but his talent for bringing the android to life is something to behold.

He is more known for acting than voice acting, but it helped him make his character intriguing and just great to watch, whether it is a calm scenario or an intense scene. He also streams on Twitch with his wife, who has also done voice work for Detroit Become Human.

14 Doesn't: Armin Shimerman (BioShock)

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Would you kindly? Those are the three words that took a plot twist to a whole new level in BioShock. Armin Shimerman, most famous for being in Star Trek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, takes on the villain Andrew Ryan. These two shockingly have nothing in common, but Armin brings an excellent performance in BioShock.

Armin seems like a lovely gentleman, while Andrew is that kind of man who seems to be hiding something. It might be surprising to have Armin voice such an insane man, but he does it so well that we would not expect it to be him.

13 Does: Kirsten Bell (Assassin's Creed series)

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Before she would be the voice of Anna from Frozen, the lovely Kirsten Bell voices Lucy from the Assassin’s Creed series. Despite her devotion to the Templars, Lucy became a character that fans grew attached to and loved how bright and warm her personality is.

Despite her character being offed in Revelations, Kirsten would return to voice acting for Kingdom Hearts III as Anna. Even if Kirsten will be known for Anna and TV shows like Veronica Mars, it will be a pleasure to have her continue to do voice acting in video games.

12 Doesn't: Roger Craig Smith (Assassin's Creed II)

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Arguably his well-known performance in video games, Roger Craig Smith brings the most popular assassin to life in Assassin’s Creed II and other related titles featuring Ezio Auditore. His Italian accent is attractive and spot-on at the same time. That being said, he could have had us fooled from his other voice roles in anime and video games, the latter including Batman himself!

Ezio and Roger are on completely different spectrums in appearances, but they both share a voice. The talent and character stole our attention and both of them rightfully earned their recognition for awards.

11 Does: Yvonne Strahovski (Mass Effect 2 + 3)

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Yvonne Strahovski brought us the likes of Miranda in Mass Effect 2 and 3. Before she took on the role of the brave companion of Commander Shepherd, Yvonne has also been in TV shows like Chuck and Dexter. While Yvonne is blonde, did you know that Miranda was originally supposed to be blonde too?

Since Yvonne has done motion capture for Miranda, it would make sense. However, Miranda’s black hair gives her a more “femme fatale” look, so that is how she ended up with black hair. Yvonne did a great job in voicing Miranda, she was rewarded so in the Spike Video Game Awards.

10 Doesn't: Laura Bailey (Uncharted)

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Laura Bailey is a legendary voice actress who reaches the ranks of another voice actor like Troy Baker. Ranging from Lucina in Fire Emblem, Chun-Li in Street Fighter, and Serah in Final Fantasy XIII, she has a variety of characters she lent her voice to. She even voiced Nadine Ross in the Uncharted series.

It is amazing how Laura also did motion capture for the character. Voicing the South African treasure hunter seemed like a challenge, but Laura excelled as always and did amazing work as Nadine.

9 Does: Camilla Luddington (Tomb Raider)

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Camilla Luddington had a lot to live up for in succeeding previous voice actress Keeley Hawes as Lara Croft. For having to compete with other female voices in the audition process, Camilla was the one who got picked and she was ecstatic. At first glance, she even manages to look like Lara in some capacity.

For a rebooted version of Lara, she looks and sounds the part perfectly. From the voice acting to motion capture, she took her role seriously and while some dedicated fans are not into the scared and inexperienced Lara, Camilla did an outstanding job in making this version of Lara grow.

8 Doesn't: Kimberly Brooks (Batman Arkham series)

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What is great about voice acting is that there is a lot of diversity to where it only requires the talent to voice a video game or cartoon character. Kimberly Brooks has been voicing Barbara Gordon/Oracle ever since Arkham Asylum until being replaced by Ashley Greene in Arkham Knight.

Kimberly does an amazing job as the supporting role in the Bat family. She brings the brains and confidence to make Barbara work as an interesting and likable character. It will be a joy to have her reprise as Barbara in any DC Comics related film, TV show, or video game.

7 Does: David Bateson (Hitman)

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This talented man from South Africa gave us the voice of Agent 47 for over twenty years! That is an incredible feat for David Bateson. And with the recent installment, he still keeps up the hard work as the mostly silent, but wonderfully voiced agent.

We can safely say that he is the Agent 47 compared to others that have portrayed him in other media. He also resembles him, which seems to be like fate. Nothing but huge props to David for being able to do much despite voicing a stealthy character.

6 Doesn't: Doug Cockle (The Witcher)

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Doug Cockle gave an honest and fantastic performance as Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series. Unlike most of the voice actors on this list, Doug did not contribute to any motion capture, so his appearance did not influence Geralt’s in the slightest. For those that did motion capture and stunts, there were other people who helped make Geralt the strong and brave man he is.

Even if Doug looks nothing like Geralt, we could not imagine anyone else replacing him as his voice actor. It is very distinct from other voices and it would be a crime if something like that were to happen.

5 Does: Hayden Panettiere (Until Dawn)

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Hayden Panettiere has charmed her way into our hearts when she started voicing Kairi in Kingdom Hearts. As the years went by while taking breaks here and there, she has continued her voice acting career while also doing motion capture for Samantha Giddings in Until Dawn.

They both seem very genuine and caring for their friends, so it is a match made in heaven for Hayden to voice and motion capture one of the main characters in the PlayStation exclusive game. Hopefully, in the future, Hayden will keep up with the fantastic work in voice acting for video games!

4 Doesn't: Christopher Judge (God of War)

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Christopher Judge became the new voice for the God of War reboot, and all we can say is that his performance is topnotch, succeeding Terrence C. Carson. Christopher seemed to have a blast in voicing Kratos, and his range is just incredible.

He has done more acting than voice acting, but if there are some more God of War games to come, then it would be a joy to have Christopher reprise his role once again. There is something so mighty and imposing about Kratos' booming voice. Christopher Judge really knocks it out of the park.

3 Does: Ellen Page (Beyond: Two Souls)

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What list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Ellen Page? Doing motion capture and voice acting for Beyond: Two Souls has to be one of Ellen’s most difficult yet rewarding performances in her career. Being Jodie Holmes is like doing an intense role in a movie, and for what this game has to offer, it looks like a movie as well.

Seeing how this is her only voice acting role for a video game, it would take another game like Beyond: Two Souls to have her come back again. She did an amazing job and critics and fans thought so as well.

2 Doesn't: Richard Epcar (Mortal Kombat 11)

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The hype for Mortal Kombat 11 is real. Despite some voice actors from the previous game not being able to return to their roles, the legendary Richard Epcar thankfully reprises his role as the Thunder God Raiden. Most of the time, Richard is known for voicing extremely masculine characters.

In a general sense, he and Raiden do not bear any physical resemblance, other than being extremely tall figures, but the former manages to capture the latter’s character so well. It will be quite the journey to hear Richard’s performance as Raiden yet again.

1 Does: Michael Mando (Far Cry 3)

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The name Michael Mando would not have been a recognizable name if it weren’t for Far Cry 3. Vaas Montenegro was the star of the game and he just blew our expectations in both a villain and vocal performance. Michael even did a video cosplaying as the psychotic character and it was a chilling experience.

“Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?” is a haunting quote that Vaas is most famous for. It gives us goosebumps having to hear him sound calm and then go crazy afterward. That is the amazing range of voice acting, and Michael nailed his role without a doubt.

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