10 Console Games You Didn't Know Were Still Coming This Year

With so many console games coming out each year it's easy to forget about some. Here's a look at what's still coming in 2019.

Another year has flown by, and gamers are looking towards the horizon of 2020 and the glorious gaming prospects for the upcoming year. From the epic Cyberpunk 2077 to the classic fighting throwback Streets of Rage 4, there seems to be no shortage of heavy hitters of all kinds. But that doesn't mean that there isn't still an impressive lineup to close out this year with - quite the contrary!

Despite suddenly finding ourselves in the waning months of 2019, there's a hefty lineup of awesome looking titles for all three major consoles. These games are sure to help us ring in the new decade with a bang.

So without further ado, let's strap in and explore 10 of the biggest and best-looking console games you didn't know were coming this year.

10 Borderlands 3 (September 13th)

Welp - it's finally happening. Yes, after several years of waiting with naught but a smattering of DLC packs to satiate us, Borderlands 3 is finally coming.

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This third entry in the chaotic RPG shooter series looks to be bigger and badder than ever, with even larger, richer worlds, zany new characters, and an absurd variety of crazy weapons. Refinements and additions - like pings, weapon attachments, new action skills, and enhanced vehicles - promise to up the ante and provide more thrills than ever before. Players will even be able to expand their vault-hunting escapades well beyond the familiar Pandoran system. This is sure to be an action-laced adventure to remember.

9 Daemon X Machina (September 13th)

Sure, Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Astral Chain may be the talk of the Switch library for the moment. Yet, this similarly awesome looking action romp - revealed back in 2018 - still seems to be falling under the radar. It's a shame, as it just might be one of the most interesting new Nintendo-published IPs to hit the home of Mario in quite some time.

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This game seemingly channels the coolest, most enjoyable aspects of piloting a mech. It fuses the simplicity of run-and-gun action (or fly-and-gun, in this case) with intricate customization, and the neat ability to poach opponents' weapons. This could be a surprise hit for the Switch.

8 The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening (September 20th)

via: nintendo.co.uk

In a move that even most diehard Zelda fans didn't anticipate, Nintendo quietly unveiled a fully-polished and enhanced remake to its lesser-known Game Boy rendition of the series, Link's Awakening. Gone are the dull greys and greens of the flat Game Boy graphics, replaced with a colorful, crisp, and charming remodeled 3D assets. Still, the game's displayed in a top-down fashion to retain some of that charming Game Boy simplicity.

The game's aesthetic really gives the impression that you're playing a piece of art or animation. Moreover, the gameplay looks to recapture the appealing sensibilities of the action-meets-puzzle gameplay, while beefing it up with additional content.

7 Code Vein (September 27th)

This Bandai Namco project has been described as a new take on the grinding action-RPG gameplay of Dark Souls colored with anime-esque traits. But based on the impressive previews showcased since its reveal over 2 years ago, it looks to be even bigger and better. We should certainly expect a refined experience, given its yearlong delay.

The game looks to combine accessibility with depth, thanks to its wealth of customizations, items, and grueling gameplay. The unique combat system looks immensely appealing and provides a loyal AI companion to ensure things don't get too overwhelming.

6 Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (October 8th)

A decade after Frozenbyte burst onto the indie gaming scene with their majestic action-adventure, Trine, the developers look to come back full-force with the biggest and most compelling journey of the saga.

Trine 3 was met with mixed reception thanks to its lack of content and uncharacteristically 3D bits. However, this 4th entry looks to go back to the series' roots while providing a more grandiose adventure than ever. We should certainly anticipate a sequel that feels less rushed, now that the developers have had 4 years to craft and refine their project.

5 Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (October 25th)

Not to be confused with COD 4, which bears the subtitle by the same name, this latest installment in the FPS phenom looks to breathe some life into the stagnant Call of Duty series. Given what we've seen thus far, it may even surpass the 2007 game that shares its name!

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The game looks to provide some visually stunning aesthetics and refined cinematics, the likes of which have only been seen on the highest-end gaming PCs. this includes a smooth 60 FPS, ray tracing, and true 4k support. Yet, the gameplay itself is set to enthrall with its robust features and customizations. Infinity Ward is gunning for more dynamic and realistic gameplay, while still capturing the accessibility that made previous entries so captivating. They just may hit their mark.

4 The Outer Worlds (October 25th)

Developer Obsidian Entertainment has plenty of experience when it comes to rich, engrossing role-playing games. Their repertoire includes the charming South Park RPGs, along with sequels to hits like FalloutNeverwinter Nights, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. 

With the colorful and imaginative Outer Worlds, the developers look to break new ground with a completely original and inventive property. The game looks to fuse rich world-building with exciting action-shooting combat and an in-depth progression system. Considering this studio now has the backing of Microsoft as of late 2018 with their acquisition, we should be in for an epic experience indeed.

3 Luigi's Mansion 3 (October 31st)

The original Luigi's Mansion quietly released on the GameCube as a sort of kid-friendly survival horror. It also marked Luigi's significant debut as the main protagonist (Mario is Missing need not apply). While the sequel was confined to the small screen of the 3DS, this 3rd installment looks to come full circle by providing a gorgeous cinematic experience that can also be played on-the-go.

The same satisfying ghost-wrangling mechanics have been retained, but a number of new features promise to enhance the experience even further. This includes a bundle of new ghost-catching moves, larger environments, online support, and a new dynamic co-op feature.

2 DOOM Eternal (November 22nd)

Doom Eternal Doom Slayer vs Demons

One of the pioneering games in the monstrous FPS genre, iD's iconic Doom series has come full-circle and taken on the bombastic, glitzy sensibilities of modern shooters. The developers look to further reassert their dominance as the FPS torch-bearers with the follow-up to the hit Doom 2016.

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Being the 5th entry in this long-running franchise, it'll be difficult for iD to top themselves yet again here. And yet, they appear determined to do so with Doom Eternal. The game offers dazzling graphics, vast, immersive environments, menacing foes, and fun new weapon augmentations like the"Meat Hook." The sequel looks to blend old Doom elements with a modern grandiosity, which should make for one thrilling ride. Look for this on all major platforms on November 22nd.

1 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (November 15th)

Star Wars games have proven to be something of a mixed bag - particularly after publisher EA took the reigns. With that said, Fallen Order has the potential to shine as of the most notable Star Wars titles since KOTOR, especially with Titanfall/Apex developer Respawn at the helm.

The plot takes place some years after Revenge of the Sith and the tragedy of Order 66, as a Jedi Padawan has managed to escape the chaos. This is sure to make for a dark, enthralling plot with plenty of potential. Moreover, this epic action-adventure may actually do the majestic film saga justice with its rich landscapes, nuanced lightsaber combat, and cinema-quality visuals.

Encouragingly, EA has ensured no extra content is needed through microtransactions and has promised all content out of the box. The force seems strong with this one, indeed!

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