30 Console Games That Trolled Players That Didn't Play Fair

Cheating in life is generally discouraged. Whether it is cheating on a test or on a spouse, they same crime doesn't pay, and in the real world, that is the truth. When it comes to video games though, usually cheating is a surefire way to have a good time in your favorite games.

From big-headed mode, to invincibility or to exploiting a game to get unlimited fake, virtual money. Gamers are no strangers to taking shortcuts. Of course, usually, these shortcuts carry zero real-world repercussions and serve only to expand the bounds of the game you are playing.

Sometimes, however, the developer anticipates these shortcuts and puts in subtle and not-so-subtle ways to troll gamers who try to cheat their way to an easy victory. Anything from sending invincible enemies to crush you, draining your in-game bank account or straight up name calling in the case of Undertale or Animal Crossing.

Today we'll be taking a deep dive into some of our favorite ways games have trolled gamers. Who knows, maybe you have seen some of these yourself, you dirty cheater.

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30 Superman Returns Mocks Players' Achievement List

via comicgamersassemble.com

Most games are content just calling you a cheater to your face, Superman Returns takes a different approach. It's okay if forgot this game existed, let alone that you could cheat in it.

Trying to cheat in this game will grant you the "Not That Super" achievement, so everyone on your friends list can see how dishonest you are. To add insult to injury, said achievement also ensures you can never get any more achievements from this game. Don't feel too bad, it's not that fun of a game to play anyways, it might actually be doing you a favor.

29 Cheaters Get Cheated In GTA V

Via: Polygon

If there is a lesson to take away from any of the Grand Theft Auto games, it’s that crime really does pay, it pays extremely well. Unfortunately, if you are one of the unlucky few who tried to cheat online in GTA V you just might get the opposite message.

Players found cheating in GTA V woke up one day to find their ill-gotten gains completely gone.

That’s right, Rockstar took it on themselves to clean out the in-game bank accounts of anyone who got rich through less-than-legal means. I guess crime doesn’t pay in this case.

28 Pokemon GO Knows When You're Lying

Via: The Daily Dot

The great craze of Pokemon GO may have come and gone, but it will forever be known as the sole reason why some people left their houses. But for some that might’ve been too much work. Apparently, some people even tried to cheat the game by fudging their GPS data on their phone to fake leaving their location.

Cheaters are punished in more subtle means, they don’t encounter rare pokemon and they don’t receive EX raid passes. This downgraded game is just a foreplay before an outright ban. Maybe next time you think of cheating, just take a deep breath and go for a walk or something.

27 Gruntilda The Witch Doesn't Let It Fly In Banjo-Kazooie

via legendsoflocalization.com

Banjo-Kazooie is one of the original games of my childhood to threaten players who foul play. In the N64 classic, there is an area in the beach-world where players can enter uncovered cheat codes. Entering cheat codes which let you speed through Gruntilda’s Lair might just put you in hot water though.

Banjo-Kazooie apparently has a three strike policy, the first two times the game will let it slide but on the third time, it threatens to delete your save game. You might think the game is bluffing, but you would be wrong. Do it again and you can say bye bye to all your hours of game time.

26 Get Yelled At For Cheating In Link's Awakening

Via: My Nintendo News

The hero of Hyrule is a man of honor and integrity, at least he is supposed to be. That is why Link’s Awakening will brand you for life if you try to act in a way that is unbecoming of the hero of time.

In Mabe Village, there is a shop where you can spend your hard earned rupees. Or you can try to steal what you want.

In fact, the game will let you get away with it, sort of. You’ll find that your name is automatically changed to THIEF, a permanent reminder of your kleptomania. Maybe that will make you think twice the next time you wanna save a few rupees.

25 Tomb Raider 2 Knows What You're Really After

via womenwriteaboutcomics.com

Following the release of the first Tomb Raider, the internet, being what it is, swirled with rumors of a cheat code to make Lara Croft go out with less. Those rumors were exactly that, just rumors, but that did not stop gamers from trying to find said code.

Tomb Raider 2 played on this by full-on blowing up Lara Croft if the player tried to enter the supposed cheat. Serves you right.

24 H1Z1 Publically Ridicules These Players

via gamesradar.com

Most players who get caught cheating in online games simply receive a lifetime ban and then move on with their lives. Daybreak Game Company, the developers of H1Z1, had a different idea in mind. They gave cheaters a chance to lift their ban if they were willing to pay some penance.

Penance in the form of a public Youtube apology video. In the public forum of Youtube, cheaters could state their case and beg for forgiveness in hopes of being able to play online again. Certainly, one way to teach them a lesson.

23 The Witcher 3 Sends The Bovine Defense Force After You

via imgur.com

Geralt of Rivia makes a living slaying monsters for coin, but sometimes its funner to get rich quick. Savy gamers found out that one can simply massacre an orchard of cows, collect their hides, and then meditate for a period of time allowing the cows to respawn.

Selling the hides provides the player with ample coin to buy whatever they please. CD Projekt Red responded to this exploit with a cheeky patch that saw gamers who attempted this trick getting chased by the “Bovine Defense Force.” The Bovine Defense Force consists of a group of chorts, high-level monsters which will surely put in the ground for your bovine-ending crimes.

22 Donkey Kong 64 Does Not Monkey Around

Via: Easy Allies Forums

Kids of the 90’s bread and butter when it came to cheating was the glorious invention that was the Game Shark. The Game Shark allowed gamers to enable cheats in their favorite games, making them easier. Unless you tried to pull that on Donkey Kong 64.

Donkey Kong 64 isn’t playing around when it comes to anti-cheat measures. If it detects you using a game shark, then your entire cartridge would become corrupted. Even if you stopped using the Game Shark, the controls were useless and one hit from an enemy would kill you.

21 Metal Gear Solid Knows If You Are Using Auto-Fire

via youtube.com(ultimaman)

During the course of spy-thriller/soap-opera Metal Gear Solid, series hero Solid Snake is captured and interrogated. To resist, the player has to spam a button on the controller and it sure would be easier with an autofire controller.

Revolver Ocelot famously tells you "Don't use autofire, or I'll know." Testing him out on this will teach you the hard way that he wasn't lying, and you will instantly perish. Not only will you perish, but you can't continue from that spot and have to restart from your last save game which could have been hours ago. Sometimes it's better to actually listen to some characters.

20 Max Payne 3 Sends Cheaters To Play With Their Own Kind

Via: Steam

Max Payne 3 is hands-down one of the absolute best shooters of that console generation. Also carrying a multiplayer mode heavy with slow-motion gun ballet, Max Payne took a unique approach to dealing with cheaters

Players caught cheating will find that from then on they will exclusively be matched with other cheaters in matchmaking

It's actually the perfect recipe for online cheaters, so that they can see how un-fun it is to play with cheaters. Well played Rockstar, well played.

19 Gears Of War 2 Erases A Player's Gamerscore

via microsoft.com

Microsoft clearly had a vendetta and a score to settle when it came to cheaters. People who sought to exploit Gears Of War 2 by unlocking achievements through hacking experienced the full wrath of Microsoft.

Usually, cheaters get their online privileges revoked or some other setback to teach them a lesson. Microsoft, instead of opting for a slap on the wrist, reset the entire gamerscore of players caught cheating. It might have taken some gamers years to get their gamerscore to what it is, only to have it reset. Microsoft doesn't play around.

18 Guild Wars Sends The Grim Reaper To Collect Their Souls

via youtube.com(zinniy)

NCSoft clearly was not content merely banning players who were caught cheating. Instead, they opted for a more public punishment by sending Dhumm, the God of Demise.

Dhumm, who resembles the Grim Reaper complete with a deadly scythe, would hunt down players in public servers. Any player who saw another being cut down by Dhumm would know exactly what they did to deserve it. As if that's not enough, following the public execution, the offending players would then get their deserved ban.

17 Persona 3 Gets Your Virtual Friends In On The Trolling

via youtube.com(m chronicler)

Having a game give you an earful of a guilt trip for cheating is bad enough, but getting your in-game friends in on that guilting is just cruel. RPG Persona 3 does exactly that if you try to use cheat codes to do things you shouldn't.

Fuuka or Mitsuru don't like the fact that their party member doing something dishonest and will tell you how disappointed they are in you. Jeez as if my real life wasn't already full of disappointing people.

16 Resetti The Mole Never Leaves Cheaters Alone In Animal Crossing

via destructoid.com

Animal Crossing is a zen-like chore simulator which is the perfect way to unwind after a long day at your real job.

That is, of course, if you don’t run afoul of Resetti the Mole.

Players who try to reset the game when things aren’t going their way will get an earful from this star-nosed little fella. He practically spits out a novel’s length of text at you putting you down for your dishonesty, reminding you of your lack of manners and even going so far as to call you a twerp. Do it enough and you will even have to type out an apology to poor Resetti. Pretty much turning Animal Crossing into Detention: The Game.

15 You Can't Escape Slenderman In Slender: The Arrival

via steamcommunity.com

Seeing as how Slenderman has his origins rooted in the Internet, it’s only fitting that he would continue to haunt you through your computer if you try to exploit his game. Slender: The Arrival is an update of the cult-classic Slenderman game that took the internet by storm and the cause of many sleepless nights.

Now if you try to escape the boundaries in Slender: The Arrival, you will learn the hard way that he doesn’t like that very much. Reminding you "Not even a bug in this game will save you from me." Creepy.

14 Getting Called A Hacker In Undertale

via cracked-games.com

Undertale is a unique game in that on subsequent playthroughs after completing the game, it will remember your actions. If you completed the notorious “Genocidal” run, eliminating every character you can, the game will remember that and will make sure you don’t forget what you did, you monster.

Now if you try to change the game’s files to forget how much of a savage ender you are, well you are in for a cold awakening. Undertale doesn’t let you get away with toying with its game files, even going so far as to call you a “dirty hacker.” A sobering reminder that we cannot change our past.

13 Locked In The Serious Room In The Stanley Parable

via thestanleyparable.wikia.com

The Stanley Parable is notable for its laugh-out-loud, hilarious narrator that comments on everything the player does. The narrator usually carries a playful yet slightly sardonic tone throughout the game, unless you try to cheat of course.

As soon as the player types in sv_cheats 1 in the player console, a familiar command to anyone who has cheated their way through a source-engine game, they will be teleported to the “serious room.” An empty room with a table and a door which leads to a brick wall where the narrator discusses the seriousness of cheating to the player and sentences them to infinity years in the serious room.

12 Get Called Out For Cheating In Theme Hospital

Via: IGN

You might remember Theme Hospital as the game which let any incompetent business person be in charge of virtual denizens’ healthcare. Thankfully, unlike the real healthcare system, you can input cheat codes for the best results.

Theme Hospital is even kind enough to let you know the cheats are working by announcing over the in-game intercom “The Hospital Administrator is Cheating.” Personally, I would feel safer in a hospital after hearing that in the waiting room.

11 Silent Hill 3 Players Get Caught In Their Boxers

via silenthill.wikia.com

The Silent Hill series usually takes itself very seriously, looking past the silly dog endings of course. So it’s always nice to get some levity in this dark, depressing series. After beating Silent Hill 3 players are able to put in cheat codes. Putting in the famous Konami code doesn’t give you a superpowered hero or even make the game any easier.

What it does do is play dress up with Detective Douglas Cartland, removing his pants for the duration of the game. Dealing with crazy cultists is surely better without pants restricting your movements.

10 Heretic Mocks Doom Cheaters

via youtube.com (yuki senmatsu)

Heretic was a fast-paced shooter from a studio called id software, you might have heard of them. You might even have heard of another game they made called DOOM. Heretic and DOOM both shared a game engine so it makes sense that they might share the same cheat codes.

Trying to put in the same cheat codes from DOOM in Heretic, does not endow you with unlimited armor and ammo, unfortunately.

Instead, it gives you a staff that dishes out zero damage and a lovely message saying “Cheater - you don’t deserve weapons!.” Id software sure loves to have fun at the players expense

9 Simcity Sends An Apocalyptic Event For Its Cheaters

via ravingluhn.com

Simcity lets players step into the shoes of a city planner with all the stress associated with it. Trying to make sure your city doesn't become a ruinous ghost town is certainly a lot easier with cheat codes, right?

Well not exactly, if you try to give yourself unlimited money on eight separate occasions, then Simcity will punish you and your city. It will send an earthquake to send your city back to Davy Jones' locker. That will make you think twice.

8 Postal 2 Childishly Makes Fun Of Them

Via: Postal 2

Postal 2 is a game with a very particular sense of humor. From using cats as gun silencers to throwing bovine heads at people to make them sick.

Postal's questionable sense of humor even extends to its treatment of cheaters.

To enable cheats you need to type in "sissy" after which the main character will call you exactly that. The actual cheat names are not even able to be reprinted here, but look them out if you need a good laugh.

7 Gradius III Won't Let You Get Away Using Old Cheat Codes

Via: PEG

First seen in the classic NES side-scroller Contra, the Konami code is one of those special video game artifacts that you can rely on for use in any Konami Game.

Gradius III does not like that, and won't let you get away with it.

Trying to use the Konami code in Gradius III won't grant you infinite lives or a superpowered ship. What it will do is humble you and make your ship explode, seemingly for no reason. Talk about harsh.

6 Afterlife Sends The Might Of The Galactic Empire After You

via youtube.com (ghazplays)

As far as cheating punishments go, this one has to be my absolute favorite. Not content just coming up with some vanilla way to ruin the player's progress, Afterlife sends the Death Star to blow up your accomplishments.

That's right, use a cheat code too many times in this city-building sim and you'll find out that Emperor Palpatine's favorite space station is on loan to dissuade cheaters. As far as anti-cheating measures go, its something of a nerdy wish to go out this way.

5 Crusader: No Regret Will Punish You Hard For Using Old Cheat Codes

via pcgamer.com

Players who tried to use the old cheat codes from Crusader in its sequel Crusader: No Regret, were in for a rude awakening. Trying to use the same cheat codes from the original game will prompt you with the message "Of course we changed the cheats...duh"

As if insulting your intelligence wasn't mean enough, the game will then teleport you to a gauntlet to face 8 super powered bosses.

If you miraculously do survive this encounter, the game does not accept your apology. Your character simply explodes on his own, all because you decided to take the easy way out.

4 Descent 2 Takes Players' Weapons If They Try To Break The Rules

via dosgamers.com

Taking a similar approach to what we saw in Heretic and Crusader: No Regret, Descent 2 anticipates players who played the first game and clips the wings of those who try to input old cheat codes.

Trying to put in the cheat code from the first Descent which gave you infinite health and all the weapons, will have quite the opposite effect in Descent 2. Try to pull that stunt and Descent 2 will reduce your health to 1% and take your main weapon away from you. Good luck trying to blast enemies like that!

3 Star Wars: Dark Forces Reminds You How Lame You Are

via emuparadise.me

The classic LucasArts FPS (and reason why I never did good in school as a child) Star Wars: Dark Forces loved to have fun with players who liked to cheat. Most of the cheat codes's effects are somewhat self-explanatory based on what the cheat code is.

For example, typing in "LAUNLOCK" will give you, the master of unlocking, all the keys in a level. A slightly less self-explanatory one is "LAIAMLAME" which gives you invincibility. If being lame is the price to pay for invincibility, then sign me up for a life of being lame.

2 Paper Mario Makes Players Confess (And Then Blows Them Up)

via youtube.com (saveasuntitledgames)

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door the player has the chance to participate in a lottery. Just like in real life, winning the lottery is hard. Unlike real life, it is possible to attempt to cheat at this lottery.

Some wise gamers might have the smart idea to try to put their Gamecube's system clock to yesterday's date and try to use the same lottery numbers from the day before. This idea turns out not to be so smart because a Bob-omb will confront you about your deception. He will keep pestering you until you confess after which he will explode. Maybe it's just easier not to cheat.

1 Super Monkey Ball Jr. Applauds Fans For Trying The Konami Code

via youtube.com (satoshi matrix)

We have already touched on the Konami code and how it is usually a safe bet for attempted cheaters. It's ingrained in the memory of any seasoned gamer.

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start.

Even some non-Konami games respond when the player tries to utilize the code. Super Monkey Ball Jr. is one such game. Upon entering this famous code, the game's title will change to Super Nice Try. Cheeky little monkeys.

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