The 28 Most Expensive (And Useless) Console Gaming Products

Console gaming can be expensive but these 30 luxurious and frivolous items take the cake!

For some, video games are the perfect medium for recreation and relaxation while stimulating one's mind and creativity at the same time. However, for others, these games could also be a suitable medium for them to show off their skills or to just express themselves in ways they could only dream of. Although not every player is content by just showcasing their capabilities in the confines of a game. While some players might find bliss in competitive gaming, others revel in the luxury of a more ostentatious gaming lifestyle.

These types of gamers take their gaming to a ridiculous level by purchasing outlandish video game set-ups that are so lavish it becomes impractical. In fact, most of these luxury gaming items aren't even necessary at all when it comes to just enjoying a good ole' video game. These gaming products range from gaudy diamond-encrusted game consoles and gold-plated devices to unnecessary virtual items and overpriced accessories that all cost way too much even for avid fans.

Of course, there are some who just want to show to the world how proud they are as gamers. What better way for fans to show their loyalty to gaming than purchasing a highly-overpriced limited edition product that costs as much as someone's annual earnings? Actually, there are better ways to spend that much money but that doesn't stop these companies from creating gaming products that just might nab an unfortunate fan's entire life's savings. This might not be an issue for people who are swimming in funds but that doesn't make these gaming money-pits any less ridiculous. Here are 30 of the most expensive and seemingly useless console gaming products that no gamer ever needs to enjoy what the world of video games have to offer.

28 Virtual Cosmetics Are A Ridiculous Waste ($4+)

via Youtube.com(Gustavo Grubel)

Some people don't just want to look good in real life, they also want to look dashing in the virtual world as well. Microsoft gave players the opportunity to strut their stuff by giving them a wealth of clothes and toys to purchase for their avatar. According to Kotaku, some of these items even cost $4 bucks a piece.

Looking good in the virtual world shouldn't be as costly as it is in real life.

Given how each piece of clothing is sold separately, players could easily spend about $50 on virtual outfits! At that price, players can already buy a solid game or perhaps nab themselves a discounted triple-A title.

27 A Fake Plastic Skateboard For Tony Hawk Ride ($120)

via Youtube.com

Skateboarding game Tony Hawk Ride tried to innovate extreme sports gaming by implementing a unique skateboard peripheral into its gameplay. However, it failed miserably in doing so since the game's PS3 version received an abysmal rating on Metacritic. It also didn't help that the game came with a relatively high $120 price tag, according to Gamespot.

Buying a real skateboard is a better investment than this.

Not only is the skateboard peripheral rendered useless after the game, but some players also might not even finish the game at all given its poor rating. This is one ride that's just not worth taking at all.

26 Metal Gear Survive Charges $10 Per Character Slot

via Youtube.com(PlayStation)

The Metal Gear franchise is known for its exceptional storytelling and solid gameplay that requires no additional fees to be enjoyed. However, that can't be said for Metal Gear Survive since it comes with a slew of expensive microtransactions on top of its $40 retail price. According to Polygon, the game even charges players about $10 to unlock additional character slots, a feature that should've been included in the base game for free.

Furthermore, purchasing cosmetic emotes, character buffs and premium passes could easily bump its initial price to $100. That's certainly more than what players pay for any regular game.

25 Buying All The Content In Smash Bros. Wii U Costs Over $150

via Youtube.com(Super Smash Bros.)

Popular Wii U fighting game Super Smash Bros. already costs full price starting at $60 and that's just for the base game alone. According to Metro, unlocking everything else that the game has to offer will cost gamers about $150. What's surprising is that the total price for all the DLC content cost even more than the whole game's retail price!

Purchasing each DLC content separately won't save gamers any pennies either.

Each of the DLC bundles can range from $40 to a whopping $87. That being said, gamers can easily buy two solid video game titles with all that amount.

24 Special PS4's Limited Market $100 More Than A Normal PS4 Pro

via Youtube.com(PlayStation)

Limited edition units have been limiting the funds of gamers since the inception of video game consoles and the limited edition PS4 is of no exception to this. These units cost about $100 more than the standard PS4 Pro's already hefty $399 price tag, according to Forbes. The unit itself is a lot more visually appealing given its translucent frame and cool blue light.

However, the aesthetic upgrade and bundled camera aren't enough to justify its price increase. In fact, these extras aren't even essential when it comes to just playing and enjoying the video games themselves.

23 Too Early For Virtual Reality ... Gulp ($179)


The Virtual Reality hype train is starting to gain traction in modern gaming but the same can't be said for its state more than two decades ago. Nintendo's VR device Virtual Boy debuted back in 1995. However, it was priced like a modern gaming console retailing at a whopping $179.

While its concept was clearly ahead of its time, its performance leaves a lot to be desired. According to Engadget, Nintendo's notorious headset is prone to inducing headaches. Why would anyone pay top dollar for something that would make them nauseous? No wonder it's considered as one of Nintendo's biggest blunders.

22 Forza 5 Has A Single Car Worth $40

via Youtube.com(Throneful)

When a single in-game item costs as much as a full game, fans just know that something might be a bit off. That's the case in a certain DLC for Microsoft's popular racing game Forza 5. According to Gamereactor, the Lotus E21 is regarded as the most expensive car in the game and it costs about $40.

It's a steep price for a digital Formula One racing car.

Sure, it's cool to go extremely fast on a virtual racing machine but at the end of the day, it's just one item. They're better off spending that much on another racing game that comes with a dozen more vehicles.

21 Rolls Royce Of Handheld Gaming...

via commons.wikimedia.org

The NEC TurboExpress is a bulky-looking handheld device but costs a fortune. According to GiantBomb, it retails at $249-$299 a piece and in 1995, it's considered a luxury to spend that much on a handheld gaming device! The gaming console's tiny LCD screen made it hard for owners to read text on it making handheld gaming a chore.

As if it wasn't expensive enough, it also required 6 AA batteries to operate and would only last for three hours. Gamers would have to purchase heaps of batteries to enjoy games making it as pricey to play as it is to purchase.

20 Perfectly Overpriced Lara Croft Tribute ($11,000)

via luxurylaunches.com

How far would Tomb Raider fans go to pay tribute to the legendary Lara Croft? This Lara-themed Xbox 360 would make the perfect centerpiece for any collection. According to TheTelegraph, this custom-made Xbox 360 is emblazoned with 43,000 gems forming the likeness of Tomb Raider's beloved heroine.

Lara should've had her sunglasses on given all that bling.

This just might be the ultimate piece of gaming console hardware for veteran fans. However, its ridiculous $11,000 price tag is enough to turn even the most loyal fans into casuals. Aside from its icy exterior, it's just a regular Xbox 360.

19 Console-Priced Game, Steel Batallion

via commons.wikimedia.org

Mech game Steel Battalion is certainly a standout Xbox title, not because it had stellar gameplay but because it costs as much as a modern-day gaming console. According to Gamespot, the mech simulator retailed at a staggering $199.95. This was due to the fact that the game was bundled with a set of controllers that resemble a mech cockpit.

Despite having loads of levels and post-game content to enjoy, the game's price is still too much for just one game. Players will also be stuck with a seemingly-useless controller after, now that's not a deal that's considered as a steal.

18 Gotta Collect Em All ($280+)

via nintendo64.wikia.com

Merging Pokémon with the popular Nintendo 64 console might seem like an ingenious idea but the product itself doesn't exactly break the mold. The Nintendo 64 Pikachu Limited Edition doesn't add anything new to Nintendo's popular console besides its eye-popping exterior. It doesn't help that its price can even go as high as $280 per unit on eBay.

Fans will have to injure their pockets before they could catch this retro monster.

While the console itself does have some unique button placements and theme, its price is too high for a console with limited capabilities. Save this one for hardcore fans only.

17 Art Meets Controller ($250-$300)

via Eurogamer.net

Some controllers are made for gamers while others are more fitting for artists. Kustom Kontrollers are known for creating truly unique controllers tailored towards artists and celebrities. According to Eurogamer, these controllers go for about $250-$300 a piece.

While these controllers might look shiny, it's not actually made from real gold either as it's coated in gold chrome paint instead. Although it does have actual, and quite unnecessary, bullet casing as buttons. Of course, the typical clientele for these types of controllers aren't your average Joes. Rappers Chief Keef and Dr. Dre are just some of their known customers.

16 The Money-Grubbing Robot ($4,150)

via commons.wikimedia.org

Nintendo's Robotic Operating Buddy could only play two games making it an impractical and extremely limited gaming console product. It's quite puzzling why anyone would want to own an almost useless piece of gaming hardware. The R.O.B .is undoubtedly an innovative gaming product in the 80s but it's not exactly something that gives a lot of value for its hefty price.

Its capabilities are as limited as its market. However, a collector did actually buy a pristine R.O.B. on eBay for a massive $4,150, according to Kotaku. Well, at least it serves as a decent conversation piece nonetheless.

15 Rarest Console That Nobody Needs ($2,500)

via videogameconsolelibrary.com

The RDI Halcyon can make the jaw of any gamer drop, not just because of its rarity but also due to the fact that it comes with a $2,500 price tag. It comes with a speech recognition system and a Votrax speech synthesizer that allows it to communicate to players. Unfortunately, that only sounds good on paper.

Gamers will certainly get less than what they paid for.

According to GiantBomb, only two games were released for this retro console. It's befuddling how an ancient gaming relic that was released way back in 1984 is significantly more expensive than modern consoles.

14 Looks Better In Gold ($10,700)

via glc.gattiluxurylab.com

Does better graphical prowess or bigger storage capacity make an already great next-generation console even better? Not in the Middle East, they take things to a different level of luxury by wrapping their consoles in 9-karat gold! According to Metro, this custom Gatti Luxury Lab PS4 costs over $10,700.

While there may be numerous gold-plated consoles on the market, this one is quite different. The one selling the console claims that it's not just coated with gold, it's made from actual gold! It's only available in Dubai which makes sense since regular non-sheik customers won't be able to afford it anyway.

13 Retro Gaming At Premium Price ($18,000)

via atarimuseum.com

If holographic imagery sounds too far-fetched for retro gaming then the Atari Cosmos just might prove that notion wrong. The concept design of this retro console is clearly ahead of its time but it was never released for consumers. However, there is an extremely rare unit that was for sale online for over $18,000, according to Engadget.

Working units are apparently near-impossible to find.

It won't be a surprise if nobody decides to buy this unit since it doesn't even function. Not only will buyers be getting an extremely dated console, they won't even get to see it work! Bummer.

12 Monstrous Vibrations (MEGA-one Controller mod)

via Youtube.com(Jake Middleton)

When a gaming product is being made an Ex-NASA engineer, fans know it's going to be out of this world. The MEGA-one is described as an “insane, over-the-top” controller modification that gives a ridiculous amount of vibration to PS4 or Xbox One controllers. Its “mega motor” modification is said to give vibration that's 10 times more powerful.

According to its Kickstarter page, the mod itself costs $135 but its pre-assembled version goes for a hefty $200. Now, this sounds more scary than fun, who would want to play games while feeling like they're having hand tremors from operating a jackhammer?

11 Controllers Fit For A King (24K Controllers)

via colorware.com

These gold controllers are perfect for those unwilling to dump a boatload of money on a gold gaming console. However, just because they're less-expensive doesn't mean they're cheap. According to Kotaku, the 24 karat gold-plated PS4 and Xbox One controllers cost almost as much as their console counterparts at $300 a piece.

They just might be the perfect entry point for those crazy enough to delve into the world of luxury gaming. Unfortunately, ColorWare revealed that only 25 were made and that they're already sold out. Perhaps this is the best opportunity to not consider luxury gaming at all.

10 The $670 Racing Chair


A racing fan's dream is also an average salary man's nightmare and this luxurious Openwheeler Racing cockpit could make any hardcore fan wish they weren't given its expensive price tag. The Openwheeler cockpit takes both realism and gaming product pricing to the next level. The set-up itself can go as high as $379 on eBay and that's excluding the racing wheel, which could easily cost an additional $299 bumping its total price to over $670!

Fans might be better off modifying their recliner instead. They could also buy two shiny new consoles with that amount, which wouldn't be a bad idea either.

9 Gold Nugget In Console Form ($9,785)

via reddit.com/user/SirSyhn

The Xbox One is known for having an expensive price tag due to its powerful processor and impressive hardware. While the Xbox One is already considered as the more expensive alternative when compared the rest of the gaming consoles on the market, this gold-plated version takes things up a notch. This beastly machine literally looks like a gold bar that could play video games!

According to Cnet, the unit is wrapped in 24-karat gold and is being sold in luxury department store Harrods. The price for this bad boy? It's worth $9,785 of gaming luxury that nobody really needs.

8 The Zombie-Slaying Jacket ($1,297)

via Youtube.com(HybridGamesVideos)

What makes the experience of dispatching zombies in Resident Evil 6 even better than it already is? By playing the game while wearing Leon's multi-pocket signature jacket at the same time, of course! However, fans might not have enough funds left to store in those pockets if they ever bought this ridiculously expensive Premium Edition.

It's cool, it's stylish, it's completely unnecessary.

The entire package could make any wallet cry with its $1,297 price tag. According to TheVerge, it's only available in Japan so at least the rest of the world won't be tempted to splurge on this unneeded luxury.

7 Imperfection Costs A Fortune ($40,000)

via Dualshockers.com

Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition was quite elusive since only 200 copies were made. According to DS, a copy of this limited edition was put up on eBay for a jaw-dropping $45,000. Aside from a copy of the game, art book, collector case, and some digital downloads, the package also includes an exact replica of the Phurba dagger.

However, it's not in mint condition as it comes with flaws like hairline fractures and whatnot. It's crazy that it still reached over $40,000 despite having some aesthetic flaws which make this purchase even more unnecessary than it already is.

6 Frozen In Time ($25,000)

via Engadget.com

What could make a classic handheld console such as the Game Boy even more timeless? Turn it into actual jewelry! This luxurious piece of handheld gaming is made from 18K gold and sprinkled with diamonds. According to Engadget, it's even more expensive than modern gaming gadgets given its ridiculous $25,000 price tag.

Of course, its expensive exterior also turns this beloved handheld console into something impractical. Seriously, who would want to carry around over $20,000 in their pocket? After all, it would be a shame not to catch Pokémon on the go with it after already spending that much.

5 Old But Gold ($319,104)

via stuarthughes.com

The PS3 had quite a successful run and it's no exaggeration to consider its era as a golden age of gaming. Although the PS3's glorious reign isn't the only thing that's golden about it since this PS3 Supreme is literally made from real gold! As if its 22ct solid gold exterior wasn't enough, it's also adorned with 58 0.50ct diamonds, according to Gizmodo.

This luxurious console serves as the perfect symbolism for its technological achievement and massive success during its time. The PS3 might have been a fun console but this Supreme version and its $319,104 price tag is anything but that.

4 The Dying Light Apocalypse Edition Costs A Fortune (...$386,000)

via pinterest.com

Who would've thought that the end of the world would also trigger the end of one's bank account? While money pretty much still has value in the game, fans won't have much left in real life if they purchased the Dying Light My Apocalypse Edition. According to Eurogamer, the $386,000 package entitles players to a “zombie apocalypse-proof house” along with a copy of the game and other goodies.

The question now is, will buyers even live long enough to see if their anti-zombie house can indeed withstand an actual apocalypse? Who knows but at that price, it doesn't seem like anyone ever will.

3 Wii Gets A Luxury Upgrade ($484,818!)

via stuarthughes.com

Nintendo's Wii console focuses on fun by engaging its players in a variety of activities that would make them work up a sweat. However, the Wii Supreme prioritizes ostentation instead given its 22carat gold and 19.5carat diamond-encrusted exterior. With a console like this, the only thing that would work up a sweat is your wallet.

According to Engadget, this unnecessarily luxurious Wii is being sold for a whopping $484,818! This just might one of the most expensive consoles around which is ironic given that the Wii is the least sophisticated-looking console among its competitors.

2 A Priceless Classic

via techcrunch.com

It's one thing to admire the legendary Atari 2600 console, it's another to actually coat it in real gold. This shiny and mouth-watering gold-plated Atari 2600 is the product of Urchin Associates, according to TechCrunch. If there's an ultimate version of this iconic retro console, then this has got to be it.

From its joystick to its game cartridge, this console is literally covered in gold from head to toe! Although this glorious console wasn't exactly given a price and is presumably not for sale. Oh well, it's not like most gamers could afford it anyway.

1 The Iciest Controller ($1 million)

via evilcontrollers.com

For gamers who think that gold-plated controllers are too overrated, this iced-out Xbox 360 controller might be just right up their alley. Of course, interested buyers would first have to see if they have an extra $1 million to spare in their bank account. According to EvilControllers, this frosty controller is decked out with diamonds including gold-plated triggers, d-pad, and joysticks.

Perfect for people who use money as toilet paper.

As if that wasn't enough, its buttons are also made out of precious stones like blue topaz, citrine, ruby, and peridot. Does it make gamers better though? Probably not.

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