25 Conspiracy Theories About Naruto

These are the most mind-blowing Naruto fan theories ever conceived.

There are very few things that are truly synonymous with anime, but Naruto is definitely one such name that has transcended countless boundaries to become one of the most popular animated shows of all time. The sheer amount of time and effort that has been put into constructing one of the detailed worlds anyone has ever seen in the medium of entertainment is very much noticeable, and is one of the major reasons why the series has garnered such a massive fanbase, to begin with. Masashi Kishimoto should be given due credit for giving birth to this popular series and writing a number of intricate storylines that all took place in the Naruto universe.

And, trust us when we tell you that we haven't even scratched the surface when it comes to how popular the series actually is. Each and every plotline has been dissected by a significant portion of the aforementioned fanbase, and it's frankly quite entertaining to see fans form their own interpretations of certain elements in the series that weren't made abundantly clear. While most of the fan theories that have popped up are — and this is putting it mildly — a bit of a stretch, there are a few diamonds in the rough that actually have some evidence to back these claims up. Here are 25 of the most believable conspiracy theories centred around the world of Naruto.

25 Jiraiya Was Actually The Strongest Sannin

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Throughout the entire series, it had been mentioned time and time again that out of the three legendary Sannin, Jiraiya was actually the weakest. It kinda sucks, since Jiraiya was definitely one of the fan favorites, and to see him get demoted to such a lowly stature is not exactly ideal. However, there are multiple instances in the series that hint towards the fact that Jiraiya is actually stronger than either Tsunade or Orochimaru.

When Itachi confronted and defeated Orochimaru with ease, he stated that both him and Kisame could only hope for a draw with Jiraiya. After that, during Jiraiya's last battle, he was mostly able to hold his own with the bodies of Pain, until the very last second when he let his guard down. However, when Pain invaded Konoha, he was able to take care of Tsunade with relative ease.

And speaking of Jiraiya and Tsunade...

24 Jiraiya Had A Thing For Tsunade, But It Never Truly Blossomed

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Pretty much every Naruto fan knows that Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru has a pretty deep relationship, that stemmed from the moment they started working together as a team. All three of them obtained the legendary status of Sannin, but Orochimaru ended up taking his experiments a bit too far and was banished as a result. However, Tsunade and Jiraiya still stuck around... but they never took their relationship a step further.

While Jiraiya might certainly be a deviant of sorts, it must be said that he did exhibit genuine feelings for Tsunade at times. Perhaps it was due to his generally perceived negative image that he never really managed to woo Tsunade like he wanted to.

It's not like Tsunade didn't harbor any feelings towards her teammate either — after all, she was visibly shaken when the news of Jiraiya's passing reached her. However, the more probable reason why the Hokage never really deepened her bond with Jiraiya was that...

23 Tsunade Isn't Attracted To Men Anymore

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Tsunade had experienced heartbreak and loss time and time again when it came to the men in her life. Both her younger brother (Nawaki) and lover (Dan Katō) were victims to the Ninja War, and ended up traumatizing her for the major part of her life. In fact, she was only able to get over her fear of blood after meeting Naruto.

However, it could be possible that Tsunade subconsciously strayed away from any man that tried to get too close to her... and ended up falling in love with her assistant, Shizune. It's evident that they both shared a deep relationship throughout the course of the series, and eventually must've developed feelings for each other. In fact, when Tsunade woke up from her coma after the Pain arc, the sheer relief that Shizune showcased is also rather telling.

22 Yahiko And Konan Probably Had A Relationship

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The story of Nagato, Konan and Yahiko is truly one of the most depressing tales in Naruto. Jiraiya stumbled upon three orphans who — under his tutelage — could've transformed into the most powerful ninja trio of all time. However, the interference of Danzō led to an unfortunate series of events, that culminated with Nagato having to choose between letting Konan die or killing Yahiko. The latter made this decision easier by jumping on Nagato's outstretched kunai and committing suicide.

This event is made all the more tragic due to the fact that Yahiko and Konan were probably in a relationship already. While this was only hinted at during the flashbacks involving the trio, there's certainly a strong possibility that this relationship was very much a reality.

Yahiko's death certainly drove Nagato off the deep end, and we say this because...

21 Nagato Performed Messed-Up Experiments To Infuse Rinnegan Into The Bodies Of Pain

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The Rinnegan is the most powerful eye-jutsu in Naruto by a long shot, and the sheer power that's attached to this technique is nothing to scoff at. Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, the creator of the ninja world itself, had this insanely powerful eye technique, and Nagato knew the importance of this technique... which is perhaps he why he performed extremely disturbing experiments to bestow the Rinnegan on his bodies of Pain.

If that wasn't bad enough as is, Nagato also utilized actual dead bodies, and infused them with chakra to basically turn them into living zombies, with the solitary role of addressing their master's needs.

The worst part? One of the bodies that Nagato experimented on... was of Yahiko himself.

20 Team Shigure Attacked Gaara Because Pain Wanted To Test His Powers

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If you wanted more evidence about how mercilessly evil Pain could be, just look at the innocent genin team that he sent to an early grave.

During the Chūnin exams, Gaara and his team were ambushed by a team from Amegakure, known as Team Shigure. Unbeknownst to them, they'd picked a fight with an extremely powerful Jinchūriki, who made short work of them.

But what if Team Shigure already knew that Gaara was a Jinchūriki, to begin with? After all, the team did hail from Amegakure, which was the base of operations for the Akatsuki. It's certainly possible that Pain sent over this genin team to keep tabs on the Jinchūriki taking part in the exam, but they ended up getting rather overzealous and met a cruel fate at the hands of Gaara.

19 Karin Was Brainwashed By Orochimaru

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Karin was one of the members of Sasuke's team, and served as the medical relief of the team due to her unique healing abilities. Her initial meeting with Sasuke was during the Chūnin exams, where she was saved from a bear attack and instantly developed a feeling of infatuation with her future team leader.

However, this loyal devotion is somewhat shady when one takes a closer look at the relationship between Sasuke and Karin. No matter how badly the former used to treat the latter, after a while Karin would either forgive or forget. Most people have speculated that Orochimaru brainwashed Karin beforehand, so that she would always be devoted to Sasuke's cause no matter what.

And since we're on the topic of Orochimaru...

18 Orochimaru's Love For Kids Is A Bit Too Extreme

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Orochimaru is definitely one of the spookiest characters in Naruto. His snake-like appearance, disturbing techniques, and a penchant to experiment with the living are just some of the many things that have rubbed many fans the wrong way — which is obviously intentional. However, there's one particular aspect of this man that is simply disturbing to the very core.

It's been shown that Orochimaru has a rather unhealthy obsession when it comes to the bodies of children, which is just plain creepy. Anko and Kimimaro are just some of his many victims, but his unhealthiest obsession with Sasuke when he loses his arms to Sarutobi's Reaper Death Seal is one of the eeriest things in the first part of Naruto.

Speaking of the Dead Demon Consuming Seal technique...

17 The Reaper Death Seal Traps Souls In A World Where They're Neither Dead Nor Alive

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It goes without saying that the Reaper Death Seal is one of the coolest techniques in Naruto, and we can confidently say that people were absolutely wowed when the Third Hokage pulled this technique off during his epic fight with Orochimaru. However, one might think twice before seeing this technique after the brutal implications were brought to light.

The Reaper doesn't just kill both the user and the victim of the jutsu — it also traps them in limbo as they fight each other for all eternity. Basically, neither person will find peace in the afterlife after using this jutsu. They'll simply be doomed to repeat the cycle of hatred continuously, which is unbelievably tragic.

Holy crap, Kishimoto.

16 Naruto Was Ignored By The Village To Manipulate His Personality

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Naruto's childhood (and by extension, most of the other Jinchūriki) is nothing great. Being ostracized by the entire during a focal point of your life when you want to make friends can truly dampen anyone's spirits, and to Naruto's credit he didn't give up at any point during this strenuous phase. Instead, he tried his hardest to make other people of the village notice him, even though it might've been in a bad light.

However, one must ask themselves this — what if the entirety of Konoha was specially told to not give Naruto any attention whatsoever? After all, it would obviously be in the best interest of the village if a Jinchūriki wanted to stay in their good books, and by manipulating Naruto in this cruel manner, they pretty much ensured his unwavering loyalty to the village.

This is not the only time that Naruto would've been manipulated either...

15 Hiashi Hyūga Made Sure Of It That Naruto Married Hinata

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Now, bear with us. We understand that this might be a bit of a stretch, but you have to admit that there were a bunch of things that just fell into place when it came to the romance between Naruto and Hinata.

From the fact that they graduated at the same time, to their continued co-operation throughout the rest of the series — it could certainly be a possibility that Hiashi Hyūga (the head of the Hyūga clan) wanted the person with the power of the Tailed Beast to be a part of their family.

The entire theory is quite extensive, but trust us when we tell you that it's an extremely entertaining read. It might even convince you of this supposed deceptive nature of the Hyūga clan.

14 Jiraiya Memorized His Books, And Only Wrote Three Because It Was Too Much Of A Headache

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Jiraiya was certainly one of the best ninjas of his era, but another thing that he's famous for are his *ahem* tasteful novels. They're not really the kind of books that one can talk about in front of impressionable minds — that's for sure. The Icha Icha series one of the most famous trilogy of novels in the Naruto universe... which is why it's quite baffling as to why Jiraiya only made three.

But when Jiraiya was near the end of life (sorry for bringing this up again), he decided to send over a carefully coded message that used the words in the Icha Icha series to send an important message to Konoha. it would certainly make sense if it turned out that Jiraiya chose not to make a fourth one, since he would have to rote-learn another novel from start to finish.

Now, let's shift our focus to one of the most prominent fans of the Icha Icha series.

13 Kakashi Already Had His Mangekyō, But Couldn't Active It Until Later On Since He's Not A Born Uchiha

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Both Kakashi and Obito awakened their Mangekyō at the same time; when Rin died in front of their eyes. The power of the Mangekyō is nothing to scoff at, and it goes without saying that any ninja that wanted to augment their powers by a significant amount would've used this ability as soon as they got it.

However, the first time we saw Kakashi use the Mangekyō was actually during the second part of Naruto, which can be somewhat perplexing. However, it all makes sense when one realizes the fact that Kakashi is not a born Uchiha — his Sharingan has been offered up as a gift, and he needed a fair amount of time to unlock the full potential of the eye jutsu.

Speaking of Kakashi...

12 Kakashi's Mom Could've Been From The Inuzuka Clan

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The Inuzuka clan is certainly one of the most special clans in Naruto. Their powers, techniques and general demeanor are all rather animalistic in nature, which makes sense since their clan is closely attached to dogs. However, there's a theory making the rounds which states that Kakashi's mom might actually have been from the Inuzuka clan as well.

After all, the identity of Kakashi's mom is never really specified, to begin with. To top it all off, there are a number of abilities Kakashi has that closely mirror the behavior of dogs. His ability to summon dogs, the usage of attacks that are suspiciously canine-based (the Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang technique is one of many), and the fact that his nose is apparently sharper at catching scents than Kiba's, who — in case you weren't aware — is a member of the clan itself.

Of course, there's another alternate theory that...

11 Kakashi Has Shark Teeth Under His Mask Since He's From Kirigakure

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Another possible theory that has been floating around on the interwebs is that Kakashi's mother actually originates from a completely different place, and his need to hide this fact is the reason why he wears a mask in the first place. His proficiency with Zabuza's sword also supports this fan theory.

It's completely possible that Kakashi inherited the shark teeth that has become iconic with the Kirigakure area. Knowing that the village would see him in a bad light if he showed this rather unappealing feature of his, Kakashi decided from a young age to wear this mask at all times. Yeah, it might be a wild theory... but it can also be pretty plausible as well.

Speaking of wild theories...

10 Shin Is Actually Shisui

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Yep, now it's time to take out the big guns when it comes to fan theories.

The story of Shisui Uchiha is truly a tragic one. A man blindly devoted to Konoha's cause, Shisui never truly realized what was happening until it was too late. An attack by Danzō led to the removal of his right eye, and he chose to commit suicide after giving Itachi his left one — also awakening Itachi's Mangekyō in the process.

Now, not much is known about Shin, who's one of the main antagonists in Boruto. However, his appearance and mannerisms have been suspiciously similar to that of Shisui's. To add fuel to the fire, it turns out that Shisui's body was never found after his supposed suicide.

Is your mind blown yet? Because if not, then there's one more theory you should know about...

9 Mitsuki Might Be Related To Kaguya

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One of the newest major additions in Boruto has to be Mitsuki, who — along with Sarada and Boruto — formed a trio that we'll certainly see the most of during the initial moments of The New Era. While Orochimaru is labeled to be Mitsuki's father, the fact of the matter is that Mitsuki is actually a synthetic human who was experimented on by Orochimaru (obviously) to make him into the perfect specimen.

However, there are some things that point towards the real genetic disposition of Mitsuki. The fact that his name translates to "Full Moon" is certainly quite telling. Along with his pasty face and incredible jinja potential, it can be said that Mitsuki actually has some cells of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki in him as well. If this turns out to be true, then Mitsuki will be one of the most powerful ninja over the course of The New Era.

8 Tobirama Disbanded The Senju Clan Since He Wanted To Place The Importance On Maintaining Village Unity

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The first Hokage is certainly one of the most prominent ninja's in the history of Konoha. The user of the unique wood jutsu, Hashirama Senju is truly one of the most powerful and formidable figures of all time... which is a tad unfair to the younger brother. Tobirama has the distinguished honor of being the Second Hokage, and he obviously didn't get this lofty title simply through nepotism.

If anything, it can be argued that Tobirama was one of the most selfless Hokage of all time. There are various things that point to the fact that Tobirama actually split the Senju clan, since — at the end of the day — he wanted to show the village that they needed to be together as a whole, not just co-exist as divided groups.

And since we're already on the topic of the Hokage...

7 Minato Drove Himself To Be The Fastest Since He Couldn't Save His Friends In Time

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The Fourth Hokage was widely known for being one of the fastest ninjas of all time, and the reputation he'd garnered was built on his mastery of the Flying Thunder God Technique. In fact, his sheer prowess with this technique earned him the title of the fastest ninja alive, above the Second Hokage who invented the technique itself, which is obviously nothing to scoff at.

One of the reasons that might've motivated Minato to hone this technique to perfection could be because he lost two of his close friends from his team. After all, the fate of his team members isn't really brought to light, and what could've transpired is that Minato was too slow to save his friends from a dire fate.

6 Izuna Uchiha Was Actually A Female Pretending To Be A Male

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One of the forgotten individuals of history, Izuna Uchiha's death added fuel to a blazing fire in the form of the war between the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan. While his demise is certainly important, we're here to talk about the possibility that Izuna might've actually been a woman.

Just bear with us for a minute now — feminine appearance aside, there are a number of hints that point towards this fact. Izuna's name could be derived from Iduna, the Norse goddess of fertility. The Uchiha also always relegated their women to non-combat roles, which could've compelled Izuna to disguise herself as a man in Mulan style to do what he... umm, I mean she loved.

5 Metal Lee Is The Son Of Rock Lee And Tenten

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The New Era has led to the emergence of the next generation of ninjas, and the number of characters that have been introduced from the get-go is rather hard to digest. One of these new characters is Metal Lee, who — no points for guessing — is the son of Rock Lee. However, his mother is never really specified, which has sparked a discussion regarding the identity of this mysterious female.

Perhaps the most likely — and obvious — answer has to be Tenten. I mean, it makes perfect sense. After all, she's one of the few girls who'd shown an active interest in Lee (even though it might've strictly been of a friendly nature), and they both did have a pretty deep relationship near the end of the original series.

Speaking of Rock Lee, his abilities — or in this case, inabilities actually have something in common with another person.

4 Hidan Can't Perform Ninjutsu Or Genjutsu

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It goes without saying that when it comes to freaky powers in Naruto, Hidan pretty much takes the cake with his self-voodoofication (is that even a word). Through a bloody ritual, Hidan can take control of a person's five senses. This, coupled with his immortality, can form a deadly combination. This was witnessed firsthand by Naruto fans when they had to sit through the tragic death of Asuma.

A plausible theory that has been floating around the internet is that Hidan is actually unable to perform any ninjutsu or genjutsu, just like Rock Lee and Might Guy. His powers might be formidable... but — judging by the lack of any other abilities — it seems like that's all he has.

Since we're already talking about a member of the Akatsuki...

3 All Akatsuki Members Represent A Reason To Wage War

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Fan discoveries can be pretty cool at times, and this one is downright awesome.

For the majority of the second part of Naruto, the Akatsuki functioned as the major antagonists of the story. While their origins might seem rather apparent at a first glance, u/awesomehuder posted a very convincing theory on Reddit that shine a light on the brilliance of Kishimoto.

All members of the Akatsuki actually represent eight major reasons to wage war. Pain and Konan represent the need for peace, Hidan portrays religion, Kakuzu stands for money, Kisame showcases infiltration, Itachi represents a need to protect, Sasori and Deidara both showcase diplomacy, Zetsu is for territory, and Obito/Madara represents the need for a universal idealism.

2 Madara Resumed Hostilities With Hashirama Because He Developed Feelings For Uzumaki Mito

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The animosity between Hashirama and Madara is legendary in the world of Naruto. Their hatred for each other is so great, that they ended up in an earth-shattering battle even after their death. However, there was a time when — after the initial clan war — Madara and Hashirama were living together in harmony... but it didn't last, leading to the fight between the two men that led to the creation of what is now known as the Valley Of The End.

One of the major players in the early days of Konoha who is completely glossed over is Uzumaki Mito, which is quite puzzling. What could've happened is that Madara was actually jealous of Hashirama's relationship with Mito, and simply couldn't take it anymore after a while.

1 The World Hasn't Escaped The Infinite Tsukuyomi

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The concept of the Infinite Tsukuyomi is extremely disturbing, and avoiding this fate is the entire reason why the Fourth Shinobi World War happened, to begin with. However, during one stage in the series, Obito actually manages to activate this powerful genjutsu, and a majority of people are caught in the technique. Thankfully, after a bunch of major events unravel, the Infinite Tsukuyomi ends, and the world goes back to its normal life... or does it?

After all, what if the Infinite Tsukuyomi actually took over the entire world, and the events that proceeded were just projections of another person's reality? It's certainly possible, and can truly prove to be a low note to end the series on.

Perhaps that's why Kishimoto never really revealed whether this actually happened or not.

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