Controversial Streamer xQc Shows Off His Setup... And It's Disgusting

The infamous former Overwatch League player and current Twitch streamer  Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is offending people again, only this time it's not with his language. He gave fans a peek behind the curtain during his recent stream, revealing a room that would make even the most hardiest person gag. Rotted food and the beginnings of mold were casually sitting right next to his computer, all because xQc's mom wasn't there to clean up after him.

It was start of his May 3rd stream, reports Dexerto, when xQc decided to give fans a tour of his room. It's not an usual thing for a Twitch streamer to do. Fans often want to see outside of the small window they usually get from a face cam. Specifically, they want to see what type of equipment their favorite streamer is using.

XQc did show his equipment, it just happened to be covered in dirty dishes and Coca-Cola cans.

The first thing viewers got to see was xQc's keyboard. You might expect a former esports pro to have a nice keyboard. Instead, xQc's penchant for going into a rage and smashing his desk has left him missing several keys. In their place appears to be a pileup of dust and crumbs. XQc appears to be unfazed by the state of his keyboard, saying "We already know the keyboard is dirty, okay, so whatever dude."

Moving on, he shows a pile of leftover food and soda cans to the left of his streaming area. It's to the point where you have to actively look to see his PlayStation 4 under the pile.

That's not even the worst of it. The grand finale of this tour of trash lies under xQc's desk. He picks up a plate with what looks to be the scattered remains of a sandwich on it. “Dude, look on the f**king pickle, that’s actual mold is it not?" he asks viewers, more amused than disgusted with himself.

The biggest question one has to ask upon seeing all this is, why? Just why? XQc explains the mess by saying his mom has been away. While it's hard to tell if he's joking or not, it makes for a sad picture either way. Either his mom still cleans up after him, or he's supposed to and just doesn't. The internet sure makes some questionable people famous.

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