Cooking Mama Will Have A "Vegetarian Mode"

As previously expected, the long running Nintendo Series will be making its way to their newest console, the Nintendo Switch.  More news has been surfacing lately and the biggest reveal is the newest entry in the Cooking Mama franchise will feature a "Vegetarian Mode." That's right, Cooking Mama: Cookstar, otherwise known as Cooking Mama: Coming Home To Mama, will give gamers the option of preparing meatless meals alongside the "Traditional Mode."

The tenured Cooking Mama series is no stranger to spinoffs and new additions. Many of the games focus on different aspects of cooking and other things (Gardening Mama) and the venture into vegetarian options is to be expected. This is just another layer to an already impressive catalog of games. The aspect of "Vegetarian Mode" is sure to please fans as they will have the option to cook various meals alongside the more traditional meat-based recipes.

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Via Nintendo

Cooking Mama coming to the Nintendo Switch is an exciting prospect and will help continue to solidify the franchise as one of the best (albeit underrated) game franchises the company has to offer. With the Switch's capabilities, Cooking Mama: Coming Home To Mama (Cookstar) is looking to be one of the most innovative - and immersive - entries in the entire franchise. It will blend traditional controls from the franchise and motion gestures from the Switch for a fully immersive game experience.

Since its humble beginnings in 2006, the Cooking Mama franchise has been one of enjoyable gameplay, diversity, and consistency. The jump to the Nintendo Switch from previous platforms such as Nintendo DS, Wii, 3DS, and IOS, will continue to have an impact on the franchise for years to come and the "Vegetarian Mode" is an exciting option they are looking to add. This new addition is certain to please the vegetarian based fans as well as any other fans of Cooking Mama that are interested in a bigger variety of recipes to cook.

No matter if you prefer the "Traditonal" or "Vegetarian" mode of the gameplay, Cooking Mama coming to the Nintendo Switch is a win for all fans of the franchise and signs that hopefully this wonderful little franchise can keep its knife sharp for years to come.

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