Corrupted: 15 Kids Games Turned "Adult" By A Devious Community

When I was a kid, I viewed video games like toys. I loved them to death, but I didn’t get in depth crazily with any one game, or series. There were favorites sure, but my passion for this industry didn’t start until much later in life. Anyway, the point is I think video games overall were designed and marketed with children in mind back in the early days. If you were a parent looking at NES, or SNES games nine times out of ten, you’d be perfectly safe in whatever you chose. PC games were a whole other story, and it wasn’t until the polygonal era of the Nintendo 64 and PS1 that things got a bit murkier on consoles as well. However, I found out that even the cutest games could be turned into adult nightmares during my research.

Never did I dream the fifteen games listed below, all great games for all ages, could spawn some of the vilest drawings and movies you’ve ever seen. Why would you do this Internet? The simplest reason is innocence. Turning wholesome game creatures like Sonic into erotic fantasies plays into that allure too I guess. The Internet is like the Wild West. There are no laws. It's just a bunch of deviants waiting to turn your childhood into carnal desires, or something like that. So join me in the horror show, won’t you?

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15 Sonic The Hedgehog

Via Hexblaster DeviantArt

Let’s begin with the seediest character on the list, Sonic. This is one fan community I’d be afraid to meet in real life. Not only do the diehards defend his awful games to the death, but there is also a lot —and I mean A LOT— of insane fan art and fan fiction out there. Most of it is adult oriented thanks to the furries out there. What can you expect from fans of series with a character named Cream the Rabbit, though? Sega was begging for parody on that one. Plus with the announcement of Sonic Forces allowing players to create their own animal creature to fight alongside Sonic (my immediate reaction was one of horror). Oh God, now you can make whatever you want!

14 Minecraft

via keywordsuggest.net

How do you turn Minecraft into an adult situation? I’ve never thought about these massive brick people in an erotic way. It’s not unlike someone fantasizing about a LEGO person (which yes, also exists). People have glued rods onto, er, on second thought never mind on that one. Getting back to Minecraft, it’s not just about undressing your avatars with mods so that you can run around free and naked. If it was just that I guess I could laugh, but oh no it goes deeper. These miners like to sleep around and not just with humans either. Creepers can explode in so many more ways apparently, and that’s all I’ll say on that matter.

13 Pokémon

Via Ubergizmo

When you think about it, the world of Pokémon is already pretty screwed up. Children are sent off into the wilderness to catch monsters in order to battle them against other monsters. There is tons of gambling thrown in for good measure. Still, it's hard to escape how cute everyone is. Wouldn’t it be better if everyone just got along? Why can’t the humans and the Pokémon just love one another? You know, intimately. Apparently, that’s what a good majority of the Internet was thinking anyway, and it goes beyond fan art too. There’s an adult video I found called Strokemon, which depicts Ash, Misty, and Pikachu all getting it on. The Pikachu costume is one of Satan’s nightmares though. I think the cover image says it all.

12 Angry Birds

via pinterest.com

Yes, folks even Angry Birds has a thriving community of 'adult' fan fiction. If you can eroticize it, the internet will abide. Guaranteed. I found art depicting these birds in their round forms along with giant anthropomorphized (and fully 'developed') toons. The recent film probably sparked interest in their more human shapes — as if the movie by itself wasn’t bad enough. Don’t forget about the pigs too. They like to fondle eggs without consent if you get what I mean. Then there were some pretty moderate sites that just tried to fetishize nerdy girls wearing Angry Birds stuff, which at the base level is pretty tame. You can thank your lucky stars I didn’t include the full image of Red here.

11 Crash Bandicoot

via saziskylion.deviantart.com

Couldn’t be more excited that the original trilogy of Crash Bandicoot games is being remastered. That collection looks awesome. Since he’s back in the news, I figured why not check in on his fan community. Oh. Right. He’s a furry creature. For the most part, I found a lot of fantasies played out between every male antagonist and protagonist in the series. I didn’t know bandicoots could get that big, but the Internet has a wild and lust-filled imagination. Unfortunately, for all you guys and ladies out there hoping for images of muscle-bound bandicoots “wrestling” with one another, every image I came across felt unsuitable to post here. The picture I included above matches my own reaction to the Crash Bandicoot community.

10 Animal Crossing

Via Mariamagic59 DeviantArt

This has to be a lot of people's dream comes true. One human in a village filled with raccoons, lamas, cats, dogs, and everything in-between. These pets are ripe for the plucking. Right? Wrong! This is the most innocent game on the list. All you’re trying to do is make friends, play mini-games, and build. There’s no fighting, or any dark side to these creatures whatsoever. Well except for the fact that Tom Nook is a crook. I guess one’s curiosity can get the better of oneself. These animals are adults, right? It’s only natural to assume they're leading 'adult' lives themselves. Animals have no laws, and they can do anything to anything without repercussions. At least that’s what I imagine these people are thinking.

9 Sly Cooper

Via Pinterest

Sly and his pals are the most human-like of all the animals on this list. The raccoon himself is pretty muscular and his pursuer, Carmelita Fox, has curves aplenty. It feels like they were created with a devious mindset in the first place. They’re also adult animals too, presumably, so I guess it’s not that weird to me. The subject matter itself is ripe for parody. They’re thieves, right? So why not have them stealing other character's innocence? Boom! See how easy it is? No wonder there’s so much out there on Sly and his gang. It practically writes itself. This particular community is lucky to have such ripe material to deal with!

8 Kirby

Via Rule 34

That pink puffball sure does love to swallow enemies whole. Sometimes he can fit more than one in his mouth at a time! It gives him unnatural powers like making him rock hard, or super hot. That wasn’t even fan fiction. I was just describing the games to you without any sort of erotic undertones. Okay, maybe I was a bit too colorful with my wording (admittedly). It’s so easy with a character like Kirby, though. He either sucks, or he blows. As if that wasn’t to drive the fan community mad, some members of the community have taken to adding human characteristics to Kirby (as seen above). King Dedede is going to have his hands full tonight. Ba dum tss!

7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Via Comic Con Blog

Technically, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aren’t exclusive to video games, but since there are some I included them on the list. So yes, there are a bunch of insane fan art out there, but I don’t want to talk about any of that. Instead, I found another adult film parody: Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles. As creepy as it would have been to watch this entire fantasy play out, it turns out most of the movie is just Casey Jones (or Casey Bones) squaring off with April O’Neil. Then at the end, the turtles come in to finish the job. Still weird, but it could have been a whole lot worse. Pikachu could have made an appearance. I think that deserves another ba dum tss!

6 Skylanders

Via Goodcomix

Oh yes, even action figures can be turned into erotica. The first thing I found was a series of comics depicting Cynder the dragon capturing every female hero. I will admit as creepy as these images were, kudos to the artist behind them. It was enough to draw me in to read the first issue. Cynder uses a rainbow liquid 'created' by another character to put her victims to sleep. Yeah, it’s got a big gross 'assault' vibe to it. Makes me think about the fan community drawing these though. Do they use the play with the toys in real life too? Just in case, kids, hide your figures from your parents. Also, you shouldn’t be reading this.

5 Star Wars

Via Porn Pass

Star Wars is another extended universe like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that exists outside of the realm of video games. However, unlike TMNT I actually wanted to link this one to games better. Namely the most popular game out there, or at the least the one with the most active players: The Old Republic. Of course, an MMO is going to attract a wide range of different people (with different interests). People actually like role-playing in an RPG — who would’ve thought? There’s no way to actually do the tango in-game, but a lot of people still like the appeal of cybering in it. Of course, if that isn’t enough for you, there’s plenty of adult film parodies out there too.

4 Banjo-Kazooie

Via mortimermcmirestinks DeviantArt

Mom always told me love is about the birds and the bees. She never said anything about the birds and the bears. Can I get a rimshot for that one? No? You say I’ve used up all my goodwill up to this point? Fair enough. Meandering jokes aside, I found the art above to be more disturbing than any of the 'adult' material I found. Humanizing these anthropomorphic animals has left them looking bizarre — like the end result of a horrifying game of broken telephone. Maybe it’s just the fact that the art is rather crude. Whether you make Banjo and Kazooie human or not, it doesn’t change the fact that pairing them together is weird. Can’t we keep at least one childhood memory decent?

3 Splatoon

via ifunny.com

Splatoon is another Nintendo property that is easy to parody into erotica. For one thing, the characters are squids, and we all know how some people likes their, uh, 'tentacle stuff.' Plus it’s a game about unleashing gallons of goo all over the place. Not to mention these are squid kids, so there’s that innocence at play again. At the very least, these creatures are more human than squid, so the appeal is clearer than most. However, again, they are kids so fantasizing about them is just plain wrong aged up, or not. This particular picture is a little more wholesome than usual, but rest assured Rule 34 is at play here — you've been warned.

2 Kingdom Hearts

Via byakunyachiru DeviantArt

Right off the bat, I knew some girls in college who were deeply fascinated with pairing up Roxas and Axel. So I don’t know what it is, but Kingdom Hearts is like some sort of aphrodisiac to young adults out there. I guess the series has a huge draw because the series encompasses so many properties between Disney and Square Enix. Not to mention all of the originals too. There’s plenty of art and fan fiction out there depicting all kinds of “whacky” shenanigans. There’s also a subset that removes clothes from the in-game models and awkwardly makes them hump. It’s weird, but what do you expect from a series with so many zippers? They’re just begging to be undone.

1 Mario

via dorkly.com

Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars, and Kingdom Hearts have some of the biggest deviant communities out there, but nothing can come close to Mario. We’re going rapid fire because there’s too much to discuss. First of all, there’s a bunch of adult films with the most prominent one being Super Hornio Brothers. There are lots of 2D and 3D videos as well, such as Mario Super Party. On that note, there are a lot of explicit flash games like Gaper Mario, which is a parody of the Paper Mario series. I’ve even played some rom hacks that turn the actual games into 'adult' playgrounds. Needless to say, there’s a plethora of art too, like the above drawing. Now, that's enough, I’ve definitely hit my overload on cartoon erotica.

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