PC Hardware Maker CORSAIR Buys Custom Computer Builder Origin PC

Since its founding in 1994, CORSAIR has become a household name in computer components. Today, the company is prepared to take things a step further through purchasing Origin PC in the hopes of creating their own custom gaming PCs.

CORSAIR was founded in Fremont, California by Don Lieberman, John Beekley and Andy Paul, with the express purpose of developing computer RAM sticks. When CORSAIR first entered the computer components market, it had to compete with household names like PNY, GiGABYTE, GSkill, and Kingston, along with many others. This made it difficult for the company to gain its footing, but things began to change after it switched to developing DRAM modules. Now, it's widely considered to be one of the best RAM manufactures in the world. As its popularity grew, CORSAIR made the decision to branch out and create power supplies, fans, desktop peripherals, and world-class audio equipment. With its brand prestige continuing to rise, the company has made the decision of buying out Origin PC to give it the infrastructure necessary to produce its own name brand gaming PCs.

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The company has managed to create a brand that is based upon high-quality and in turn, that has allowed them to become a respected brand in the industry. If CORSAIR's custom PCs do well in the market, it will show other companies that quality and customer service is the key to lasting success within the industry.

Via: originpc.com

The news of the acquisition comes directly from CORSAIR's website via a press release. The company praises Origin PC for its customer service and quality in hand-building and customizing every PC purchased. The company goes on to state that Origin PC has won numerous awards within the industry and has become a trusted brand by consumers, leading to their decision to acquire the company. In speaking about the purchase, CORSAIR founder and CEO Andy Paul stated: "With the gaming PC market continuing to expand as an increasing number of players make the jump from console to PC, we wanted to do more to reach customers in North America that prefer to buy, rather than build, their system." The company goes on to stress that Origin PC will remain a separate entity, but that it will now work with Origin to configure the components of their custom-built systems going forward.

While this news may be a little shocking to some, it shows that CORSAIR is aware of the rise in demand for custom computers. Furthermore, the decision to keep Origin PC separate is also a smart move given that a full merger of brands could cause consumer unrest.

Given that CORSAIR doesn't have experience in this area, it was smart to purchase a well-known and established brand. It will allow them to reach more clients, while also not losing sight of their goal of creating quality computer components.

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