God of War's Director Is In Love With The Witcher 3 On Switch

The Nintendo Switch has proven to be quite the versatile piece of hardware. Housing games that many would say are "impossible ports," the console recently received a port of The Witcher 3 and it's blowing people's minds. A technical marvel of a game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, it's something of a miracle that the relatively modest Switch can even run the game with decent performance. It really is just that great, making a double-dip fairly enticing.

Many in the games industry have taken notice, too. The most prominent of these figures happens to be Cory Barlog, director of last year's God of War. In a post on his Twitter account, Barlog proclaims he is in love with the game in a portable form. He even ponders why the devs didn't adopt the fan meme of "The Switcher" for this port's title.

Going further in some replies, Barlog states that he believes the game is "some kind of dark sorcery" and that he's more than happy with the graphical tradeoffs done to get the game running. "I am more than cool with the graphical tradeoffs required to realize this glorious feat of dev magic," he excited stated.

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Not one to shy away from sharing his opinion, Cory Barlog has become something of an industry darling following the release of God of War. A very humble fan that often credits his team over any personal input, he's shared his opinions on the industry from topics such as microtransactions and DLC to rival platforms. He really is just an exceptionally nice man, giving credit where it is due and helping to push over to their creative peaks.

With God of War taking some slight inspiration from The Witcher 3, it's no surprise that Barlog would be in love. One can't blame him, either: open-world games really do feel great on the Switch. Having the ability to go literally anywhere and play these expansive, engrossing titles in short bursts makes digging into these games a lot easier. That CD Projekt was able to find a talented enough dev team to port the game also doesn't hurt.

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