10 Cosplay Weapons That Look Dope (And 10 That Aren't)

Some people go to conventions for the seminars, others for shows and celebrities, and still others head over just to wander the extensive "Artists Alley". Everyone else is there for all the amazing cosplay that fans have to offer. Some of the most well-made and creative costumes ever created show up to these packed events, and many could give Hollywood a run for its money for how realistic they are. The best of the best of these amazing costumes make it seem that a character has quite literally come to life and stepped out of a video game, movie, or book.

On the other end of the spectrum, but equally as entertaining, are the really, truly awful costumes. While there are certainly points for at least trying to make a costume, in some cases you almost wonder why someone even put in the effort. Or even decided to actually wear it anywhere. Some of them are simply hilarious, while others make you cringe for the rest of the day. Good and bad costumes alone are not why we're here today, however.

Today, we'll be having a look at the weapons that these cosplayers have made. Most of them are the more traditional ideas of weapons, but some cosplayers choose to dress up as a living weapon. Either way, as with anything to do with cosplay, some win big, and some fail pretty, pretty hard. Join us today as we take a look at 10 cosplay weapons that look awesome, and 10 that are... not so much.

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20 Good: A Weapon To Chase K/D For

via kotaku.com.au

One look at this amazing cosplay and you won't know whether to drool over that gloriously beautiful rifle and helmet or to run for cover. Recreating any kind of stylized character is always a tall order, and bringing one into the real world where more cartoon-ish features and chunkier weapons are hard to pull off is even more impressive. This cosplayer has managed not only to believably make her skin the gorgeous blue that Widowmaker's is in the game.

You can almost believe that her helmet could really slide down at any second to assist her in a fight.

Couple that with the solid looked rifle that she has slung over shoulder, and everyone at the convention will wonder if they're in an arena before a match. What are you helping your team steal this time, Amelie? Perhaps we should be keeping an eye out for a nearby Reaper as well.

Cosplay by Lady Nikoru.

19 Bad: The More You Look At This, The Funnier It Gets

via imgur.com

That's a really interesting looking Photon Projector, Symmetra. On the other end of the cosplay scale, this costumed fan has certainly gotten... creative. Recreating a robotic arm from what looks like a pillow, bottle caps, a comb, some tape, and what looks to be white powder and black ink is just the start of what this fan has done to look like his favourite character.

Moving up the body, we also have a blue toga with monkey and robot pictures held up by paper clips.

The head piece, which is supposed to represent a futuristic visor, is a spray bottle and a pair of headphones put on sideways. On top of it all, it looks like her Photon Projector is made up of a green piece of candy. Who knows though, maybe this fan has found a way to make turrets appear out of a piece of Jolly Rancher, so move over Symmetra!

Cosplay by Low Cost Cosplay.

18 Good: Lollipops For Everyone

via imgur.com

As we've already mentioned, it can be extremely tough to bring a stylized character to life. Even harder can be their weapons, and still make them look realistic, have plenty of detail, and be sturdy all at once. This cosplayer's rendition of Juliet's chainsaw from the zombie game Lollipop Chainsaw looks awesome enough for anyone with a feminine (or even not-so-feminine) side to wield in a school-wide Zombie Apocalypse. The teeth say "time to shred stuff!" while the adorable pink heart on the tip says "at the prom!"

Any self respecting cheerleader wouldn't be caught without this awesome accessory.

It even looks like it might even have a stereo built into the handle, so any zombie slayer can listen to their tunes while taking out the undead left and right. Kudos to this fan to even making this pretend chainsaw sturdy enough to lean against as well, or at least look like it's actually holding her up.

Cosplay by Juliet Starling.

17 Bad: Samus Could Do With An Upgrade

via blogspot.com (aswangart)

At least we think that's supposed to be Samus? The heroine of Metroid Prime wears a full suit of futuristic body armour known as the powersuit, designed to keep her protected from the terrifying metroids and other alien species that might get her way. This suit also happens to double as weapon, both with the arm cannon and its ability to turn into a ball and damage enemies.

Unfortunately, this suit looks like Samus' got switched while at the dry cleaners.

Not only is the arm cannon made of almost completely unaltered cardboard taped around what looks like a lid, her visor appears to be a bit of translucent plastic held in place by a bolt of cloth taken from a rain jacket. The body is only thin blue cloth covered in what seem to be foam pads. It's a good thing this cosplayer chose to wear running shoes, because that's all they'll be doing when the aliens come a-calling.

Cosplay by Aswangart.

16 Good: Umbre-Awesome

via adventuresinpoortaste.com (Luxlocosplay)

It's almost ridiculous how many potential forms that Eve the Pokémon can evolve into. This dark-type creature has always been popular, and this cosplayer shows her love for this cool-looking Pokémon with an amazing cosplay and a truly unique looking weapon. This fan looks almost like a bounty hunter, with her curved knife and sickle moon handle. The armour almost looks it could even protect her in a fight, as long as she made sure that blows only hit the armoured parts.

On top of all this detail involving black and gold, if you look closely you'll notice that she's even gone so far as to wear red contact lenses. It takes a great deal of dedication to put things in your eyes just to look even more like what you love. All together, it looks like Umbreon has moved all the way to Skyrim.

Cosplay by LuxloCosplay.

15 Bad: Kyba-Uh Oh!

via reddit.com

Yu Gi Oh! once was (and in some circles still is) a very popular anime and card playing game. It was almost the second coming of Pokémon in the way it blew up among school children and students everywhere. This was in part because the anime took a note or three from Pokémon formula, and using its show to teach fans how to play the game in real life. Unfortunately for fans, the anime also promptly featured a device that dueller's would wear that would convert the monsters on their cards into holograms.

This cosplayer made a valiant effort, but undressed cardboard just doesn't cut it when the devices on the show were made of metal.

The duct tape isn't exactly helping to convince viewers of its authenticity either. On top of it all, this fan doesn't even use real Yu Gi Oh! cards to complete the costume!

Cosplay by TamenishDragon.

14 Good: Heads Up!

via deviantart.com (stratosrvs)

Sword Art Online is an amazing manga and anime set in a future ruled by VR gaming. Following the incredible success of the first instalment of SAO, the creators brought in a second fantasy-inspired series, and a third modernized gun world. Protagonist Kirito continues to defend the innocent from rogue users who seek to harm others through the virtual world in Gun Gale Online, and he makes friends with Sinon once again.

We already met Sinon in ALFHeim, and her shooting skills are once again a most valuable asset.

This cosplay artist totally nailed the amazing PGM Hécate II weapon that Sinon uses basically as an extension of her actual body. The costume itself is pretty spot on, and we love the artist's dedication to the cosplay!

Cosplay by Marinyan Cosplay.

13 Bad: Atlantis On A Budget

via fandomania.com

This Aquaman cosplay is almost baffling to look at. While Aquaman's classic super suit as always been simple, never has it ever looked so thin and flimsy. One look at this, and you'll think that Atlantis has really fallen on some seriously hard times. Maybe the King will finally consider opening up the city to trading with the rest of the world.

When will the Super Friends not be embarrassed to meet up? The trident is somehow even worse.

The trident is one of Aquaman's symbols of office as King of both Atlantis and the sea. It's taken down all sorts of villains and enemies, and is a devastating weapon Aquaman's hands. So why on earth it's just a cheap, gold sprayed stick with a plastic trident on top is a mystery for everyone to ponder. There's no way Steppenwolf is going down to something like that!

Cosplay by Mexican Aquaman.

12 Good: A Divine D.Va

via deviantart.com (HoiHoiSan)

Just like D.Va herself, this fan shows no mercy to other cosplayers. Not only has she made an amazing and detailed recreation of D.Va's pistol, she and her partner have created at walking version of her signature mech that almost looks real enough to pilot. And it is being piloted, by her partner in cosplay. How anyone could walk past this beautifully made cosplay is hard to imagine. Even if you're not into Overwatch, you'll be bound to stop and take a few pictures with these dedicated fans.

To even consider the amount of time and hard work that went into this thing is boggling. The planning alone, in order to make the suit be wearable and function, probably took days. Then, tracing out all the pieces on the right material, as well as indentations, cosmetic wear and tear, and making the material look solid would have taken at least a full week if not more to put it all together.

Cosplay by HoiHoiSan.

11 Bad: Wal-Mart Tony Stark

via pinterest.ca

Iron Man's premise is that a billionaire playboy/genius/philanthropist decided that he wanted to save the world. In order to do that, he spent a great deal of time and money creating a state of the art suit of power armour that allowed him to do things such as fly and shoot energy weapons. This entire ensemble is powered by an arc-reactor attached to his chest, which also doubles as the battery that keeps shrapnel from finding his way to his heart.

The guy to the left of him clearly doesn't have access to all the money and time that Tony does. His cheap plastic helmet, which almost looks like it could be modelled off of the older version of Tony's suit, is entirely incongruous with the softer, fabric based suit he's wearing. On top of it all, it looks like this fan stuffed his legs in order to make them look more muscular.

They don't though. They don't at all.

10 Good: BlizzCon Mania

via pinterest.ca

This BlizzCon fan has gone all out for her cosplay. The detail for her costume is absolutely phenomenal. From the shredded and faded cloak to suggest wear and tear, to the skulls all over her armour, and the spikes that appear everywhere, this cosplayer has made herself a warrior through and through. To add to her authenticity, she clearly has gone all out in creating a sword for her warrior.

It almost looks like it's made out of real metal!

She has also put a lot of effort into her hair, braiding it to resemble something out a viking legend. What's even more awesome is the beautiful fur detail that looks like she hunted down some dire snow wolf just to complete her costume. If you see this lady charging at you, you'd best turn tail and run!

Photo by Davana Srey.

9 Bad: Cut Outs? Really?

via imgur.com

On the entire other end of the cosplaying spectrum of good and bad, this DOTA fan was clearly doing things on a budget. While their robe clearly had a lot of work put into it, the cheap materials really stand out for this ice mage. They were also entirely not confident about their ability to pull off this character's look, choosing wear a cheap cut out of the mage's face rather than showing their own.

What's even funnier though is the fact that her staff looks like someone took off the end of a broom, and stuck a printout of the weapon on the end.

Not only does this just look awful, it makes you wonder why they bothered in the first place. If you're going to just do a printout, why not take the extra few minutes, and actually properly cut the end of the weapon out of the paper...?

8 Good: WoW-ing The Audience

via deviantart.com (Rasmirin)

This cosplayer is yet another example of how, when done right, recreating something that was designed to look stylized can look downright awesome. You could almost swear that the chains were made with real metal, and the shaft of the axe appears to be real wood. The blue of her costume is a striking contrast to the rest of the browns and greys of her costume, and the head of the axe looks shiny, almost like real steel.

A lot of work was poured into this cosplay, and does it ever show. Her ears and horns look natural, even if they are cartoony, and don't look like someone just put a headband with those attached on her head. She looks like she could win a fight with the warrior lady from above any day of the week.

Cosplay by Rasmirin.

7 Bad: When You Don't Have Any Steel In Stock

via imgur.com

Unfortunately, this is another example of a fan who only gets an "A" for effort. Love may have been poured into this cosplay, but no amount of love can make cheap paper armour look good. Their belt is the most egregious piece, but the weapons of course deserve a mention. That sword doesn't look like it could defend against a fly, let alone a monster.

That shield is even worse, sporting an okay looking dragon symbol but being way, way too small to do any good.

The rest of the costume, including the shoulder pieces and the helmet, are only marginally better, with a fair amount of time having been put into tracing the designs there. In the end, this might pass as a Halloween costume, and never get a second glance a convention. Better luck next time!

6 Good: StarCraft Strikes Again

via cosplayamino.net

StarCraft has had a massive fan following for decades. In a futuristic world where humans and aliens fight it out for survival among the stars, powerful psychics are conscripted by the Confederacy to become Ghosts. These Ghosts are special operations agents that specialize in stealth and using their powers to help detect enemies and destroy them. Their choice weapon is a high powered sniper rifle, and this cosplayer has done an amazing job recreating the advanced weapon.

A great amount of detail was put into creating this piece, with a barrel that shows wear and tear and parts of the weapon painted to look like it could glow with blue light. It's also huge, standing just a foot short of the actual cosplayer. The rest of the well-made costume also stands out, especially the visor that almost looks functional. Sarah Kerrigan had better watch her back.

Cosplay by Zadra.

5 Bad: Are You Sure That's Vibranium?

via deviantart.com (akemi--hoshi)

A mash-up between Link from Legend of Zelda and Captain America could work in theory. Link wields both a sword and a shield into battle, and Captain America's choice weapon is his shield. In this case however, enemies and bad guys would fall over laughing at the sight of this costume.

It's hard to see what the sword looks like from here, but the shield doesn't look like it could stop a paper airplane let alone devastating blows.

The red boots, while certainly switching up the look of the outfit, are almost a blinding red. It might be better to use those in a fight instead of that shield. In fact, maybe even keep that shield as far away from water as possible. It's guaranteed to turn into a sopping heap of cardboard, paint or no paint.

Cosplay by akemi--hoshi.

4 Good: A League Of His Own

via dimplify.com

Is that axe glowing? We're pretty sure it's glowing. Either way, the detail on this bad boy is extraordinary. We're not just talking about the axe either, though that's pretty rad too. Not only has this stylized weapon been brought to life, it's been done to scale. You don't always see this even in great cosplay. This powerful-looking weapon even seems to have a hollow place in the centre in order to hold a three dimensional gear.

The rest of the costume isn't something to ignore either. The reds contrast wonderfully with the blues of the weapon, and the fur trim looks plush and soft. That devilish grin he has only completes the look. It is hard not to wonder if that axe is heavy though. Hopefully, he was able to get lots of rest while travelling around, or else by the end of the day his arms would feel like falling off.

Cosplay by Jasper Sardonicus.

3 Bad: The Wolverine Costume We Never Asked For

via knowyourmeme.com

It looks like Logan is having a bad day. Don't you hate it when your super strong Adamantium claws have been replaced with sporks and spoons? It's actually hilarious to consider that this is way better than some cosplays we've seen. The colors are spot on, and it takes less than a second to identify him.

Like the cosplay for Symmetra above, this is one of those pictures where the longer you look at it, the funnier it gets. Not only is this hilariously bad cosplay, with stuck-on butterflies and the super shiny blue tape.  Low Cost Cosplay strikes again, and we love him for it.

Cosplay by Low Cost Cosplay.

2 Good: A Paladin To Make Any God Proud

via kamuicosplay.com

The detail on this elf paladin's axe is, quite simply, amazing. Kamui took a great deal of time to bring this stylized weapon to life, adding all sorts of wear and tear all along the blade that tell you that this lady has been busy indeed. After a long day of taking out evil-doers, your weapon would look like that too.

It's hard to believe anyone would want to fight someone holding such a huge axe.

The armour detail is also amazing, with the shoulder sporting a secondary knife which feels underwhelming after the much larger main weapon this paladin uses. Right beside it, you can see the pages of the holy book that this character prizes, aged and even with faded writing. Perhaps she and the other lady warriors should have a free-for-all battle to see who's the best!

Cosplay by Kamui Cosplay.

1 Bad: Ky Low Budget Ren

via reddit.com

It looks like building three Death Stars did nothing to help the bank account of the Dark Side. After some serious downgrading, this Kylo has taken to even begging for money, something that may or may not be approved by his master. His lightsaber isn't even real, using only painted cardboard and some duct tape.

We're pretty sure that Rey had a better made weapon, and she grew up literally dirt poor on Jakku.

You gotta wonder just what exactly he needs those credits for anyway, really. Does Supreme Leader Snoke require a membership fee? Have things really gotten that bad that he needs to extort money off of his pupil? Darth Vader is rolling around in the Force Afterlife over this. Heck, we're pretty sure the rebels would feel sorry for them at this point.

Cosplay by hobocheese88.

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