Cougar Bunker Series Review: Pimp My Gaming Desk

In our review for Cougar's gaming accessories, we said that their keyboard, mouse, and headphone combo was the best bang for your buck you'll ever find for quality gaming peripherals. For under $200, Cougar offers a quality mouse (which I'm still using today) a mechanical keyboard, and an incredible pair of headphones all with fully customizable RGB lights.

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Today, we're returning to look at some more Cougar products, but this time, we're stepping off the beaten path to look at a product line you won't find on every gamer's desk. Cougar is nothing if not innovators, and their line of Bunker gaming accessories: the Bunker RGB, Bunker S RGB, and Bunker M RGB, are the kind of sleeper products that solve problems you didn't realize you had. As an added benefit, the bunker products also all have full RGB control, so my desk is starting to look like some kind of Dubstep laser light show, and I couldn't be happier about it. Let's get into these Bunker products!

Bunker RGB: I Didn't Know I Needed That!

Imagine it's down to two teams in Apex Legends. Your squad is posted up in a two-story shack right in the middle of Swamps. As the circle closes in, each of you crouch in a corner waiting to hear footsteps. Your Caustic has peppered the house with traps, you've reloaded all your guns twice and topped off your armor. That's when you hear a Bloodhound ult as the final teams starts chucking grenades through the window. This is it, it's now or never, just as the Bloodhound comes up the stairs you whip your mouse around and take the shot, missing by an inch because your mouse cord snagged on the back of your desk! You lose the round, and of course, uninstall the game.

This happens to all of us. People that play shooters typically avoid a wireless mouse because of latency concerns, but wired mice that run behind our desks get wrapped up in a tangle of cables from monitors, headphones, keyboards, and routers. It's a problem that we most of the time don't even realize happened. In the heat of battle, you may not even register your mouse got snagged. This will never be a problem again once you get the Bunker RGB from Cougar.

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The Bunker is as simple as it is brilliant: it has a small, flexible arm that you feed your mouse cable through, give a little slack, and then never worry about snagging again. It has a sticky suction cup mount so you can put it anywhere on your desk (mine is slightly behind my monitor), and it has an awesome LED light ring with a dozen different colors to chose from. It also has two USB ports for extra charging, so as far as I'm concerned it's a win-win-win.

Bunker S RGB: A Clean Desk Is A Happy Desk

The Bunker S is ostensibly a headphone stand, but its the best headphone stand you're ever going to find. It too has an LED light ring and 2 USB ports, matching the Bunker RGB exactly. It also comes with a long arm for vertical holding and a short arm for horizontal holding. I've got mine mounted to the back of my monitor so that my headphones are always safe and tucked away when I'm not using them. It also projects the swirling rainbow lights on the wall behind my monitor which has an incredibly psychedelic effect at night that I'm just in love with.

The sticky suction cup on the Bunker products is strong, but on the Bunker S in particular, I had some issues since it is load-bearing. It can really only stick to a totally flat surface like the back of a monitor or a smooth computer tower. I at first attempted to stick it to the side of my Ikea desk, which is flat but slightly textured with faux wood grain, and it wouldn't hold. I then stuck it to my lightly orange peel textured wall, and it held better, but it would still lose grip occasionally. Now, it's on the back of my monitor and I've had no problems.

Bunker M RGB: I Stopped Asking My Girlfriend Where My Phone Went

The Bunker M is a phone holder with QI wireless charging and yes, it also has the LED ring light and two USB ports. I've never considered putting a phone mount on my desk (and, admittedly, it'll probably be more popular to stick in your car), but my new goal is to get as many RGB devices on my desk as possible, so the phone holder is staying!

The plastic arms are wide enough to hold any phone and you simply squeeze them onto the phone to hold it. There's a button on the top that releases the phone with a really satisfying click and the ball joint arm lets you adjust your phone to any position you like. I often use my phone as a second screen when I game and I tend to drop it in my lap and lose track of it all the time. Now, I stick it in the mount on the left side of my desk and I can even keep resources like the PlayTFT.com item guide up on the screen, and its easier to see.

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BONUS: Neon X Mouse Pad

I also got to try out the massive Neon X 31.5 inch gaming mouse pad. I found it to be not only the best big mouse pad I've tried, but it's also wrapped with, you guessed it, customizable RGB lights! The mousepad is 4mm thick and spill-resistant (water just pools up in little drops on it; it's pretty cool), and the stitched lighting border makes it look fancy as all get out. You can set all of these devices to match a color or set them on a strobing rainbow if you just can't get enough pretty lights in your life.

The Bunker series may seem superfluous to some, but think about how much time you spend at your desk playing games or working. I'm a big proponent of creating happy environments for a happy life, and the Bunker series not only eliminates gaming frustrations, but creates a fun an inviting environment to game in. What could be better than that?

You can find all of these products, and more, on Cougar's website.

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