Ranking The 10 Best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Maps

For many people, Counter-Strike is the most competitive and foremost first-person shooter. Despite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive releasing in 2012, Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment continually add sizeable updates to the game. The first Counter-Strike game released in the year 2000. Many changes have been made to improve CS: GO gameplay, but the fundamentals of Counter-Strike have stayed the same. Like its predecessors, players achieve objectives through two different game modes. Much of the game's success is owed to its ingenious map design.

Maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are mostly new, but some of the classics from Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source have been remade for CS: GO. If you're like many CS: GO players, you've played the game for over 100 hours. This is ranking the 10 best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps.

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10 Zoo

The newest addition to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's lineup of maps is the level "Zoo." Also added to the list of maps playable in competitive mode is a map called "Workout." The level Zoo is located in San Fransisco Bay. While walking through the map of Zoo, you may hear a lot of animal noises such as monkeys and birds. Unfortunately, you won't see those animals since its only fish that can be found in Zoo. The concept of Zoo works well, but the map may need some adjustments before it can be considered a top CS: GO map.

9 Vertigo

Vertigo is a fun map to play, but it seems like skipping Vertigo's objective to eliminate the other team is easier. In the map Vertigo, one team is tasked with bombing a building that is under construction. The best CS: GO maps place importance on achieving the objective. With there are not many path options, each team usually faces each other head-on in a firefight. Vertigo is a beautiful map that is on top of a rooftop, but it has too many flaws to be considered one of CS: GO's most excellent maps.

8 Inferno

Choosing to go to A or B may make the difference between losing a life and achieving the objective. Since the map Inferno has two spread out bomb sites, players on the defending side are well advised to place half their players at each site. Since planters can stick together and follow the same route, Inferno is deemed to be T sided. The map design of Inferno is not bad, but in practice, the map just misses the mark. Despite its flaws, people will continue to play and enjoy Inferno.

7 Mirage

Mirage was added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on June 6, 2013. The design bears similarities to a Middle Eastern town, but the items and architecture make it more likely that the town is Moroccan. Planters spawn close to A site, but the defenders pawn even closer. You could choose to go to B, but chances are that you'll encounter more trouble along the way. Mirage is a CT sided map, but the smart design that includes hidden tunnel passages makes Mirage a fun map.

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6 Dust II

Classic Counter-Strike players will enjoy Dust II since it is what the professional players often play. In respect to level difficulty, you'll notice that winning a Dust II match is exceedingly tricky. The map is quite large, and newbies don't know how to play the map. It seems like the difficulty raises when you play Dust II, which is probably because the most experienced Counter-Strike players like to play this map. Planting at A is way easier than B, but protecting the bomb at A site after being planted is challenging.

5 Agency

Agency is a newer Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map that was released on November 13, 2017. It seems like they did a good job making the map since only a few changes are needed. The map is pretty balanced, and the atmosphere of the level is enjoyable.

Agency is a map that is set in a commercial penthouse at the top of a skyscraper building. Rescuing the hostages successfully is such a good feeling in Agency. Extraction takes place on the helipad where hostages are presumably airlifted away from the map. Of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's new maps, Agency stands out for being one of the best.

4 Train

There is at least one reason why Train has appeared in Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It happens to be a delightful map that is relatively balanced for both teams. Sprinting into A site like the game is Call of Duty is just about the worst thing you can do. Plenty of players think Call of Duty and CS: GO are similar. Attackers are advised to stick together, communicate with team members, and choose a bomb site. Both bomb sites on Train can be reached easily, so you may as well have your squad with you when planting.

3 Nuke

It's worth mentioning that not every player is a fan of Nuke. In fact, a large number of people in the CS: GO community hate the map with a passion. Nuke doesn't have a lot of surprises now that CS: GO's developers removed the storage room at B. Everything is laid out very neatly, and there should be few surprises when playing Nuke. If you aren't good with a sniper, you may not be a good Nuke player. Assault rifles are effective, but sniper rifles can get you easy uncontested kills.

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2 Cache

Some would consider Cache to be the greatest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map. The ingenuity behind Cache allows for sniping, but not a lot. Watch out for mid in Cache because that is where snipers like to camp. For the most part, battles on the map Cache are fought in close-quarters. With a shipping container placed beside A site, Cache can end with intense firefights where members of the attacking team try to stall for time, hiding behind the shipping container. The catwalk behind B is often a good place to camp. A's bomb site is also close-quarter battles, so you may want to stock up on grenades.

1 Office

Office is a hostage rescue map that is considered great for many reasons. First of all, Office might be the most balanced map in CS: GO, meaning neither attackers nor defenders have an advantage. Eliminating the other team may prove to be difficult because of the map's various hallways. Best played through competitive mode, Office provides many path options. Securing all hallways leading to hostages is critical for the defending team. Office is exceedingly popular and has been remade four times since the first Counter-Strike game.

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