Crash Team Racing Is Definitely About To Make A Comeback At The Game Awards

A Crash Bandicoot racing game has been potentially teased for The Game Awards. It sounds like Crash Team Racing could be getting a remaster.

It looks like Crash Team Racing, the PS1 cult classic kart title, is making a comeback. PlayStation Access (official YouTube channel of PlayStation UK) Channel Manager Hollie Bennett teased a Crash racing title on Twitter, showing two orange dice.

Bennett isn't the only one to receive the rather odd package. Both IGN and Windows Central reported to have also received the orange dice with the note. Interestingly, Windows Central says that it's probably Activision who sent the package. This lends credibility to Crash Team Racing making a comeback as a remaster or remake. Activision owns the rights to the Crash series, and with the success of the N. Sane trilogy, it makes sense that the company would want to bring back one of the franchise's most critically acclaimed games.

Crash Team Racing was released on the PlayStation back in 1999. It would not be unfair to call it a Mario Kart clone, as it featured similar kart-based gameplay with item blocks. However, unlike other Mario Kart-inspired titles such as Pac-Man World Rally and Nicktoons Racing, Crash Team Racing was acclaimed upon release. It is actually the second highest rated Crash Bandicoot title on Metacritic, with a score of 88. (Although to be fair, the first two Crash games do not have Metacritic scores, as they were released before the aggregator site went live.) Crash Team Racing is fondly remembered by those who played it.

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Interestingly, Crash Team Racing was followed by two more racing titles: Nitro Kart and Tag Team Racing. These, however, were not as successful as Team Racing. It is very difficult to make a kart game that achieves the same level of quality that each Mario Kart installment has. It takes much more than simply putting fan favorite characters behind the wheel. Many notable characters in media have received kart games, including Garfield and Shrek, but these games have faded into obscurity. Crash Team Racing is one of the few that for many gamers, got the formula right.

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We'll know for certain if Crash Team Racing is coming when The Game Awards 2018 goes live in two days, on December 6th.

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