Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled's Battle Modes Ranked

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled boasts a variety of battle modes. As some are better than others, here is a ranking of CTR's battle modes.

Easily one of the best modes from the original Crash Team Racing was its battle mode. It didn't take long to discover that has not changed with its highly anticipated remake, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled.

It feels like we have been waiting for the remake of Crash Team Racing for years. However, in reality, it hasn't been that long at all. Activision didn't confirm the project until late in 2018. Then again, as soon as we got a taste of the Crash N. Sane Trilogy in 2017, we wanted more. Here we are, almost two years later, and this past weekend we got the chance to play Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled for the first time. It was everything we hoped it would be. We were quickly reminded that the best thing about the original game was its Battle Mode. However, for the uninitiated and those who don't remember, things can get a little confusing. Here are all five of Nitro Fueled's battle modes ranked from worst to best, and how to become a master at each and every one.


Worst (But Not That Bad): Steal The Bacon

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We've all heard of Capture The Flag, and that will be covered a little more shortly. Steal The Bacon is very similar except there is only one flag to capture. Racers are split into teams and have to race to capture the one and only flag in the arena. If you have it, the race is on to get it back to your team's portal. Do so, and you earn yourself a point. We enjoy the chaos of this mode, but it does tend to end rather quickly. We'd recommend upping the point limit as high as it will go for this one.

Capture The Flag

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Regarding the promised Capture The Flag breakdown, this mode is very similar to Steal The Bacon. However, it requires a little more tactical prowess. In this mode, there is one flag in each team's home portal. Again, the aim is to pick up your opposition's flag and bring it back to your team's portal. However, if a player on an opposing team is in possession of your flag, then you won't be able to safely deposit the flag you have.


Last Kart Driving

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Last Kart Driving is exactly what it sounds like. Up to eight players in an arena picking up weapons and using them to wipe each other out until only one racer remains. With the built-in ability to make the life limit nine lives and turn off the clock, this mode can end up getting pretty intense. Particularly, the situation gets truly nail-biting when there are just two racers left, each with only one life remaining. Prepare to go 'round and 'round in circles until one of you is unable to shake off a homing missile.

Crystal Grab

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While Sonic The Hedgehog is synonymous with Chaos Emeralds, Crash Bandicoot, on the other hand, has been on the hunt for purple crystals for more than 20 years. The jean shorts-wearing marsupial has not taken a break from that just so he can race karts for a little while. One of Nitro-Fueled's best battle modes is Crystal Grab. Racers frantically drive around picking up as many crystals as possible. Get hit with a weapon and you'll drop a chunk of the crystals you have. The player with the most crystals when the time runs out is the winner. This mode is so simple, yet so much fun.

Best: Limit Battle

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Our favorite mode by far in Nitro-Fueled is the simplest of all. Limit Battle is the mode that lets players pick how things go down. You can choose to play with a time, lives, or points limit. Every time you take out a rival, you earn a point. Have the most points at the end of the time limit, meet the points limit, or be the last racer with any lives left to be declared the winner. Simple, right? Well, it might be in theory, but when there are seven other players in the arena with you, winning will not come easy.


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