Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Changes Names Of Offensive Racer Skins After Backlash

Some of the newer skins in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled have had their names altered following backlash over their seemingly racial connotations. Developer Beenox has issued a patch during the past week making changes to multiple novel DLC skins.

The patch released on July 6 without so much as an explanation, but gamers suspect the cause for this stems from the references which had been received negatively due to their racial suggestions, per Game Revolution.

Most of the renamed skins had either "black" or "white" in their names, an example being the White Tawna skin that has since been changed to White Tiger Tawna. The new name should go down easier as the addition of the word "tiger" has immediately changed it from what seems like a race descriptor to an animal. White Tiger Tawna is much easier to digest, as opposed to a white Tawna who isn't even human.

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The most controversial skin, though, came in the form of Watermelon Tawna. The standard Tawna, Crash Bandicoot's girlfriend, sports light fur and blonde hair but Watermelon Tawna is darker with a t-shirt displaying a watermelon. One could see how that would appear to be racial and, given the less-than-positive response, Watermelon Tawna is now Summertime Tawna.

There was also a Black N. Cortex skin that could have been completely avoided, much like the ones mentioned above.

The developers probably didn't mean to offend anyone with these skins, but folks feeling disrespected is totally understandable, and Beenox stood the risk of losing fans. Thankfully they've acted swiftly with the rebranding, something which should go down well.

The skin naming issue was likely the only one garnering negative feedback from fans, as the general reception was encouraging.

The success brought on by the N.Sane Trilogy remaster must have been a big motivator here as Activision rode the wave with an announcement that Crash Team Racing would be getting an overhaul.

The game is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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