10 Craziest Minecraft Worlds

Not only are these worlds out of this world, but they can also be downloaded. By downloading their map files, you might be able to locate and play maps listed below. Minecraft is a game that encourages player connectivity. Jump right into an immersive world filled with creativity and resplendence. Minecraft rarely disappoints when it reveals its potential.

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After reading the following, you will be blown away by the possibilities within the game. These Minecraft worlds may inspire you to create your own. Whether they were built in survival or creative mode, the Minecraft worlds are awe-inspiring. These are the 10 craziest Minecraft worlds.

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10 Starkiller Base From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Someone dared to recreate the Starkiller Base in Minecraft. Right down to the characters walking around, there is a high degree of similarity between the movie and this Minecraft world. Probably, the world doesn't have Kylo Ren or other Force Awakens characters.

Stormtroopers and random admirals, however, were present when someone snapped a screenshot of this brilliant Starkiller Base. Can we pilot one of those Tie-Fighters? Possibly the world's most impressive features are the Tie-Fighters and the First Order emblem on the wall behind the stage.

9 France's Notre-Dame Cathedral

You may have heard that Assassin's Creed Unity contains the most detailed computer design of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. As reported by bbc.com, "Ubisoft offered the game up as a free download after a huge fire damaged the church." The fire of Notre-Dame Cathedral was an unfortunate event which many are still recovering from.

It is now widely known that Assassin's Creed Unity has a detailed Notre-Dame cathedral design, but did anyone consider Minecraft's? Various Minecraft designs can be downloaded and may also be helpful for the costly restoration of Notre-Dame Cathedral.

8 Creation Through Minecraft Level Generator

Using Minecraft world generators, one doesn't have to build anything to make an incredible world. Playing with Minecraft generator settings can produce vast chasms, like the one in the above photo, and it can also inspire new creations. Minecraft worlds have many customization options if you are playing on console or PC.

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If you can imagine it, it can be built in the game of Minecraft. The elevation of the mountain in the above photo seems really cool in a strange way. This is one of the most awesome generated worlds we've seen thus far.

7 No One Can Hear You Build In Space!

The vanilla version of Minecraft doesn't allow you to go to outer space. At a certain point, you can't move any further when touching the outer bounds of Minecraft. Many mods on the internet allow people to change the appearance of the sky.

Although you may be on the ground, the sky appears starry and black. If you move high enough in the air, it will seem like you are in outer space from some angles, but you probably aren't unless you installed a height modifier.

6 Minas Tirith From Lord of the Rings

Gondor's capital Minas Tirith (also known as City of Kings) from Lord of the Rings received one of its most accurate recreations in this Minecraft world. You can't get Nazgul dragons to spawn in Minecraft, but you can do the next best thing and get Ender Dragons to spawn instead.

With this world, it would be possible to simulate a recreation for the battle of Minas Tirith. The only difference is that instead of iron swords, people would opt to use swords made out of diamonds. Surely Minecraft's diamond sword can slay a Nazgul dragon.

5 Epic Mountain Castle

The fact that this building rests on a steep mountain makes it extraordinary. The size of the building is similar to the size of the hill below it. The scale of the building is hard to comprehend, which is why this epic building seems so impressive.

It's unknown why the creator decided to build his castle on a mountain, but the result turned out to be brilliant. We can't see the inside of the towers, but it undoubtedly is remarkable. For some reason, the tower connected by a bridge is placed on top of an oddly shaped mountain.


The wheels below the town must not be functional, and it makes little sense to have included them in this design. Some people are really good at Minecraft, so it wouldn't be surprising if the town were moveable. From a design standpoint, this must have taken at least 100 working hours to build.

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The structures are supposed to be part of a Roman palace. Many people who create Minecraft designs are not artists, and may not be interested in art. Michael, the designer of the Roman palace/colosseum is one person who "was never interested in art."

3 London's Incredible Great Fire Of 1666

This world is based on a historical event in the history of Britain. We are of course referring to the Great Fire of London, which occurred in 1666. Numerous buildings and structures are aflame in this glorious Minecraft creation.

Most of the houses that perished in the Great Fire of London were made of wood, allowing the flames to spread quickly and fiercely. It is commendable how this designer was able to have such a giant blaze going without the fire putting itself out. Minecraft blocks usually disappear when they are lit on fire.

2 Insane Minecraft Pocket Edition World

The person who created this world must have developed carpal tunnel syndrome from the creation of this massive world. Most of the house looks like what you would see in default generated villages.

The scale of this village and the fact it was made through Minecraft Pocket Edition makes it impressive beyond words. Minecraft is a jovial place when playing on worlds like this one. The town is well-equipped to house numerous players, grow farms, and protect from creeper invasions.

1 King's Landing Replica

To be a part of the team who created this structure, one would have to have a knowledge of computer graphic design and apply for the position. King's Landing is a representation of King's Landing from Game of Thrones. Words cannot describe how impressive this creation is.

Looking at a side-by-side comparison for the real King's Landing and the Minecraft version, one can see that there is a high degree of similarity between the two. This Game of Thrones creation might be the most impressive Minecraft world in existence.

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