The Craziest Red Dead Redemption Bugs And Glitches (So Far)

Great games are no stranger to some of the biggest bugs. Sometimes ambition can be a curse, and when you're doing something that's never been done before, you're bound to hit some bumps along the way. Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most inventive games ever made, and so it follows that there are some seriously strange bugs that have slipped through the cracks.

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Here are some crazy and occasionally pretty funny bugs that we've seen so far in Red Dead Redemption 2:


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Arthur Morgan may, in fact, be some sort of android. The proof? Just take a look at this clip, posted on Reddit by user Theseus108.

All joking aside, this is one of the more bizarre animation glitches I've ever seen in a video game.

The fact that Arthur can keep his pistol pointed the same way through the entire ordeal is seriously impressive, but I can't imagine he has much of an idea what he's aiming at. As posted by Reddit user Soliquidsnake: “I think we now know why the gang doesn't talk about Arthur in RDR1.


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Situational awareness is a skill needed for just about every video game, but it's more necessary in some scenarios than others. And if you are hunting and your prey falls dead on the railroad tracks... it's safest to keep both eyes peeled, as Reddit user johnnydoo2 learned the hard way when the train passed right through him and even scooped him up for a free ride. Things could have certainly gone worse; the train could have simply splattered him, but there's no doubt his Arthur Morgan isn't going to be forgetting that anytime soon. And what must the passengers on the train thought?

6. A CURSE...

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Every once in a while there's a bug in a video game that really raises your hackles. Red Dead Redemption 2 has one of these bugs, and man, is it spooky. At a very specific part of the story, you and your gang are riding towards a town to check it out. Along the way, while riding your horse, the faithful companion may actually spontaneously combust. That's not necessarily the end of your horse (provided you have the right supplies with you), but it's certainly enough to make you get out of the area like your tail is on fire.

Not only that, but apparently, the bug isn't limited to Arthur Morgan and his own trusty steed.

As seen by another player, he rode up on another horse and rider who'd suffered the same terrible fate... and didn't come out as fortunate.

It does seem like there will occasionally be a warning of the danger to come, though. A horse with an erect tail standing on the road can be a sign of imminent combustion, so if you happen to see one, get ready.


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This one doesn't quite fit into the category of funny bugs, but it is an important one to mention. There's a mission pretty early on in the game called “Polite Society, Valentine Style”. When doing the mission, there are a few different areas where you can fail, and the obvious thing to do would be to select the Retry Checkpoint option when this happens.

Well, don't. If you do, there's a bug that causes John, Sadie, Abigail, and Jack to completely disappear from camp until Chapter 4. They'll still appear during missions where they're relevant, but you'll miss out on any conversations, and most importantly, be unable to play Poker with them, until Chapter 4. If you do end up needing to retry a portion of the “Polite Society, Valentine Style” mission, it's best to restart the mission entirely or reload a previous save, until a fix comes in.


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Alright, back to the funny bugs. While this one doesn't quite launch you and your horse to the moon, it's certainly high enough to make coming down again a harrowing (and a final) experience. Found by Reddit user MyCustomUsername, they were on the run from law enforcement when they made the mistake of running their horse into a seemingly ordinary little hill. The hill is, apparently, anything but ordinary, and in no time at all they (and their horse) were launched dozens of feet into the sky, just to come crashing back down to Earth.


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A bug? Or just a deer looking out for ol' Arthur Morgan? Regardless, the result is the same. Reddit user chelseasaints was apparently walking around for a good long time looking for the entrance to a cave, when out of nowhere a deer very awkwardly stumbles down part of a cliff with magnet hooves and shoves Arthur Morgan over the edge. But Arthur lands, turns around, and what do you know? There's the entrance to the cave. Blind luck? Or some kind of divine deer intervention?


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While this is a bug that gamers are probably quite familiar with by now, it never seems to get old. Found by Reddit user Sinistrality1, John Marston appears to reveal himself to be some kind of superhuman. In the clip, keep an eye on the right side of the screen. John comes hurtling out of the sky like a missile, only to land and immediately regain his feet and keep walking as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. He even looks over at Arthur, as if trying to see if he was noticed or not. Arthur noticed, John. And he's got his eye on you...


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Getting into street fights in Red Dead Redemption 2 is nigh-on inevitable. Sometimes, those fights turn into all-out brawls. And, as PenGwinAssaSsin learned the hard way, occasionally the game has you destined to lose. While in a fistfight with a couple of NPCs on the road, Arthur turned to the side to be met with about a dozen more NPCs, all with their pistols out, and all firing at the same time. A rehearsed ambush? Or some sort of hive mind? Either way, it was pretty effective.

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