20 Crazy Mistakes You Never Noticed In Call Of Duty

In a series that's been around as long as Call of Duty, there are bound to be lots of mistakes. Here are some of the most glaring ones.

Whether you love or hate the Call of Duty franchise, the success it’s endured throughout the years can’t be denied. It changed first-person shooters in a big way, and it opened up video gaming to a whole host of new players that would never have played a game otherwise.

Sure, it’s up for debate whether or not it has really evolved much over the years, but we’ll leave that to the fans and haters to sort out amongst themselves. However, one thing that can’t be debated is the sheer number of glitches, bugs, continuity errors, and other random oddities that have made their way into the series since its initial inception.

From invincible soldiers to historical inaccuracies, COD is littered with mistakes in its design, its facts, and its mechanics, many of which you probably never even noticed before. Well, allow us to enlighten you. This list includes those errors that would escape all but the super attentive, so pat yourself on the back if you picked up on any of these yourself. These are 20 crazy mistakes you never noticed in Call of Duty. Stand at ease soldier!

20 Air Force One? (Call Of Duty: World At War)

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Factual inaccuracies are something which can pop up in video games from time to time, and 2008’s Call of Duty: World at War is no different. It features one that could easily go unnoticed by those not paying close attention, but should be obvious to any war historian worth his salt.

Despite being set years before the name was changed, Sgt Roebuck in the game refers to the then named United States Army Air Corps as Air Force One. However, the latter wasn’t around until 1947, meaning the times and dates don’t add up in World at War.

It’s not a huge mistake, but for a video game company that specializes in World War storytelling, they really should have double checked their history. Come on, Treyarch–you should be getting this one right!

19 EMP Just For Me (Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

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Remember the awesome Second Sun level from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Well, I hate to say it but there are some issues with it from a technical standpoint. An EMP blast knocks out all of the lights in the area, however, your holographic sight was already shut down long before it hits. Wait, what?

Yes, when you take control over Ramirez during one of your tenures with the character, you’ll notice that a few seconds pass before the electrical equipment goes down, thanks to an EMP which disables them. For some strange reason though, his electronic-infused sight is off before the device even drops.

Okay, so we’re being a little nit-picky, but it’s still an error which could have easily been ironed out in the developmental stages.

18 The Time Travelling Jeep (Call Of Duty: Black Ops)

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Did you know that Call of Duty: Black Ops actually had a real jeep released to celebrate the game’s release? It’s true. Called the Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty: Black Ops Edition, the four-wheeled monstrosity went on commercial sale in 2010 at a price of $33,000.

What’s most irritating to those who like some authenticity in their games, though, is that it was also featured in the game–despite being made over half-a-century after the game’s Cold War setting. It can be found in the Nuketown and Firing Range maps, and is destructible.

It’s pretty clear that this is a shameless publicity stunt to promote their partnership with Jeep, but it’s also a factually inaccurate one too–and that’s just too much to excuse when all’s said and done.

17 Going Down In Flames (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2)

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You’ve probably noticed by now that your character in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 loses health if subjected to fire or lava, but did you notice a weird way of staying alive amidst the flames? For some bizarre reason, you can swim in the pool of lava like you were Satan himself.

It happens when you stand in the molten substance for too long, instead of suffering an excruciating death, your character is simply put in the downed position–meaning you are free to crawl around in it totally immune to the flames.

What’s more, if you happen to be revived in the pool by another player, you’ll simply go back into the downed position again. Being burnt alive never felt so good.

16 Bullet Sponge Solider (Call Of Duty 2: Big Red One)

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You probably don’t still play Call of Duty 2: The Big Red One, but you should at least give it another go, if only to witness this nonsensical glitch in all of its buggy glory. It occurs in the campaign level An Easy Detail, and it’s admittedly quite an unfair one.

During your travels, you’ll come across a building housing some fierce looking soldiers. Some of you might go in the front doors all guns blazing, but the more methodical among you may choose to go around the back to scout the area out. What you’ll find is one of the soldiers in shooting distance, but hold on, he won’t die! What gives?

No matter how many bullets you riddle him with, he’ll just be chilling like nothing’s going on–forcing you to take the front door route that clearly the developers wanted you to take in the first place. So much for being rewarded for thinking outside the box…

15 Flagging Up A Historical Error (Call Of Duty: World At War)

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Thematically, the ending of World at War is fantastic. Factually, however, it’s way off. Yes, the Soviet Union flag is raised high over the Reichstag for a grand finale, but the true story behind the ending is slightly different.

In the game, it’s raised after a final battle with the Nazis, but in real life, it actually took place after the fight. The famous photo of the flag being put down was taken on May 2, 1945, and was actually only done once Berlin had accepted defeat.

Of course, you have to allow for some artistic license, however, the developers could’ve probably found a way to do the final scene while also staying true to the historical facts of the event. Missed a trick there, Treyarch!

14 Pipes And Ladders (Call Of Duty: Ghosts)

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If you’re the type of player who likes to exploit every glitch and bug in a game for your own selfish benefit (too harsh?), then here’s one for you. It can be found in Call of Duty: Ghosts while playing the Flooded map.

After getting on top of one of the busses in the map, the player is able to scale a pipe–which has weirdly been coded like it were a ladder–in order to ascend to a vantage point overlooking proceedings below. It serves as a prime spot for snipers, and will undoubtedly have your opponents flailing around in a rage as to how you got there.

Now if only the developers had of properly put a ladder into the map, then this bizarre glitch wouldn’t be exploited so often online. Grrr.

13 Echoes In The Room (Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare)

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is arguably one of the worst titles in the series, and it even fails in the sound department on occasions–particularly when it comes to online communication.

After multiplayer matches end and you’ve done all your bragging, the game enters back into the lobby before another round of frantic gunplay. However, if the player talks as this process is getting ready to take place, they will be subjected to echoes of their own voice ringing out in their headset. Ahh!

It’s bad enough hearing some of the players online talking trash, but when your own voice is looping repeatedly, it makes some headset chats a complete nuisance. And no, you’re not going insane…

12 No Prize For You (Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3)

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Want a prize from Dr. Monty’s machine in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3? Well, just hope you don’t come across this silly bug then. Spinning the machine serves as a nice diversion from the aggressive nature of the rest of the game, but some of you might not be so lucky…

That’s because there’s a glitch that will make the machine spin forever, and even upon restarting the console, will only give out liquid divinum. So in other words–no gobblegum for you! Come on Dr. Monty, get your machines working!

Maybe less time making expensive map packs and more time ironing out the wrinkles would’ve been more beneficial for this title…

11 Invisible Bullets In The G3 Rifle (Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)

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One of the most visually stimulating aspects of any good first-person shooter is seeing the bullets pouring out of your weapon of destruction when you fire it. Sadly, it seems that they’re invisible when using the G3 Rifle in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

You’ll notice it more when reloading the weapon, as the magazine appears to have no bullets encased in it. Furthermore, the glass magazine for the rifle won’t show the bullets being depleted from the gun–something which is usually present in games of its ilk.

It’s no biggie, but is slightly irksome not to be able to see the shiny projectiles that the game is practically built around. No more invisible bullets, please!

10 Can You Hear That Piano? (Call Of Duty: World At War)

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We’re entering creepy realms on this entry with one that you probably never noticed in Call of Duty: World at War–a bone-chilling piano cameo. Yes, it can be heard in the Asylum map, but you’ll definitely need animal-esque hearing ability to pick up on it.

There’s a bathroom in the map which has a gaping hole in the wall. Nothing out of the ordinary there, right? Well, yes in fact, because if you go up close to it you can hear some haunting piano chords emanating from it.

Even freakier is the fact that you have to crank the volume up on your TV to even hear the chilling music. Call of Duty has rarely ventured into supernatural territory before, but this odd little out of place piano is one of them.

9 Respawning Planks (Call Of Duty 3)

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Think you’re good at spotting continuity errors in games? Here’s one that will really test out your eagle-eyed vision. It can be seen in Call of Duty 3 towards the climax of the Crossroads level, and is certainly not easy to pick up on at first.

After coming under fire from a tank, you leave a building that had planks nailed to the doorway–except now that same doorway has been shot to smithereens, as well as the planks that graced it. Weirdly though, in the final cut-scene, that very same exit point now has the boards back up.

This is one of those mistakes that is hard to be too critical about, but still, it’s in there if you want to go fault-checking.

8 COD’s Answer To Doom's BFG (Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare)

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Is anyone really still playing (or enjoying) Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare? Criticisms of the game’s quality aside, there’s also one huge error developers Infinity Ward made with an update. Yes, we’re talking about the most overpowered sniper rifle ever seen in a game: the Proteus.

The gun went live in June of this year, and immediately got complaints for its ridiculously prolific attributes. With two modes–sniper and shotgun–the Proteus was able to rid the screen of enemies at the touch of a button. Shoot in the general vicinity of your opponent? It will penetrate their head with pinpoint precision.

Clearly a bug in the coding, the gun was amended a day later so not too big of an issue. However, it’s certainly one of the series’ most hilarious mistakes.

7 Hats Off To You (Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2)

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Call of Duty’s extra mode Zombies has become a fan favourite since its debut, but even the mode’s biggest cheerleaders can’t defend this mistake in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Yes, those pesky floating helmets.

You’ve probably learned by now that there have been many technical problems with the series’ history, and this one is arguably the worst of them all. Sometimes after killing a zombie in the game, their headwear will still remain floating in the air. Yeah, maybe the developers should’ve given this one a throughout examination.

This one’s just downright annoying. Gaming has come a long way in the last ten years, but we’re still seeing floating hats and helmets? Tut-tut.

6 Hammer Time (Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

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Usually the series gets the look and mechanics of its various guns down to a T, however, not all the time. We’ve already discussed the G3 Rifle’s invisible bullets, but this one focuses more on the gun’s real life practicalities.

If you look closely while you’re using the Desert Eagle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you’ll notice that the hammer is always in a forward position between shots. However, in reality, the gun can only fire with the hammer in the backwards position as it can only propel one bullet at a time.

Definite blunder here, but one that you probably wouldn’t notice unless you’re looking for it. The eagle hasn’t landed in this instance.

5 The Thing That Should Not Be (Call Of Duty: World At War)

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Here’s one that shouldn’t belong in a Call of Duty game, but rather, a survival horror game. Although, it’s really hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Well, allow us to tell you instead then.

In the Makin map found on Call of Duty: World at War, the player can go into spectator mode in order to view the battle from a different angle. This map is special though, in that you can go across a mass of water at the very edge of the map, and actually go beneath the surface. What you’ll find is a terrifying sea monster!

Who knows why this was included at all because it seems very out of place. Well, maybe just to scare the living hell out of their fan base…

4 Slip ‘N’ Slide (Call Of Duty 3)

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We’re going to top our previous entry when it comes to scares with this little bug exclusive to the PlayStation 2 version of Call of Duty 3–something so terrifying, it makes us think about Linda Blair in The Exorcist: that creepy sliding glitch.

If the player jumps, goes prone in mid-air, and repeats the process three consecutive times, they will get access to a weird snake-like animation. After that arduous combination of buttons, they then must jump and run fast to activate the bizarre glitch, and voila! You’re now crawling at super-fast speeds.

This technical problem is the stuff of nightmares. To you, the player, it looks like your character is just running fast, but to all other players, it looks like some form of demonic possession has taken hold. Yikes!

3 Losing Your Head… Quite Literally (Call Of Duty: Black Ops)

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Moral of this story: don’t carry a rocket launcher on your back if you want to keep your head. Pretty weird, but that pretty much sums up what happens in Call of Duty: Black Ops if you don’t heed our advice…

For some reason, when you have the rocket launcher equipped as a secondary weapon and you die, the death animation will depict the weapon going through your head as your lifeless body falls backwards. Charming! See, we told you it wasn’t a good idea!

Clearly a clipping issue, dying in Black Ops comes with its own penalty if you choose to use the rocket launcher–your head will quite literally disappear. Ouch!

2 Faster Than The Speed Of Light (Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)

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Capping off what is a seriously fantastic game, the fitting final campaign level Game Over from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a great way to end the title. However, there is one annoying little error which we felt the need to flag up.

It’s the exploding tanker scene–one which has you looking in all directions. Too many directions, in fact, because there’s a huge continuity error that stems from the constant head-turning. After the explosion, the player looks behind him only to see two of his fellow comrades. However, when he turns around a second time, Gaz is now there.

Where did he come from?! We don’t have a clue, which is why we’re giving it the penultimate spot on our list of COD mistakes.

1 Tremendous Floating Tree (Call of Duty: World At War)

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Call of Duty: World at War has loads of mistakes in its design, so we felt it was only fitting to give it the number one spot. Yes, it’s that bloody floating tree from the Asylum map!

Outside of the map’s boundaries, a lonesome tree can be seen when in spectator mode, completely separate from the rest of the level. It begs the question: “Just why is it even there at all?” Sadly, we may never know. It’s one of those burning questions that we’re sure you’re all dying to know the answer to…

In all seriousness though, there’s no proven way to reach the tree, and its existence is rather peculiar, so it deserves to top our list of Call of Duty mistakes. Here’s to 20 more!

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